Spider-Man: No Way Home/Transcript (2023)

[During the company intro logos, audio clips from the end of the previous Spider-Man movie echo behind them, along with tense music]

Pat Kiernan [vo]: We come to you now with revelations about last week's attack in London. An anonymous source provided this video. It shows Quentin Beck, a.k.a. Mysterio, moments before his death. A warning, you may find this video disturbing.

Quentin Beck [vo]: I managed to send the Elemental back through the dimensional rift, but I don't think I'm gonna make it off this bridge alive. Spider-Man attacked me for some reason! He has an army of weaponized drones, Stark technology. He's saying he's the only one who's gonna be the new Iron Man, no one else!

E.D.I.T.H. [vo]: Are you sure you want to commence the drone attack? There will be significant casualties.

Peter Parker [vo]: Do it! Execute them all!

[We hear gunfire and people screaming in the background, implying Spider-Man ordered a mass execution to stop Mysterio]

Pat Kiernan [vo]: This shocking video was released earlier today, on the controversial news website TheDailyBugle.net.

J. Jonah Jameson [vo]: There you have it, folks: Conclusive proof that Spider-Man was responsible for the brutal murder of Mysterio, an interdimensional warrior who gave his life to protect our planet, and who will no doubt go down in history as the greatest superhero of all time. But that's not all, folks. Here's the real blockbuster. Brace yourselves, you might wanna sit down.

Quentin Beck [vo]: Spider-Man's real... Spider-Man's real name is...

[The image glitches. We're shown the ending visual of the Spider-Man: Far from Home end credits stinger: Quentin Beck, seemingly gravely injured, on a gigantic television screen, to tell anyone that...]

Quentin Beck: Spider-Man's name is Peter Parker!

[The visual is replaced with a picture of Peter Parker's face. Spider-Man, who'd been watching from the top of a lamp post, reaches for his head]

Peter Parker: What the fu...?

[He's silenced by a passing car honk]

J. Jonah Jameson: That's right, folks. Peter Parker, a seventeen year old high school delinquent, harboring a homicidal...

[Peter notices some citizens gathering around Michelle Jones [MJ], his girlfriend, with a somewhat nefarious intent]

Random Citizen #1: Are you Spider-Man's girlfriend? Are you Spider-Man's girlfriend?

[Peter's eye lenses widen upon the realization. He jumps down from the street light he's been standing on for a while and rushes to MJ, trying to shield her.]

J. Jonah Jameson [vo]: ...Spider-Man...

[As Parker reaches the ground, civilians around him split and step away in fear.]

Random Citizen #2: He's here!

Peter Parker: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Please don't touch her.

Random Citizen #3: You're just a kid?

[A random woman steps towards them.]

Random Citizen #4: You murdered Mysterio? [to MJ] You helped him murder Mysterio? Come on, Spidey!

Peter Parker: No, I... I didn't...

[The woman tries to smack MJ, but Peter pushes her hand away and races away, taking MJ with him.]

Random Citizen #4: Whoa, whoa, whoa! He hit me. Spider-Man hit me! He hit me. Spider-Man hit me!

[Peter and MJ jump on a car to gain momentum and swing away. A man tries to tackle them, jumping, but misses and falls on the ground.]

J. Jonah Jameson [vo]: All this time, people looked up to this boy and called him a hero. I'll tell you what I call him: Public Enemy Number One!

[A frenetic escape from the media and the world begins, the camera firmly locked on Peter and MJ, swinging through New York.]

MJ: I told you I never wanted to do this ever again!

[Her hand is over Spidey's mask]

Peter Parker: MJ, I'm so sorry, but I can't see anything with your hand in my...

MJ: (moving it away) I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Okay, where are we gonna go?

[As they swing through Manhattan's airspace, a humongous TV screen labels Peter ''Public Enemy Number One.'']

Peter Parker: I don't know. Your house.

MJ: Oh, no! We can't go to my house. My Dad will kill you!

Peter Parker: What? I thought you said your Dad really liked me.

MJ: Yeah, well, not anymore.

[Peter and MJ land on a nearby bridge to catch a breath. Peter pulls out his phone, being called Ned Leeds, his best friend. He appears on the phone screen]

Peter Parker: Dude.

Ned Leeds: Dude!

Peter Parker: Dude.

Ned Leeds: Dude!

Peter Parker: Dude!

Ned Leeds: Dude!

MJ: [desperately trying to maintain balance] Dude!

Peter Parker: What... (turning around, running over to his girlfriend) I'm so sorry! Are you okay?

MJ: (uneasy) No, not really.

Classmate [vo]: Yo, Peter!

[They see a car wagon with their classmates nearby, as well as several media helicopters, which quickly surround Peter and MJ]

MJ: We should go. We should go. Come on.

Peter Parker: But you said you don't wanna swing...

MJ: You should just swing me.

Peter Parker: Yeah. Okay. We can take the subway.

[They jump down - with Michelle screaming for dear life - towards the ground level. Just a few meters ahead of them, Eugene "Flash" Thompson, Peter's most fierce bully, learns the shocking news.]

Flash Thompson: [wide-eyed] No!

[The grate behind him up is webbed upwards. Peter and MJ dive into the tunnels, with the grate falling down right behind Flash. Cut to the underground, they swing above a track when they see a train incoming.]

MJ: (closing her eyes) Look out!

[Peter evades, taking the other and manages to get out of the tunnels somewhere else via a nearby manhole.]

MJ: (coming after him) That was so much worse. Okay.

Peter Parker: Are you okay?

MJ: Yeah. Yeah...

Peter Parker: Come on, come on, come on. I'm so sorry!

[He takes MJ and swings away, from lightpost to lightpost, until they reach Peter's apartment in Queens. They stick to its side and access Peter's room through a window. Cut to Happy Hogan and May Parker, Peter's aunt, talking at the front door of the Parkers' apartment.]

Happy Hogan: I'm so sorry. I just feel so dumb. I didn't realize you were miserable.

May Parker: No, it was really fun, alright? (spreading her arms) You know, that's why call it a fling! And we flung.

Happy Hogan: (as May closes the door) It was fun. I could've been more fun. I can be fun.

May Parker: We'll hang out again.

Happy Hogan: (through the crack) Like... when do you think?

[Suddenly, he hears a suspicious noise.]

Happy Hogan: I should see what that is.

[He steps in and rushes to Peter's room, the apparent source of the noise. May follows after him]

May Parker: No. No, no, no, no. Happy.

Happy Hogan: It's what I do.

May Parker: He's always coming and going...

MJ: [vo]: Peter?

May Parker: It's not...

MJ: [vo] Peter?

Peter Parker: [vo] Oh. God.

MJ: [vo] Peter...

Peter Parker: [vo] Oh, no. Oh, no. I don't know what to do!

[Happy opens the door, exposing Peter and MJ in a somewhat suggestive situation]

MJ: Peter...

Peter Parker: Oh. Oh, no.

[Happy turns around and walks away, trying to cover his eyes]

Happy Hogan: We didn't see anything.

Peter Parker: This isn't what it looks like, Happy.

MJ: I'm sorry...

May Parker: Just practice safe...

[She closes the door, before opening it again]

Peter Parker: It's not what it looks like.

May Parker: [with an attitude shifted 180 degrees] Oh, hey! You must be MJ!

MJ: Nice to meet you.

May Parker: So nice to meet you.

Peter Parker: [to Happy] Wait, have you been crying?

Happy Hogan: (peering in the doorway) We broke up.

Peter Parker: Oh...

Random Pedestrian [vo]: Hey, Spider-Man!

Peter Parker: Oh, uh...

[He shuts the Venetian blinds and turns off the lights in his room as May silently begs Happy to go. MJ hands Peter a shirt]

Peter Parker: (putting it on) Thank you. I didn't know you guys broke up. I thought you were in love, May.

May Parker: No, we talked about this...

[They all move to the living room through the corridor]

Happy Hogan: I should probably leave, I think...

Peter Parker: I thought you guys were such a handsome couple...

May Parker: You know, it's really about boundaries...

Peter Parker: Oh... Oh, hey, listen. Go in here.

[The doorbell rings]

Happy Hogan: Is that the door?

[A random guy, presumably of one Peter and May's neighbours, stands in the doorframe]

Random Guy: Hey, is it true about...

[MJ slams the door before his very face]

MJ: Not now!

May Parker: Just make yourself home... about sex, Peter.

Peter Parker: This has nothing to do with sex.

Happy Hogan: God's sakes, it's the goal but if you wanna go over it again... I mean, I'm... What's that sound?

[Peter and MJ desperately shut the blinds in the living room, Peter webbing them for extra safety]

Random Girl [vo]: [outside] Hey, Spider-Man!

Happy Hogan: I mean, I'm happy to rehash it if you want to. I just don't...

[Peter haphazardly shuts the last blind, then proceeds to rip Happy and May's phones out of their hands. The TV behind him shows a banner: BREAKING NEWS]

Peter Parker: Can you get off your phones for five minutes?! I just wanna talk to you about your relationship, okay?

MJ: [pointing somewhere] Peter?

Peter Parker: What?

[He turns to the telly and sees his apartment building on screen, surrounded by helicopters and people]

May Parker: Is that...

Happy Hogan: Is that here?

[Peter sighs with resignation and opens the blind next to him, so that everyone can see the mayhem going on outside. The sound of the helicopter blades dominates over the screaming people at the ground level. Cut back inside]

Peter Parker: I mean, maybe it's not such a big deal.

[Cut to a webcast of The Daily Bugle. An image of Peter Parker is shown]

J. Jonah Jameson: Spider-Menace!

[The photo is silhouetted and shrinks, revealing JJJ: our grand host]

J. Jonah Jameson: Governments around the world launched investigations into the murderer known as Spider-Man, a.k.a. Peter Parker, a.k.a. the web-headed war criminal, who for years has been terrorizing the decent citizens of New York.

[A brief distance shot. The office of Jameson is shown: a single man's apartment, filled with Post-It's and wires that have "conspiracy nutter" written all over them. JJJ, sitting at his desk, is surrounded with lights and a green screen: a mere YouTube setup]

J. Jonah Jameson: Well now, this city and the world see him for what he truly is.

[A clip is shown of someone throwing green paint at Spider-Man]

Mysterio Believer: Murderer! Mysterio forever!

[Montage of news broadcasts, detailing the attack on Tower Bridge. Mysterio's theme ominously plays in the background]

Newscaster: New details from last week's devastating attack in London have emerged. For more, we go now to Joint Intelligence Headquarters, who released just a short while ago confirms, that the deadly drones used in the London attack, were designed by Stark Industries.

[May and Peter, who've been watching the news the whole time, suddenly hear banging on their door]

Special Agent Cleary [vo]: Federal agents! Open up!

May Parker: Federal agents? [to Peter, walking to the door] You stay here!

[She opens up and sees Special Agent Cleary with a whole bunch of other special agents at her front door. Cleary holds out an ID]

Special Agent Cleary: Department of Damage Control. We have a warrant for the arrest of Peter Parker.

May Parker: You know the fourth amendment?

Special Agent Cleary: Sure.

May Parker: Unreasonable search and seizure?

Special Agent Cleary: (over his shoulder) Get in here, guys. Let's go.

[The Parkers' apartment undergoes search and seizure. Several items are photographed: a framed photo on the wall, the charging unit for the Iron Spider Suit and the E.D.I.T.H. glasses. Cut to Peter being interrogated by the feds at the Damage Control Headquarters]

Peter Parker: I didn't kill Quentin Beck. The drones did.

Special Agent Cleary: The drones that are yours.

Peter Parker: No... Well, look... Nick Fury was there the entire time. Just ask him and he can explain everything.

Special Agent Cleary: Nick Fury has been off-planet for the last year.

Peter Parker: [confused] What?

MJ: Peter!

[Parker sees his aunt and his girlfriend being brought into the building.]

Peter Parker: MJ! Uh... They had nothing to do with it, sir!

MJ / May Parker: [in unison] Don't say anything without a lawyer!

[Cut to MJ's interrogation]

MJ: I want a lawyer.

Special Agent Cleary: (at the other side of the table) Miss Jones-Watson...

MJ: Jones. I don't go by Watson.

Special Agent Cleary: Miss Jones... Why do you want a lawyer if...

MJ: ...I have nothing to hide?

Special Agent Cleary: Exactly. Unless...

MJ: ...I'm actually guilty of something? I'm very aware of your tactics and my rights.

Special Agent Cleary: Just answer my questions. [as MJ waves at a camera] I've seen your file. You're a smart, young woman with a bright future ahead of her. Why would you risk it all by getting involved with a vigilante like Peter Parker?

[Cut to Ned's interrogation. Cleary walks in, having put on his good cop attitude]

Special Agent Cleary: So sorry to keep you waiting. (to another cop) Can we get Ned a snack, please? He's been waiting. [as he leaves] Dude, I'm so sorry about that.

Ned Leeds: [uneasy] I'm not supposed to say anything to you.

Special Agent Cleary: [leaning against a nearby wall] No, Ned. Not even a thing. I just have one question... When MJ told you that Peter was Spider-Man...

Ned Leeds: [interrupting] Whoa, whoa, whoa...

Special Agent Cleary: What's up?

Ned Leeds: I knew way before MJ did. I was Spider-Man's guy in the chair.

Special Agent Cleary: [smiling] Oh, I know about those. I mean, half the guys have guys in the chair.

Ned Leeds: Exactly! You wouldn't know... I literally helped him find the Vulture.

Special Agent Cleary: I didn't know that.

Ned Leeds: And I helped him hack his suit once, and kinda helped him get to space.

Special Agent Cleary: So, in Spider-Man's illegal vigilantism... [drops the act, stonefaced] ...you were his main accomplice.

Ned Leeds: [beat, anxious] I would like to have my words stricken from the record.

[Cut to May's interrogation.]

May Parker: With all due respect, and I mean that very insincerely...

[Cleary nods]

May Parker: ...unless you have some real specific charges to throw at us, legally, you can't hold us here.

Special Agent Cleary: You should definitely lawyer up.

May Parker: Excuse me?

Special Agent Cleary: Child endangerment is a nasty rap. The boy was entrusted to you, and as his legal guardian, essentially his mother, you not only allowed him to endanger himself, but you actually encouraged it. (disgusted) Who does that?

May Parker: I wanna see Peter right now.

[Cut to a shot of governmental vehicles taking away Stark Industries' property and assets.]

Newcaster #2: Stark Industries was caught in the web of the Spider-Man/Mysterio controversy today, when federal agents opened an investigation into missing Stark technology. The agents wanna know exactly what was taken...

[Peter, May and Happy are sitting at the table, watching the news. On the screen, we see Happy's picture (from around Iron Man 3, his long-haired phase), subtitled: "No comment at this time.'']

Happy Hogan: (grimacing) At least they used a good picture.

Peter Parker: What is happening?

[A man sits down next to Peter, his white cane strikes the floor with a loud thud. The man is Matt Murdock, the frigging DAREDEVIL. He’s having a conversation on the phone]

Matt Murdock: That's great. Thank you. (hanging up, to Peter) Well, I have some good news, Peter. I don't believe any of the charges against you are gonna stick.

Peter Parker: Wait, seriously?

May Parker: [with relief] Oh, I knew it.

Peter Parker: Oh, my God. Mr. Murdock, thank you. That's...

May Parker: Thank you, Matt.

Peter Parker: That's amazing.

Matt Murdock: You're welcome.

Happy Hogan: Perfect.

Matt Murdock: However... Mister Hogan?

Happy Hogan: Yes?

Matt Murdock: The feds are actively investigating the missing technology. I understand you're loyal to Mr. Stark and his legacy, but if you were involved...

Happy Hogan: If I was involved?

Matt Murdock: I might secure a lawyer.

Happy Hogan: I need a lawyer, because I'm un... I'm under inves... I thought, you said, there's no charge. I could say under advisement of counsel, I refuse to answer the question respectfully because I... the answer could incriminate me. There's a saying in Goodfellas. What did they say in Goodfellas?

May Parker: I know that's what you think. Calm down. Let's hear what he has to say. Matt?

Matt Murdock: You're gonna need a really good lawyer. (back to his client) Peter. We may have dodged your legal troubles, but things will get much worse. There is still the court of public opinion.

[As if on cue, a brick flies through the apartment window. Matt catches it before Peter has the chance, not even flinching]

Mysterio Truther [vo]: Mysterio forever!

[The others looks up, mildly shocked. Peter takes the brick from him, disbelieving]

Peter Parker: How did you just do that?

Matt Murdock: I'm a really good lawyer.

[Peter looks down at the brick: it is encased in newspaper with ink from a red sharpie, reading "WE BELEIVE MYSTERIO". Hooray for bad grammar]

May Parker: We're gonna need a safer place to live.

[Cut to an aerial shot of Happy Hogan's condominium on Long Island. Three locks click open in succession. As Peter and May enter Happy's apartment, we hear a horribly loud security alarm blaring. May, grunting and trying to cover her ears, turns it off immediately]

Thermostat [vo]: Alarm systems, deactivated.

May Parker: (looking around) It looks nice and... safe.

[DUM-E, Tony's robot arm, waves towards the visitors. Happy steps into the doorway, holding a plant and more luggage]

Happy Hogan: Welcome to the spiritual oasis. You like Donkey Kong Jr.?

[At night, Peter is futilely trying to remove the green paint from his costume. He grabs a nearby piece of cloth to be used, revealing a big case with a Stark Industries logo on it. In the background, on the radio, an angry citizen expresses their opinion about the potential addition of Captain America's shield to the Statue of Liberty. He turns around and sees the label on the case: technology that was probably "borrowed" some time ago]

Peter Parker: Oh, Happy...

[Cut to Peter and MJ having a video chat]

MJ: Did you send in your applications yet?

Peter Parker: I literally just finished my MIT one. You?

MJ: Same. Imagine if we both got in?

Peter Parker: And Ned?

MJ: Yeah, but... we have to take scholarships so we could actually go.

Peter Parker: Come on. You got good scores, and good grades, and...

MJ: You think I'm being too pragmatic.

Peter Parker: No, no, no, no. Well... Kind of. That's okay. That's one of my favorite things about you.

MJ: Really?

Peter Parker: Yeah.

MJ: Well, what are your other favorite things?

Peter Parker: I love your relentless optimism.

MJ: Yeah. I am a "glass half full" kind of gal.

Peter Parker: I really like how you're a people person.

MJ: I love people. Love 'em so much.

Peter Parker: You like sports.

MJ: I think the Mets are gonna go all the way this year.

Peter Parker: Really?

MJ: (hearing a snore) What's that noise?

Peter Parker: Oh, that's... that's Happy. Look.

[He shows Hogan sleeping on a nearby armchair. He's connected to some kind of an apparatus, which might hint at potential insomnia.]

Peter Parker: He gave his room to May, so he's sleeping down here.

MJ: I have a weird question. Does any part of you feel relieved about all of this?

Peter Parker: Ever since I got bit by that spider... I've only had one week, where my life has felt normal. Well, kind of normal, I guess. And... that was when you found out. Because then, everyone that was in my life that I wanted to know... knew. And it was perfect. But now everybody knows. And... I am the most famous person in the entire world... and I'm still broke.

MJ: I'm... excited to see you tomorrow.

Peter Parker: Yeah, me too.

Happy Hogan: [suddenly] Wrap it up. [Peter turns around] You both like each other. We get it. Hang up. There's no new ground being broken, okay? I need my eight hours.

Peter Parker: Have you been listening this whole time?

MJ: Hi, Happy.

Happy Hogan: Not by choice.

Peter Parker: MJ says hi.

Happy Hogan: Hello.

[Cut to next day, morning. We're at Midtown High.]

Betty Brant: We're covering the first day of senior year for Midtown High's most famous student, Peter Parker! Go get 'em, Tiger! Or should I say, Spider? The crowd has continued to grow here all morning long at the Midtown School of Science... The crowd seems evenly divided between supporters of Spider-Man, and protesters.

[Betty couldn't be more right in her description. The two sides of the conflict stand separated from one another through a barricade, booing or cheering the approaching couple. Peter and MJ walk with their hands being held together, aware of the weight of their situation.]

Random Man: MJ! MJ, we love you. MJ, are you gonna have his spider-babies?

Random Man #2: Mysterio forever! Murderer!

Random Man #3: Do a flip!

Ned Leeds: [to some other randos] Back off!

Random Student #3: Who are you?

Ned Leeds: I'm Ned Leeds. I'm Spider-Man's... Peter Parker's best friend.

Flash Thompson: (interrupting) ...Peter Parker's best friend. You come at my boy? You come at Flash Thompson. You wanna read about our inspiring friendship? You can now from my new book, Flashpoint. [shows the book as Ned passes him] One spider, two hearts, a million crazy-ass memories. Check it out.

[Flash advances. Before Peter can go in, he's searched by some policemen through a metal detector. MJ stops as she's waiting for her turn.]

MJ: Go. Go. go. go. Go!

Peter Parker: No, wait up... I'll see you inside, okay?

[In the school, we see a screen showing Betty continuing her news report]

Betty Brant: Keep watching Midtown News all year as we bring you upclose and personal coverage of Peter fighting his biggest battle yet: college admissions.

[At the entrance, Parker notices his former teachers: Roger Harrington, Julius Dell and Andre Wilson, preparing to welcome him back.]

