Troubleshooting Greystone Electric Fireplace Problems (Guide) (2023)

There is a chance that the Greystone Electric Fireplace can overheat and cause a fire. In this case, it was the power wire overheating and causing smoke and sparks. The strange thing is, that the heater and fan may still work through it all.

Let’s start with the easiest source first. If the fireplace does not start up after working for hours, check the outlet. It may have lost power due to a fuse or breaker blowing. Or your battery lost power. Always check the simple first.

To learn more about how to handle the problems that come with this fireplace, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can troubleshoot your fireplace without delay. Take some time to go through our article to see how it will help you solve your fireplace issues.

Greystone Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting 101

Why Is My RV Fireplace Not Working?

Common Greystone Electric Fireplace Problems

Greystone Model WF2613R

The Greystone Fireplace Won't Turn On

Greystone Fireplace Beeping

Greystone Fireplace Not Heating

The Fireplace Keeps Turning Off

Greystone Fireplace Light Stays On

(Video) Why Did My Greystone Electric Fireplace Quit?

The Electric Fireplace Fan Not Working

Greystone Fireplace Keeps Turning Off

Greystone Fireplace Bulb Replacement

How To Reset a Greystone Electric Fireplace

How To Remove a Greystone Fireplace

Who Makes Greystone RV Fireplaces?

Greystone Fireplace Customer Service And Website

Download Greystone Fireplace Manual

Why Is My RV Fireplace Not Working?

Troubleshooting Greystone Electric Fireplace Problems (Guide) (1)

Unfortunately, there are a lot of sources for this problem. And those sources can be anywhere in your electrical system. Not to mention the unit itself. But the good news is that it usually is an electrical problem.

Those are usually easy to fix. Just change a wire, tighten a connection or watch the other components and replace them when they blow or trip. With a Greystone fireplace, the non-electrical components may be few in number.

A quick check of those components may save you some time as hunting down electrical problems can get long and tedious. The best thing to do would be to make a checklist of all the parts that could possibly fail.

Then rank them in order of priority, keeping the simple possibilities at the head of the list. That way you can eliminate the simple options first or find the problem right away.

It is one way to stay organized and get to the source of the problem quicker than if you did not have a plan.

Common Greystone Electric Fireplace Problems

When it comes to electrical devices, there are a limited number of areas to check. Thankfully, they are all the same on every device. A quick list of those possible problems is as follows:

(Video) My RV Fireplace Stopped Working

1. power cord- this could be frayed, broken, damaged in some way, or a loose wire or bad connection

2. power button- could be broken, loose connection, or there is a lack of a power supply

3. wires- these can be broken, loose, frayed, damaged, have a bad connection, or burnt out.

4. electronic components- may be damaged in some way and will need to be replaced. This is generally not a do-it-yourself type of fix and you will need to call in a technician.

6. screen issues- mostly due to electronic wiring or components. Again you would need a technician to come in and solve the problem.

7 power supply- this will always be a concern as batteries lose power, have too heavy of demand, and they run out of power very quickly. Also, a fuse may have blown if there is one on the circuit.

A breaker could trip or a GFCI outlet tripped. You have many power source sources that take a few minutes to check. You will need a multimeter to help you in this case and sharp eyes.

Greystone Model WF2613R

This is a 26-inch device called an electric firebox. It is designed with a radius front that delivers the heat from 9 different settings. The digital timer thermostat provides you with all the control you will need and it operates between 65 and 95 degrees F.

The fireplace measures 28 by 21 by 8 inches (w x h x d) and it weighs only 32 pounds. That should fit most RVs and travel trailers but it should not fit the smaller ones.

You will need a 120 volt, 15-amp circuit to run this fireplace. The instruction manual states that you do not deviate from what the manual says concerning installation.

The best thing about this heating device is that it comes with a remote control. This little device may be one source of your problems. If the batteries fail or the device malfunctions you won’t be able to start the fireplace from across the room.

You would have to get up and do it manually. The remote control is one of those components you want to check first.

The Greystone Fireplace Won't Turn On

There are three main sources for this problem. Of course, any of the electrical components would be a source but check the following main sources first:

1. power supply- the batteries in the remote could be bad, your house battery may be low on power or the power cord is not plugged in. Check those areas first then go a little further in your search.

2. power button- this may be damaged or it has a loose connection. Check the wiring to make sure the power button is in the correct position for you to use the remote.

3. breakers & fuses- if your system has a fuse, then check to see if that has blown. If it has then you may have a more serious problem on hand. The same goes for the breaker. If it blows you could have overloaded the system or there is a short somewhere causing it to trip

An honorable mention would be the remote. Besides the batteries losing power, the remote can fail. It is a simple device made up of a few components that can break or be jarred loose when dropped accidentally.

