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October 10, 2022 8 min read

The 10 Best Wakeboards of 2023 (1)

The water products we feature in our blogs have been independently selected and reviewed by our Auski team of wake specialists.

Looking for the best new wakeboards of 2023? Well Liquid Force, Ronix, and Hyperlite have got you covered. If you have a wakeboard under your feet, you can have fun on almost any body of water. The wakeboard market has never been more interesting as wakeboard brands have been competing against one another in recent years to see who can create the season's most inventive and performing designs.

Where you are in your riding development, and how you want your board to feel on the water all go into how a wakeboard rides. We've got something on this list for everyone, whether your priorities are a speedy on-water feel, enormous vertical pop, a fun ride with gentler flex, or an aggressive board that's quick edge to edge. We looked at everything that was available this year and chose some of the top wakeboards for 2023.

You may be wondering how a board gets on this list. Our team of wake specialists search for wakeboards that stand out from the competition in some way, and they also need to be a lot of fun for us to ride. While choosing our greatest sellers would be simple, it sometimes feels like a cop-out and doesn't provide the complete picture.

We've chosen the best wakeboards for every price range and ability level, whether you're looking for the best model to clear the wake behind a boat or getting ready for a day at a cable wake park.

There is something about having new equipment that boosts your confidence and improves your riding. Your wakeboard's sharp on-point pop allows you to catch more air. Your new deck is lighter and easier to manage thanks to developments in wakeboard technology. You can dial in those 720s you've been working on thanks to this. You take a closer look at your deck because the graphic isn't yet damaged, which makes you want to ride more.

Let's get right to it because the water is waiting there is a wakeboard on this list for every kind of rider.

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Best Mens Wakeboards of 2023

Hyperlite 2023 Murray Wakeboard Package

Shaun White's favourite wakeboard, the Hyperlite 2023 Murray Wakeboard should be one of your top considerations for 2023. Shaun and Nelson spent countless hours on the water to develop this form, and the response has been incredible. The 2023 Murray Pro wakeboard starts off with a subtle 3-Stage Rocker, which grows underfoot for a massive boost off the wake with no flat spots. Shaun preserved the Variable Edge Design and Molded Landing Feature from previous forms, making the board fun for riders of all skill levels. The board's edge is cupped at the tip and tail and is rounded between the inserts, providing a solid edge hold when you want it and forgiveness when you need it. The Murray is incredibly light thanks to Hyperlite's Biolite 3 Core and compression-molded design, making spinning, flipping, and complete sends simple.

(Video) The Best Wakeboards of 2021 - Top Boards Reviewed

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Hyperlite 2023 Capitol Loaded Wakeboard Package

Looking for an Aussie World Wakeboard Champion board? Then the Hyperlite 2023 Capitol Loaded Wakeboard, Cory Teunissen’s Signature Wakeboard is the pinnacle of championship wakeboarding with loaded construction.

In 2021, Cory Teunissen joined Team Hyperlite and made an impression right away. His new pro model wakeboard, the Capitol Loaded, uses a thin core that is covered in 3K Carbon laminates. The Blended 3-Stage Rocker establishes the mood for the ride and provides Cory with his preferred massive pop off the wake. Dual Concave Base across the belly, a Butch characteristic, is incorporated into the Capitol Loaded to keep the board quick on edge and smooth while carving. Sharp angles at the tip and tail channels allow for a quick and tidy escape from the wake. Enjoy the newest Loaded wakeboard from the Hyperlite lineup and hit the water like Cory.

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Ronix 2023 RXT Blackout Technology Wakeboard Package

The Ronix RXT Blackout Technology 2023 Wakeboard is a fresh mystery that is reactive and lighter. Ronix selected their fastest, most well-rounded board for 2023 and reduced its weight by more than 1.5 pounds. New foam, new construction that must remain anonymous, create new ways to ride a board. The tip and tail design of the RXT breaks up the water for gentler landings and is even more forgiving of errant drops from above. You can now easily alter your course and ride away from a shape that will reward you for being off course rather than punish you for it. The RXT Blackout Technology 2023 Wakeboard has the fastest rockerline, screating mooth, predictable take-offs. Blackout Technology, the secret ingredient, produces more responsiveness during turns, provides more feel on the water, and improves take-offs for a more stable connection between rider and board. Unparalleled modernisation for riders seeking every advantage to advance their skills or for intermediate wakeboarders seeking a forgiving shape and build they can develop into.