Julius Dell: Peter. We would love to... Welcome you back... To Midtown High. Where we shape heroes.

Roger Harrington: Uh-huh.

[He points at a nearby stall entitled the same way. It contains lots of memorabilia related to Spider-Man.]

Andre Wilson: (grimly) Or murderers.

Julius Dell: Stop it.

Roger Harrington: [salutes] It's an honor to serve you... Sir.

Andre Wilson: God! Mysterio was right.

Roger Harrington: Stop. We don't... that's all. Some of the students put this together for you.

Andre Wilson: No. You did that. You did that.

Roger Harrington: I helped a little bit.

Andre Wilson: I tried to stop him so many times, but you piled through. He did all of that.

Julius Dell: You did a great job. I hope you have time to stop and check it out... And feel free to walk... Or, or swing through the hallway... Or crawl on the ceiling to avoid everybody.

Andre Wilson: [nods sarcastically] Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Roger Harrington: We all know you can do it.

Peter Parker: I'm just gonna... [walks away quietly]

Andre Wilson: You know what you did.

Roger Harrington: Stop it. You're embarrassing yourself.

Andre Wilson: You know what you did.

Roger Harrington: He's a conspiracy theorist.

[Peter walks down a hallway, with everyone around him taking pictures or recording him, without a second's consideration for his privacy. Next up, we see MJ and Peter chilling, laying on the school's rooftop. Michelle is reading a newspaper.]

Peter Parker: Can we just like, stay up here all day? It is so crazy down there.

MJ: Wait, this one's good. "Some suggest that Parker's powers include the male spider's ability to hypnotize females, which he used to seduce Jones-Watson into his cult of personality."

Peter Parker: Stop! Stop.

MJ: [monotone] Yes, my Spider-Lord.

[They both snicker and turn towards each other. As they're about to kiss, Ned arrives all of a sudden, apparently exhausted.]

Ned Leeds: Finally, some privacy. It is so crazy down there. [sits down] So, I was thinking... When we get into MIT, we should live together.

Peter Parker: Yeah, for sure.

MJ: Yeah. Love that.

[Ned pulls out a laptop out of his backpack, showing the website of the Massachussets Institute of Technology. A picture shows some smiling young people playing frisbbee.]

Ned Leeds: This is gonna be us.

MJ: Yes. Minus the frisbee. And the smiling.

Peter Parker: MIT's obviously the dream... But if we match up our backup schools, either way, we'll all be together in Boston. New school, new town. I can Spider-Man there. I mean, they have crime in Boston, right?

MJ: Yes. Yes, they do.

Ned Leeds: Yeah, wicked crime.

Peter Parker: Yeah, so it'll be like a fresh start.

[Michelle nods in agreement, but the expression on her face says otherwise]

Peter Parker: (to MJ) What's up?

MJ: I don't know. I just feel like if you don't... If you expect disappointment, then you can never really get disappointed.

Peter Parker: [reassuringly] Come on. It'll be a fresh start. And... we'll all be together.

MJ: Yeah. You're right. Fresh start.

[The three hold their hands together.]

Ned Leeds: Fresh start.

[Cue a montage of return application letters. Aunt May surprises Peter, waving a scrap of paper.]

May Parker: First one's here!

[Upon disappointment, May knocks the letter out of Peter's hand.]

Peter Parker: It's okay. It's a backup school.

[Some days after, May arrives with the next one.]

May Parker: Peter?

[They open it and...]

Peter Parker: No?

[A good couple months has passed, and it's November now. May arrives with the final letter.]

May Parker: Last one.

Peter Parker: [haphazardly eating his oatmeal] MIT?

[DUM-E knocks the LEGO Death Star next to him off the table. It cannot catch a break, can it? The next day. Peter swings down and lands near a cafe. He's silently greeted by MJ, behind the counter, and Ned, both of whom are holding the same letter. They sit down at a nearby table]

MJ: Okay. Ready?

Store Owner: Jones... I told you to take down the Halloween decorations...

MJ: Actually, that was Sasha, so...

Store Owner: Enough attitude, just do it.

MJ: [beat] On it.

Ned Leeds: (nervous) I feel like I'm gonna puke.

MJ: (timid) Well, don't, because... he will just make me clean it.

Ned Leeds: This is our only shot. It's here, or nowhere.

Peter Parker: Hey! Come on.

MJ: Okay. You guys ready?

Ned Leeds / Peter Parker: Yeah.

MJ: Okay. On three. One... Two... Three...

[They uncover their letters. After reading for a moment, they look up and stare at each other with disappointment.]

MJ: No.

Peter Parker: No. (to Ned) You?

Ned Leeds: "In light of recent controversy, we are unable to consider your application at this time."

Peter Parker: This is so not fair. I mean, this is so not fair. I didn't do anything wrong. And you guys definitely didn't do anything wrong.

MJ: Expect disappointment, and you will never get disappointed.

[Flash Thompson walks in, smiling, singing some stupid ass song and wearing a MIT shirt.]

Flash Thompson: No sleep till... Bam-bam-bam-bam! Boston! (smile fades) You guys didn't get in?

Ned Leeds: (blunt) Yeah. Because we're actually friends with Spider-Man.

Flash Thompson: (humbled) Uh, yeah... (looking at his watch) I better get going. There's a, mixer for new admissions... and... (turns around, leaves) Sorry, guys.

Store Owner: Jones, what are you doing? Get back to work.

MJ: Yeah. Coming. You know what?

[She rips the letter to pieces]

MJ: I wouldn't change a thing.

[The young woman stands up and walks back to the counter]

Ned Leeds: Me neither. [similarly tears the letter to shreds, realizes] Although, I coulda just showed this letter to my parents.

[Ned pats his friend on the back and leaves. Peter ponders his defeat in silence. And then he notices the decorations above him, lights shaped like sorcerer heads. They remind him of someone he could ask for help... Cut to Peter arriving at the Sanctum Sanctorum to the tune of Doctor Strange's theme. Just as he's about to knock, the gates open spontaneously. Parker crosses the threshold. Much to his surprise, the vestibule is completely frozen. Everything's covered in snow, ice and frost, and the temperature is definitely below -10. On his left, Peter notices two random people raking the snow to buckets with shovels.]

Peter Parker: (waving) Um.... Hi.

[They stop and stare at him]

Peter Parker: Hi! I'm...

[A sudden portal opens. Wong, Strange's best friend, steps out of it. He's fittingly wearing a large coat lined with fur and is carrying several cases.]

Wong: The most famous person in the world. I know. (introducing) Wong. (pointing) Try not to slip. We don't have liability insurance.

Peter Parker: Is all this for a holiday party?

Wong: [closing the portal] No. One of the rotunda gateways connects to Siberia. Blizzard blasted through.

[An abrupt swoosh can be heard. Doctor Stephen Strange floats down the stairs through his Cloak of Levitation, holding a mug, wearing a sweatshirt and an anorak. Its blue color resembles his usual mystical outfit.]

Stephen Strange: Because someone forgot to cast a maintenance spell to keep the seals tight.

[He slip-lands and smiles towards Peter]

Wong: [barely restraining himself from violence] That's right, he did, because he forgot I now have higher duties.

Stephen Strange: (turning to Wong) Higher duties?

Wong: The Sorcerer Supreme has high duties, yes.

Peter Parker: (pointing to Stephen) Wait, I thought you were the Sorcerer Supreme?

Stephen Strange: No. He got it on a technicality, 'cause I blipped for five years.

Peter Parker: Oh. Well, congratulations.

Stephen Strange: If I'd been here, then I'd...

Wong: (without missing a beat) ...burned the place down. (to the two others) You two, no one said, "Stop shoveling!"

Stephen Strange: So, Peter... To what do I owe the pleasure?

[He walks to the fireplace, Peter follows him.]

Peter Parker: Right. Umm... Woah. [slips, almost falls] I'm really sorry to bother you, sir, but...

Stephen Strange: Please. We saved half the universe together.

[With a wave of his hand, he creates a fire in the fireplace.]

Stephen Strange: I think we're beyond calling me "sir".

Peter Parker: Okay, uh... Stephen.

Stephen Strange: That feels weird, but I'll allow it.

Peter Parker: (stumbling over his words) When... When Mysterio revealed my identity... my entire life got screwed up, and... I was wondering, I mean, I don't even know if this would actually work, but I was wondering if... maybe you could go back in time and make it so that he never did?

Stephen Strange: (supportive) Peter... we tampered with the stability of space-time to resurrect countless lives. You wanna do it again now just because yours got messy?

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Peter Parker: This isn't... it's not about me. I mean, this is really hurting a lot of people. My... my Aunt May, Happy... My best friend, my girlfriend, their futures are ruined just because they know me, and... they've done nothing wrong.

Stephen Strange: I am so sorry, but... even if I wanted to... I don't have the Time Stone anymore.

Peter Parker: (beat) That's right. (after a brief pause) I'm really sorry if I... wasted your time.

Stephen Strange: N-No, you didn't...

Peter Parker: Just forget about it.

Wong: (carrying several cases) Oh, he will. He's really good at forgetting things.

[This causes a temporary enlightenment in the Bleecker Street magician's mind, as he points at his companion.]

Stephen Strange: Wong. You've actually generated a good idea.

Wong: What?

Stephen Strange: The runes of Kof-Kol.

Peter Parker: The runes of Kof-Kol?

Stephen Strange: Oh, it's just a standard spell of forgetting. Won't turn back time, but at least people will forget that you were ever Spider-Man.

Peter Parker: Seriously? Thank...

Wong: [interrupting] No. Not seriously. [dramatic zoom] That spell travels the dark borders between known and unknown reality. It's too dangerous.

Stephen Strange: God, we've used it for a lot less. Do you remember the full moon party in Kamar-Taj?

Wong: (frowning) No.

Stephen Strange: Exactly. (beat) Come on, Wong. Hasn't he been through enough?

[Another portal opens behind Wong, back to Kamar-Taj]

Wong: Just leave me out of this.

Stephen Strange: Fine?

Wong: (nodding) Fine.

[The "technical" Sorcerer Supreme's portal closes. The "practical" Sorcerer Supreme smiles and follows Peter down a staircase to some kind of basement. Strange places himself before a mysterious bowl backed by a plinth.]

Peter Parker: So, what is this place?

Stephen Strange: The Sanctum's built at the intersection of cosmic energy currents. We were the first to seek them out. Some of these walls are thousands of years old. And they shot an episode of Equalizer here in the 80's.

Peter Parker: Well, I, umm... really appreciate you doing this for me, sir.

Stephen Strange: Don't mention it. And don't call me "sir".

Peter Parker: (snickering) Right. Sorry.

Stephen Strange: You ready?

Peter Parker: I'm ready.

Stephen Strange: [folding his hands diagonally] Nice knowing you, Spider-Man.

[Peter glances at the Doctor, puzzled. Strange unfolds his hand and starts drawing some weird mystical things in the air by taking a portion of rune energy from a mandala shield in his left hand. A slow, rythmic harpsichord Strange theme arrangement starts playing in the background.]

Peter Parker: Wait, excuse me?

Stephen Strange: [not taking his eyes off the spell] The entire world is about to forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Including me.

[Spider-Man, now seriously concerned, walks up to Stephen and the bowl, just as the next runes form around them, closing a circle of magical energy.]

Peter Parker: Everyone? Can't some people still know?

Stephen Strange: That's not how the spell works and it's very difficult and dangerous to change it mid-casting.

Peter Parker: So my girlfriend is just gonna forget about everything we've been through? I mean, is she even gonna be my girlfriend?

[The rune circles start shaking. Strange notices this, but retains composure.]

Stephen Strange: That depends. Was she your girlfriend just because you're Spider-Man, or...

Peter Parker: I mean, I don't know. I really hope not.

Stephen Strange: Alright. Fine.

[Strange turns off his mandala shield, swings his hand, causing the circle lower, and starts drawing another one on top of it.

Stephen Strange: Everyone in the world is gonna forget you're Spider-Man, except your girlfriend.

Peter Parker: Thank you so much.... Oh, my God. Ned. Ned!

[The runes start shaking again. Stephen summons a random symbol from the upper circle and discards it by plunging it in the bowl.]

Stephen Strange: What is a Ned?

Peter Parker: He's my best friend, so it's really important to me that Ned knows...

[The Sorcerer Supreme nods almost imperceptibly, and draws yet another rune circle at the top. The music intensifies.]

Stephen Strange: Okay. Let's not change the parameters of the spell anymore while I'm casting it.

Peter Parker: Okay, I'm done. I swear I'm done. But my Aunt May should really know.

[Strange draws yet another circle, but this time with a warning.]

Stephen Strange: Peter, stop tampering with the spell.

Peter Parker: Once she found out that I was Spider-Man, it was really messy, and I don't think that I can go through with that again. So, my Aunt May?

Stephen Strange: Yes!

Peter Parker: Oh, thank you. Happy?

Stephen Strange: No. I am annoyed.

Peter Parker: No, it's a nickname. Harold "Happy" Hogan. He used to work for Tony Stark....

[Whatever he says next is suppressed by the runes, which start shaking uncontrollably, and so does Strange.]

Stephen Strange: Could you.... you just stop talking?!

[The runes finally break and spread through the room. The blue gleam, first only merely coating the vault's walls, now seems to be consuming its entirety. Things in the Sanctum's drawing room start to wobble, accompanied by a beautiful sweeping violin section]

Peter Parker: Basically, everyone... who knew that I was Spider-Man before... SHOULD STILL KNOW!

The spinning room circles obliterate the whole thing, leaving only Strange and Parker spinning in the middle. Now all that is surrounding them is a blue-purple void. The Multiverse. Stephen starts pulling the circles together with great effort. As they start to come together, the room starts to return as well. With a blood-curdling scream, the Doctor finally puts the spell together and closes it. It's now locked in an orange, pentagon cube.]

Peter Parker: (looking around, confused) Did it work?

Stephen Strange: (agitated) No. You changed my spell six times.

Peter Parker: Five times.

Stephen Strange: You changed my spell! You don't do that! (pointing at the contained spell) I told you, and that is why! That spell was completely out of control. If I hadn't shut it down, something catastrophic could've happened.

Peter Parker: Stephen, listen, I am so sorry...

Stephen Strange: Call me "sir"!

Peter Parker: (beat) Sorry, sir.

Stephen Strange: You know, after everything we've been through together, somehow I always forget... You're just a kid. Look, Parker, the problem, it's not Mysterio. It's you. Trying to live two different lives. And the longer you do that, the more dangerous it becomes, believe me. I'm so sorry about you and your friends not getting into college, but if they rejected you, and... you tried to convince them to reconsider, there is nothing else you can do.

Peter Parker: When you say "convince them", you mean like, I could've called them?

Stephen Strange: [not suspecting anything] Yeah.

Peter Parker: I can do that?

Stephen Strange: [becoming suspicious] You haven't called?

Peter Parker: Well, I mean, I got their letter, and I assumed that...

Stephen Strange: [anger rises] I'm sorry, but are you telling me, that you didn't even think to plead your case with them first, before you asked me to brainwash the entire world?

Peter Parker: I mean, when you put it like that, then...

[Match cut. Peter is back outside of the Sanctum and the door is shut in his face. He pulls out his phone and dials a number]

Peter Parker: Come on. Pick up, pick up, pick up...

[Flash, at the MIT party, picks up]

Flash Thompson: Dude, what? I'm busy.

Peter Parker: Flash, where's the MIT mixer?

Flash Thompson: (confused) Why?

Peter Parker: Because I need to come and talk to someone. I'm trying to get Ned and MJ a second chance at getting in.

Flash Thompson: What's in it for me? I'm risking a lot just talking to you.

Peter Parker: Okay. I will.... pick you up and swing you to school for a week?

Flash Thompson: For a month.

Peter Parker: For a week.

Flash Thompson: (beat) Two weeks.

Peter Parker: Flash, please. Come on, help me. (sighs) Okay, I'll tell everyone that you're my best friend.

[Flash, very content, giggles uncontrollably, before putting on his game face again and resuming the call]

Peter Parker: Flash, please help me.

Flash Thompson: Cool, cool, cool. So, there's this lady. The assistant vice chancellor. You can plead your case with her.

Peter Parker: Okay, perfect. Where is she?

Flash Thompson: She left.

Peter Parker: To go where?

Flash Thompson: To the airport.

[Later, Spider-Man soars above the High Bridge in his Iron Spider suit. He reaches a highway sign overlooking a traffic jam.]

Iron Spider A.I: [On Peter's HUD] Stark Network unavailable.

[Spider-Man groans. A text from Flash comes through: “HERES DA LADY UR LOOKING 4.” Then a selfie of Flash and the MIT administrator, assistant vice chancellor holding his Flashpoint book.]

Iron Spider A.I: Facial recognition unavailable. [A Daily Bugle Helicopter approaches, filming Spider-Man - his new normal]

Peter Parker: Ugh... [waves] Hi. Yeah, I can see you!

[Spider-Man drops down to the road. The Iron Spider Suit retracts to reveal Peter is wearing a crumpled suit. He quickly searches the surrounding cars for the AVC, when a barking dog lunges at him from a nearby window. Peter jumps back, startled. Then he peers into another window. A toddler boy and a teenage girl notice him. The toddler waves.]

Toddler Boy: That’s Peter Parker. [Peter waves back. As the Teenage Girl reacts...]

Teenage Girl: Mom? Mom, look! Look, it’s Peter Parker!

[...Peter moves on, spotting the MIT administrator in the backseat of an SUV. He walks up to the car and knocks on the windshield.]

Peter Parker: Ma'am? Okay.

MIT Administrator: Yeah?

Peter Parker: Hi. I'm Peter Parker...

MIT Administrator: You do know you're in the street, right?

Peter Parker: Yeah, I know. I'm sorry. I just, I really needed to talk to you, I know you're on your way to the airport... MJ Watson and Ned Leeds are the two smartest people I've ever met in my entire life, and I'm the dumbest person, because.... I let them help me, but if I didn't let them help me, then millions of people would've died, so please... don't let MIT be dumb like me.

MIT Administrator: MIT is dumb?

Peter Parker: No! I'm saying don't let MIT be dumb. I mean, like the... the dumber version of me that wouldn't have let them help.

MIT Administrator: You didn't rehearse that, did you, Peter?

Peter Parker: Basically, what I'm trying to...

[He turns his head. His Peter Tingle is triggered. A familiar supervillain theme slowly picks up while several people flee their cars and run for their lives, away from the bridge. Peter looks around.]

Peter Parker: Why are you running? What...

[A shockwave spreads beneath the cars, the road slowly breaks apart. Parker climbs on top of the MIT administrator's car and activates his Iron Spider suit.]

Peter Parker: Oh, my God. [knocking on the roof] Uh, ma'am? You should get out of the car. (yelling) Everybody get off the bridge!

[The driver of the MIT lady's car flees, leaving her behind]

MIT Administrator: [shaking the door handle] We're locked. Doors... [yelling after her driver] Hey!

[Mechanical claws break through the concrete, until one of them manifests itself on the runway. It loosens its grip, but other claws appear. Out of the cloud of dust rises Dr. Otto Octavius - Doctor Octopus - Doc Ock - smiling menacingly and decidedly more alive than the last time we saw him.]

Otto Octavius: Hello, Peter.

Peter Parker: [confused] Hi? Have we... Do I know you?

Otto Octavius: What have you done with my machine?

Peter Parker: Your mach... I don't know what you're talking about. What machine?

Otto Octavius: The power of the sun in the palm of my hand. It's gone.

Peter Parker: Listen, sir. If you stop smashing cars, we could work together and I can help you find your machine.

Otto Octavius: [nodding] You wanna play games?

[One of the villain's tentacles pierces through the roof of one of the nearest cars. The people inside quickly flee.]

Otto Octavius: Catch!

[The villain throws the cars towards Spider-Man, who avoids one and gets hit by the other. Looking through the front window of the car he's pressed against, he sees a frightened family inside. As they're flying over the bridge, Peter climbs over the car, grabs the bumper and shoots a web. After pulling away the car door, he quickly carries the family members back up to the bridge as Doc Ock approaches.]

Peter Parker: It's okay. You guys are fine, you're safe. Get out of here.

[Quickly, one of the mechanical appendages grabs the hero and wraps itself around Peter's torso.]

Otto Octavius: You think your fancy new suit's gonna save you?

[Another claw clamps itself around Spider-Man's head, after which Doctor Octopus flings Peter through a billboard and the front of an UPS van. Otto slowly lumbers over towards the damaged vehicle.]

Otto Octavius: I should've killed your little girlfriend when I had the chance.

[The four tentacles from the Iron Spider suit break through the top of the van, pulling Peter up. His masked eyes narrow.]

Peter Parker: What did you just say?

Otto Octavius: [looking at one of his claws] Looks like we got competition.

[Parker jumps onto the street and uses his pincers to combat Octavius' arms. He manages to pin the mad scientist to a car, but is quickly intercepted by his tentacles and slammed into another vehicle's bonnet, creating a huge dent. Then he deflects two potentially deadly blows, counters some more, and propels himself into the air when Doc Ock pulls two cars together to crush him. The two combatants move onto an overpass, with a helicopter following them from above. Peter tries to web Otto who defends himself with the tentacles, then springs forward and backflip kicks Octavius in the chest, landing on the overpass in a true superhero fashion.]