Greystone Fireplace Beeping

Troubleshooting Greystone Electric Fireplace Problems (Guide) (2)

This is not a major problem that would cause a fire or send sparks out into your living area. When you hear beeping, usually it means that parts are wearing out. That means you will need to get a technician in to find those parts and replace them.

One of those parts is the motor. Just open it up and see if the sounds are coming from it. You may or may not be able to replace the motor yourself. There are other sources for the beeping.

One is the batteries in the remote need to be changed. It is always nice to have alerts so you do not have to spend your time guessing if they are losing power or not.

The second one is that something may be blocking the fireplace vents. These are the two easy sources you should check first and save yourself some time by either eliminating them or fixing the problem.

Greystone Fireplace Not Heating

This is the situation you need to check first before you call in a technician. The reason we say that is that the problem may be as simple as you used an extension cord instead of plugging the device directly into the outlet.

Or you forgot to plug it in. Another simple solution would be to check the thermostat. The fireplace won’t heat if the room is warmer than your heat setting.

Next on the simple list of things to check first, would be to check the vents. Obstructions could be either diverting the heat or blocking it from coming into the room. Clear the obstruction and you should have heat again.

Now that the simple things are checked, look to the heating coil. It may be burned out and in need of replacement. This may be or may not be an easy fix. You will have to know your limits and know when to call in a technician when it is a bit more difficult than changing batteries.

(Video) How to use the Greystone Fireplace

The Fireplace Keeps Turning Off

The easy things to check list are going to be long as it gets longer with this issue. The first thing to check would be your thermostat setting. If it is set too low, then the fireplace will turn off on its own.

The more difficult problem would be overheating. If the fireplace starts to get too hot, it will shut itself off. You will have to let it cool down for a few hours before using it again.

Another option to add to the simple things to check list is how dirty is the fireplace? If it is dirty, the fireplace will turn itself off and wait for you to clean it. A can of compressed air should do the trick and blow all the dirt and dust out of the unit.

If the device is still turning off after you do all these things, call in a technician as there may be a short in the system somewhere.

Greystone Fireplace Light Stays On

This may not happen on all Greystone models but on one it is a purposeful design. In other words, Greystone designed the light to remain on all the time. It is only dimmable by the remote but the remote can’t fully shut it off.

To fully shut the light off, you have to unplug the fireplace. If the light bothers you, you can put a switch on the line and turn it off manually. This will save you the trouble of unplugging and plugging the fireplace back in every time you want to use it or go to bed at night.

The model that has this design is the 26" Greystone Item # GR54FR. You can check to see if the other models have the same design or not. That way you can decide if you want that feature or not.

The Electric Fireplace Fan Not Working

Troubleshooting Greystone Electric Fireplace Problems (Guide) (3)

There are many sources for this problem as well. The first place to check is to see if the fan blades or the fan is dirty. All it will take to fix this issue is to give the fan and the surrounding area a good cleaning.

If it is lean or doesn’t solve the problem, try checking your wires, and connections' power sources to see if power is getting to the fan. Make sure the unit is plugged in as well.

The final place to check would be the fan motor. It may have worn out, overheated and got damaged, and so on. This is a repair you can’t really fix. You should have to replace the fan motor.

You can try to do it yourself but make sure to have the part number with you when you go buy a replacement.

Greystone Fireplace Keeps Turning Off

This could be a sign that you have a short in the system. There may be a wire loose and it is touching something it is not supposed to touch. or a component may be going bad and it is shorting out the system

In the previous section on the fireplace keeps turning off, use those suggestions to help you with this model of an electric fireplace. No matter the brand or electronic device, the same sources will apply to them all.

There may also be an overheat protection system that gets tripped as well. When your fireplace gets too hot, you need to let it cool down before being able to use it again.

Or you have reached the temperature setting you want in your room and the fireplace is just acting normally. Make sure to check the simple issues first before calling in a technician.

Greystone Fireplace Glass Removal

If you need to clean the glass or it has broken in some way, there is a way to remove the glass safely. The glass is held on by a trim panel and the trim panel is held on by nails.

You would need to use a small pry bar, not a large crowbar, to smoothly and gently remove the trim panel. You do that by prying the nails up. Then when the nails are out of the way you should be able to remove the trim panel.

Once the trim panel is off the glass should come out easily. Just be careful not to break the glass taking it out or putting it back in. The manual should have the instructions to handle this repair and possibly a diagram. If not call the company for proper instructions or call a technician to handle the job.

Greystone Fireplace Bulb Replacement

To get started on this repair, you need to unplug the fireplace for at least 10 minutes. That is to ensure that the fireplace and the bulb are cool enough to touch. Then make sure all the controls are turned off.

Then once that is done, you need to lift the trim piece up and remove the screws underneath. There should only be a few mounting screws to work on. After that, you need to remove the two small screws on a panel at the back of the fireplace.