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Hyperlite 2023 Cryptic Wakeboard Package

The wakeboarding pro Josh Twelker’s signature board, the 2023 Cryptic Wakeboard is a freeriders delight; blending a user-friendly and aggressive feel. As requested by Josh Twelker, the Cryptic wakeboard delivers a quick edge reaction, an aggressive feel, and a significant pop off the wake. The Cryptic, designed by Greg Nelson, is a quick board with a continuous rocker and a somewhat broader profile. The design has a subtle landing feature in the belly that transitions to two concave tunnels exiting the tip and tail for a bold approach to the wake. The variable edge design is sharpened at the tip and tail for secure edging and bevelled between the stance platform for a forgiving feel. The Cryptic, according to Twelker, is a free rider's dream with effortless carving and a loud burst off the wake.

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Liquid Force 2023 Remedy Wakeboard Package

Have you ever had the impression that your riding is not where you want it to be? Perhaps 8x World Wakeboarding Champion Harley Cliffords's board is the "Remedy" you've been looking for! The 2023 Remedy Wakeboard will have you ripping like Harley thanks to its aggressive 3-Stage rocker and triple concave flowing into the venturi quad channels. During your subsequent practise session, the split tip shape and quad fin setup will give you all the control and assurance you'll need. The distinctive bottom concaves are what make this board so quick. The board that presently has more podium appearances than any other board on the market. This board will take you and your riding straight up with its aggressive design providing the control and feel for carving turns and edging up the wake thanks to the split tip design and quad fin setup of this board. You have found the cure you were seeking for!

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Liquid Force 2023 RDX Wakeboard Package

The Liquid Force 2023 RDX Wakeboard provides a stylistically smooth, mellow, and controlled ride on the water and an incredibly smooth pop off the wake. The Liquid Force RDX is designed to deliver a smoother kind of ride and is all on providing everything progressive, like wakeboarding pro Raph Derome's riding style. The RDX is designed to provide simple pop without compromising speed or hold. The RDX offers an effortless flow with an added pop while retaining gentle landings. It does this by offering a progressive 3-stage rocker and a D-I-S-C Hull that continues to a small vee. Increased edge hold and acceleration towards the wake are also produced by tip and tail channels. Low volume rails and quad moulded fins complete the RDX's design to provide strong edge hold and control without compromising speed.

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Best Womens Wakeboards of 2023

Ronix 2023 Quarter ‘Til Midnight Womens Wakeboard Package

This Ronix 2023 board is the perfect board for all women riders. The Ronix 2023 Quarter ‘Til Midnight Womens Wakeboard adjusts to your riding technique, a rare trait in the wakeboarding segment. Regardless of your style or skill level, this board has the exceptional capacity to adapt to you. Ronix just developed one of their most popular all-purpose series, which rides without stereotypes, is lighter, more responsive, and with notably softer landings. The Quarter ‘Til Midnight board’s hybrid rocker enables it to perform wide-open, high-speed cuts in addition to smooth, low-maintenance turns. This series truly covers the gamut, from quick predictable take-offs to powerful wake to wake jumps. Riders who enter the wake flat will experience a powerful, explosive three-stage lift. You will see a smooth blended rocker line with an unbroken rapid take-off and landing if you jump while on the rail. When they commence spins, riders who tend to ride with their weight more equally distributed will experience a freeride-like floating sensation. Alternatively, if you ride with greater weight in the board's tail, you may encounter hairpin turns with rapid edge transitions.

The 10 Best Wakeboards of 2023 (8)

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Liquid Force 2023 Angel Womens Wakeboard Package

After being in the line-up for many years, the Liquid Force Angel is the tried-and-true beginner's shape. The smooth curve of the Angel is intended to improve ability while also aiding in the development of technique and confidence. The Liquid Force 2023 Angel Wakeboard is a strong foundation allowing you to progress your riding and technique, with its design focused on stability and predictability. The Angel now features a larger tip and tail shape for greater pop. The longer molded-in fins on the D-I-S-C hull improve control and ease the transition from beginner to experienced riding when the centre fin is taken out. The Angel performs better on contemporary wakes thanks to an added aggressive continuous rocker. Together, these features enable smooth landings without reducing board speed. These characteristics allow the board to fit any rider with an easy tracking feel and plenty of control, along with moulded fins and a customizable rail edge. Any rider, novice or intermediate, will feel at ease on the Angel with this level of comfort.

