The Best And Most Powerful Temtem, Ranked (2023)

Players are still scouring the Pokemon-like MMORPG Temtem for the strongest creatures in the land. Interestingly, some of the Temtem you can catch early on make for some of the best creatures to have on your team.

While this is list is likely to become obsolete with upcoming updates that promise to add powerful monsters to the roster, here are the best ones you can catch and where you can find them.

Updated January 31st, 2022 by Jerrad Wyche: Temtem is a gift whose sole focus is providing a Pokemon-like experience to those who either lack a Nintendo gaming device or simply want to play something familiar and nostalgic but new all the same. Developer Crema does a good job at updating the game, balancing the meta, and fixing bugs promptly. The latest patch was labeled Patch 0.8.3 and arrived on January 13th, 2022. Considering all the new creatures included, we have updated this list.

20 Wiplump

The Best And Most Powerful Temtem, Ranked (1)

In Temtem, you must always be aware of type matchups as they can often dictate how strong a Temtem creature is in any given situation. In the case of Wiplump, it happens to be a strong and capable Wind and Water-type, but against an Electric-type, it will be fighting an impossibly uphill battle. On the other hand, in most other matchups, its high base stats in both Special Attack and Special Defense provide a solid base that Wiplump can lean on to be most effective.

19 Vulffy

The Best And Most Powerful Temtem, Ranked (2)

When constructing teams in games, most people focus on offensive/damage output as it provides the clearest indication of usefulness. The truth is a team should be well-rounded and have a bit of everything. A defensive stalwart, for example, gives a team a living wall that can soak up damage while a strategy is conceived. That's where Vulffy comes in as it has a staggering Special Defense rating of 85. Given the right matchup, this Nature and Earth-type can come in clutch.

18 Tateru

The Best And Most Powerful Temtem, Ranked (3)

Tateru is an interesting case of a Temtem that doesn't evolve. It's a Neutral-type creature that is shy by nature and must be trained and taught to fight. Its real strengths lay in both its Stamina and HP stats. Both of them come in around 80, with their Normal Attack rating hovering right under them.

It doesn't hurt that Tateru is also adorable to look at and function as small gerbil-like creatures.

17 Mouflank

The Best And Most Powerful Temtem, Ranked (4)

The Neutral-type Temtem known as Mouflank is a creature that happens to have solid stats in several categories, but nothing drastically over the top in terms of power. All of its base stats - except for its Special Defense - are all over 70, with its highest marks being its Stamina and HP.

Being this versatile in addition to the varied collection of moves at its disposal makes Mouflank a worthy candidate for any Temtem unit.

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16 Myx

The Best And Most Powerful Temtem, Ranked (5)

Myx is a Crystal and Mental-type Temtem that should simply be referred to as the Glass Cannon Creature. When you notice that it has a base Defense rating of 43, you start to wonder how it can be viable, but then you notice that its Special Attack sits at a wild rating of 94.

As long as you can work around its lack of top-end Speed, Myx can provide a blast of damage rarely matched in the world of Temtem. Just be cautious and aware of its numerous type weaknesses.

15 Kinu

The Best And Most Powerful Temtem, Ranked (6)

Kinu are useful Nature/Mental-type Temtem, but are brutal to acquire thanks to their rarity. They are exclusively found in the Giant Banyan on Omninensia island and have a five percent chance of appearing.

If you can get one, they are strong tanks thanks to high Special Defense and Healing ability. A common tactic is to put enemies asleep with Hypnosis then use Revitalize to heal themselves and teammates. Revitalize synergizes very well with another Nature reducing the stamina cost by four and healing themselves by ten percent when using the technique.

14 Saipat

The Best And Most Powerful Temtem, Ranked (7)

Saipat has incredible health and attack stats making it one of the best Temtem that’s dual Water/Melee. Its primary advantage in combat is the ability to use a variety of elemental moves. Saipat can unleash a combination of Water, Melee, Neutral, Toxic, and even Fire attacks.

This helps tremendously in PVE as Saipat can fill the holes in a team’s elemental coverage. In PVP, players will be unsure how to counter Saipat given its versatility. It may not have great Stamina or Special Defense, but if used properly it won’t need it.

13 Seismunch

The Best And Most Powerful Temtem, Ranked (8)

Seismunch are heavy-hitting Melee/Earth-types that make for some of the strongest Temtem you can find. They have a high Speed and Attack that couples nicely with their offensive move pool. They’re not one for status effects and favor raw damage above all else.

Using a Seismunch is pretty straightforward: boost it with another Temtem and then let it loose on the enemy. This single-minded brawler can pick apart enemies quickly before moving on to the next. It might need some support to shrug off status effects, but you can’t ask for a better brawler.