When you get that panel off, you just replace the bulbs that need replacing. Then put everything back again. There should be 3 40-watt light bulbs behind that panel and you just remove them like any other light bulb.

It will be exactly like replacing a bulb in the fixture in your home.

How To Reset a Greystone Electric Fireplace

Troubleshooting Greystone Electric Fireplace Problems (Guide) (4)

This is not a big deal nor is it hard to do. When you need to reset the fireplace, all you have to do is unplug it for 10 minutes. That is if you have an overheating problem.

The manual was not a very big help, at least the online option we were able to find. If you are in doubt, call a technician to see if there is another reset operation for this device. The manual only gave the one we just listed above.

(Video) How to Repair Imitation Flame On Space Heater

You should turn the fireplace on using the manual controls first. If you do not do that step, the remote will not work.

How To Remove a Greystone Fireplace

To start, you will need to remove the outer trim ring which just snaps into and out of place. These instructions pertain to the Greystone 26" Curved Electric Fireplace part # GR54FR.

Once that is done, you have to remove the mounting screws holding the fireplace in its location. after you got those screws out, the fireplace should slide out so you can work on it.

That is all there is to it and once the fireplace is out you should have the room to work on the different parts. When you are done, just reverse the process and your fireplace should remain in position and ready to work again.

These instructions should work for more than just the Greystone 26" Curved Electric Fireplace part # GR54FR. The trim may be held in place by nails on some models so be careful when trying to get the trim off.

Who Makes Greystone RV Fireplaces?

The company that makes this fireplace, Greystone, is called WAY. It seems that they have been making this product and other brands for over 10 years now. They have at least 4 other brands that are made for RVs and trailers.

Those other brands are Everchill, Drive, Haven, & Elite. Everchill focuses on cooling systems like fridges, ice makers, and coolers. Drive focuses on entertainment systems, safety systems, speakers, etc.

Greystone's product lineup range in cost from $100 to $800 and you can shop through their website if you do not like the markup other retail outlets place on the same products.

Haven does the furnishing aspect for RVs, etc. and Elite focuses on the unseen areas of all those components. This company also partners with other companies to make sure their components are top-notch and top-quality.

In the next section, you will get the link to their website so you can explore all their products and see which ones are best for you.

Greystone Fireplace Customer Service And Website

The key to contacting the company is that there are many different businesses that use Greystone as their company name and brand. It needs to be remembered that Greystone is only a brand name, not a company when it comes to fireplaces.

You need to contact the company called WAY and their website is at this link. They have a contact us page and so far we have not seen any complaints about their customer service.

The only thing we have read so far is that they are slow to respond and will try to deflect responsibility to some other non-product issue. One owner said they had great customer service and the company would replace their unit even though the warranty had expired 2 years earlier.

So it may be hit and miss when it comes to receiving customer care from this company. If you have a problem give them a call, but do not expect to receive the same type of care as that one owner received.

Download Greystone Fireplace Manual

Troubleshooting Greystone Electric Fireplace Problems (Guide) (5)

Here is one source for a manual. Just click on this link to get to it and it may be a shortened version of it. Or if you prefer, here is a link to a second source for a manual. You can explore both sites if these manuals are not for your model.

Then here is a link to our go-to manual website. It has manuals for just about every product or so it seems. Just click here to reach it. Keep in mind that downloading may cost a little bit of money.

But the good news is that you can view and read these manuals online and get the same information.

Some Final Words

Greystone electric fireplaces are a nice luxury. They seem to be very affordable and they add a little heat and a nice view of a fireplace to enjoy. Under normal treatment, you should not have too many problems.

When you do, this troubleshooting guide should help you fix most of the problems that arise. Some repairs will take a technician, so know your limitations and get help when you need it.

There is plenty of help online at the different RV discussion forums when the problem is not covered in this guide.


Where is the reset button on electric fireplace? ›

Make sure that the unit is now located near a heat source hit the reset button located on the back

How do you troubleshoot an electric fireplace? ›

Check the fireplace for any faulty wiring. A tightly bent or over-stretched power cord may be causing the problem. Check your fuse box or breaker for any switches that have tripped. Inspect the fuse on the electric fireplace and replace if necessary.

Why is the flame not working on my electric fireplace? ›

The most common issues with the flame on an electric fireplace not working can be the need to replace the bulb if no flame effects are being displayed. Issue regarding no movement of the flames or squeaking during operation may be due to a problem with the motor or the rod.

Why is my electric fireplace not putting out heat? ›

Electric Fireplace Not Heating

Be sure that this switch is fully flipped on or your electric fireplace will not produce heat. If the switch is stuck, try cleaning it carefully with a cotton swab. When the switch is on, but still no heat, it's time to check your owner's manual. The heating element may have burned out.


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