What To Do If Your Hoverboard Won't Charge? A Detailed Guide (2022)

Hoverboards are battery-operated self-balancing mini-vehicles that are quite common nowadays. They seem very excited until they start misbehaving, won’t charge or stop turning on.

As a hoverboard owner, this would be a very frustrating situation for you. But, this is a common problem with hoverboards.

So, you have to keep yourself calm because I’m going to write a detailed guide on hoverboard won’t charge and how you can fix this.

If your hoverboard doesn’t charge, first of all, make sure the charger is in working condition, and the cable is not damaged. After that, leave your hoverboard plugged in for 10-15 minutes if charging won’t start, then plug out the charger and reset the battery. It will fix the charging issue.

There are several reasons behind a hoverboard not charging issue like the charger may be damaged, the battery may be dead, issues in the motherboard, etc.

So, it is very difficult to determine exactly what is the problem behind the charging issue. That is why I am going to discuss this in detail, and this would be a detailed guide about hoverboard charging issues and their fixes.

What To Do If Your Hoverboard Won’t Charge?

Hoverboards are based on very advanced electronic components that can be easily damaged by mishandling. As a result, they may stop charging, won’t turn on, beeping, and face other issues.

So, you have to be very careful and properly take care of them if you don’t want to lose your money and travel partner. Following are some steps that you should follow when your hoverboard won’t charge.

Check The Hoverboard Indication Lights

First of all, check the indicator lights on your hoverboard while the charger is plugged in. If the light that indicated the charging is ON, then there is no bigger issue.

You just need to keep it plugged in for 10-15 minutes and then check battery percentage on the hoverboard or its app. If there is a minimum 1% increase, then congratulations, you have fixed the issue.

If this is not the case, and there is no light turned ON while you plug in the charger, then move on to the following steps.

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Check The Charger If It’s Working Fine

Another big reason your hoverboard won’t charge is maybe its charger. Check the charger to see if it’s working fine; the cable is not damaged from anywhere or properly plugged into the power cord. You can try your charger on any other hoverboard; if it’s working, then there is another issue with your hoverboard.

If the charger is not working on another hoverboard or the wire is broken from somewhere, you should immediately replace the charger by the recommendation of your brand. If the charger is working but not charging your hoverboard, there may be an issue with Battery, Motherboard, or charging pin. If this is the case, then you are in trouble.

After confirming the charger is working fine and the problem is in the hoverboard, you can move on to the next step.

Check And Reset The Battery

Now, plug out the battery from the hoverboard. This is very easy; you have to read the manual book and learn to plug out the battery.

Usually, it is very easy because the battery is replaceable, and manufacturers keep it in a place where it is safe and easily accessible for the user to plug it out.

Plug out the battery and check if it’s producing proper voltage. You will need a digital multimeter to check the battery voltage. Two wires will be given on the multimeter; one will be red, and the other will be black.

You have to plug red wire on the battery’s positive terminal and black on the battery’s negative terminal. The Plus and Minus symbols represent the positive and negative terminals; you will easily figure them out.

Usually, hoverboards come with 36-42 volt batteries; If the voltage is less than 28 or the battery is completely dead, you will have to replace it. If the multimeter shows voltage between 32-42 or higher, your battery is fine, and you just need to reset it.

Now plug the battery into the hoverboard and press the power button on for the next 10 seconds. While this time, there will be lights flashing and beeps, just ignore them after lights and beeps are turned off and the hoverboard turns ON. Immediately turn it off and wait for a few seconds; after that, turn it ON, and your hoverboard’s battery is reset.

This will fix the hoverboard won’t charge issue, and you can enjoy riding it again. If the issue is still not resolved and won’t start charging, move on to the next step below.

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Check The Charging Port

There is a big possibility that your hoverboard’s charging port will be damaged and not work properly to connect the charger. So, closely look and examine if the charging port is physically damaged or not. If you feel it’s damaged from somewhere, you will have to replace it, or if it’s fine, there will be another issue.

If it’s damaged, you should consult the repair shop and ask them to fix the issue. If it’s fine and there is no sign of damage, then the problem may be with the motherboard or battery itself. In this case, you should move on to the next step.

Plug Out The Motherboard And Check

Now, plug out the motherboard and check if there is any sign of relay or any small component burned. If yes, then you should immediately consult the electronic repair shop and ask them for a solution. They will check and replace the burned components.

If all are good on the motherboard and there is no sign of anything burned, the only action left for you is to move on to the following step.

Replace The Battery

After trying all the steps above, if there are still problems, you should replace the battery recommended by the brand/company of your hoverboard. There will be instructions written on the manual book for replacing the battery.

Do not replace your battery with a cheaper one because they are dangerous and not safe for hoverboards. They may permanently damage the motherboard or wheel motor, so do not consider buying a cheap battery.