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12 Raican

The Best And Most Powerful Temtem, Ranked (9)

Raican is a Fire-type that must be evolved from a Raize, which is evolved from a Raiber - rarely found in The Glassyway or more commonly in the Anak Volcano. It’s worth the effort though, as Raican makes a great brawler thanks to a balance of HP, Attack, and Defense.

Basically, this is a straightforward damage-dealer in combat using moves like Fire Flame or Fierce Claw. It’s a good strategy to couple Raican with a healer or supportive tank, like the aforementioned Kinu, to keep it alive and dealing damage.

11 Nagaise

The Best And Most Powerful Temtem, Ranked (10)

Nagaise is a dual Water and Mental-type that makes for one of the strongest Temtem you can have on your team. It has lots of Speed and great Attack that coupled with powerful moves makes it a heavy hitter.

Nagaise's specialty is unpredictability and its status effects. When coupled with another Mental Temtem, you can do serious damage with Nagaise’s Fury. Madness Buff can boost Special Defense and Special Attack at the cost of 30 percent HP. It’s a delicate balancing act of self-damage and offense that pays off if done right.

10 Barnshe

The Best And Most Powerful Temtem, Ranked (11)

Barnshe is a Mental/Wind-type, which makes it a solid fighter against everything except Electric-types - those get a quadruple bonus when fighting against a Barnshe. It’s a rare find as it can only be found in the Windward Fort and only appears five percent of the time.

It has decent Speed, Special Attack, and Special Defense, but where it really shines is in its quirky move pool. Bamboozle can keep allies safe from harm while Intimidation can make Barnshe untargetable for a turn. This is a great stall Temtem that can support glass cannons - as long as you aren’t fighting an Electric creature.

9 Nessla

The Best And Most Powerful Temtem, Ranked (12)

Nessla is an interesting Electric and Water-type that has brutal offensive potential. This is because it has a naturally high Attack and a Special Attack with some powerful abilities. Most of Nessla’s attacks are designed to inflict status effects as well.

For instance, Defibrillator not only damages the opponent but causes them to become isolated and unable to synergize with others. Nessla also has a unique advantage with its typing to inflict both electrical and water-based attacks, making it hard to counter.

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8 Pigepic

The Best And Most Powerful Temtem, Ranked (13)

Pigepic is a Wind-type with balanced stats leaning towards Special Defense and regular Defense, making it an effective tank. They can be rarely found in the Prasine Coast, commonly in the Thalassian Cliffs, but The Gifted Bridges have the best encounter rate at 85 percent.

Pigepics are good at Bamboozling opponents to protect allies, raise their Speed with Nimble, and then tanking damage while dealing hits with moves like Heavy Blow or Wind Burst. Teaching it a move like Stonewall is incredibly useful for added durability.

7 Gazuma

The Best And Most Powerful Temtem, Ranked (14)

Gazuma is an electrical Temtem tucked away in Matope Road and the Pillar of Highabove. This kind looking Temtem may not seem like it, but it’s one of the strongest Temtem in the game right now. The reason for this is that it has an incredible Special Defense stat - in fact, it’s one of the highest.

It isn’t meant for tanking and instead functions as a durable support or heavy hitter. It can use moves like Sparks and Nimble to boost Special Attack and Speed, respectively, for allies. Alternatively, it can use moves like Drill Impact and Turbo Charge to do some serious damage. Gazuma's adaptability and durability are what make this Temtem so valuable.

6 Ukama

The Best And Most Powerful Temtem, Ranked (15)

Ukama is a Water-type Temtem that can be caught uncommonly in the Kakama Cenote or you can evolve it from an Umishi, commonly found in the Thalassian Cliffs. Ukama has great Stamina and Speed with a decent Special Attack.

The nice thing about Ukama is they're great for beginners as they can be caught early on to deal with the abundance of Fire-types you’ll come across at the beginning of the game. Plus, they’ll remain helpful for the rest of the story. They also serve as pseudo supports thanks to the move Cooperation, which raises the Stamina of teammates. Ukama don’t hit very hard, but they are fast and get faster with Nimble.

5 Anahir

The Best And Most Powerful Temtem, Ranked (16)

This Temtem is a cool-looking Fire/Crystal-type that is resistant to many things, but weak to Earth, Melee, and Water-types. The only way to obtain one is to defeat Dr. Hamijo in the Anak Volcano as part of the story.

It has incredible Defense and Special Defense giving it great durability. It doesn’t have too many tank-like techniques, but it does have some strong attacks like Head Charge and Meteor Swarm. Anahir is best when paired with another Fire-type or even Melee.