MIT Administrator: Peter! Help!

[Her car is about to fall down the hole in the road. Spider-Man tries to move away, but Doctor Octopus traps him with his tentacles and tries to grind his head against the helicopter's rotor. Parker frees himself and descends onto the street, with Otto following him closely. The villain drops a huge concrete tube on Peter, who evades it, then scurries away from Doc's claw which pierces a car's windshield instead, and slides down as Octavius sweeps the street with the same tube.]

Peter Parker: Don't worry, ma'am! I'm coming!

[Otto hits Peter with the tube into a car's door, causing him to slow down. The administrator's car lowers even more]

MIT Administrator: Peter!

[She fastens her seatbelt. Octavius flings a Nissan at Parker, who performs an expert backflip. The car hits some water canisters instead. Mid-air, Peter webs the car and slides down the road as it starts to fall, pinning himself to the highway's edges. The car stops a few dozen meters above the train tracks. A train runs by. Peter shoots some more projectiles to secure the webline and swings down to check in on the woman.]

Peter Parker: Ma'am, just stay calm. Just take a deep breath. Are you okay?

MIT Administrator: (terrified) No!

[Doc Ock appears on the bridge's downside and suddenly grabs Peter, hurling him in the air.

Peter Parker: I've got it... all under control.

[Otto runs him through the road and pins him to the bridge's downside. A tentacle rips off a significant portion of the armor's nanites on the chest.]

Iron Spider A.I.: Suit compromised.

[The chestpiece dissolves into shapeless metal goo as Octavius covers his tentacles with it. Then the color comes back.]

Otto Octavius: Nanotechnology. Ah, you've outdone yourself, Peter.

[As the camera circles Doc Ock, the nanites quickly spreads through the villain's harness]

Otto Octavius: I underestimated you.

[A spike shoots out of the tentacle next to Octavius, ready for the final blow]

Otto Octavius: But now, you die.

[The claw flies over to Peter's throat, in slow-motion. The remaining nanities quickly move from Peter's head to his chest to protect him. The clamp grabs Peter by the neck and he gasps for breath, but when Otto pulls the claw back, the spike is bent and a piece of Peter's tie dangles from it. Octavius seems confused. He pulls the helpless Spider-Man closer towards him and takes off his glasses]

Otto Octavius: You're not Peter Parker...

Peter Parker: [grunting] I am so confused right now.

[Otto's arms seem to be feeling uneasy.]

Otto Octavius: What's happening?

Iron Spider A.I.: New device detected.

[Peter uses Bluetooth in his armor's interface to link the tentacles to his mind]

Iron Spider A.I.: Pairing new device.

Otto Octavius: (staring at one of the tentacles) Don't listen to him, you listen to me.

[Peter, having freed his hand, moves it up and down. One of the tentacles follows his movement. The boy chuckles]

Peter Parker: Hey.

[Peter whistles and waves, the tentacle does the same. He then mentally grabs another tentacle and uses it to grab the MIT lady's car. She screams in terror. Octavius tries to swing at him, but is held in place by his harness, rendered useless by the nanotech. Slowly, the device lifts the vehicle, as well as Peter and Doc Ock, back towards solid ground]

Otto Octavius: (looking around) Hey. (yelling, agitated) Hey! Listen to me! No, not him! Me!

[As soon as they're all on the bridge, Parker rips off the car's door, hides the armor and checks on the administrator.]

Peter Parker: Ma'am, are you okay? Come on, you can still make your flight.

MIT Administrator: (wide-eyed) Peter... You're a hero.

Peter Parker: No. Well, I'm... No, I'm...

MIT Administrator: I'm gonna talk to Admissions about your friends... and I'm gonna talk to them about you.

Peter Parker: No, but, ma'am, this isn't about me.

MIT Administrator: I'm going to talk to them about your friends and you. Okay?

Peter Parker: (smiling) Really?

MIT Administrator: And if you keep your noses clean, maybe you'll have a fair shot. (pushing Peter aside, stepping out) Here. Get out of the way. Let me get that man. (to Doc Ock) You. I see you. Come here! That was not okay. Unbelievable.

[She walks away. Peter approaches Otto]

Peter Parker: Who are...

[The scientist, gritting his teeth, swings at him wildly twice. Peter evades the blows easily.]

Peter Parker: Hey! Hey-hey-hey! Until you stop trying to kill me... (showing the holographic device) I'm in control, buddy... of this whole tentacle situation you got going on here. Okay? Now, who are you? What is going on...

[The Tingle rings again. Something tocks forward over the curb: a Pumpkin Bomb. It whirs and detonates, destroying several cars and causing fire and smoke to fly up. Out of reflex, the nanites cover Peter's face again with the Spider-Man mask. Out of the smoke flies the Green Goblin to the tune of his gloriously evil theme. He's hovering on his trusty Goblin Glider, cackling madly and, again, with a lot more life in him than we've seen since the end of the first Spider-Man movie. Doc Ock frowns.]

Otto Octavius: Osborn?

[The Goblin flies over towards Peter and Octavius. Just as he's about to skewer Spider-Man at the end of the Glider, a portal swoops in from the side, transporting Peter back to the dungeon at Bleecker Street. The mask and the suit dissipate. Peter looks around. He's seemingly around and wanders around for a bit.]

Peter Parker: Doctor...

[A beastly roar surprises him. Curt Connors, the Lizard, growls from inside of what seems to be some kind of magical barrier. Peter jumps up again when he sees Doc Ock in another cell, trying to break out. A hand touches Peter's shoulder. He yelps and turns around]

Stephen Strange: (battered up) Be careful what you wish for, Parker.

Otto Octavius: [slamming his fists against the barrier] Let me out of here!

Peter Parker: (deeply confused) Can you please explain to me what is going on?

Stephen Strange: That little spell that you botched where you wanted everyone to forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, it started pulling in everyone who knows Peter Parker is Spider-Man, from every universe, into this one.

Peter Parker: From every universe?

Otto Octavius: Who are you? Where am I?

Stephen Strange: (pointing towards Octavius) I think it's better if we don't engage with him, because, frankly, the Multiverse is a concept about which we know frighteningly little.

Peter Parker: (shocked) The multiverse is real?

Stephen Strange: (sighs) This shouldn't even be possible.

Peter Parker: But I thought you stopped the spell?

Stephen Strange: No, I contained it, but it would appear that a few of them squeaked through. After you left, I detected an otherworldly presence. I pursued it into the sewers, where I found that...

[He points at Lizard's cell. Peter bends backwards to get a quick look at him. Connors, mildly roars, turns to Peter, who quickly redirects his attention to Strange]

Stephen Strange: ...slimy, green son of a gun.

Otto Octavius: (frowning) Spell? As in magic? What is this, a birthday party? Who is this clown? What is this madness?!

Stephen Strange: (to Peter) Watch this. [to Octavius] Do you know a Peter Parker who is Spider-Man?

Otto Octavius: Yes.

Stephen Strange: [pointing at Peter] Is that him?

Otto Octavius: (shaking his head) No.

Stephen Strange: (back to Peter) See? Okay, here's what we gotta do. I don't know how many of these... visitors we got...

Peter Parker: I saw another one. On the bridge. He was like a... Like a flying green elf.

Stephen Strange: [sarcastic] Well, he sounds jolly. [normal] Why don't you start with him? I need you to capture them and bring them here, while I figure out how to get them back before they destroy the fabric of reality, or worse, Wong finds out.

[He grunts and holds his hand against his torso, bruised by his unseen encounter with the Lizard]

Peter Parker: Uh, Doctor Strange?

Stephen Strange: (turning around) What?

Peter Parker: My friends and I just got a second chance at getting into MIT. If the school sees me fighting these crazy monsters...

Otto Octavius: Hey, watch your mouth!

Peter Parker: [to Octavius] I-I'm sorry.

Stephen Strange: You're seriously still talking about college?

[He transfers the last bits of nanotech from Peter's body to his arm and, with the use of his magic, upgrades it.]

Peter Parker: Hey, what did you just do?

Stephen Strange: This.

[He fires a string of web at Peter, who disappears upon impact and reappears into another cell]

Peter Parker: Hey, you can't just...

[He grunts as he bumps his head against the cell barrier]

Otto Octavius: [confused] How did you do that?

Stephen Strange: Lots of birthday parties.

[Strange proceeds to deactivate the barrier and set Parker free. Then he pulls his hand forward and transports the web shooter back to Peter. It molds into a mini gauntlet.]

Peter Parker: Whoa.

Stephen Strange: One shot, send it to me and move on. You're welcome. Get to work.

Peter Parker: Sir?

Stephen Strange: [stops, sighs and turns around] Now what?

Peter Parker: I know this is my mess, and I swear to you that I'll fix it, but I'mma need some help.

[Strange tilts his head. We hears the sound of doors closing as we cut to Ned, MJ and Strange entering the Sanctum Sanctorum vestibule, the snow inside slowly starting to melt.]

Ned Leeds: I can't believe I'm in the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Stephen Strange: (annoyed) Neither can I.

Ned Leeds: So... how did you know you're made of magic? Because my nanna says that we have it in and sometimes I get these tinglings in my hand...

Stephen Strange: You should talk to your physician.

MJ: Peter!

Peter Parker: Hey!

MJ: Hey.

Peter Parker: I'm so sorry for dragging you in this, you just gotta help me find these guys...

MJ: You don't have to apologize. You got us a second shot at MIT.

Ned Leeds: So, how did the bad guys get here?

Stephen Strange: He screwed up a spell trying to get you into college.

MJ / Ned Leeds: [in unison] Wait, what?

MJ: I thought it was a magic laser? You did it with magic?

Peter Parker: No, that was after. Let's just focus on the good news, okay?

Stephen Strange: No, let's just focus on the bad news. As of now, you have detected zero multiversal trespassers, so get on your phones, scour the internet, and... Scooby-Doo this shit!

MJ: You're telling us what to do, even though it was your spell that got screwed up, meaning that all of this is kinda your mess.

[Strange looks at her, mildly offended]

MJ: You know, I know a couple of magic words myself, starting with the word 'please'.

Stephen Strange: Please Scooby-Doo this shit. (quips a smile, turns away) You can work in the undercroft.

Ned Leeds: The undercroft?

[They end up in a dark, damp and overall dodgy-looking basement.]

Ned Leeds: Badass.

[He starts exploring the room immediately and lifts up an old crossbow]

Peter Parker: Guys, listen. About this whole spell thing...

MJ: It's... totally okay.

Peter Parker: Wait, really?

MJ: Yeah. I mean, I get it. You were... just trying to fix things... And so... Maybe just run it by us next time, you know? That way, when you're thinking, "Hey, I'm about to do something that could... break the universe", we could like, help you. Workshop something, or... brainstorm ideas.

Peter Parker: Deal. Ned?

Ned Leeds: Oh, dude. I don't care. And seriously, not a big deal. Oooh...

[He notices a pilates machine in the corner]

Ned Leeds: A torture rack.

[He touches one of the springs, it whirs]

MJ: That is a pilates machine. That is...

[She points to the dungeon in front of her]

Peter Parker: The crypt.

[They walk up to the villains' cells.]

MJ: Okay, so we get the rest of the guys. You zap them, Doctor Magic will send them back and, when we get into MIT,,, round of stale donuts, my treat.

[Ned joins them, armed with the crossbow, looking all badass.]

Ned Leeds: Let's catch some multiverse men.

Otto Octavius: Hey! Who the hell are these two?!

Peter Parker: These are my friends. This is MJ and this is Ned.

Ned Leeds: [waving] Hello.

Peter Parker: I'm sorry, what was your name again?

Otto Octavius: Dr. Otto Octavius.

[The three of them chuckle at the absurdity of the villain's name]

Peter Parker: Wait, no seriously, what's your actual name?

Ned Leeds: [pointing at Curt Connors] Oh, is that a dinosaur?

[The Lizard just glances at him, looking very miserable. Cue some wacky Michael Giacchino music - a blend of Spider-Man and Strange themes arranged in a particularly freaky fashion - and an equally wacky montage. As Otto tries to break free from his arm restraint, Peter prepares to clean his suit up and Ned sets up his equipment. MJ does some other stuff, including studying Stephen's goatee template. The Lizard throws a stone in his cell, wallowing in his sadness. Peter scrubs his suits with foam thoroughly, desperately trying to coax the green paint out, while also having a conversation with aunt May on the phone.]

May Parker [vo]: If it won't come off, bring it to the shelter and I'll get it out.

Peter Parker: No, no, no, May. We gotta find these guys first.

May Parker: Well, finish your mission, then come by.

[Peter realizes he can't wash the paint away. He has turned the suit inside out, where the fabric is black with gold wiring.]

Peter Parker: That could work...

Ned Leeds: I got one, I got one, I got one.

Peter Parker: Oh, May? I gotta go.

May Parker: Okay. Love you. Bye.

[Peter and MJ gather around Ned's desktop. He shows them the result of his research on his laptop.]

Ned Leeds: I mean, you can take the guy out of the chair, but you can't take the chair out of the guy.

Peter Parker: What did you find?

Ned Leeds: There's a... disturbance near a military research facility outside of the city, and witnesses say they saw a monster flying through the air.

Peter Parker: That's gotta be the guy I saw on the bridge, right?

Otto Octavius: That's impossible.

[Peter steps in Octavius' direction, who has his back turned]

Peter Parker: You know him, don't you? On the bridge, you said his name.

Otto Octavius: Norman Osborn. Brilliant scientist. Military researcher. But he was greedy. Misguided.

Peter Parker: What happened to him?

Otto Octavius: [turning around, enraged] WE TIRE... OF YOUR QUESTIONS, BOY!

Peter Parker: Okay... I gotta go. Where are we going?

Otto Octavius: It can't be him.

MJ: Why?

Otto Octavius: Because Norman Osborn died, years ago. So either we saw someone else... or you're flying out into the darkness, to fight a ghost.

[Cut to an admittedly riveting yet also ominous shot of Peter swinging alongside trees and power lines at dusk. In the undercroft, Ned tries to find something to eat in the fridge, but backs off, seeing it's full of weird interdimensional creatures. MJ monitors Peter's actions and surroundings via a camera phone duct-taped on his chest.]

MJ: Keep an eye out on those trees, we don't really know where this guy is. (from the phone) I genuinely don't know how you do this without throwing up.

[Spider-Man continues swinging, lowering his altitude and finally lands in a gloomy forest spot. He starts sweeping the area. He suddenly stops. Something is moving around him, in a wavey pattern. Sand...]

Peter Parker: Did you guys see that?

MJ: No. Uh...

Ned Leeds: It's, it's really dark.

[Parker continues scouring. After a while he completely freezes in his tracks, his suit's eye lenses widen. Behind him, something sparkly and blue starts forming from the power lines, drawing yellow electricity. The air starts whirring, louder and louder. Blue light illuminates the darkness of the night.]

Ned Leeds: What's happening?

MJ: Peter, what is it? Are you getting the tingle thing? Is the tingle thing happening? Is your tingle tingling?

[Peter turns around with his web gauntlet ready to fire and sees the figure. It has achieved a nearly corporeal shape.]

Peter Parker: Are you guys seeing this?

MJ: Yeah.

Ned Leeds: Osborn?

Peter Parker: No. He was green. This guy's blue. [to the electric being] Uh... You wouldn't happen to be from another universe, would you?

MJ: What's he doing?

Peter Parker: I don't know. Looks like he's charging.

MJ: I don't like this. Just web him.

[Spider-Man shoots a web, but it flies straight through the blue visitor's body, hitting a tree, which materializes in the crypt, startling both MJ and Ned. Back at the forest, the villain - Electro - opens his eyes and, to the brief beats of his theme of TASM2, fires a bolt of electricity towards Peter, who quickly avoids it and scurries away through the woods. Lightning bolts zap through the trees, giving chase]

Ned Leeds: Go left, left! Go left!

MJ: Wait! Right, right!

Peter Parker: [dramatically evading lightning] Guys! This is not helping!

[A burst of electricity then hits him, causing the young webslinger to fall down to the ground. In the undercroft, the feed on the laptop glitches and is turned off.]

MJ: No, no, no. What happened? Peter? Peter?

[Back in the woods, Peter seems to be done for when a gigantic electric blast slowly crawls over the ground to the fallen hero. Suddenly, a huge wall of sand rises in front of him, shielding Spider-Man from the blast.]

Peter Parker: Whoa.

[In the midst of it stands Flint Marko, the Sandman, from Spider-Man 3.]

Flint Marko: Peter, it's me. Flint Marko. You remember?

Peter Parker: I'm Peter, but I'm not your Peter.

Flint Marko: What do you mean, "you're not my Peter"? What the hell is going on?

Peter Parker: I'll explain everything, but first can you help me stop this guy?

Flint Marko: [nodding] Okay.

Peter Parker: You try to surround him and I'll pull the plug. All right, let's go.

[Marko transforms into shapeless masses of sand again and moves towards Electro, absorbing all the bolts hurled at him. Peter swings to the nearest electric tower and lands, trying to assess the situation. Sandman surrounds Electro (whose form has turned from blue to yellow) and closes him in an unbreachable sand tornado. Still, the guy has enough gas to fire at Peter, who has to perform some additional evasive maneuvers.]

Sandman: I can't hold him much longer!

Peter Parker: I got him. I got it.

[He webs two electric towers and pulls them towards himself, breaking them and causing an overload in the process. It knock Peter down, who crashes on the ground and gets back up in a classic superhero landing pose. Sandman lets Electro go, who powers down and stops shining. Peter removes his mask as Flint appears by his side again.]

Flint Marko: Different Peter... Weird.

Peter Parker: Thanks.

[He tries to give the Sandman a low-five, but Flint's hand falls apart upon impact.]

Peter Parker: Sorry.

Flint Marko: Don't worry about it.

[Electro, Max Dillon, gets up. He has changed. The blue hue he emitted has vanished and he has returned his human form.]

Max Dillon: [looking at his hands] I got my body back.

Peter Parker: Hey, um... This is gonna sound really crazy, but this isn't your universe.

Max Dillon: Another universe?

Peter Parker: Uh-huh.

Flint Marko: (frowning) What?

Max Dillon: That's what I was feeling. The power. It's different. [smiling] I like it.

[A flash runs through his pupils.]

Flint Marko: (holding up his hands) Easy, buddy.

Peter Parker: It's actually my fault that you're here.

Max Dillon: Like... Like the universe? Or the woods? I hate the woods.

Peter Parker: I meant the universe, sir.

Max Dillon: So what? Y'all just gon' stand here and act like I ain't butt-ass naked?

Flint Marko: (deadpan) I am.

Peter Parker: Uh, no, no...

[Spider-Man looks over to a nearby power station. Several uniforms are on display, ready to be used. Back to the undercroft, Electro is trapped into another cell. Both Ned and MJ look at the new visitor, who's inspecting the electricity trickling between his fingers. He looks to his right and sees Doc Ock. Otto waves at him slightly. The newly retrieved supervillain looks at his hands. Lightning crackles through his fingers. Behind Ned and MJ, the lights briefly flicker. Cut back to the woods.]

Flint Marko: (shocked, confused) What was that? What did you just do to him?

Peter Parker: No, no, no. It's okay.

Flint Marko: Did you kill him?

Peter Parker: (holding up his hands) Whoa, listen. I can explain everything. You just have to trust me, please.

Flint Marko: (slowly growing) I don't trust you. I don't know you.

[In panic, Peter shoots Flint, transporting him to the crypt.]

Flint Marko: (grunting, knocking against the barrier) What is this?

Max Dillon: [to Sandman] You picked the wrong side.

[He looks over to one of the other captives. The Lizard looks and behaves much more vigorously than before. He cackles slightly.]

Max Dillon: (frowning) Connors?

Otto Octavius: Wait... You know this creature?

Max Dillon: No, no, no, no. Not a creature. A man.

Ned Leeds: Whoa... Same universes.

Max Dillon: Dr. Curt Connors. He was a scientist in Oscorp when I worked there. A brilliant scientist, till he turned himself into a lizard. Then he tried to turn the whole city into lizards. It was crazy.

Curt Connors: It wasn't crazy, Max. It was the next step in human evolution.

Ned Leeds: (mouth agape) The dinosaur can talk.

MJ: Lizard.

Ned Leeds: Right.

Curt Connors: Speaking of which, what happened to you? Last I recall, you had bad teeth, glasses and a comb-over. Did you get a makeover? You know I can give you a real makeover.

Max Dillon: Let me guess. Into a lizard?

Curt Connors: Exactly.

Flint Marko: Could you two just shut up? (to Ned and MJ) Where are we?

Ned Leeds: It's complicated.

MJ: A wizard's dungeon.

Max Dillon: Wizard's... Wizard's dungeon?

(Video) Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone : Harry meets Ron and Hermione (English sub)

MJ: There's no real way to sugarcoat that. It's... literally the dungeon of a wizard.

[Doc Ock nods]

Max Dillon: Look, you can keep your magic. [looking back at his hands] I want a taste of that new energy I just felt.

[Behind Ned and MJ, the lights briefly flicker again. MJ's phone then buzzes, she picks up.]

MJ: (smiling) Oh, Peter. Hey.

[Back to the woods.]