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Liquid Force 2023 M.E Womens Wakeboard Package

Wakeboard pro Meagan Ethell 's professional model powerhouse provides some user-friendly features to make learning those new techniques easier whilst offering everything progressive! The Liquid Force M.E. wakeboard possesses four molded-in fins that are deep enough to provide extra hold when necessary but still permit a loose, enjoyable ride. When you truly send it, the single to double concave centre softens the landings while the Progressive 3-Stage Rocker gives you all the pop you need! The ME is designed to provide simple pop without compromising speed or hold. Increased edge hold and acceleration towards the wake are also produced by tip and tail channels. Any woman who wants to improve her riding and rip like Meagan should have this board!

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Hyperlite 2023 Cadence Womens Wakeboard

The Hyperlite 2023 Cadence Womens Wakeboard provides an aggressive approach combined with riding style that are user-friendly. The Greg Nelson and Bec Gange-designed Cadence series features a rapid edge reaction, an aggressive feel, and a tonne of pop off the wake. The Cadence is a quick board designed specifically for female athletes with a continuous rocker. The design has a subtle landing feature in the belly that transitions to two concave tunnels exiting the tip and tail for a bold approach to the wake. The variable edge design is sharpened at the tip and tail for secure edging and bevelled between the stance platform for a forgiving feel. You’ll appreciate the powerful burst off the wake and effortless carving that make it simple to put tricks together with this board

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What are you keen to try out this season? Leave a comment below!

See ya out on the water 🤙




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(Video) TOP 3 TIPS When Looking for a New Wakeboard - Wakeboards 101


Who makes the best wakeboard? ›

What is the best wakeboard brand? The 7 best brands to know.
  • Hyperlite.
  • Ronix.
  • Liquid Force.
  • Slingshot.
  • O'Brien.
  • Humanoid.
  • Connelly/CWB.

What is the best wakeboard for intermediate? ›

Continue reading to learn about some of the best wakeboards for intermediate riders by Prowake.
  • Atomic Wood Core.
  • Carbon Bedrock Inserts.
  • Single-Shot Fusion Sidewalls.
  • Ballistic Base.
  • Continuous Rocker Profile.
  • Signature Flex Tips.
  • Elliptical Concave.
6 Apr 2022

Is Liquid Force a good wakeboard? ›

If you've taken a spill on the water and need to heal your behind-the-boat skills, the Liquid Force Remedy Wakeboard is happy to help. Its split-tip shape and quad fin set up provides plenty of control, so you can go from standing up to riding steady. Pro rider Harley Clifford designed the Remedy with speed in mind.

Who is the number one wakeboarder? ›

Nic Rapa

How much HP do you need to pull a wakeboarder? ›

While you can wakeboard with as little as 25 HP, a quality wake generally requires a 135+HP loaded boat. What is this? Boat owners often recommend 90 HP on a 16′ boat as the minimum for serious slalom skiing and wakeboarding on a fully loaded boat. 115 HP will generally be comfortable, while 75 HP may barely be enough.

What size wakeboard is best? ›

Wakeboard size chart
Rider Weight (lbs)Rider Weight (kg)Wakeboard Length (cm)
90 - 15040 - 65130 - 134
130 - 18059 - 82135 - 139
170 - 25077 - 113140 - 144
200 - 275+91 - 125+> 144
1 more row
2 Jan 2021

Which is better Nautique or Malibu? ›

Nautique Jetboats

As compared to the Malibu, the Nautique has a larger engine and comes with a supercharger. This means that it will consume more fuel as compared to a smaller engine that is at the same RPM level.

What is the best wakeboard speed? ›

The proper speed to tow a wakeboarder is usually between 15 and 25 mph. The bottom line when it comes to speed is that the faster you go, the cleaner and more firm the wake gets, making it easier and more consistent for riders trying to jump or learn new tricks.

How fast do you pull a beginner wakeboarder? ›

Going somewhere between 12 and 15 miles per hour is ideal for beginners learning how to ride as it is steady speed that helps them gain confidence on the board. As they get more comfortable, you can then start going up in speed to 18 miles per hour.

Is it easier to get up on a bigger wakeboard? ›

Larger boards are also wider which also provides more lift and softer landings. Beginners will have an easier time getting up, while advanced riders will enjoy increased rocker heights.

How do you pick a good wakeboard? ›

10 Tips for Choosing a Wakeboard
  1. Bring Your Own Board. If you really want to excel, it's important to have your own wakeboard. ...
  2. Check The Label. ...
  3. Match Up Sizes. ...
  4. Get Under The Skin. ...
  5. Know Your Style. ...
  6. Rock On (Or Off) ...
  7. Find The Fin. ...
  8. Investigate The Shape.