Only replace the battery recommended by your brand, and that must have a UL2272 certificate. The certificate ensures that the battery is safe and there are fewer chances of overheating and explosions. After trying all the steps above, this will surely fix your hoverboard charging issue.

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How To Properly Charge The Hoverboard?

Charging a hoverboard properly is very important because they have a powerful lithium-ion battery pack that can be dangerous if mishandled.

Many people don’t know the importance of hoverboard charging precautions and end up losing their device and money. So, the following are some tips that you should follow in order to charge the hoverboards properly.

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First, Plug The Charger Into The Power Board And Then Into The Hoverboard

First, plug the charger in your house’s power board and then connect it to the hoverboard. This will allow you to ensure the charging.

The red light on the charger means the hoverboard is not connected, and when you connect it to the hoverboard, the red light will convert into the green. This means the charger is successfully connected to the hoverboard and charging the battery without any interruption.

Only Use Genuine Or Recommended Charger

Only use a genuine charger that comes with your hoverboard. If there is no charger included with the hoverboard, then buy the recommended one.

The cheap and low-quality chargers have unstable voltage and current; this will cause slow charging, sensor errors, low travel range, and weaken the battery pack. So, only use the recommended charger.

Do Not Leave Hoverboard Alone On Charging For Longtime

Do not ever leave your hoverboard on charging for a long time because it can be dangerous. As mentioned above, hoverboards have a lithium-ion battery that can be heated or dangerous when mishandled.

If you leave your hoverboard on charging for extra time, it will start overcharging, and this causes the battery to overheat. This would eventually lead your hoverboard to catch fire and explode.

Do Not Leave Fully Charged Hoverboard For Longtime

Leaving your fully charged hoverboard for a long time can be dangerous for the battery’s life. This will quickly drain the battery after a few days, kill battery cells, and cause less power backup.

So, do not leave your hoverboard after fully charging it, instead ride it and drain 10-15% battery and then you can leave it. This will let the battery drain steadily with time and do not weaken the battery cells.

Do Not Leave Low Charged Hoverboard For Longtime

Leaving your hoverboard on low charge for a long time can kill your battery cells quickly, and the battery can be dead in a few cycles. Moreover, it will also take extra time to charge if you leave it on low charging for many days. So, do not leave it empty or low-charged if you don’t want to spend more money and replace the battery.

How To Know If Hoverboard Is Charging Or Not?

The lights on the hoverboards can indicate whether it is charging, not charging, fully charged, or low battery. There are commonly Red, Green, Orange, and Blue lights depending on the brand and model of the hoverboard. These lights turn On and Off, resembling battery and hoverboard conditions.

Bright Red light on the footboard indicates that the charger is connected and the hoverboard is on charging. Also, Dim Red light means the hoverboard is getting charged, but voltage is very low, or the charger is very slow.

When the hoverboard is fully charged, a bright green light will show it is fully charged, and you should plug out the charger. If there is a dim green light, it means the hoverboard is fully charged, and the system automatically turns off the charging process.

If there is a bright orange light indication, it means there is a problem with your hoverboard’s battery pack, and you should immediately consult your warranty provider.

How To Choose The Best Charger For Hoverboard?

Choosing the best and suitable charger for your hoverboard is a very important task. You have to choose a charger that can properly charge the hoverboard and does not cause any harm to the device. This is why it is considered a crucial task.

First of all, read the Hoverboard Manual Books that come with the box, and search for the recommended chargers sections. There you will find the safe charging instruction as well as recommended charging voltage and current information.

So, only choose chargers according to the recommended charging voltage/amperes.

Note: Do not buy cheap chargers; they provide an unsteady voltage that can be very dangerous for the battery and hoverboard itself. Using them may lead to overcharging, overheating, and battery-catching fire. So, keep this in mind.


Hoverboards are very exciting and stylish mini e-vehicles. They are considered economical because of their operation by the rechargeable battery. That is why many people love them, and they are considered very futuristic mini vehicles.

You may agree with the fact that not everything is perfect. Similarly, some common errors and faults in the hoverboards come out after some time, such as Hoverboard Not Charging, Light Indicator Error, Battery Drain Quickly, Hoverboard Not Turning On, etc.

Here I have briefly discussed the Hoverboard Not Charging issue and how to solve it. Above is a complete guide that will help you quickly fix the common charging issues without consulting a repair shop.

I have also discussed common questions that people often ask, like how to know if the hoverboard is charging or not and choose the best charger for your hoverboard.

Moreover, I have also written a proper guide on safely charging your hoverboard. I hope you have got all the information you were searching for. If there is something not in this article, you can tell me in the comment section below.

I regularly answer all the questions from the comment section.

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