Peter Parker: Hey. Uh, did those guys come through yet? There should be an electric guy and a sand guy.

MJ: Yeah. They're.... They're all here and locked up.

Peter Parker: Perfect. I'm gonna just stay here for a bit, and try to fix some of this damage so they don't blame it on me again.

MJ: Okay.

Peter Parker: Hey, I, uh... I couldn't do any of this without you, so... Thank you.

MJ: Yeah, of course.

Ned Leeds: (pointing at the teleported tree) Hey, ask him if this is like a tree monster, or like a scientist that turned into a tree.

Max Dillon: That's just a tree, man. That's a tree.

[Cut to the next day, a wideshot of New York. The camera then creeps through an alleyway. The Green Goblin mask hangs on the side of a garbage bin. Its owner, Norman Osborn, sits on the ground, a few metres away from it, trying to cover up his glider.]

Green Goblin [vo]: Coward.

[Osborn looks up and turns around, whimpering]

Green Goblin [vo]: We have a new world to conquer. You make me sick.

Norman Osborn: Leave me alone. Please.

Green Goblin [vo]: Hiding in the shadows... Hiding from who you truly are.

Norman Osborn: No!

Green Goblin [vo]: You can't escape yourself!

[The frightened man grabs a rock and smashes the mask to pieces, which fall onto the pavement. He then walks away, the Goblin's cackle lingering behind him. In the forest area, meanwhile, Peter has seemingly covered up all the damage the supervillains caused, the webbing he's used glistening in the sunlight. His phone starts to ring. It's his aunt. He picks up]

Peter Parker: Hey, May.

May Parker: Hey, Peter. I'm at work, and, um... One of the guys you're looking for just walked in.

[Spider-Man immediately realizes the danger and travels to the FEAST facility, May's workplace, passing a sign spray-painted "MYSTERIO WAS RIGHT". He enters the building and scours it very haphazardly, taking off his mask.]

Peter Parker: May? Where's May? (as an employee points) Thank you.

[He runs into a room, breathing heavily, before suddenly stopping. May is sitting at a table with Norman Osborn, both holding cups of tea.]

May Parker: Hey, here he is. Norman, this is my nephew.

Peter Parker: (confused) Norman Osborn? I thought that you were...

Norman Osborn: I saw Spider-Man in an ad for this place. And I thought he could help me. But you're not him.

Peter Parker: Wait, so you want Spider-Man's help?

May Parker: He... He just wandered in.

Norman Osborn: [empty look in his eyes] I didn't know where else to go. Someone's living in my house. Oscorp doesn't exist. (teary-eyed) My son... Sometimes... I'm not myself. I'm... someone else. And, everytime he's in control, I can't remember.

May Parker: Who is that?

Norman Osborn: And now, I'm here...

May Parker: Who's "in control"?

Norman Osborn: ...in this place...

May Parker: Norman, who is in control?

Norman Osborn: ...in this city, and I don't know... I don't know what's going on with me. And I don't...

[May stands up and walks over to her nephew]

May Parker: Okay, okay, okay...

Norman Osborn: (muttering) It doesn't make sense.

May Parker: He's lost. And I don't mean just in the cosmos. (pointing at her head) I mean in his mind. Are they all like this?

[In the background, Norman pulls a box of donuts towards him and tucks a number of them in his new green coat]

Peter Parker: Yeah. Well, I mean, they all have their own... mental or physical issues.

May Parker: Well, he needs help, but maybe they all do.

Peter Parker: What, you don't mean... No, May, this... This isn't my problem.

May Parker: Peter, not your problem? Mmm?

Peter Parker: May... Their chance of getting help is way better back where they came from. Sending them home, That's the best thing that we can do for them.

May Parker: For them? Or for yourself? Look around you. This is what we do. We help people.

Peter Parker: This is what's best... for them. Trust me.

[Cut to a television station. A broadcast for The Daily Bugle is being filmed.]

J. Jonah Jameson: But the fact remains, Spider-Man is a menace! We'll be right back, after a brief word from Daily Bugle Supplements. The only other daily fix you need.

Cameraman: And, we're out.

[An assistant passes JJJ's phone to him. He picks up the call.]

J. Jonah Jameson: What?

Daily Bugle Informant: [inside his car] I got eyes on them. He's with his aunt and some guy I don't know.

J. Jonah Jameson: You sure?

Daily Bugle Informant: They're just leaving the shelter.

J. Jonah Jameson: Okay. Don't lose him

[He leaves the studio. Cut to a FEAST truck arriving at the Sanctum Sanctorum.]

Norman Osborn: (smiling, opening the door) Thanks, May. Hope to see you again.

[He leaves. As Peter is about to leave too, May stops him.]

May Parker: Hey. He trusts you. And so do I.

Peter Parker: Thanks for cleaning my suit. I'll see you later.

[Back to the undercroft. Ned and MJ are standing by Ned's laptop, looking up as Peter and Norman come towards them]

Peter Parker: Guys, this is Mr. Osborn.

Norman Osborn: (pointing) Hey, it's Doctor.

Peter Parker: Sorry. Um... Dr. Osborn, these are my friends, Ned and MJ.

[Ned waves briefly. Norman seems confused]

Norman Osborn: Mary Jane?

Peter Parker: It's Michelle Jones, actually.

Norman Osborn: Fascinating...

Ned Leeds: Do you think there are other Ned Leedses?

[He gets back behind his laptop. Osborn steps into the dungeon, towards Doc Ock.]

Norman Osborn: Octavius?

Otto Octavius: [turning around, surprised] Osborn?

Norman Osborn: What... What happened to you?

Otto Octavius: What happened to... You're the walking corpse.

Norman Osborn: What do you mean?

Otto Octavius: You died, Norman. Years ago.

Norman Osborn: (smiling, shaking his head) You're insane.

Max Dillon: (smiling) God, I love it here.

Peter Parker: What are you talking about? He's standing right there. He's not...

Flint Marko: (interrupting) Dead. (stepping forward) They both died, fighting Spider-Man.

[Norman and Otto both turn towards Marko]

Flint Marko: It was all over the news. Green Goblin, impaled by the glider he flew around on. And a couple of years later... you. Doc Ock, drowned in the river with your machine.

Otto Octavius: That's nonsense! Spider-Man was trying to stop my fusion reactor. So I stopped him. (clutching his hand) I had him, by the throat.... And then, I... (reality sinks in) And then I was here.

Max Dillon: Oh, please. Let me tell you something. I was whooping Spider-Man's ass. He'll tell ya. And then he caused an overload. I was stuck in the grid, absorbing data. I was about to turn into pure energy, and then... And then, uh... And then... [it clicks] Oh, shit. I was about to die.

Curt Connors: Max, do you know? Do I die?

[Before he has any chance to get a respons, Doctor Strange materializes via an abrupt portal. His eyes immediately close in on Osborn.]

Stephen Strange: Oh, great. You caught another one.

Peter Parker: No, wait. Strange, he's not dangerous...

[The Sorcerer Supreme disregards this and portals Norman into the last remaining cell.]

Peter Parker: It's okay.

[He notices an odd object in Strange's grasp. It's the same cube he locked the spell before]

Peter Parker: What is that?

Stephen Strange: It's an ancient relic. The Machina de Kadavus. Trapped your corrupted spell inside, once you've finished the proper ritual, will reverse the spell. And send these guys back to their universes.

Otto Octavius: And then what? We perish?!

Max Dillon: Nah. No thanks, I'll pass on that.

Norman Osborn: Let me out of here. Peter!

Peter Parker: Strange... We can't send them back. Not yet.

Stephen Strange: Why?

Peter Parker: Some of these guys are gonna die.

Stephen Strange: Parker... it's their fate.

Peter Parker: [visibly disturbed] Come on, Strange. Have a heart.

Stephen Strange: [In a calm yet somewhat fanatical tone] In the grand calculus of the multiverse, their sacrifice means infinitely more than their lives. (regretful) I'm sorry, kid. If they die, they die.

[He starts the ritual. Several pieces of machinery in the cube slide and click into place. The tension in the room thickens as the camera pans onto the faces of Connors, Octavius, Dillon and Osborn, all potentially experiencing their last moments.]

Norman Osborn: (desperate) PETER!

[A button pops up from the top. The Sorcerer Supreme's hand is right above it, about to finish his ritual, when Spider-Man does the unthinkable. He webs the Machina de Kadavus.]

Stephen Strange: (turning towards Peter) Don't...

[Peter pulls the relic to himself, throwing Stephen out of balance, then blasts the startled magician with his gauntlet, trapping him inside Sandman's cell.]

Ned Leeds: Dude, what are you doing?!

MJ: Peter, you gotta go. Go!

[She adopts a defensive stance, shielding her fleeing partner]

Stephen Strange: (annoying) This is why I never had kids.

[He walks straight through the barrier of Sandman's cell. Flint tries to follow him, but his head bumps against the force field. Outside, Peter shoots a web and tries to flee, but a portal opens right in front of him, teleporting him back on the top of a car near the Sanctum, courtesy of Stephen. He jumps off and turns around, seeing a definitely annoyed Sorcerer Supreme, his arms folded.]

Stephen Strange: Give me the box.

Peter Parker: No.

[He tries to shoot Strange again, but the gauntlet dissipates in a second's fraction. Peter swings away, but just as he fires his next web, Strange creates two portals in one line, which attach the web's end to Parker's foot, actively immobilizing him. Stephen conjures a whip, wraps it around Spider-Man and yanks him down, then finally punches his soul out of his body. Peter quickly realizes the gravity of his predicament.]

Peter Parker: Oh, my God. I'm dead.

Stephen Strange: You're not dead. You've just been separated from your physical form.

Peter Parker: My physical... What?!

[When Strange reaches out to retrieve the box from Peter's grip, the arm suddenly moves upwards]

Stephen Strange: [confused] How are you doing that?

[He tries to grab the device again, but Peter's arm moves downward]

Peter Parker: I have no idea.

[Stephen reaches out, again and again, but the arm keeps going up and down.]

Stephen Strange: [under- and overreaching] You should not... be able... to... DO THAT!

Peter Parker: (looking at his hands) This feels amazing.

[While Strange is dealing with the moving arm, Parker air swims towards his body. When his astral form reconnects with his body, it flings back onto the pavement behind him. Peter quickly gets back up]

Peter Parker: That might be one of the coolest things that's ever happened to me, but don't ever do that again.

[He proceeds to swing away, with Strange immediately sending his cloak in pursuit. The cape reaches Parker a few block later and grabs him mid-air, holding him in place.]

Peter Parker: Hey! Get off of me!

[Strange reaches them soon enough. The cape lets go of Spider-Man, flinging him away, and as he flies aimlessly, Strange opens the gateway to the Mirror Dimension. Peter hits the gate and starts falling in an opposite direction, as reality around him warps beyond recognition. Strange follows him and tries to trap him as they both travel through a mall. The environment warps, twists and duplicates, but Peter is able to evade it all. As soon as he enters open space, he is caught by surprise and hit by Strange's combo-attack. Then a random train hits him. The Machina de Kadavus falls on top. Just as Stephen is about to intercept it, Peter webs it back to himself, jumping on top of the train. Stephen sighs. Peter jumps on top of the floating vehicle]

Peter Parker: What is this place?

Stephen Strange: The Mirror Dimension... where I'm in control.

[Strange casts another spell. The New York skyline is turned upside down, while the ground level turns into the Grand Canyon, slowly covering up the remaining buildings. The train floats through it all at top speed]

Peter Parker: Strange, stop! Can we please just talk about this?

Stephen Strange: Parker, don't you realize that in the multiverse, there are an infinite number of people who know Peter Parker is Spider-Man? (pointing at the box) And if that spell gets loose, they're all coming here!

Peter Parker: Look, I know. I get it. But we can't just send them home to die.

Stephen Strange: It's their fate. You can't change that anymore than you can change who they are.

Peter Parker: But what if we could? What if we can change their fate?

[Stephen manipulates the dimension again. The train multiplies and the copies form a cilindical structure]

Peter Parker: Whoa, what are you doing?

[Peter is slowly being turned upside down]

Peter Parker: I'm not giving you the... (falling off) Whoa!

[Strange creates a portal loop, making Peter fall endlessly as the Cloak of Levitation springs into action once again, fighting Peter for the artifact. The young webslinger stops himself from falling by webbing himself to the cape.]

Peter Parker: (wrestling) Give me that back!

[Intent on ending the skirmish as soon as possible, the Sorcerer Supreme pulls out a whip and tries to pull the artifact and the cloak to him. With Peter not letting go of the webbing, the portal loop folds in on itself and shatters the Mirror Dimension, sending everything flying in chaos. Strange and his cloak dive after the Machina de Kadavus, while Peter takes a while to land on a relatively stable piece of land and notices some familiar structures around himself.]

Peter Parker: (looking around) Wait a minute, is that an Archimedean spiral? The Mirror Dimension is just geometry? You're great at geometry. You can do geometry. [starts webbing objects together] Square the radius, divided by pi, plot points along the curve...

[Meanwhile, Stephen has gotten a hold of the artifact.]

Stephen Strange: It's over, Parker. I'll come pick you up when it's done.

[Using his Sling Ring, he opens a portal back to the dungeon]

Peter Parker: [finishing his geometric trap] Hey, Strange. You know what's cooler than magic?

[Strange briefly looks around in confusion as the Archimedean spiral closes around the Sorcerer Supreme, who yells out as he is completely immobilized in the spider's web. Spider-Man sinks down next to the portal.]

Peter Parker: Math.

Stephen Strange: Don't do this.

[He then webs the Sling Ring from Stephen's hand]

Stephen Strange: [annoyed] Ow.

Peter Parker: I'm sorry, sir, but...

[He jumps through the portal, back to the Sanctum's dungeon]

Peter Parker: ...I have to try.

[After a brief look at Strange's disbelieving face, the portal closes, trapping the Sorcerer Supreme in the Mirror Dimension]

Ned Leeds: Dude, what happened?

Peter Parker: I just had a fight with Doctor Strange and I totally won!

Ned Leeds: What?

Peter Parker: Look, and I stole his ring thing.

[Ned takes it from him and puts it on]

Peter Parker: I was swinging through the city, and then I went through this... (takes off his mask) massive mirror thing, and then I was back...

MJ: Where is he? Where is he?

Peter Parker: He's trapped, but... I'm not sure for how long.

Otto Octavius: (disbelieving) You could've just left us to die. Why didn't you?

MJ: Because that's not who he is.

Peter Parker: I think I can help you guys. If I can fix what happened to you, then when you go back, things will be different and you might not die fighting Spider-Man.

Max Dillon: What do you mean, "fix us"?

Peter Parker: Look, our technology is advanced...

Norman Osborn: I can help you. (smiling) You know, I'm something of a scientist myself. (nodding to Doc Ock) Octavius knows what I can do.

Otto Octavius: Fix? You mean like a dog? I refuse.

Peter Parker: I can't promise you guys anything, but at least this way, you actually get to go home and have a chance. A second chance. I mean, come on. Isn't that worth trying?

Curt Connors: Trust me, Peter... When you try to fix people, there are always consequences.

Peter Parker: I mean, you don't have to come. I also didn't know that you could talk.

[The Lizard growls in disapproval]

Peter Parker: But if you stay here... you're gonna have to deal with the wizard.

Curt Connors: Ah, so, we go along, or die. Not much of a choice, is it?

Flint Marko: I just wanna go home.

Max Dillon: Well, I myself don't wanna be killed, especially by a guy dressed like Dungeons & Dragons, so... what's your plan?

Peter Parker: I have it all under control.

[He calls Ned and MJ for a little timeout.]

Peter Parker: (holding up the Machina) What are we gonna do about this thing?

MJ: Well, we need to find somewhere safe for it, right?

Ned Leeds: Yeah. Yes. Yes.

Peter Parker: You got to take it.

MJ: Wait, what?

Peter Parker: If something bad happens, I'll text you, and then you just push this and then it's all over, and they'll all be gone.

MJ: We're going with you. We're not gonna leave you.

Peter Parker: You can't come with me. It's too dangerous. You guys have already done enough.

Ned Leeds: Peter, we're in this together.

Peter Parker: I know we're in this together, Ned, but I can't do this if I know that you're in danger. Okay? So for me, MJ, please just take this. Please.

MJ: Fine.

Peter Parker: Thank you.

MJ: But Peter, I swear, if I don't hear from you, I'm pressing the button.

Peter Parker: Sure.

MJ: Okay. [to all the villains] And I will do it!

[Norman nods in approval]

Max Dillon: Yeah, we all believe you, Michelle.

Curt Connors: [amused, disbelieving] No way that's his girlfriend, no way.

Peter Parker: She'll do it.

Ned Leeds: Absolutely. She will.

Peter Parker: Okay.

[He bids his friends farewell.]

Peter Parker: See you later.

Ned Leeds: Be safe.

Peter Parker: You too.

[After doing their overly elaborate high-five, a few sparkles spring from Ned's palm]

Ned Leeds: Whoa. Okay.

[Ned leaves. MJ kisses Peter.]

MJ: Be careful, okay?

Peter Parker: Yeah. You too.

[He watches her leave as well, then turns to the villains]

Peter Parker: So, uh... Who's coming with me?

[Osborn seems to have made up his mind. He glances at Octavius, who in turns glances at Parker with annoyance, but also reluctant acceptance.]

Max Dillon: Well, I'm in. But, if this goes sideways... I'mma fry you from the inside out.

[Click, click, click. The door of Happy Hogan's apartment is unlocked. From the viewpoint of the entrance security camera, we see Peter opening the door as the villains enter Happy's living space in the following order: Norman, Otto, Max - who glances menacingly at the camera for a second, causing it to glitch, and finally Flint. The last one to come in before Peter is aunt May.]

Peter Parker: Where's Connors?

May Parker: He told me he wants to stay in the truck.

Peter Parker: (follows her inside) Okay.

Thermostat [vo]: Alarm systems, deactivated.

[Spider-Man proceeds to close the door.]

Peter Parker: Okay. I feel kinda bad using Happy's place like this.

May Parker: No, no, no, no. He'll get over it.

[Electro fires a dim pulse of energy at the TV, causing it to turn on. On the news we see that the majority of American society - 67% - has voted against the addition of Captain America's shield to the Statue of Liberty in a national plebiscite. Sandman sits down on the couch, immediately leaving some dirt on it.]

Flint Marko: Oh, sorry.

[He tries to remove it, soiling it even more]

Otto Octavius: So this is your plan, Peter? Mmm? No lab, no facilities, just performing miracles in a condominium? What, you're gonna cook up some cures, some frozen burritos in a microwave?

Norman Osborn: [tinkering with the Dum-E robot] I could go for a burrito.

Otto Octavius: He's gonna kill us all.

Peter Parker: Well, let's hope not. You're up first, Doc.

[He heads to his room next door]

Otto Octavius: What? (yelling after him) Hey, I told you. I don't need fixing. I don't need fixing! Especially by a teenager using scraps from a bachelor's junk drawer.

[Electro walks up, clearly interested in whatever is in the other room.]

Max Dillon: No, no, no, no. He got something back there. I can feel it. Weird energy...

[Inside his room, Peter walks up to the covered rectangular box-like object from earlier. He removes the sheet, revealing an elaborate device made by Stark Industries.]

Norman Osborn: (frowning) What the hell is that?

Peter Parker: It's a fabricator.

[Spider-Man presses a button on its surface, causing it to unfold into what can be called a household engineering lab.]

Peter Parker: It can analyze, design, construct... basically anything.

May Parker: I thought that was the tanning bed Happy broke.

[From one of the device's recesses springs the Arc Reactor. It catches Electro's attention, his eyes briefly glow yellow]

Max Dillon: Look at that.

[The device finishes unfolding itself. Upon the Arc Reactor's activation, a sudden outburst of energy destroys one of the kitchen closets, causing Doc Ock, still in the living room, to flinch in fear.]

Otto Octavius: [visibly frightened] He's gonna kill us all.

[Outside, the FEAST truck abruptly shakes, startling two random passerbies. The Lizard is definitely having a great time. Back in the apartment, Peter and Norman are standing next to the fabricator, with the former explaining the intricacies of Octavius' tentacles to the latter, using the visual symbols and semi-tangible 3D models, the staple of Stark Industries technology.]

Peter Parker: So, the chip in the back of Doc's neck was designed to protect his brain from the A.I. system that's controlling these tentacles. But if you look here... The chip is fried. So rather than him being in control of the tentacles, the tentacles are now in control of him. Which, I guess explains why... he is so miserable all the time.

[May walks up to Doctor Octopus with a glass.]

May Parker: (shaking the glass) Thirsty?

Otto Octavius: Well, yes. I am thirsty.

May Parker: Fresh water or salt? You know, because you're an octopus.

Otto Octavius: [frowning] What?

May Parker: (beat) Fresh water it is.

[Electro stares out of the window, observing the alternate New York he's in.]

Max Dillon: Look at this place. And all the possibilities.

Flint Marko: (holding a framed photo) What? This condo?

Max Dillon: [sarcastic] Yeah. yeah, the condo. I love the whole overfloor plan. [normal] No. No, man. I'm talking about the world. (stroking his beard) I kinda like who I am here. (nodding) And all that power back there... I could be so much more. So why did you come here?

Flint Marko: I have a daughter. And I wanna see her. But he's not gonna send anyone home. Till he's finished his little science project back there.