What is the hardest trick on a wakeboard? ›

The 900 (two and a half rotations) is one of the hardest tricks in skateboarding, and it's pretty impressive on the water, too.

What is the easiest wakeboard Trick? ›

One of the best wakeboard tricks for beginners you can master is a surface spin. This is where you'll learn to rotate your board 180°. Because you don't actually leave the water's surface, it's a great way of getting used to the wakeboard, before you branch into wakeboard jumps.

Who is the best Wakesurfer in the world? ›

Pro Men
1Noah FlegelUSA
2Sean SilveiraUSA
3Beaux WildmanUSA
4John AkermanUSA
6 more rows

Can a drone pull a wakeboarder? ›

While the drone does have a 20-pound maximum cargo limit, it is able to pull a person across the water (after getting a running start).

What is the world record for wakeboarding? ›

Lori Keeton, who set the world record by wakeboarding for 8 hours straight in 2021, broke her own record when she started wakesurfing Wednesday afternoon at Raccoon Lake in Rockville and ended her attempt after 14 hours and 48 minutes.

What is the best rope length for wakeboarding? ›

Best Lenght to set your Wakeboard Rope

Usually, beginners will want to use a 65-foot rope length until they are comfortable wakeboarding. Someone who is comfortable clearing the wake both heel side and toe side would probably be using a 70-75 rope length. More advanced wakeboarders will ride out at 75-85 Feet.

How fast should you pull a tuber? ›

A good guideline is an 8 mph limit for small kids, 15 mph for older kids, and 20 mph for adults. Stay at least two rope lengths away from swimmers, shallow water, other boats and obstacles. Make sure the line is always tight before you accelerate. Always pick up a fallen tuber on the driver's side.

How many hours is alot for a wake boat? ›

Recreational boats are used between 75 and 150 hours per year. Using 100 hours as an average, a ten-year-old boat with 1000 hours on the engines should have plenty of life left in it.

What happens if wakeboard is too big? ›

A wakeboard that is too big will be too cumbersome to maneuver on the waves correctly, and a wakeboard that is too small might will give you little to no stability and have you sinking beneath the surface of the water before you gain any speed.

How long do wakeboards last? ›

Because of the loss of pop, most riders replace their boards every two seasons.

How much does a good wakeboard boat cost? ›

Tow boats, especially wakeboarding and wake surfing boats, are expensive. Price tags around $150,000 are common, and some high-end models can cost upward of $200,000.

Is Nautique or Mastercraft better? ›

The Ski Nautique is a lot more complex to operate than the Mastercraft ProStar, which is more user friendly. On the other hand, the screen display in the Ski Nautique is superior to the Mastercraft's.

What surf boat makes the best wave? ›

Centurion and Supreme boats are pretty well known for being the “best” surf boats out there. They are the boat of choice for more professional and semi-professional surfers than any other brand, tow the World Wakesurfing Championships, and headline the majority of competitive wakesurf tournaments.

Is Mastercraft or Malibu better? ›

Mastercraft and Malibu are two leading names in wake and surf boats. They are generally considered equivalent for build quality, reliability, fit and finish, value for money, and quality of wake/wave. Mastercraft has a slight edge for rough water handling a slightly better surf system.

What muscles does wakeboarding work? ›

While wakeboarding doesn't seem like a sport that requires great strength, it is important to be strong and in good shape. The muscles most commonly used are the hands, forearms, biceps, back, abs, shoulders, quads, and hamstrings. As you can see, you might as well just do full-body workouts.

Is wakeboarding harder than skiing? ›

Both sports require leg and chest strength, but since you have to balance both your legs on the wakeboard (vs one ski on each leg), wakeboarding takes more core strength. It also feels similar to skateboarding and surfing, so anyone who is familiar with one-board sports may find comfort starting here.

How fast do you pull a Wakesurfer? ›

How Fast Should the Boat Go? Most people wakesurf around 10mph, but sometimes as slow as 9mph and as fast as 13mph depending on a few things including the hull, length of the boat, and amount of ballast. Additionally, each board has an ideal speed depending on length and rocker.

Do you lean back when wakeboarding? ›


Leaning back on the wakeboard will prevent the front end from going underwater and will help you stay up. It's also recommended that beginners place the back binding close to the back of the board to position it over the back fin.

