What is the best wakeboard brand? The 7 best brands to know. - Wakeboard Easy (2022)

The question of what wakeboard brand is best could be debated until the end of time. The truth is, there is no “best” brand. Most modern wakeboard brands will offer a high quality, durable product that will perform well.

That said, there some important key brands out there that you should seek out if you want a quality product. Each brand can also offer something unique that they do best. So instead of “which wakeboard brand is best?”, you should be asking yourself “which wakeboard brand is best for me?”.

To help with this, I’ve compiled a list of the current wakeboard brand names that I think offer a great quality product. This post will take a brief look at each of them, and will provide a little information on what it is I personally think they do best.

Overall though, it’s hard to go wrong with any of the following wakeboard brands (in no particular order):

  1. Hyperlite
  2. Ronix
  3. Liquid Force
  4. Slingshot
  5. O’Brien
  6. Humanoid
  7. Connelly/CWB

What makes a wakeboard brand good?

Depending on who you ask, it’s very possible you’ll get completely different answers to the question, “What makes a wakeboard brand good?”.

There’s no right answer. For some people value is important above all else, for others it’s important to know where their items are manufactured, and for some others maybe they just want something that looks cool.

Through this post, we’ll be touching on several of the following factors that to me help make a wakeboard brand great. Here are a few standout things I like to consider when shopping for wakeboard brands though:

  • Quality and durability of their products.
  • Variety of design options.
  • How long the company has been around.
  • Where wakeboard gear is manufactured.
  • How much the company supports riders.

Keep in mind that Each brand has their strengths and at the end of the day, it’s hard to go wrong. All brands listed here make a product that will last many seasons and ride well!

1. Hyperlite

Hyperlite is arguably the biggest name in wakeboarding. Frankly, they’re a wakeboard brand that can be trusted. Most people who have spent time wakeboarding have either owned or have ridden a Hyperlite wakeboard at some point.

Hyperlite offers a full range of wakeboard product. This includes wakeboards, bindings, wakesurf boards, life vests, ropes and handles, and even apparel.

Their wakeboard line covers all types of riding styles. They have boards for boat riders, cable park riders, men, women, and children.

What makes Hyperlite unique?

There are many reasons that Hyperlite stands-out among the other brands. The main reason in my opinion is experience. Hyperlite Wake Mfg. has been making wakeboards since the early 90’s!

They’re one of the pioneering companies of the sport and continue to offer a huge range of product. Not to mention their experience means they know what materials to use and how to manufacture high quality gear that lasts!

Another unique thing Hyperlite brings to the table is their wakeboard bindings. Hyperlite offers traditional bindings, but they also have what are called “System” bindings that no other companies currently offer.

These bindings are very similar to the way snowboard bindings work. A separate frame with heavy-duty straps gets mounted to the board. Then, the rider puts on boots before stepping in to the frame and tightening the straps.

This is extremely nice for those who often ride at a wakeboard cable park. instead of taking the entire boot off every time a rider falls, all they have to do is simply loosen the straps and step right out. They can then walk back to the starting dock while wearing their boots, and have their feet protected the whole way.

Hyperlite Wakeboard Products on Amazon


In the big scheme of things, Ronix is a newer brand, however they quickly established themselves as one of the leaders in the sport. With an amazing pro team, there is no shortage of great riding that is done on Ronix equipment.

It should come as no surprise then, that Ronix makes a killer product.

What Makes Ronix unique?

Personally, I’ve always really liked Ronix bindings. While my wakeboard brand itself may often change, I generally look for Ronix brand bindings.

Ronix brand bindings are the definition of ‘simple but effective’. Very well made, not complicated, and can hold-up to some abuse. In short, they hold up nicely, and to me are super comfortable!

That said, the rest of their gear shouldn’t be passed-up. Ronix makes a range of great boards for all types of riding behind the boat and at the cable park. Personally, I think if you are specifically looking for a 3-stage rocker board made for boat riding, Ronix is the way to go!

Ronix Wakeboard Products on Amazon

3. Liquid Force

Another long-time player in the industry is Liquid Force. They also started in the 90’s and continue to be a strong presence in the minds of wakeboarders everywyere.

As a brand, to me they represent a laid-back feel that’s all about fun on the water. Liquid Force is always promoting fun events, and they have a huge selection of product.

Like Hyperlite, they carry everything from boards, bindings, wakesurf boards, and life jackets; but they go a step further in to fun things like party floats!

What makes Liquid Force unique?

Several things make Liquid Force stand out to me as a brand. Primarily their art and design, as well as their willingness to try new things for the sake of fun.

On the design-front, there are two things I think Liquid Force does better than any other brand. Art, and creative board design (Slingshot is up there for creative boards as well!).

The art on Liquid Force boards always seems to have a distinct style that stands out on the water. If you want a unique board, they are probably where you want to look first. At the time of writing, they even have an “artist series” of boards that have special designs from different artists.

When it comes to the design of the boards themselves, Liquid Force has always carried one or two ‘funky’ boards in the lineup. From their classic “Fish”, which was a very short, but very wide board; all the way to their current “Asym Noodle”, a flexible board where one side is longer than the other; Liquid Force knows how to have fun.

Finally, Liquid Force has some simple fun items that aren’t wakeboards. Liquid Force has a full signature line of party floats and lounges, in a bright neon green of course!

To put it simply, they have a “party” section on their website. What more do you need?

Liquid Force Wakeboard Products on Amazon

4. Slingshot

Slingshot wakeboards are a relatively new force in the wakeboard world. Primarily a company built for kitesurfing, their board technology carried-over to wakeboarding and they expanded to have a full wakeboard team and line of product!