Max Dillon: You trust him?

Flint Marko: I don't trust anyone. How'd you end up like that anyway?

Max Dillon: Oh, the place where I worked at... They were experimenting with electricity created by living organisms, and then... I fell into a vat of electric eels.

Flint Marko: You're kidding. I fell into a supercollider.

Max Dillon: Damn. (shaking his head) Gotta be careful where you fall.

[Back in Peter's room, him and Norman are preparing the neural inhibitor chip. Osborn watches in fascination as young Parker carefully aligns pieces, completing the device.]

Norman Osborn: (admiring) Remarkable. The technology and you. When all this is over, if you need a job and you're willing to commute to another universe...

[Peter puts the last element in its place. The chip is finally ready. Both he and Norman smile in delight]

Peter Parker: [in awe] It worked. That totally worked!

[He rushes back to the living room, showing the device to May.]

Peter Parker: I got it. I did it. I did it. Will you send him up?

May Parker: Yup. Here we go.

[Peter runs upstairs, onto the mezzanine, while May controls the holographic device, sending Octavius upwards.]

Peter Parker: Sorry.

May Parker: Hold on, Doc!

[May lifts Doctor Octopus to Peter's level.]

Otto Octavius: Oh, will all these humiliations never cease?! You! [noticing Peter is about to "fix" him] Keep your science fair project away from me!

Norman Osborn: Hey, it will work. Have faith.

Otto Octavius: Says the reckless fool who turned himself into a monster.

[Norman goes silent, evidently subdued and somewhat offended.]

Peter Parker: Please stop. Hold still.

Otto Octavius: Don't you dare!

[May, Norman, Max and Flint watch in suspense as Spider-Man struggles to immobilize Doc Ock's head.]

Otto Octavius: I swear... when I get out of this, we're gonna rip you a...

[Parker finally manages to place the chip on his neck. Doc's head sinks down, as if he's a robot being powered down.]

Peter Parker: Doc? (beat, softer) Doc? (louder) Doc? Doctor Octa-

[Otto's head quickly lifts up. He breathes heavily, it's as if he has woken up from a heavy nightmare]

Otto Octavius: [whispers] It's so quiet... Those voices... Inside my head... [gasps, tearing up] I-I'd almost forgotten...

Norman Osborn: Otto.

Otto Octavius: Yes... Norman.

[He descends and stops on the floor, with a joyful expression all over his face]

Otto Octavius: It's me.

[Peter jumps back down.]

Flint Marko: [with admiration] Would you look at that.

[Spider-Man slides his fingers against the nanotech remote control for the last time, and one of Otto's tentacles pulls forward, pressing against Peter's chest, transferring the stolen metal particles back to their owner. Programmable metal melds with the fabric of Peter's uniform, creating the one and only Integrated Suit. It has some really impressive looking golden patterns, thanks to the nanotech.]

Otto Octavius: I'm grateful, dear boy. Truly.

[They shake hands.]

Peter Parker: Yeah. You're welcome.

Otto Octavius: How can I help?

Peter Parker [vo]: This is Peter. Leave a message.

[Cut to Happy Hogan driving, on his way back home. He calls Peter and receives only his voicemail.]

Happy Hogan: Uh, yeah, Peter, this is Happy. I accessed my doorbell camera... Who are those guys, huh? Is that a cyborg, you bring a cyborg with robot legs into my house? One of the guys was made of mud? What's going on? Call me back.

[Back to the condo, Doctor Octopus and Norman Osborn are overseeing the creation of the anti-Goblin serum, with Norman doing some calculations on a nearby board]

Otto Octavius: (sympathetic) How does it feel, Norman? You're about to become whole again. No more darker half. Just you.

Norman Osborn: [a bit somber] Just me.

[He turns to Octavius, with a surprisingly jovial expression on his face. Otto reciprocates the smile. In the living room, Peter prepares to start curing Electro with a newly constructed electricity drainer.]

Peter Parker: Okay... Umm... It just goes right here, this... [Max looks at him suspiciously as Parker embeds the drainer on his chest. The device hums, stagnates, clicks and beeps, signifying the start of its procedure.] That should be drawing power now. I'm gonna come back in a second just to check on it, but... keep an eye on the lights. When they're all green, it means all the electricity in your body's dissipated. Well, not all the electricity. I mean, obviously you know you need electricity for your brain to function... Your nervous system is... I'm not really sure why I'm explaining electricity to you.

[Max shakes his head, not sure why Peter is doing that either]

Max Dillon: Can I ask you a question?

Peter Parker: Sure.

Max Dillon: Are these your legos?

[Before he can respond, Peter hears a sound from the fabricator. It's the anti-collider for Sandman, which has just finished its initial construction stage.]

Peter Parker: I gotta go. I'll be back.

[He leaves. Electro is left in the living room with Sandman. As the electricity sapper ignites the first light with a beep, he hisses, as if the thing is inflicting pain on him.]

Max Dillon: Something feels off.

Flint Marko: What do you mean?

[A slow, unnerving music creeps in, starting to build tension, which is only going to rise from now on.]

Max Dillon: I don't like this.

Flint Marko: Leave it alone. The sooner you guys get through with this, the sooner we go home.

[The drainer beeps again. Electro sits with his teeth gnashed. Cut to J. Jonah Jameson stepping out of a Daily Bugle truck to meet up with his informant at the front yard plaza linked to the condominium's lobby.]

J. Jonah Jameson: (spreading his arms) Well? Where is he?

Daily Bugle Informant: He's inside.

J. Jonah Jameson: And yet here we are, outside. Did you not hear me say, "don't lose him"?!

Daily Bugle Informant: Yes, sir, I-

J. Jonah Jameson: I want incriminating footage of Spider-Man. The place is about to be swarming with cops!

[Inside the FEAST truck, the Lizard's eyes narrow as he overhears the conversation. He's smiling. He'd been expecting this]

Curt Connors: And so it begins...

[Back in the apartment, Peter is tinkering with the anti-collider when his Spider-Sense Tingle goes off, sending warning signs from every direction. Peter stands up, with Otto and Osborn tailing behind him.]

Otto Octavius: (muffled) Peter?

Norman Osborn: What's wrong?

Peter Parker: I don't know. May?

[They move through the corridor and enter living space. May is holding a scented candle]

May Parker: What is it, Peter?

Flint Marko: What's happening?

[Norman, his face neutral, walks over to the window in the back]

Max Dillon: Why are you looking at me like that?

[Peter closes his eyes, focusing his instincts. Norman moves to the side of the room, with Octavius watching him closely. The tension rises further and further, with camera panning on the faces of Peter, May, Flint, Dillon, Octavius and Osborn, until Peter fires a web at Norman's hand, sticking it against DUM-E. Norman smiles creepily, his other side is in control.]

Green Goblin: That's some neat trick, that sense of yours.

[Green Goblin's theme slowly creeps in.]

Otto Octavius: (confused) Norman?

Green Goblin: (grin widens) Norman's on sabbatical, honey.

Max Dillon: The hell?

Peter Parker: The Goblin...

Green Goblin: "No more darker half?" [as May moves to the kitchen] Did you really think that I'd let that happen? That I'd let you take away my power, just because you're blind to what true power can bring you?

Peter Parker: You don't know me.

Green Goblin: Don't I?

[May grabs the anti-collider and both serums from a stash, and puts it in a bag.]

Green Goblin: I saw how she trapped you, fighting her... holy moral mission.

[May returns to the living space.]

Green Goblin: We don't need you to save us. We don't need to be fixed!

[He looks over to Max]

Green Goblin: These are not curses. They're gifts.

[Max looks down at his drainer. It's two bars away from ridding him of his power.]

Otto Octavius: [shaking his head] Norman, no.

Green Goblin: Quiet, lapdog.

Peter Parker: You don't know what you're talking about.

Green Goblin: I watched you from deep behind Norman's cowardly eyes. Struggling, to have everything you want, while the world tries to make you choose.

[Another beep. The drainer has nearly completed its procedure.]

Green Goblin: Gods don't have to choose. [Max looks at his device again] We take.

Peter Parker: May... run.

[May turns around and runs as the score blasts into full battle mode. Max removes the drainer from his chest. Norman maliciously tears the webbing away, freeing himself. Electro steps forward, fires a lightning bolt and pulls the Arc Reactor towards him, frying the Stark fabricator in the process, much to Otto and Peter's shock. Osborn takes advantage, slamming Parker against the stairs. Flint, knowing the jig is up, takes the third option and turns into sand, flying out of the window. Electro's newly enhanced power causes a momentary blackout in the building, freezing the elevators which May is unable to use right now. Doctor Octopus looks at Max with dread.]

Otto Octavius: Oh, my God. What have you done?

Max Dillon: (eyes shining) I liked you better before.

[He fires a stream of electricity towards Octavius, sending him flying through the apartment wall. Otto starts to fall to his death while a section of ghastly strings plays in the background, but he's able to grab the side of the building with his mechanical tentacles, still intact due to their anti-magnetic properties.]

J. Jonah Jameson: [pointing] Up here! He's up there. It's the guy from the bridge.

[Using his claws, Octavius, knowing there's nothing he can do, scurries away along several nearby buildings. Meanwhile, May takes the fire escape, quickly descending to the groundfloor. Electro ignites, lightning and electricity exuding from every inch of his fiber. The theme evolves into an eerie villain choir. Max and Sandman create a thunderous sandstorm, which traps the newly arrived policemen, reporters and Jameson inside. The side of the F.E.A.S.T. van rips open, preceded by two claw marks. The Lizard breaks through and runs away, confusing Jameson.]

J. Jonah Jameson: Did you see that?

[Dillon and Marko split in opposite directions, a cloud of sand and a deadly lightning tearing through the night sky of Long Island. Meanwhile, May continues her descent as Peter and Norman beat the shit out of each other to the tune of ominous choir, short trumpet section and rhythmic drum beats. Unfortunately, the kid is unable to gain the upper hand, being thrown through windscreens constantly. Even when he manages to lift the Goblin in the air and slam him down through a story to a lower one with his feet, his opponent quickly regains advantage, when Peter tries to web away.]

Green Goblin: No, you don't!

[He smashes Peter through another window. All is recorded by the Daily Bugle helicopter. The fight moves to a hallway. Peter enters it by being thrown by Norman and smashing a wall, while Osborn simply busts another wall and walks in like a boss.]

Green Goblin: Strong enough to have it all...

[Parker rises up, grabs a piece of the wall and hurls it at the Goblin, to no avail. The maniac grabs and holds him place]

Green Goblin: ...too weak to take it!

[He hits Peter, knocking away a few meters. Peter gets back up, leaps and performs a flying triangle choke on Green Goblin, pinning him to a nearby wall and hitting him repeatedly. But the Goblin absolutely no-sells this, smiling more and more with each hit. Peter freezes as the corrupted Osborn cackles maniacally in his face. Peter hits him a few more times, but Norman simply unpins himself and performs a stunning powerbomb/spinebuster sending Peter crashing through another floor. After looking down on his adversary lying in quiet pain, Osborn turns around and leaves the frame. The music goes dead silent. Peter gets back up and starts hobbling, holding his ribs. He smashes a window with his webbing and climbs outside, sticking to the side of the building to catch a break, breathing heavily. Realizing he's being lit by the Daily Bugle helicopter, Parker looks down and sees a familiar face below, on the ground.]

J. Jonah Jameson: [smiling] Now I've gotcha.

[Pysch! The Lizard springs out of nowhere and grabs Peter by his chest]

Curt Connors: I told you there'd be consequences!

[He flings Peter through another window and scurries away. Norman takes over the fight again. He tosses Peter against the hallway's ceiling and grabs him, performing yet another masterful body slam with such force they both fall down, crashing through multiple stories. May reaches the end of the fire escape, making it to the lobby just as Peter and Norman arrive there, crashing in front of the lobby's front door, surrounded by heaps of debris. When the dust vanishes and the smoke clears, we see the Goblin leaning over a near-unconscious Parker. The music devolves into a ghoulish, nightmare-inducing noise. The Green Goblin places his hands on Peter's neck and squeezes.]

Green Goblin: (growling) Your weakness, Peter, is morality. It's choking you! Can you feel it?!

[May quickly runs towards Osborn and stabs him in the neck with the injector meant to cure him. After letting out a ghastly squawk, he rips it out and throws it to the ground. The antidote wasn't finished]

(Video) Risitas - Las Paelleras (Original video with English Subtitles)

Green Goblin: (grunts) It didn't work. Norman was right. He got it from you. [stomping on Peter's chest] That pathetic sickness!

[He then pulls the helpless young man up by his head, forcing him to look at his aunt as May grabs a pieces of rebar from the broken entrance ceiling.]

Green Goblin: You tried to fix me...

Peter Parker: [weakly] May, go... May...

Green Goblin: Now... I'm gonna fix you.

[[The Goblin's glider descends upon the lobby, positioning itself right behind May.]

Peter Parker: May, run, please...

[May swings the rebar and the Goblin Glider accelerates, flying through the front doors with a devastating smash, and hits her, sending her to the ground.]

Peter Parker: May!

[The glider circles through the destroyed lobby and plaza. The Green Goblin jumps on its top, demonic organs only enhancing his demonic presence.]

Green Goblin: Peter, Peter, Peter... No good deed goes unpunished. You can thank me later.

[The Goblin spares a glance towards where May lies, nearly motionless, on the ground, breathing weakly. Spider-Man realizes what's about to happen just as Osborn sets the timer on a Pumpkin Bomb grenade, throwing it towards Peter's fallen guardian.]

Peter Parker: No!

[Osborn then takes off as Peter leaps towards the explosive and manages to barely deflect it before it detonates, knocking him away. Flying away, Norman throws another projectile towards the remaining cops. The bomb goes off and, while nobody dies, it absolutely razes the plaza, pulverizes and sets the lobby on fire through a series of orange and green explosions. At the end, the broken entrance ceiling collapses to the ground in flames. May and Peter slowly get back up on their feet, still recovering and coughing.]

Peter Parker: May?

May Parker: Peter...

Peter Parker: May, I'm here.

[May runs over and hugs him tightly.]

Peter Parker: I'm here. Are you okay?

May Parker: Uh-huh.

Peter Parker: Are you okay?

May Parker: Uh-huh!

[May releases him, then stumbles over her own feet.]

Peter Parker: It's okay. We're okay, right?

May Parker: (thinly) Uh-huh. Yeah. Just knocked on my ass...

Peter Parker: Yeah, me too.

May Parker: That's all.

Peter Parker: [hisses in pain] I think I broke my ribs.

[They stand together in the wreckage for a few moments.]

Peter Parker: This is all my fault, May.

May Parker: N-No.

Peter Parker: I should've just listened to Strange and let him send them back...

May Parker: You did the right thing. They would have been killed. You did the right thing.

Peter Parker: It's not my responsibility, May.

May Parker: Oh. What N-Norman said? "My moral mission"? No.

Peter Parker: No, May, you don't...

May Parker: No. No, Peter. Listen. You listen to me. You have a gift. You have power. And with great power, there must also come great responsibility.

Peter Parker: Yeah. I know.

May Parker: Let's get the hell out of here. I just... need to... catch...

[She collapses to the ground, just as a team of SWAT members arrives, ready to apprehend Peter. They secure the place.]

Peter Parker: What happened? Are you okay? Yeah, you're okay. What happened?

[May tries to smile with utmost effort.]

May Parker: Just help me... to catch my breath...

Peter Parker: Okay. Well, catch your breath. I'm right here. We're gonna take our time, you catch your breath, and... and we'll take you to a doctor, okay?

[He takes his fingers off her shoulder and notices in fear they're covered in blood. He looks at her in tears.]

May Parker: What is it?

Peter Parker: Somebody help! I need an ambulance! Please, somebody...

May Parker: [Not understanding] What happened?

Peter Parker: Nothing. You're okay. You're okay.

May Parker: I'll just... catch my breath...

Peter Parker: Okay. I'm right here. I'm right here. I'm right here. We're okay. Just me and you.

[Suddenly, May stops breathing.]

Peter Parker: May? May? Will you look at me, May? Please? May? May? What are you doing, May? Please, will you just wake up and talk to me, please?

[Happy Hogan arrives in his car. He looks at Peter and May and he... just knows. The SWAT members make him step out of the car and pin him to the bonnet. They start closing in on Spider-Man too, their weapons ready to fire.]

Happy Hogan: Peter! Run!

Peter Parker: [shaking, crying] I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Happy Hogan: Run!

[The SWAT members shoot at Peter, forcing him to leave May in the destroyed front yard. As she finally rests in peace, one final tear glides down her cheek. Cut to a live report of the battle by J. Jonah Jameson.]

J. Jonah Jameson: Tragedy. What else can I call it? What more need be said? The damage... The destruction... You saw it with your own eyes. When will people wake up, and realize that everywhere Spider-Man goes... chaos and calamity ensue. Everything Spider-Man touches comes to ruin. And we, the innocents, are left to pick up the pieces.

[As cold November rain pours down his face, blending with the tears, Peter watches Jameson's report on a bilboard. He slowly comes to a realization that JJJ may have a point.]

J. Jonah Jameson: J. Jonah Jameson, reporting. Good night. And God help us all.

[Cut to Ned and MJ in Ned's apartment as Ned's grandmother, Lola, serves them dinner. They all watch the news in terror in despair.]

News Reporter: ...and we can confirm at least one person has been killed.

MJ: Still nothing?

Ned Leeds: No.

MJ: I'm gonna press it.

Ned Leeds: What? No!

MJ: Peter told me to wait, but... I'm gonna do it.

Ned Leeds: I just wish... I just wish that we could see him. [He makes a gesture with Dr Strange's ring, creating some sparkles in the air.]

MJ: Ned?

Ned Leeds: Yeah?

MJ: Do that again.

Ned Leeds: Yeah. I just wish we could see him. Okay... I just wish we could see Peter.

[He creates a whole portal at which end appears a figure wearing a Spider-Man costume.]

Ned's Grandmother: Salamangkero!

Ned Leeds: You're right. I am magic.

MJ: Is that him?

Ned Leeds: Yeah, yeah. It has to be.

MJ: Peter. Peter!

Ned Leeds: Hey, Peter!


[The lanky yet muscled stranger runs towards the portal. We cut back to MJ and Ned, growing worried. The suited figure jumps through the portal to reveal -- THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Ned's Lola screams, standing in the doorway.]

Webb Peter: Hi. Hi!

[She throws a pillow at the variant Spidey, hitting him square in the chest.]

Webb Peter: No, no, no. It's okay, it's okay. I'm a nice guy.

[Despite the hero's protests, she runs off. The second Spider-Man takes his mask off, revealing the face of Andrew Garfield. At this point, the hype thrusters of many a film fan detonated. He holds his hands out in front of him, getting his bearings]

Webb Peter: Okay...

MJ: Who the hell are you?

Webb Peter: I'm Peter Parker.

MJ: That's not possible.

Webb Peter: I am Spider-Man... in my world. But then, yesterday, I was... I was just here. Wow...

[Webb Peter begins backing himself into a corner near the fridge, counting off his fingers while a variation on James Horner's "Main Titles / Young Peter" from The Amazing Spider-Man plays in the background.]

Webb Peter: String theory... Multidimensional reality... And matter displacement. All real?

Ned Leeds and MJ: Yeah...

Webb Peter: Knew it!

[Ned turns to MJ, whispering.]

Ned Leeds: This has to be because of the spell.

Webb Peter: The spell? Like magic spell?

MJ: There's no spell.

Ned Leeds: No spell. No.

Webb Peter: Magic's real here, too?

Ned Leeds: I mean..

MJ: Shut up, Ned. No, it's not real. Shut up.

Ned Leeds: I mean... There's magicians and stuff, but there's no like...

MJ: Stop it. Stop. [to Webb Peter] Prove it.

Webb Peter: Prove what?

MJ: That you're Peter Parker.

Webb Peter: I don't carry an ID with me, it kinda defeats the whole "I'm a superhero" thing.

[Michelle chucks a piece of bread at the alternate universe Peter and quickly adopts a ninja pose. Webb Peter shrugs.]

Webb Peter: Why'd you do that?

MJ: I was trying to see if you had the tingle thing.

Webb Peter: I have the tingle thing, just not for bread.

[MJ picks up another roll]

Webb Peter: Can you not throw the... the bread again? You're a deeply mistrusting person... and I respect it.

[Webb Peter lightly hops towards the ceiling and sticks to it with his hand. Michelle points towards him, then fidgets]

MJ: Crawl around.

Webb Peter: Crawl around?

MJ: Yes!

Webb Peter: No...

MJ: Yes, crawl around!

Webb Peter: Why do I need to crawl around?

MJ: 'Cause it's not enough.

Webb Peter: This is plenty.

MJ: No, it's not!

Webb Peter: Yes, it is.

MJ: No, it's not.

Webb Peter: It is.

MJ: Nuh-uh.

Webb Peter: How do I stick to the ceiling?

[Michelle throws another roll at him]

MJ: Do it.

[She picks up another roll. Webb Peter shakes his head]

Ned's Grandmother: Ned? Sabihin mo dyan sa mamang yan na alisin yung agiw sa sulok, ha?

Ned Leeds: Lola is asking if you can just get the cobweb, there.