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4 Volarend

The Best And Most Powerful Temtem, Ranked (17)

Volarend is a Toxic/Wind-type Temtem with good Special Defense and decent HP and Speed. It can be rarely caught on a small island near Kupeleleza, but it’s recommended you catch a Zephyruff from the same spot or the Corrupted Badlands and evolve it.

Volarend’s strategy is to get in quick hits with moves like Venomous Claws or Multiple Pecks. At level 31, it will learn Toxic Plume, which can be spammed for decent damage, and to apply Poison to the opposing team. When paired with a Crystal-type, Toxic Plume will also lower the opponent’s Attack stat.

3 Gyalis

The Best And Most Powerful Temtem, Ranked (18)

Gyalis is a Crystal/Melee Temtem that is probably the best attacker in the game - if you can find one. They are located exclusively in the Minces of Mictian and only have a five percent chance of appearing, so be prepared for some grinding.

Their strength comes from excellent Speed, great HP, and Attack. The technique Footwork rapidly raises their Speed even higher, Block gives them much-needed Defense, and Show Off will raise Attack and, when synergized with another Melee, will apply Vigor to both Temtem. Once properly buffed, it can melt the opposing Temtem with great attacks like Drill Impact or Crystal Bite.

2 Saku

The Best And Most Powerful Temtem, Ranked (19)

Sakus are currently considered one of the strongest Temtems in the game. They’re a Nature/Wind-type found in a number of places like The Gifted Bridges, The Canopath, The Glassyway, and the Kupeleleza, but given their rarity, it’s best to catch a more common Kaku in the same places and level it up.

Stats-wise, they’re not terribly impressive, but what really is impressive are their techniques. Narcoleptic Hit will deal damage and can put the enemy to sleep for two turns, Toxic Spore will apply Poison for three turns, and Urushiol will deal damage and, when synergized with a good Toxic ally like Platimous, can apply Poison for a whopping four turns. The idea is to knock the enemy out, apply Poison, then boost Saku with Shy Shield for Defense and Nimble for Speed for round two.

1 Oceara

The Best And Most Powerful Temtem, Ranked (20)

Oceara is a pure Water-type that can be caught in the secret Aquamarina caves near Brical De Mar. As a pure Water-type, it’s very effective against commonly used Fire and Earth-types and can hold its own against other Waters.

What makes Oceara so powerful is the combination of high Speed and an even higher Special Attack. It can also synergize well with Fire and Nature teammates thanks to its moves High-Pressure Water and Tsunami. High-Pressure Water will add Burn, and Tsunami will have increased damage and deal Cold.

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Which fire Temtem is the best? ›

Best Fire Temtem

Anahir wins in terms of overall stats and tankiness. Offensively, Raican is probably the best of the 4 because of its Trait that allows it to sweep with impunity. The remaining 3 are also good, though Vulcrane's 4x Water weakness requires care.

Does Temtem have PvP? ›

Competitive PvP

Basic competitive matches between players can be initiated via the player interaction menu, in the same way as casual battles. Similarly, Temtem are healed prior to each battle and return to their previous state afterwards, and there are no rewards.

Is swali good Temtem? ›

Kaku (and Saku) or Swali (and Loali)

As Nature types, they should be great against Water types, but they won't learn a Nature type attack until level 11 for Kaku and level 44 for Swali. Where these Temtem are useful is their Toxic and Wind attacks.

What is the rarest Temtem? ›

Spawn Location - Mudrid is one of the rarest Temtem species in the game.

How many Temtem are there? ›

How many Temtem are there? There are 164 Temtems to tame in Temtem as of the Early Access 0.9.4 patch.

What is good against toxic Temtem? ›

Temtem Type chart, effectiveness and weakness explained
TypeStrong Against (x2)Weak Against (x0.5)
ToxicWater, NatureEarth, Digital, Crystal, Toxic
WaterFire, Earth, DigitalWater, Earth, Toxic
WindToxic, EarthElectic, Wind
8 more rows

Is Oceara good Temtem? ›

Oceara is a really cool Temtem will a crazy high special attack, but is almost never seen on competitive teams for a couple reasons. Oceara only has two moves that does not have a hold and both are very weak and neither uses its special attack. So it is pretty useless turn one.

How many monsters is Temtem? ›

Temtem are the titular fictional creatures and a major element of the game Temtem. They come in a variety of forms and types. Although many Temtem resemble animals, some are inspired by plants, mythological creatures or in part even objects. As of Early Access 0.9.4, there are 164 Temtem species known and obtainable.


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