Slingshot really made a name for themselves as the popularity of wakeboard cable parks grew. Slingshot boards were known not just for durability, but also for their flexibility. A perfect combination for those riders who like to hit ramps and slide rails.

Slingshot Wake’s focus has been mostly on boards and bindings, but over time they continually seem to expand their offerings. Currently, Slingshot makes wakeboards, bindings, wakesurf boards, foil boards, and a limited line of accessories like life jackets.

Slingshot seems to really value riders. To me they are a company that truly lives the motto “made by riders for riders”. Their passion comes through in their product.

What makes Slingshot unique?

How does Slingshot stand out? One word, flex. Slingshot boards became very popular very quickly at wakeboard parks for their durability and the fact that their boards have a lot of flex to them.

What was especially unique at the beginning was Slingshot’s fully wooden core. This has taken a hold in the industry and now more companies have wood core options. Slingshot however was a true pioneer when it came to popularizing the idea and they showed what a wood core wakeboard can do!

The company continues to push wood-core performance for boards, and they also like to have some fun. One of the wildest looking boards currently available is the Slingshot Space Mob. A weird, asymmetrical board just built for fun.

What is the best wakeboard brand? The 7 best brands to know. - Wakeboard Easy (1)

I recall that Slingshot was one of the first board brands I saw that created extra durable wakeboard sidewalls (the edge around the board). They added a polyurethane strip so if a board got dinged, it would simply bounce back instead of crack. Other companies are doing this as well (and some may have done it before Slingshot), but Slingshot really helped to popularize it.

Slingshot is an excellent option for those who want a foil wakesurf board too. With tons of R&D from both their wakeboard and kiteboarding teams, they have a lot of experience creating good performing foil surfers.

In my opinion, Slingshot boards are a must-have for cable riders who want to have fun and really press tricks with some style. Personally, I tend to ride a Slingshot board when I visit a cable park.

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5. O’Brien

O’Brien has been a long-time staple of the watersports industry. They made their name in water skis and expanded in to all sorts of items to have fun on the water.

O’Brien doesn’t just offer a full lineup of wakeboards or wake surf boards. The company offers everything including water skis, kneeboards, tubes, large inflatable rafts, and more.

What makes O’Brien unique?

O’Brien has a wide variety and depth to what they offer. They also provide some great entry-level bundle options if a rider is on a budget.

If someone is looking for a one-stop-shop for all of their watersports gear from a reputable brand, O’Brien offers that variety.

Even when looking at wakeboards alone, O’Brien carries a range of options. There are budget friendly simple boards, all the way up to professional level decks and wakeboard park-specific boards.

I also recommend O’Brien as a great entry level brand. They have some budget-firendly board,s but it’s also common to find pre-made wakeboard and binding bundles made up of O’Brien product. It’s hard to go wrong with such an established brand as a starter board.

O’Brien Wakeboard Products on Amazon

6. Humanoid

Humanoid is what I’d consider the underdog of the lineup. This small, rider owned and operated company builds their boards in the USA.

Similarly to Slingshot, Humaniod’s wakeboards are generally wood core. This means that they all carry some kind of flex, but are lively and fun. They also tout durability on their website and make several cable-park focused boards to help back-up that claim.

For those out there looking to support a small company built by passionate people, Humanoid might be the choice for you!

What makes Humanoid unique?

Two things currently make Humanoid stand out to me. First, they are the only company that offers a trial on their boards. Second, Humaniod is the only place to get a professional-quality and totally custom-made wakeboard built.

First, Humanoid’s trial. According to their website, Humanoid offers a full 30-day trial of their boards. They’ll ship a board to you to try and if you don’t like it, send it back!

Wakeboard preferences are a very personal thing, so it’s super cool that they offer this to riders. Try before you buy, pretty great!

Second, Humanoid is the ONLY company on this list that allows riders to design and order their own custom board! That’s right, everything from the shape, art, and even the amount of flex can be custom-ordered.

Sure, you’ll pay a premium, but in the end you will be getting a completely custom wakeboard that is professionally made.

They also offer a ton of great information on their website and can provide personal advice about their board lineup to find the right deck for you.

Humanoid Wakeboard Products on Amazon

Note: Humanoid is a really small company and can be hard to come by if you don’t buy direct or from a local shop that carries them. There’s a few options available on amazon currently though!

7. Connelly/CWB

Connelly is a water ski manufacturer that also has a great lineup of wakeboards. Around since the 60’s, Connelly is doing something right and creates a solid quality product.

For a long time their wakeboard line, CWB, was a regular sight on the water. At some point in the last few years though, they dropped that name and moved everything under the Connelly name.

Regardless of name, Connelly wakeboards have a pretty solid lineup of boards. Plenty of pro riders use their decks and with a lot of experience in the industry, they know how to make a board that lasts.

What makes Connelly unique?

To me, Connelly stands out because they have a good lineup of boards for boat-riding, and they can be budget friendly for beginners.

When it comes to their lineup, Connelly wakeboards have a really focused assortment. Their deep history with water skiing leads to a strong set of boards made for boat riding, and that’s mainly what I’d recommend them for.

To put it simply, Connelly stands out by having good, simple options for boat riders. With only 6 boards in the most recent lineup, they focus on doing a few things well vs. carrying everything under the sun.

Also, like O’Brien, Connelly will often come up as a combo package for beginners. I think this is an excellent entry point brand for any new wakeboarder.

Connelly Wakeboard Products on Amazon

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