[Webb Peter looks towards it and sighs in exasperation]

Ned Leeds: Since you're, like, up there?

Webb Peter: Yeah!

[Webb Peter places his mask in his mouth and crawls towards the cobweb before dusting it off the ceiling]

Ned's Grandmother: Thank you.

[Webb Peter drops to the ground, dusting himself off]

Webb Peter: We go-

[He takes the mask out of his mouth]

Webb Peter: We good?

MJ: For now.

[Michelle turns to Ned as Webb Peter throws his hands in the air, looking back at the portal, which promptly closes behind him]

Ned Leeds: So... I opened the wrong portal to the wrong Peter Parker?

MJ: Yeah. I guess you just keep doing it until you find the real one.

Webb Peter: Ouch.

MJ: No offense.

Ned Leeds: Okay.

MJ: Okay. You got it.

[Ned holds his hands out in front of him and begins to make a portal]

Ned Leeds: Find Peter Parker.

Webb Peter: What's the thing on his hand?

[Michelle shushes him]

Ned Leeds: Find Peter Parker. Find Peter Parker!

[Ned conjures another portal behind him, leading to a rooftop overlooking the Empire State building. Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker steps through to the strains of Danny Elfman's Spidey theme]

Ned Leeds: Great, so it's just some random guy?

Raimi Peter: Hello! Um... I hope it's okay, [turns around, portal shrinks and vanishes] I just came through this, uh... It just closed.

MJ: You're Peter?

Raimi Peter: Yeah. Peter... Parker? I-I've seen you two...

[Raimi Peter looks towards Ned's grandmother, who waves slyly at him. Raimi Peter waves back]

Raimi Peter: Hi.

[Raimi Peter and Webb Peter catch each other's attention, standing opposite each other]

Raimi Peter: Wait, he's... He's not your friend...

[They stare each other down for a tense moment before Webb Peter shoots a web. Raimi Peter does the same and they both flip over it, with Webb Peter landing on the table. Raimi Peter shoots another web towards Webb Peter and covers one of his web shooters. Webb Peter nods in astonishment and Rami Peter smiles back before Webb Peter jumps off the table.]

Ned Leeds: Wait, so you're Spider-Man, too? Why didn't you just say that?

Raimi Peter: Uh, I don't go around generally advertising it. It kinda defeats the whole "anonymous superhero" thing.

Webb Peter: That's what I just said...

MJ: That's what he just said.

Ned's Grandmother: Ikaw, ha? Nagkalat ka nanaman. Linisin mo lahat ng mga basura mo dito. At ikaw? Alam mo na gusto ko itong bahay natin, maayos, pero tingnan mo. Dumi dito, dumi doon.

Ned Leeds: My Lola's asking if you could clean up the webs that you just shot.

Webb Peter: Oh. Sorry, Lola.

Raimi Peter: Yes, of course.

Ned's Grandmother: I'm going to bed.

Ned Leeds: Good night, Lola.

MJ: Good night... Ned's Lola.

Raimi Peter: This might seem kind of weird, but... I've been trying to find your friend ever since I got here. I just had this sense that... that he needs my help.

Webb Peter: Our help.

MJ: He does. We don't know where he is. And, um... Honestly, right now, we're all he really has left.

Raimi Peter: Well, is there some place, that he might go that has meaning to him? Like a... a place where he would go to just...

Webb Peter: Get away from everything?

Raimi Peter: For me, it was the top of the Chrysler Building.

Webb Peter: Empire State. Better view.

Raimi Peter: That is a sweet view.

MJ: [slowly getting the idea] Yes. Yeah, I think I know exactly where that would be.

[Cut to the Midtown High's rooftop. MCU Peter Parker is sitting there, broken and miserable. Ned and MJ walk up to him and embrace him as he cries in their shoulders.]

MJ: Peter, there's... there's some people here... Who... [She and Ned very slowly let him go]

[He gets up and notices Webb and Raimi Peters at the top of the school's tower. The jump down to his level]

MCU Peter: Hey. Wait, wait, whoa.

Raimi Peter: (holding up his hand) Sorry... about May.

Webb Peter: Yeah. Sorry. I got some understanding of...

MCU Peter: No, please don't tell me that you know what I'm going through.

Webb Peter: (sighs) Okay.

MCU Peter: She's gone... and it's all my fault. She died for nothing. So I'm gonna do what I should've done in the first place.

[MCU Peter reaches for the box.]

Raimi Peter: Peter...

MCU Peter: Please, don't. You don't belong here. Either of you, so I'm sending you home. Those other guys are from your worlds, right? So you deal with it. If they die, if you k!ll them... That's on you. It's not my problem. I don't care anymore. I'm done. I'm really sorry that I dragged you into this. But you have to go home now. Good luck.

[Peter reaches for the spell box, but MJ moves it away from him, wordlessly encouraging Peter to hear his counterparts out.]

Raimi Peter: My Uncle Ben was killed. It was my fault.

Webb Peter: I lost... I lost Gwen. My, uh... She was my MJ. I couldn't save her. I'm never gonna be able to forgive myself for that. But I carried on. Tried to, uh... tried to keep going, tried to keep being the... that friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, because I know that's what she would have wanted. But... at some point, I just... I stopped pulling my punches. I got rageful. I got bitter. I just don't want you, to end up like... like me.

Raimi Peter: The night... Ben died, I hunted down the man who I thought did it. I wanted him dead. I got what I wanted. It didn't make it better. It took me a long time to... learn to get through that darkness.

MCU Peter: I wanna kill him. I wanna tear him apart. I can still hear her voice in my head...

[He briefly breaks down, then composes himself.]

MCU Peter: Even after she was hurt, she said to me that we did the right thing. She told me that with great power...

[Raimi Peter's eyes widen as he recognizes the words]

Raimi Peter: ...comes great responsibility.

[MCU Peter looks up at Raimi Peter, who looks over to Webb Peter. Webb Peter nods slightly, teary-eyed.]

MCU Peter: [genuinely surprised] Wait, what? How do you know that?

Webb Peter: Uncle Ben said it.

Raimi Peter: The day he died. Maybe she didn't die for nothing, Peter.

[Cut to the Peters at the Midtown High laboratory, all standing by one of the work tables. MCU Peter empties the bag filled with broken devices]

Peter Parker: Okay, so... (pulling them apart) Connors, Marko, Dillon, and, uh... Look, I think that I can repair the devices for Dillon and Marko, but the others...

Webb Peter: Well, I got Connors. I've already cured him once, so no big deal. [Beat] What? It's no big deal.

Raimi Peter: Great.

Peter Parker: Yeah. That's great.

Raimi Peter: I think I can make an antiserum for Doctor Osborn. Been thinking about it a long time.

[MCU Peter side-eyes Raimi Peter with barely concealed vengeance.]

Raimi Peter: Gotta cure all of 'em, right?

MCU Peter: Right.

Raimi Peter: Yeah, it's what we do.

[Raimi Peter walks off to another corner of the lab, leaving MCU Peter to comtemplate things. He notices MJ looking at the group.]

MCU Peter: What?

MJ: It's just... Three yous.

[MCU Peter looks back at them chuckles at the absurdity. Raimi and Webb Peter put gloves on and grab chemicals off shelves, each working on their own separate cures. As Raimi Peter squeezes some liquid from a dropper into a test tube with a flame over it, Ned rolls up behind him.]

Ned Leeds: Um... So. Do you have a best friend, too?

Raimi Peter: I did.

Ned Leeds: You did?

Raimi Peter: He died in my arms. After he tried to kill me. It was heartbreaking.

Webb Peter: Dude...

[Ned sits with that for a few moments before standing and walking over to MCU Peter.]

MCU Peter: Will you, uh, run a diagnostic?

Ned Leeds: Yeah.

[Ned presses a key on the laptop, then quickly walks away. Peter looks after him, confused. MJ sidles up to him.]

MJ: Hey, you okay?

MCU Peter: Uh, yeah, I'm fine, are you okay?

MJ: Mm-hm.


MCU Peter: You don't deserve this. I brought you a life of--

MJ: Peter no. No, no, no, no. No. Look at me.

[She grabs his face.]

MJ: I'm here. I'm not going anywhere. We're gonna get through this, and we're gonna get through it together. Okay?

MCU Peter: Okay.

MJ: Okay...

[They touch foreheads. Webb Peter looks on with bittersweet longing. Raimi Peter takes notice.]

Raimi Peter: Do you have someone?

Webb Peter: No. (sighs) I got no time for, uh... Peter Parker stuff, y'know? Do you?

Raimi Peter: Um, that's a little... complicated.

Webb Peter: No, I understand. I guess it's just not in the cards for guys like us.

Raimi Peter: (sympathetic) Well... I wouldn't give up. It took a while, but we made it work.

Webb Peter: Yeah?

Raimi Peter: Yeah, me and.., MJ.

[Webb Peter tilts his head to the side, slightly worried.]

Raimi Peter: Well, my MJ, which, uh... It gets confusing, huh?

[Webb Peter chuckles.]

Webb Peter: Yeah.

Ned Leeds: Peter?

MCU Peter/Raimi Peter/Webb Peter: [in unison] Yeah? [pointing towards each other] Oh, sorry. You mean...

Ned Leeds: Peter-Peter.

MCU Peter: We're all called Peter, Ned.

Raimi and Webb Peters: Yeah.

Ned Leeds: Peter Parker?

MCU Peter/Raimi Peter/Webb Peter: Same. We're all Peter Parker.

Ned Leeds: (sighs) The computer!

[MCU Peter walks over to it]

MCU Parker: (looking at the screen) Oh, I'm ready.

Webb Peter: Yeah, me too.

[The three Spider-Men regroup by the laptop. Webb Peter is holding the Lizard cure]

Webb Peter: Okay, so... Now, all we gotta do is lure these guys someplace, right? Try to cure them, while they try to... kill us, and then, send them home.

Raimi Peter: Using a magic box?

MCU Parker: Well, that's the plan.

Webb Peter: [to Raimi Peter] So are you gonna go into battle dressed as a cool youth pastor, or do you got your suit?

[Raimi Peter pulls down the collar of his shirt, revealing the Spider-Man suit underneath it]

Webb Peter: Good.

Ned Leeds: (handing them to Peter) Here's your web cartridges.

MCU Parker: Oh, thanks, man.

Raimi Peter: What's that for?

MCU Peter: Uh, it's my web fluid. It's for my web shooters. Why?

[Raimi Peter fires another web out of his wrist, startling the others]

Ned Leeds: (amazed) That came out of you.

Raimi Peter: Yeah. You can't do that, huh?

MCU Parker: No.

Webb Peter: [bending over, equally amazed] How on Earth is that...

MCU Parker: Anyway, we're getting sidetracked. Look, this is where we're gonna do this, okay? It's isolated, so no one should get hurt. We draw them there with the box, it's the one thing they all want. All we have to do is figure out how we're gonna get there.

Ned Leeds: Oh, we can portal there.

Peter Parker: What?

Ned Leeds: I'm magic now.

MJ: Yeah, no, no. He's right. He can. He can.

Raimi Peter: Yeah, we saw him.

Webb Peter: Yeah. He is.

MCU Parker: Wait, really?

Ned Leeds: Dude, I got Doctor Strange magic.

MCU Parker: What?

Ned Leeds: Yeah! And I promise you... I won't turn into a supervillain and try to kill you.

[Webb Peter pats Ned on the back and nods in approval. MCU Peter seems a bit confused]

MCU Parker: O-kay... Thank... you? Um... Alright. Here goes nothing. (to MJ) What's that thing you always say? If you expect disappointment...

MJ: No, no, no... We gotta kick some ass.

MCU Parker: Okay.

Raimi Peter: Cure. Cure some ass.

Ned Leeds: (smiling) Cure that ass.

[The camera slowly tracks through the dark city, as the audio of another Daily Bugle podcast is played behind it]

J. Jonah Jameson [vo]: Ladies and gentlemen... The Bugle tip line has just received a call from none other than the fugitive known as Spider-Man, fresh from his rampage in Queens. So, Peter Parker... What pernicious propaganda are you peddling?

MCU Peter: Just the truth.

J. Jonah Jameson: Oh, sure.

[MCU Peter Parker is broadcasting via a webcam.]

MCU Peter: Truth is... that this is all my fault. I accidentally brought those dangerous people here.

J. Jonah Jameson: [in the studio, spreads his arms] Well, he admits it!

MCU Peter: And if those people are watching... Just know that I really did try to help you. (holding up the box) I could've killed you. At any given moment, but I didn't. Because my Aunt May taught me that everyone deserves a second chance. And that's why I'm here.

J. Jonah Jameson: And where is here, exactly?

MCU Peter: A place that represents second chances.

[He shows a scaffolding surrounding the Statue of Liberty. Next, we cut to an aerial shot of the monument, seeing that the scaffolding serves as the pillar of Captain America's shield which is being slowly attached to the statue.]

J. Jonah Jameson: The Statue of Liberty? Good God, folks! He's about to destroy another national landmark.

MCU Peter: The world, if you're watching...

J. Jonah Jameson: Believe me, the world is watching.

MCU Peter: Wish me luck. Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man could really use some.

[He ends the call. On the scaffolding surrounding the Statue of Liberty, the three Peters are getting ready. MCU Peter is standing on top of the statue]

MCU Peter: Okay, guys. It could be any minute now.

[Raimi Peter webs the cures to the scaffolding to secure them.]

Raimi Peter: Yup. Almost done.

[From a nearby piece of rebar where the masks of the foreign Peters rest on, the camera glides over to Webb Peter, doing some stretches]

Webb Peter: You know, Max was, like... the sweetest guy ever. Before he fell into a... pool of electric eels.

Raimi Peter: That'll do it. [leaning against a nearby steel bar] And there it goes...

Webb Peter: (chuckling) You okay?

Raimi Peter: It's just... my back. It's kind of stiff from all the... swinging, I guess.

Webb Peter: Oh, yeah, no, I got a middle back pain, too.

Raimi Peter: Really?

Webb Peter: Yeah. You want me to crack it?

Raimi Peter: Yeah. That would be great.

Webb Peter: You ready? [Cracks the other Peter's back]

Raimi Peter: Yeah. That's good.

Webb Peter: How is it?

Raimi Peter: Wow. That's good.

Webb Peter: Right?

Raimi Peter: That's better. Yeah. Wow.

Webb Peter: [smiling] God, this is so cool. I always wanted brothers. So, you could like make your own web fluid in your body?

Raimi Peter: I'd rather not talk about this.

Webb Peter: No, I don't mean to...

Raimi Peter: Are you teasing me?

[This universe's Peter is standing at the top of the Statue of Liberty, holding the magic box]

MCU Peter: No, no, no, no, no, no. He's not teasing you. It's just that... We can't do that, so naturally we're curious as to how your web situation works. That's all.

Webb Parker: If it's personal, I don't wanna pry. I just think it's cool.

Raimi Peter: No. I wish I could tell you, but it's like, I don't do it... Like I don't... Like, I don't do breathing. Like, breathing just happens.

MCU Peter: Whoa. Like, does it just come out of your wrists, or... Does it come out off anywhere else?

Raimi Peter: Only... only the wrists.

Webb Peter: You never had to web block? Cause I run out of webs all the time. I had to make my own lab. And it's a hassle.

Raimi Peter: That sounds like a hassle, yeah. But I did, actually, as you said that. I was like, oh... I had a web block.

Webb Peter: W-Why?

Raimi Peter: Existential crisis stuff.

Webb Peter: (pifts) Yeah, don't get me started on that.

MCU Peter: Hey, what are like, some of the craziest villains that you guys have fought?

Raimi Peter: Seems you've met some of them.

Webb Peter: [half a laugh] That's a good question.

Raimi Peter: I fought a... an alien... made out of black goo once.

MCU Peter: No way! I fought an alien, too. On Earth and in space.

Raimi Peter: Oh.

Peter Parker: Yeah. He was purple.

Webb Peter: I wanna fight an alien.

Raimi Peter: I'm, I'm still, like... that you fought an alien, in space.

Webb Peter: I'm lame. Like, I fought a Russian guy in a, like, a rhinoceros machine.

Raimi Peter: Hey, can we rewind it back to the "I'm lame" part? 'Cause, you're not.

Webb Peter: Aw, thanks. No, yeah. I appreciate it, I'm not saying I'm lame. But it's just the self-talk maybe we should, you know...

Raimi Peter: Yeah, listen... Please... You're... You're amazing. Just to take it in for a minute.

Webb Peter: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Raimi Peter: You... You are amazing.

Webb Peter: I guess I am.

Raimi Peter: You are amazing.

Webb Peter: Thank you.

Raimi Peter: Will you say it?

Webb Peter: No, I kinda needed to hear that. Thank you.

[The MCU Peter's Tingle is triggered. He looks up]

MCU Peter: Alright guys, focus up. Can you feel that?

Raimi Peter: (nods) Yeah.

[Webb Peter senses something as well, looking up. The music creeps back in, starting with two strong brass notes. The sky above their heads lights up with sinister yellow flashes.]

Max Dillon: What's up, Peter?

[Thunder rumbles as Electro materializes in a flashy burst, Arc Reactor attached to his chest and positively radiant with electricity.]

Max Dillon: How do you like the new-new? Look, you give it to me, I'm gonna destroy it. [chuckles viciously] But I'll let you live.

[MCU Peter turns his head in the opposite direction, ready to jump]

Max Dillon: [much less playfully] Don't make me a murderer, Peter.

[MCU Peter puts his mask on, leaps down and dives to the wonderful sound of the orchestra.]

MCU Peter: Okay, guys, here he comes.

[Electro follows him, teleporting via his lightning. As they pass by the lower levels of the scaffolding, Raimi and Webb Peters spring into action. The latter swings towards Dillon, distracting him.]

Webb Peter: Hey, Max! I missed you, man! Ho!

[He swings upwards, avoiding a blast from Max's hands]

[MCU Spider-Man, free from Electro's attention, passes the Machina de Kadavus to his friends waiting at the other end of a portal.]

MCU Peter: All right, MJ, heads up!

[Michelle intercepts the relic effortlessly.]

(Video) THE BATMAN Joker Deleted Scene (2022)

MJ: Got it! Close it.

[He tries to close it in an overly dramatic way, but it doesn't. He tries again, and fails again.]

MJ: Uh... Ned, it’s not closing.

Ned Leeds: Yeah, I know.

MJ: Why isn't it closing?

Ned Leeds: I don't know... I...

MJ: Did you close it before?

Ned Leeds: No? No. I mean, I have opened some.

[From the waters of the Claremont Terminal Channel onto the surface of the Liberty Island crawls the Lizard. He roars, announcing his arrival. At the top of the scaffolding, Webb Peter lands on Lady Liberty's crown to cool things down a bit.]

Webb Peter: (holding out his hands) Max, Max, Max. Can we just talk... for a second? Just you and me, just talk?

Max Dillon: Look who showed up! My old friend Spider-Man.

Webb Peter: I'm trying to save you, Max. That's all I've ever wanted.

Max Dillon: You're not trying to save me.

Webb Peter: I am.

Max Dillon: You ain't even the shit no more!

[Webb Peter sighs theatrically]

Max Dillon: Don't worry about me. I'll save myself. Burn up!

[Arc Reactor powers up, Max fires a particularly strong lightning bolt. Webbverse Spider-Man saves himself just in the nick of time, while catching fire on his foot and putting it out, and swings away.]

Webb Peter: I got his attention, now what?

[Raimi Peter is seen swinging with Dr Curt Connors hanging on his foot.]

Raimi Peter: Okay, great! Uh, just FYI... Lizard-guy is here too!

[They hit a random crane. Raimiverse Spider-Man holds himself inside, the Lizard grabs an external pipe and starts climbing it.]

Raimi Peter: Guys, comm check! Hello?

Webb Peter: I need Max's cure.

MCU Peter: Yeah. I'm on it!

Raimi Peter: Peter! I need the Lizard cure!

MCU Peter: Okay! Okay!

[Before he can do much else, he's rapidly grabbed by a gigantic fist, constructed from sand]

MCU Peter: Whoa...

[A giant, muddy, angry face appears next to him, revealing Sandman.]

Flint Marko: Where's the box, Peter?

MCU Peter: Flint! We can help everyone.

Flint Marko: I don't care!

[Around them, Webb Peter and Electro are swinging in the air while Lizard and Raimi Peter are balancing on the crane. MCU Peter frees his right hand and tries to web the crane, but it is cut short by a passing Webb Peter, who then starts falling. Trying to stop his fall, Webb Peter tries to web the crane but ends up hitting Raimi Peter. Connors uses this and smashes Raimi Peter against the crane.]

Webb Peter: Sorry! [webs somewhere else]

Raimi Peter: [removing the web from his face] Gross...

Max Dillon: Sad to tell you, Sandman. Nobody's going home!

[Electro shoots at the crane which falls on Flint and disrupts his physical form, knocking him down and freeing MCU Peter. All other Peters get away from the object, which crushes the leftover Lizard. Max finally gets Webb Peter and knocks him down. Sandman rises up as a sandstorm, preventing Electro from seeing anything. The Peters, hidden safely inside the scaffolding, use this moment for a little timeout.]

Webb Peter: What the hell is going on out there?! I kept yelling at you, Peter Two, Peter Two...