Is wakeboarding hard on your body? ›

Contusions, abrasions, strains, sprains, low back pain and rib fractures are common injuries experienced in wakeboarding. Ankle and hamstring sprains or strains, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears, contusions, abrasions, and leg fractures, including fractured femurs, are common injuries experienced by wakeboarders.

Can you wakeboard without a tower? ›

No, you don't need a wakeboard tower to wakeboard—but it's much more fun with one! It's very simple. Towers allow you to achieve more hang time when you are doing tricks while you are wakeboarding. You can jump higher on your wakeboard and enjoy more time in the air for awesome tricks when you have a wakeboard tower.

Which foot should be in front when wakeboarding? ›

Riders who stand with their left foot in the front and their right foot in the back are known as regular. The stance is called “regular” because it is the most common position for wakeboarders. If you stand with your right foot in the front and left foot in the back, your stance is referred to as goofy.

What size board does Shaun Murray ride? ›

Shaun's favourite, shaped from 20 years of Wakeboard passion. Shaun Murray is releasing his 20th Pro Model edition in Hyperlite's 25th anniversary season, simply named; The Murray.

Does wakeboarding get you in shape? ›

It's a full-body workout

Much like surfing, wakeboarding is great way tone your entire body. As you balance on the water, you make use of the resistance of your own bodyweight, working your core, biceps and triceps, as well as your legs, glutes, and the lumbar muscles in your back.

Is it better to wakeboard without fins? ›

Once you can confidently start and ride a wakeboard centre fins should be removed as they are more likely to catch when jumping the wake or on surface spins.

How important is the size of a wakeboard? ›

Size is key.

However, if you're after a board that a range of people can have fun on it's safer to go longer as this provides more stability due to the increased surface area on the water, which is ideal for beginners. A longer board will also glide through unsettled, rougher water a lot smoother than a shorter board.

What pitch prop is best for wakeboarding? ›

A lower pitch prop will perform better for wakesurfing and wakeboarding than for high speed activities such as slalom skiing and barefooting. Typically not an issue for most of our customers, propeller cup plays a fairly limited role in propellers for watersports boats.

Does a bigger wakeboard help you with softer landings? ›

A bigger wakeboard displaces more water for softer landings. If you're riding a board that's too small, landings will feel abrupt and rough due to the board losing speed and sinking quicker in the water. A smaller board can't displace enough water to support your height and weight and tend to feel sluggish.

What is it called when you wakeboard without a rope? ›

Wakesurfing is a water sport in which a rider trails behind a boat, riding the boat's wake without being directly pulled by the boat.

Do you have to be strong to wakeboard? ›

Wakeboarding does require a fairly good level of fitness and particularly strong arms, but the one thing you will definitely need is good sense of humour. You are going to perform all sorts of gymnastic moves trying to stop yourself crashing into the water.

Is wakeboarding harder than surfing? ›

Due to the absence of boots/board bindings, the release of the rope after start, and the generally lower speed, wake surfing is much easier on the body compared to wakeboarding .
Wake surfingWakeboarding
LaunchHarder – waterstart or prone towingEasier – waterstart
SpeedLower: 10-15mphHigher: 15-30 mph
7 more rows

What is the best wake boat in 2022? ›

We'll start with the best wake boat by the famous brand, Nautique.
  1. Nautique G Series— G23 Paragon. The G23 Paragon wake boat from the Nautique G Series creates the largest wake surf waves ever. ...
  2. MasterCraft XT21. ...
  3. Malibu Wakesetter 21 LX. ...
  4. Tige 20 RZX. ...
  5. Supra SR. ...
  6. Malibu Response TXi. ...
  7. Ski Nautique 200. ...
  8. Axis T250.

What boat throws the best surf wave? ›

Centurion and Supreme boats are pretty well known for being the “best” surf boats out there. They are the boat of choice for more professional and semi-professional surfers than any other brand, tow the World Wakesurfing Championships, and headline the majority of competitive wakesurf tournaments.

How much is a decent wake boat? ›

Typically, the average price of wake boats would go from $150,000 to $200,000. But top-of-the-line models cost over $200,000. Compared to the inboards, sterndrive wake surfing boats are far less expensive. For as low as $50,000, you can already have your wake boat.

What is the S23 Nautique? ›

Unrelenting Performer

Delivering unrelenting performance unlike anything in its class, the Super Air Nautique S23 is an ultra-modern wake boat with the refined look of a traditional bow Nautique. Configurable in a multitude of ways, the S23 has various tower and engine options to accommodate every rider's needs.


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