MCU Peter: Ow, ow, ow, ow!

Raimi Peter: I know, but I thought you're Peter Two?

Webb Peter: What? I'm not Peter Two...

MCU Peter: Stop arguing, both of you! Listen to Peter One. Look, we're clearly not very good at this!

Webb Peter: I know, I know. We suck. I-I don't know how to work as a team.

Raimi Peter: Me neither.

MCU Peter: Well, I do. I have been in a team, okay? I don't wanna brag, but I will. I was in the Avengers.

Raimi Peter: The Avengers?

MCU Peter: Yeah.

Raimi Peter: That's great!

MCU Peter: Thank you.

Raimi Peter: What is that?

MCU Peter: Wait, you don't have the Avengers?

Webb Peter: Is that a band? Are you in a band?

MCU Peter: No, I'm not in a band. No, the Avengers is a... Earth's Mightiest...

Raimi Peter: [suddenly shouting] How is this helping?!

MCU Peter: Look, it's not important. All we gotta do is focus, trust your tingle, and coordinate our attacks, okay?

Raimi Peter: Yes. Okay. Let's pick one target.

Webb Peter: Right. We take them off the board one at a time.

MCU Peter: Now you got it. Okay... Peter One, Peter Two...

Raimi Peter: Peter Two.

MCU Peter: Peter Three.

Webb Peter: [almost simultaneously] Peter Three!

Peter 1: All right, let's do this...

Peter 3: No, wait, wait, wait, wait! I love you guys.

Peter 2/Peter 1: Thank you.

[In addition, Peter 1 glances at Peter 3 with gratitude]

Peter 1: All right. Let's do this.

[Three Spider-Men, three heroes of three generation jump off the scaffolding, screaming wildly, swinging in tandem, filling every fan's heart with joy. They land in the correct order - Peter 2 first, Peter 3 second and Peter 1 last - on Lady Liberty's crown. Sandman, Electro and Lizard gather to meet them in a villain team-up shot. The two group lunge at one another at the same moment. Peter 2 meets up with Max, Peter 3 flying kicks Connors, while Peter 1 taps Marko lightly and swings down, ready to take command.]

Peter 1: Let's go. Okay, Spider-Mans. [sic!] Sandman first. [Electro targets him]

Peter 2: [chased by Marko in form of the sand demon] I'm gonna lead him inside the statue.

Peter 3: [chased by the Lizard] I'll meet you at the top.

Curt Connors: (growling) Come on!

[Peter 3 grabs the anti-collider and tries to gain some distance, but the Lizard pins him down mercilessly.]

Peter 3: Hey, Dr. Connors.

Curt Connors: Hello, Peter.

[To their right, Peter 1 is seen avoiding Electro.]

Peter 3: Peter One! [passes the device to MCU Spider-Man, who catches it]

Peter 1: I got it. [Max teleports out of the blue and blasts him down. The anti collider falls into one of the scaffolding's corridors.]

[Meanwhile, Peter 2 lures Sandman deep inside the Statue's interior. Flint traps him there, filling everything around with grains of sand.]

Peter 2: Flint! We're trying to help you! Guys, I'm at the top! I need the cure! [He's slowly suffocated by the sand]

[MCU Peter has recovered and is coming to the rescue]

Peter 1: I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming!

[Meanwhile, Webb Peter is trying his damndest to prevent the Lizard from biting his head clean off.]

Peter 3: [desperately webbing Connors to the scaffolding] Just... wait... for your... turn... Doc! I'll be right back.

[As Electro closes in on him, Webb Peter jumps out of the structure and, using two lines of web, catapults himself upwards. Spinning in the air gracefully, he quickly throws the cure to Peter 1, who then throws it to Peter 2, whose arm is the only thing not submerged in sand. With a press of a button, he activates the miniature super collider. Light shines out of the crown from Lady Liberty. The sand sinks away, Peter Two takes off his mask and takes a few deep breaths. At the bottom of the statue, Flint Marko, cured at last, rises from the puddle of sand, looking at his hands in confusion.]

Peter 2: It's okay, Flint. We're gonna get you home. Just... stay right here.

[Electro causes a whole lot of electrical discharges in the air, growing in power. The three Peters gather at the crown.]

Peter 2: How do we stop him?

Peter 3: I've never seen him this powerful.

Peter 1: It's the arc reactor. We gotta get it off him.

Max Dillon: You'll never take this away from me.

[Peter 1 webs the power source, but Max simply rips the web off]

Max Dillon: That's not gonna work.

[He fires directly at the crown, destroying the pieces of scaffolding surrounding it as the Spider-Men dodge.]

Peter 1: Okay, we've gotta do this up close. Peter Two, go right, Peter Three, go left. On me.

[Spider-Men web Electro to two ends of the scaffolding and try to reach him, but he repels each one of them, with Webb Peter having it the worst - he gets frozen by the electricity and kept in there while Dillon attempts to fry him to death. As Peter 3 is about to drop the electricity drainer, Peter 1 swings in and gets Max's attention who blasts him away effortlessly. As a result, Peter 3 hits a fragment of the monument covered in a sheet, then falls down and lands in a corridor. The Lizard frees himself and notices the still open portal to the laboratory.]

MJ: All right, we're gonna do it again. We're just gonna keep trying. Alright. We got it.

Ned Leeds: [breathes heavily] I got it. Got this.

MJ: Close it. Close it.

[The Lizard runs to them as Peter 1 notices the danger.]

Peter 1: Oh, no. No, no, no!

MJ: Ned, that is a lizard, and we should... [They both run from the portal, desperately trying to avoid the bad Doctor. He smashes some stuff and nearly gets them before he's kicked into a wall by Peter 1.]

Peter 1: Run! [Ned and MJ run through the portal, entering the scaffolding.]

Peter 1: [fighting the Lizard] Connors, stop! [The Lizard smacks him down and continues his pursuit]

Max Dillon: [laughing] Yeah.

[Peter 3 finally drops the drainer. Peter 2 gets it and lunges at Electro, but he's intercepted by... a mechanical tentacle. Another tentacle grabs poor Peter 3, who, like always can't catch a break. From the shadows emerges Doctor Otto Octavius.]

Otto Octavius: [in a commanding tone] Leave them. They're mine.

Max Dillon: [clearly enjoying himself] I don't need your help. I got it just fine.

Peter 2: Dr. Octavius... No...

[Suddenly, one of the remaining claws grabs Electro by the chest]

Max Dillon: What are you doing?!

[Otto turns around, smiling and shrugging]

Max Dillon: Get it off me!

[With one quick pull, Doctor Octopus rips the arc reactor from Max's chest, briefly stunning him. As he drops the two Spider-Men, another claw grabs Electro's cure and presses it against the supervillain's chest. All the lights quickly turn green. Max is cured.]

Otto Octavius: There you go.

[Chased by the Lizard, Ned and MJ desperately maneuver through the corridor. Finally, Ned performs a spontaneous hand wave, and a sudden portal opens. A whole lot of water pours from it and knocks Connors down. Peter 1 just manages to avoid it. MJ grabs the anti-reptile serum. Peter 1 kicks down the Lizard before he can recover.]

Peter 1: MJ!

[She passes the bottle to him. Peter grabs it and manages to just raise it, shielding himself as the Lizard bites through it, releasing the healing substance. Everything around him fills with green smoke as he's slowly brought down to normal.]

MJ: We gotta hide this thing!

Ned: No, no, wait!

[Ned tries to open one last portal. He does, and as him and MJ cheer, through it steps Doctor Stephen Strange.]

Stephen Strange: [agitated] Where is he?

[He quickly retakes his Sling Ring and the Machina de Kadavus from Ned and MJ]

MJ: Wait, wait, wait!

Ned Leeds: Before you do anything, Mister... Doctor Strange, sir, well... Peter's plan is working.

Stephen Strange: What plan?

Ned Leeds: He's curing them.

[Strange, Ned and MJ all stare at the green cloud of smoke, which is slowly dissipating]

Peter 1: Dr. Connors?

[Curt Connors, back in his human form, sits upright and looks sorrowful at the ground]

Peter 1: Welcome back, sir.

Stephen Strange: Well, I'll be damned... [looking over to Ned] Did you just open a portal?

Ned Leeds: Yes... yes, sir. I did.

Stephen Strange: Hmm...

[Otto, meanwhile, has put Max on solid ground. Webb Peter joins him]

Peter 3: Max. Max?

Max Dillon: Don't worry. I'm all tapped out.

Peter 3: You sure about that?

Max Dillon: Back to being a nobody...

Peter 3: You were never a nobody, Max.

Max Dillon: Yes, I was. Yes, I was. You didn't see me. [chuckles] Can I tell you something?

Peter 3: Yeah.

Max Dillon: You got a nice face. You're just a kid.

Peter 3: [nods] Eh...

Max Dillon: You're from Queens... You got that suit... You helping out people... I just thought you was gonna be black.

Peter 3: Oh, man. I'm sorry.

Max Dillon: Ah, don't mind it. There's gotta be a black Spider-Man somewhere out there.

[Peter 3 nods]

Max Dillon: Goddamn eels.

[He holds out his hand, Peter 3 helps him up. Otto, meanwhile, stares at the arc reactor he's holding]

Otto Octavius: The power of the sun...

[Peter 2 lands a few feet away from him]

Peter 2: ...in the palm of your hand.

Otto Octavius: Peter?

[Peter 2 takes his mask off. He smiles]

Peter 2: Otto.

Otto Octavius: [smiling] Oh, it's good to see you, dear boy.

Peter 2: It's good to see you.

Otto Octavius: You're all grown up. [laughs] How are you?

Peter 2: [thinks about the answer for a while before he gets it] Trying to do better.

[Otto chuckles. Then they both turn their hands, a portal is opening. Doctor Strange walks through, holding the contained spell. Peter 1 joins them, taking off his mask.]

Peter 1: Strange, wait, we're so close--!

Stephen Strange: Skip it! I've been dangling over the Grand Canyon for twelve hours!

Peter 1: I know, I know, I, uh, um, uh...

[Peter 3 and Peter 2 walk up to Peter 1, glaring at Strange.]

Peter 1: I-I'm sorry about that, sir, I mean...

[Strange gives Peter an incredulous look.]

Peter 2: You went to the Grand Canyon?!

Peter 3: He could've used your help!

Peter 1: No, no, no, it's okay, it's okay! Uh, these... These are my new friends, this is Peter Parker, this is Peter Parker, Spider-Man, Spider-Man, they're mes from other universes, they're here to help.

Stephen Strange: (confused, shaking his head) No, no...

Peter 1: This is the wizard I was telling you about.

Stephen Strange: Look, I am really impressed that you've managed to give them all a second chance, kid. But this has to end, now.

[Peter 2's spider-sense goes off as he turns around with visible dread on his face.]

Green Goblin: [Offscreen] Can the Spider-Man come out to play?!

[The Green Goblin swoops in, descending towards the top of the scaffolding on his glider, with a swarm of razor bat Pumpkin Bombs accompanying him. Otto steps in and uses his tentacles to crush the bats flying towards Strange. Goblin swoops down and steals the box from Strange. Before he can proceed, Octavius sends one of his lower tentacles forward, grabbing the glider and holding it in place. Strange conjures a whip and retrieves the box with it. Osborn spins his glider and slashes the tentacle with its blade, severing it, and then flies out into the clouds, disappearing. The three Peters' Spider-Sense go off at the same time. Cutting back, we discover that the Goblin has left a present -- a Pumpkin Bomb, lodged in the box.]

Peter 1: STRANGE, NO!

[BANG! The explosive goes off, knocking Strange away and destroying a large part of the scaffolding. The shield goes down and falls to the ground. MJ falls off the Statue, debris plummeting around her. Ned manages only to latch on to a random rivet.]

[Peter 1 instantly throws himself after her, his hand reaching out for hers. Seconds before they connect, the cackling Green Goblin collides into MCU Spider-Man, dragging him away from MJ. Peter 3 screams out a silent "No!" and dives after MJ, enveloping her in his arms and shooting out a web that lowers them to the ground. They land, breathing heavily, among falling metal debris.]

Peter 3: Are you okay?

[MJ nods.]

MJ: Yeah. I'm okay.

[Peter 3 begins to break down.]

MJ: Are you okay?

[Peter 3 nods, finally having found some closure for his biggest mistake.]

[Doctor Strange tries to hold the spell with his utmost effort. Ned desperately holds onto his rivet. Otto moves to the lower levels, with Max in one of his tentacles. Stephen grapples with the spell to the last, but fails, and a wave of magical energy spreads through New York. Ned lets go, screams and starts falling. Fortunately, the Cloak of Levitation comes to the rescue, attaching itself to Ned's arms and holding him in the air. Meanwhile, the shield, impacted by the release of runes, moves down again, absolutely pulverizing the remaining levels of scaffolding underneath. Peter-2 shoots some webs, helping an unseen Connors to safely reach the ground level. They all land safely. The shield completely collapses to the ground, rolls off the surface of Liberty Island and stops on the water of the Claremont Terminal Channel, the arena for the final battle. Standing on the Statue's torch, Strange watches in horror as reality cracks, creating interdimensional portals for those knowing Spider-Man's identity to come through. He immediately starts sealing them, but it's not enough. Peter 1 wildly bashes Green Goblin's glider until he breaks open his stash with Pumpkin Bombs. He takes one, activates it and slams it into the glider, destroying it. The vehicle loses altitude instantly, with MCU Spider-Man and Norman crashing through some rubble before they finally land at the shield's underside. Ned lands on a viewing terrace as the cape returns to Stephen. ]

Ned Leeds: Thank you, Mister Cape, sir.

MJ: Ned!

[She runs to him and they embrace. They soon hear Peter 1 screaming their names]

Peter 1: MJ!

MJ: Peter?

Peter 1: Ned!

MJ: Peter! Hey!

Peter 1: Are you okay?

MJ: We're okay.

[Peter 1 takes a good, deep breath of relief. That doesn't last long, however, as he notices Norman Osborn lying several tens of meters behind. He turns to him, adopting a battle stance, glaring with anger. The Goblin stands up and removes his goggles. Playing time's over.]

Green Goblin: [mockingly] Poor Peter. Too weak... to send me home to die.

Peter 1: [viciously] No... I just wanna kill you myself.

Green Goblin: [smiling] Attaboy.

[The two charge and clash, exchanging blows with even more bitterness than before. MCU Spider-Man fires two webs at Goblin, which he evades swiftly and swings at the young webslinger. Peter 1 bends down, avoiding the blow, and webs Goblin's foot to the surface, then beats him down with a massive punch. He then tries to perform a possibly lethal jump slam attack, but Goblin frees himself soon enough and rolls over. He rises up, pulls a blade out of his gauntlet, whistles and smiles like crazy. The fighting commences again. Peter 1 performs a few shaky evasions before he gets a good hit on Goblin, He evades the blade again, but Goblin strikes him in the face with his other hand. Parker recovers almost instantly and webs Goblin's legs to the surface again, hits him twice and accidentally wounds himself on one of the spikes sticking out from the Goblin's armor. The maniac frees himself once again, strikes but to no avail, and finally loses the upper hand. Peter 1 disarms him, hits him a couple times, webs him and pulls him to his knee, punching him, then grabs him and performs a revenge suplex, ruthlessly throwing his opponent to the ground. Goblin cannot respond to the fight anymore. Peter 1 lands a barrage of blows on his face, each succeeding punch being stronger. Ned, MJ and the two Peters watch their friend's actions in horror. Peter 2 and Peter 3 exchange glances in a silent agreement. Peter 1 finally stops beating the Goblin and lifts his glider instead. He holds it over his head and brings it down on Green Goblin's head with a hateful scream. Peter 2 steps in and stops the glider halfway through. Peter 1 tries to push through and reach the Goblin, but the Raimiverse Spider-Man does not let go. He doesn't scold his MCU counterpart however. Instead, he looks at him with understanding, compassion and plea. The sincerity on his face slowly, gradually cools Peter 1 down. He lowers the glider and drops it. As if on cue, Green Goblin pulls out another blade and stabs Peter 2 in the back. The oldest Spider-Man plummets to the ground in silent pain. Peter 3, holding Norman's cure rushes towards them, gasping. Peter 1 glares at Norman again.]

Green Goblin: She was there... because of you... I may have struck the blow, but you... [smiling] You are the one that killed her.

[He bursts out in a maniacal cackle. Peter 3 tosses the cure to Peter 1, who sticks it into the Goblin's neck. He stops laughing and has a look of confusion in his eyes when the serum is released. Peter 2, wounded but alive, smiles as Norman Osborn sinks to his knees, free of his alternate personality at last.]

Norman Osborn: [frowning, confused] Peter?

[He looks down at Peter 2 in sorrow.]

Norman Osborn: [shaking his head] What have I done?

[Peter 3 joins them, bending over Peter 2 to see how he's doing]

Peter 2: It's you...

Peter 3: You okay?

Peter 2: Ugh... Yeah, I'm good. I've... I've been stabbed before.

Peter 3: Oh, God. Good, good, good...

Peter 1: Hey.

Peter 3: Hey, nice catch.

Peter 1: Nice throw.

[The three look to the sky. The cracks in reality are becoming more and more noticeable.]

Peter 2: Is... Is that happening? Or am I dying?

Peter 3: No, no, that's happening.

Peter 2: Are there people in the sky?

[Up top, Doctor Strange is still trying to hold them back. Their silhouettes become somewhat visible]

Peter 1: I gotta go.

Peter 3: Yeah. Yeah, I got him. [To Peter 2] Are you okay?

[Peter 1 joins Strange on the top of the statue.]

Peter 1: What's happening?

Stephen Strange: They're starting to come through and I can't stop them.

Peter 1: There's got to be something we can do. Can't you just cast the spell again? But, like, the original way, before I screwed it up?

Stephen Strange: We're too late for that. They're here! They're here because of you!

[Peter thinks for a moment. He realizes there is only one solution. The music realizes that too, as it plays in a much more somber way.]

Peter 1: What if everyone forgot who I was?

Stephen Strange: What?

Peter 1: They're coming here because of me, right? Because I'm Peter Parker? So cast a new spell. But this time, make everyone forget who Peter Parker is. Make everyone forget... me.

Stephen Strange: No.

Peter 1: But it would work, right?

Stephen Strange: Yeah, it would work. But you got to understand, that would mean everyone... who knows and loves you... We'd... We'd have no memory of you. It'll be as if you never existed.

Peter 1: I know. Do it.

Stephen Strange: [nodding] Well, then go and say your goodbyes. You don't have long.

Peter 1: Thank you, sir.

Stephen Strange: [smiling] Call me Stephen.

Peter 1: Thank you, Stephen.

Stephen Strange: [half a laugh] Yeah... Still feels weird.

Peter 1: I'll see you around.

[He swings away.]

Stephen Strange: [sorrowful] So long, kid.

[The Sorcerer Supreme slowly levitates higher and higher and begins to cast the spell, drawing a rune circle. Peter, meanwhile, has returned to the fallen shield. Peter Two is standing again, his arm around the shoulder of Peter Three. They're both smiling.]

Peter 1: I-I think this is it. I think you're about to go home. But I... uh... Thank you. I just wanted... I wanna tell you that... I really don't know how to say this, like...

Peter 3: Peter.

Peter 1: I want you to know that I...

Peter 2: You know. It's what we do.

Peter 1: Yeah. It's what we do. Right. I gotta find Ned and MJ.

[He can't contain it and hugs his multiversal counterparts.]

Peter 1: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! [stepping back] I guess I'll see you.

Peter 2 and 3: Keep safe.

Peter 1: Bye.

Peter 3: You're in so much pain, huh?

Peter 2: I am.

Peter 3: Yeah.

[Our Peter Parker finds MJ and Ned, knowing what he has to tell them. He hugs them.]

Peter Parker: Are you okay?

MJ:Yeah, we're okay.

Peter Parker: Oh, my God. You're bleeding.

MJ: No. I'm okay.

Peter Parker: Are you sure?

MJ: I'm fine. I promise. We should... go, right?

Peter Parker: You're gonna forget who I am.

Ned Leeds: What?

MJ: Peter, what are you talking about?

Peter Parker: It's okay... I'm gonna come and find you, and I'll explain everything. I'll make you remember me. It'll be like none of this ever happened. Okay?

[ A softer rendition of aunt May's death theme starts playing.]

MJ: But what if that doesn't work? [Starts panicking] What if that doesn't work, what if we can't remember you? I don't wanna do that. I don't wanna do that.

Peter Parker: I know. MJ, I know.

MJ: There's gotta be something we can do. We can't come up with like a plan or something? There's gotta be something we can do.

Peter Parker: There's nothing we can do. But we'll be okay.

Ned Leeds: You promise?

Peter Parker: Yeah, I promise. [They embrace] I'll come find you. Okay?

Ned Leeds: [crying] I know you will. [Peter lets him go and turns to his girlfriend.]

MJ: You better. If you don’t, I’m just gonna figure it out. I’ve done it before, I can do it again.

Peter Parker: I promise I'll fix this.

MJ: [tearing up] I really hate magic.

Peter Parker: Yeah. Me, too.

MJ:I love you.

Peter Parker: I love…

MJ: Just wait. Wait and tell me when you see me again.

[Peter nods in silent agreement. Ned looks up to the sky, knowing what's about to come. Peter and MJ kiss one final time as music escalates in a bitersweet crescendo. Doctor Strange finishes the first stage of the spell. Max Dillon, Otto Octavius, Norman Osborn, Flint Marko and Curt Connors return to their respective universes. Just before their turn comes, Peters 2 and 3 wave at each other as the music gets more hopeful. Then they disappear. Peter 1 walks away from MJ and Ned, jumps on a piece of a wall and glances upwards, looking at Strange. The Sorcerer Supreme gives him a little goodbye nod.]

[The music swells for the last time in a crescendo as Peter and MJ share one final look. Michelle utters a silent "I love you" and sheds a tear. Peter turns and swings away. Strange completes the spell and a wave of magical energy sweeps the area. Stephen and MJ look around for a bit before the camera transitions into a beautiful, but depressingly empty shot of the statue in front of New York's skyline. Then we see J. Jonah Jameson rambling in his studio.]

J. Jonah Jameson: It's been a few weeks since the fiasco on the Statue of Liberty, and Spider-Man's cultists continue to contend that the vile vigilante is a hero. But if he were a hero, he'd unmask himself and tell us who he really is. Because only a coward conceals his identity. Only a coward hides his true intentions. Rest assured, ladies and gentlemen, that this reporter will uncover those intentions, through hell and high water.

[On a snowy, cold street Peter Parker walks to reach a familiar cafeteria store. He mentally re-reads his introduction lines.]

Peter Parker: Hi. My name is Peter Parker. You don't know me, but I... My name is Peter Parker and you don't know me, but... Okay...

[He reaches the store and walks in, ready for everything. He sees MJ chatting with a customer. She turns and notices him. Then she waves at someone. Peter turns and sees Ned enter the store.]

Ned Leeds: Hey.

MJ: Hi. [to Peter] Can I help you?

Peter Parker: Hi. Um... My name is Peter Parker. And I... would like a coffee. Please.

MJ: Okay, no problem, Peter Parker. [She then packs some donuts for Ned and gives them to him] Donuts for my fellow Engineer.

Ned Leeds: Wait, what?

MJ: MIT, they have the Engineers.

Ned Leeds: Oh, right, right, right. I should probably know that. Look at you with the school spirit.

[Peter looks at his best friend with amusement for a while.]

MJ: Peter Parker? Peter Parker? Your coffee. [She hands him a cup]

Peter Parker: Right. Thank you. Um...Are you excited for MIT?

MJ: Right. Yeah. Yeah, actually I am excited, which is weird because I don't really get excited about things. I kind of expect disappointment.

Peter Parker: 'Cause then you'd never actually be disappointed. Right?

MJ: Yeah. Right. It's just... I don't know... It just kinda feels different this time for some reason.

Peter Parker: That was... [MJ looks somewhat lost] You okay?

MJ: Doesn't really hurt anymore. Is there anything else?

[Peter stands there for a bit, before he finally forces a smile.]

Peter Parker: No. Thank you.

MJ: No problem. See you around. [Peter leaves]

[Cut to a cementary. Peter is standing in front of May's grave, holding a white rose. He then puts it on her tombstone, which has an engraving "When you help someone, you help everyone''. A familiar figure joins him. Happy Hogan looks at the grave with sorrow.]

Happy Hogan: How do you know her?

Peter Parker: Through Spider-Man. You?

Happy Hogan: Same. I lost a good friend a while back. It felt like this. Hurts cause they're gone, and then it hurts all over again because you remember what they stood for, and you wonder... Is all that gone too?

Peter Parker: No, it's not gone. Everybody she helped... [He turns to Happy, smiling] they'll keep it going.

Happy Hogan: You really think so?

Peter Parker: I know it. Take care of yourself, okay?

Happy Hogan: Yeah. Nice to meet you. [Peter leaves]

[Cut to Peter's new apartment's door opening. Young Parker gets a quick reminder from his landlord before he walks in.]

Landlord: Rent is due at the end of the month. Don't be late.

[Peter carries a box into a studio apartment. Turns on the light, takes in the barren space. His new home. A fresh start. He opens a box containing a GED test study manual, sets out his personal effects... including the LEGO Emperor Palpatine figurine from the Death Star set he and Ned built [and rebuilt] many times together.]

[Later on, Peter looks out the window. Snow falling on New York. He turns to his Spider-Man mask on the bed, grabs it... Peter follows a New York police precinct app on his phone.]

Precinct Voice #1 [vo]: 4-3 Edward, do you need EMS assist?

Precinct Voice #2 [vo]: Uh, negative, Central. We’re gonna need a car tow.

[Peter dons his new, blue and red, hand-made suit. He leaps outside.]

[We follow the camera as Spider-Man soars over the Rockefeller Christmas tree with a newfound sense of freedom. Liberated from having to juggle two lives. Ready to take on new challenges. Peter Parker is no more, but Spider-Man lives on.]

Mid-Credits Scene

[Cut to a bar, somewhere in Mexico. We see Eddie Brock, in some kind of holiday wardrobe, in front of a bartender]

Eddie Brock: Okay. Okay, okay, okay, I-I understand that, I'm just saying that... that this whole place... here, it's just tons of s... of superpeople.

Venom: And he has been saying it. For hours.

Eddie Brock: Alright, tell me again, I'm sorry. I'm an idiot. There was a billionaire, he had a tin suit, and he could fly, right?

[The bartender signs himself with the cross]

Eddie Brock: Okay. And there was a really angry green man.

Bartender: Hulk.

Eddie Brock: Hulk.

Venom: Yeah, and you thought Lethal Protector was a shit name!

Eddie Brock: Yeah, because... it is. Now, tell me again about your purple alien that loves stones. Because I tell you what, man, aliens, they do not love stones.

Venom: Eddie...

Eddie Brock: No, I mean, they do not love stones...

Venom: Don't start!

Eddie Brock: You know what aliens love? Eating brains! 'Cause that's what they do, alright?

Bartender: Señor, he made my family disappear. For five years!

Eddie Brock: Five years? That's a long time... Hey, maybe I... Maybe I should go to New York and speak to this, um... Spider-Man.

[Venom then makes Eddie stand up and spread his arms]

Venom: Eddie! We are drunk! Let's go skinny-dip!

Eddie Brock: I don't think we should skinny-dip.

Bartender: Sir, you have to pay the bill.

[Then, suddenly, Eddie starts to glow]

Venom: What is happening? No! No! No, we just got here! No, not again!

Eddie Brock: Whoa...

[And he has disappeared. The bartender remains behind in confusion]

Bartender: And there he goes. Without paying the bill, no tips, nothing...

[But that's not the only thing that remained. A drop of the Venom symbiote is left on the counter and starts to move. Cut to black]

Post-Credits Scene - Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness [First Trailer]

Wong: [voiceover] Don't cast that spell. It's too dangerous!

Doctor Strange: [voiceover] Why?

[We pan up a series of stone steps to focus on a set of candles, which are blown out with the wind.]

Doctor Strange: [voiceover] The multiverse is a concept about which we know frighteningly little.

[Cut to a shot of Strange reflected in Christine's watch. He looks at the face with regret.]

Mordo: [Voiceover] Your desecration of reality will not go unpunished.

[Strange walking outside of a gated Bleecker Street, he turns to see the Empire State building, bent over in an unnatural fashion before the camera pans to reveal that the rest of New York is curved, Inception-style.]

Strange: [voiceover] It was the only way.

[Strange walking up the steps of the wintry Sanctorum, cape billowing in the wind. He raises a hand towards the newly-repaired window.]

Strange: [voiceover] But I never meant for any of this to happen.

[A push-in on Strange while people run about behind him. A series of quick shots -- Wanda's hand with red magic in the center, wearing a similar attire to the previs footage. Christine Palmer in a wedding dress, walking down the aisle, with Strange watching her from the sidelines. A raven suddenly turning towards the camera and cawing. From the back, America Chavez walking around the Sanctum. Wong, bloodied, staring up at a bright blue light. Strange uncontrollably plummeting through a kaleidoscope of dimensions, screaming all the while.]

[Fade in on a field of Catalpa trees. Strange stands in the middle, wearing casual clothing, and approaches a woman in a brown jacket, snipping branches off the trees.]

Strange: Wanda.

[The woman turns, revealing Wanda Maximoff.]

Wanda: I knew sooner or later, you'd show up. I made mistakes and people were hurt--

Strange: I'm not here to talk about Westview.

Wanda: Then what are you here for?

Strange: We need your help.

[Wanda and Strange begin to walk away from the tree.]

Wanda: With what?

Strange: What do you know about the multiverse?

[Wanda turns towards Strange with some shock.]

[A bunker door opens to reveal a dimensional "gateway", of sorts -- four large, orange pillars surrounding a pillar, on top of which rests a blue light. Back on Strange, we see that the bunker door is part of a wall that has been ripped out of its dimension. As it floats off, we see that it is surrounded by other doors, with more pillars in the background.]

[Fade in on Mordo. His hair is now longer, having been styled into dreadlocks. He wears a version of his outfit from the first film, but now with coloring closer to the comics [a yellow cross on his front with a green "undershirt".]

Mordo: I'm sorry, Stephen.

[Strange approaches him.]

[A fog descends on a temple full of sorcerers. Strange and Wong watch the sky darken with shock.]

Mordo: [Voiceover] I hope you understand...

[We cut to Wanda, in full Scarlet Witch ensemble, levitating over a circle of candles. Her eyes open.]

Mordo: [Voiceover] The greatest threat...

[A brief flash of Mordo fighting someone. As Mordo swings down, we cut back to the temple, which explodes. Wong stands, wounded but alive.]

Mordo: [Voiceover] To our universe...

[Strange ascends, back in the Sanctum, levitating objects with what appears to be Chaos Magic.]

[In the temple, Strange conjures what appear to be miniature flying dragons from his hands and they fly towards the camera.]

[Gigantos picks up a bus and tosses it at Strange, who vertically bisects it with a conjured circular saw.]

[Finally, a mysterious hand places itself on the railing of the Sanctorum.]

[Two figures -- one Doctor Strange, the other unclear -- stand on opposite ends of the Sanctum's study. A swirling maelstrom appears outside.]

Mordo: Is you.

[Pan up to reveal a variant of Strange, sickly skinned and dark clothed.]

Strange Supreme [Possibly]: Things just got out of hand.

(Video) Pulp Fiction - the gold watch monologue

[Sacred Timeline Strange gives his counterpart a questioning tilt of the head.]

[Cut to black before the words "DOCTOR STRANGE WILL RETURN" slam onscreen in the Doctor Strange font.]


What was the original script for Spider-Man no way home? ›

Spider-Man: No Way Home

What is the target audience of Spiderman no way home? ›

Spider-Man: No Way Home is an action adventure and the third Spider-Man movie starring Tom Holland from Marvel Studios. It's suspenseful, surprising and occasionally emotional. This isn't a movie for younger children. It's most likely to be enjoyed by older teenage and adult audiences and Spider-Man fans.

How much did Spider-Man no way home make? ›

What is The Amazing Spider-Man real name? ›

Peter Benjamin Parker, also known by his alias Spider-Man, is a fictional character and the protagonist of Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man film series.

Does Spider-Man say the F word in No Way Home? ›

Profanity (1)

There are 5 uses of "Shit". There is also an incomplete F-word, and a few uses of "Ass", "Damn" and "Hell".

Why does the Spider have a 42 on it? ›

It's a reference to baseball legend Jackie Robinson's jersey number. "He was a barrier-smashing Black superhero in baseball, and [Miles is a] color-smashing Black superhero in Spider-Man comics," director Peter Ramsay said in an interview with Insider.

Is Spider-Man: No Way Home OK for a 7 year old? ›

Spider-Man: No Way Home is rated PG-13 for some language, sequences of action/violence, and brief suggestive comments which means it may not be suitable for kids under 13.

Why James Franco was not in Spider-Man: No Way Home? ›

Franco's schedule may not have allowed for a cameo. Or, it's possible that Disney didn't want to bring him in due to the numerous sexual misconduct allegations against him. Whatever the reason, Harry's character gets enough recognition in "No Way Home," and the film doesn't really suffer from his absence.

Will Spider-Man: No Way Home hit 2 billion? ›

At 20%, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” would have generated around $340 million in sales from China, exceeding the $2 billion mark. “The ultimate final tally certainly would be higher, perhaps over $2 billion, with China's contribution,” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at Comscore.

Has Spider-Man beat Avatar? ›

The Sony and Marvel superhero blockbuster on Monday passed up Avatar at the domestic box office to rank as the No. 3 movie of all time, not adjusted for inflation, according to the studio. Sony partnered with Marvel on the blockbuster. The web-slinger finished the day with a domestic total of $761 million.

What is the #1 movie right now 2021? ›

Spider-Man: No Way Home

What is Peter Parker's IQ? ›

Spiderman, known to the world as Peter Parker, is widely considered to be one of the most intelligent superheroes in comic book history. His IQ is consistently estimated at around 250, which would put him on par with some of the greatest minds of our time.

What is black Spider-Man called? ›

When Marvel's editorial staff decided that the Ultimate universe's Peter Parker would be killed in the 2011 storyline "Death of Spider-Man", the character Miles Morales was created. Although Morales is the first black Spider-Man, he marks the second time a Latino character has taken the Spider-Man identity.

Who is venom human? ›

Eddie BrockVenom. Bonding with an unearthly symbiote, Eddie Brock is given amazing powers and an unstable psyche. 175 lbs.

Is the MCU going R rated? ›

'Deadpool 3' Will Be the MCU's First R-Rated Movie.

What Marvel movie has the most cuss words? ›

If so, you might want to cover your kids' ears around a few characters. IGN recently posted an infographic on Instagram detailing each of the core Avengers' swear counts through “Avengers: Infinity War.” Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) came out on top with 44 swear words.

Has there ever been an F bomb in a Marvel movie? ›

With that being said, here are half a dozen times that Marvel Studios has censored F-bombs in its movies and streaming series from the Infinity Saga and the Multiverse Saga.

How big were spiders 300 million years? ›

In 1980 paleontologist Mario Hunicken made a startling announcement; he had found the remains of the largest spider to have ever lived. Discovered in the approximately 300 million year old rock of Argentina, this prehistoric arachnid appeared to have a body over a foot in length and a leg span of over 19 inches.

What is the Spider-Man of Earth 666? ›

Peter Parker (of Earth-666) is an alternate version of Peter Parker.
Peter Parker (Earth-666)
Full Name:Peter Parker
First Appearance:Secret Avengers #33
Created by:Rick Remender, Andy Kuhn
Home Universe:Earth-666
13 more rows

Is Miles Morales the strongest Spider? ›

Absolute Carnage confirms Miles Morales is the strongest Spider-Man - with a purity of heart and willpower beyond even Captain America. Marvel Comics has just revealed that Miles Morales is the strongest Spider-Man - when you're looking at something more important than just muscles.

Is Spider-Man too scary for kids? ›

Teenagers are particularly likely to be attracted to the teenage Peter Parker. Younger children who like Spider-Man toys and costumes might want to watch this movie too, but it is rated M for action violence and features several violent and scary scenes. Some parents might also be concerned about the coarse language.

What does 12A certificate mean? ›

12A means that anyone aged 12 or over can go and see the film unaccompanied. The A stands for 'accompanied' and 'advisory'. Children younger than 12 may see the film if they are accompanied by an adult (eg someone over the age of 18), who must watch the film with them.

Does Spider-Man swear? ›

Parents need to know that Spider-Man's PG-13 rating comes from a couple of swear words, a clingy wet T-shirt, and -- particularly -- a great deal of comic book-style violence. It can get very intense and includes not just fires and explosions, but people getting vaporized, shot (off-camera), and impaled.

Is Gwen Stacy alive after No Way Home? ›

Even though we did not see Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man: No Way Home, It's likely that she has returned alive and well after the Multiverse collapsed. Spider-Man: No Way Home saw the return of the villains from the previous Spider-Man movies, who earlier died fighting with Spider-Man.

Is Harry the hobgoblin? ›

Harry Osborn is one of the main characters in the first season of Marvel's Spider-Man, a former student at Midtown High, Horizon High, and Osborn Academy; as well as, being the son of Norman Osborn. He took up the superhero identity of Hobgoblin until having to fill his father's shoes as the head of Oscorp.

Is Harry Osborn coming back? ›

Harry Osborn is finally joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but James Franco or Dane Dehaan won't have anything to do with the character.

How much Tom Holland paid for No Way Home? ›

All this begs the question: What is Tom Holland's net worth? Tom Holland has an estimated net worth of $18 million, CelebrityNetWorth reports. He regularly earns a base salary of $4 million to $5 million per movie, but rumors have it he grossed roughly $10 million for “No Way Home,” per The U.S. Sun.

Will No Way Home beat Avatar? ›

Spider-Man: No Way Home Beats Out Avatar

Spider-Man: No Way Home recently beat out Avatar to become the third highest-grossing film of all-time in the United States as it crossed $760 million in box office revenue.

Will there be a Spider-Man 4? ›

Shortly afterwards, Feige confirmed that a new movie is in development and in May 2022, Sony boss Tom Rothman said they "hope to get working on the next Spider-Man movie" with "that whole group" meaning Tom Holland, Zendaya and co.

What format was Spider-Man: No Way Home shot in? ›

Technical Specifications
Runtime2 hr 28 min (148 min)
Negative FormatCodex
Cinematographic ProcessARRIRAW (4.5K) (source format) Digital Intermediate (2K) (master format)
Printed Film FormatD-Cinema (also 3-D version) DCP Digital Cinema Package
5 more rows

Who wrote the Spider-Man No Way Home script? ›

Spider-Man: No Way Home

What was venom saying in No Way Home? ›

Jonah Jameson (J.K. Simmons) revealing Spider-Man (Tom Holland) as Peter Parker to the entire world, from the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home. Eddie Venoms up, and the symbiote licks the TV screen, saying, “That guy.”

Who said hello Peter in Spider-Man: No Way Home? ›

With Alfred Molina's Doctor Octopus appearing in the trailer towards the end, the excitement for the film has certainly gone up tenfold. As he says “Hello Peter”, one can imagine that the theatre will roar in applause when the film releases on the silver screen.

Will there be a 4th Spider-Man? ›

Shortly afterwards, Feige confirmed that a new movie is in development and in May 2022, Sony boss Tom Rothman said they "hope to get working on the next Spider-Man movie" with "that whole group" meaning Tom Holland, Zendaya and co.

Which is better IMAX or 4K? ›

Video quality is better on a 4K Blu-ray because the bitrate is higher than it is on streaming services. Overall, 4K Blu-ray provides a better audio-visual experience than IMAX Enhanced. However, the taller aspect ratio on IMAX Enhanced results in less wasted space on your TV screen.

Why James Franco was not in Spider-Man: No Way Home? ›

Franco's schedule may not have allowed for a cameo. Or, it's possible that Disney didn't want to bring him in due to the numerous sexual misconduct allegations against him. Whatever the reason, Harry's character gets enough recognition in "No Way Home," and the film doesn't really suffer from his absence.

Did Tobey Maguire admit to being in No Way Home? ›

Spider-Man: No Way Home delighted fans by bringing all three Spider-Men together. In a recent featurette that accompanied No Way Home's digital release (as reported by Insider), Maguire has admitted to being "blown away" by Holland while shooting the movie.

Did Tobey say he is in No Way Home? ›

Tobey Maguire says he was immediately 'blown away' by Tom Holland while filming 'Spider-Man: No Way Home'

Why is Tobey Maguire not in No Way Home? ›

Sony and Marvel decided not to have Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield appear anywhere during the press tour. The former Spider-Man actors did not show up in the trailers, and they were not invited to the red carpet premiere. If it weren't for the massive number of leaks, we really wouldn't have had any clue.

Why did Venom lick the screen? ›

The symbiote did express an interest in Spider-Man when it licked the TV screen in the previous post-credits scene, and Eddie/Venom said they wanted to go find Spider-Man in New York right before they were zapped away in this scene, so it's likely this new symbiote will track down, and bond with, Peter Parker.

Who is the 6th villain in No Way Home? ›

All of them except the unofficial sixth member of the "Sinister Six," who makes his MCU debut in a mid-credits scene ending Venom: Let There Be Carnage. It's Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), bonded with an alien symbiote to become the "lethal protector" of Sony's Spider-Man Universe.

Is Venom left behind in No Way Home? ›

After Brock and Venom have disappeared, it is revealed that a small piece of the Venom symbiote has been left behind in the MCU. It begins to slither across the bar before the credits resume.

What is Spider-Man's most famous line? ›

The phrase most used by Spiderman is, "with great power comes great responsibility".

Who betrayed Peter Parker in No Way Home? ›

Referring to Harry Osborn from the original Spider-Man trilogy, Peter-Two sadly notes that he betrayed him and eventually died in his arms. Assuming he was referring to a darker incarnation of himself, Ned was understandably shaken and made sure to promise his world's Peter that he'd never go down a similar path.

What was Ned's grandma saying in No Way Home? ›

This is when Ned's lola enters the scene and reacts to the two Spider-Men. “Salamangka,” she says, alluding to the magic unfolding before their very eyes. Later on, she makes the scene even more familiar and funny when she asks Andrew's Spider-Man if he can crawl on walls, and asks him to clean up the ceiling.


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