Ryobi Vs Greenworks Pressure Washer: Which Is The Ultimate Choice? (2023)

If you’re a homeowner, you’ll have to frequently deal with dried bird droppings, filth, sludge, dirt, and mold. To get the work done the first time correctly, you’ll need a good collection of outdoor cleaning equipment.

This is where a solid and long-lasting pressure washer comes into play. In fact, with the appropriate equipment, a mundane task may be transformed into a playful outdoor pastime.

Choosing the suitable pressure washer for your unique outdoor demands, on the other hand, might be a difficult task. This is because there are so many different things to consider.

So, between Ryobi Vs Greenworks pressure washers, which one is the best? First, let’s look at a few models from two of the most well-known manufacturers, Ryobi and Greenworks.


  • 1 Overview About Ryobi Vs Greenworks Pressure Washer
    • 1.1 Ryobi Pressure Washer
    • 1.2 Greenworks Pressure Washer
  • 2 4 Best Ryobi Vs Greenworks Electric Pressure Washer
    • 2.1 Ryobi RY141900 2,000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer
    • 2.2 RYOBI 2300 PSI High-Performance Electric Pressure Washer Renewed
    • 2.3 Greenworks Pro Brushless Electric Pressure Washer GW2300
    • 2.4 Greenworks 2000 PSI Corded Electric Pressure Washer GPW2001
  • 3 Ryobi Vs Greenworks Pressure Washer: What is the difference?
    • 3.1 Attachments
    • 3.2 Gas/electric options
    • 3.3 Pressure
  • 4 Conclusion
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Overview About Ryobi Vs Greenworks Pressure Washer

Ryobi Pressure Washer

In their Ryobi pressure cleaning collection, the firm has something for everyone. It offers everything, from little electric hand-held pressure washers to high-powered fuel guzzlers.

The brand also places a high value on spare parts availability. Furthermore, they provide prompt and effective service for all after-sales concerns.

Suppose you’re having trouble deciding which pressure washer is suitable for you. In that case, the friendly folks at Ryobi will tell you that electric pressure washers are great for cleaning porches and vehicles, which is entirely accurate when it comes to electric versions.

On the other hand, a gasoline-powered pressure washer would be ideal for tasks such as washing sidings, paint peeling, concrete roads, and cleaning rocky and marble surfaces.

Greenworks Pressure Washer

Greenworks is a well-known name in the pressure washer industry. It was established in 2007 and has been getting more prominent over the previous few years.

Greenworks’ specialists are masters in determining the target market and designing solutions to meet their needs. When they initially released the pressure washer for outdoor use at an affordable price in 2010, they saw a significant increase in sales.

To put it another way, Greenworks have distinct identifying patterns. Greenworks is committed to producing pressure washers with the correct amount of power while being lightweight. The design pressure washers are lightweight and have low noise. Pressure washers are very affordable.

4 Best Ryobi Vs Greenworks Electric Pressure Washer

Ryobi RY141900 2,000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Ryobi Vs Greenworks Pressure Washer: Which Is The Ultimate Choice? (1)

(Video) Ryobi vs Greenworks Pressure Washer

The electric motor in this Ryobi model is robust, rated at 13 amps. According to the user handbook, the motor and pump can produce up to 2,000 PSI of power at 1.2 gallons per minute, which is considered a mid to heavy-duty pressure washing. Thus, this device has a total cleaning power of 2400.

Ryobi sticks out from the crowd with its essential yet slightly industrial elements and modern hue. Because this type has two wheels, it’s a very mobile pressure washer. It is barely 32 pounds in weight.

This machine comes with three extra nozzles: a 15-degree, Soap and Turbo nozzle that provides a strong jet of pressured water. In combination with the soap tank, the soap quick-connect nozzle had a significant influence on filthy windows and automobiles.

With a 25-foot high-pressure, non-marring hose that conveniently packs into the hose reel (when not in use) and a 35-foot long power cable, it was getting about the yard with this pressure washer is a breeze.


  • Very portable and easy to use
  • The casing is durable and keeps the electric motor safe
  • Excellent price-to-power ratio


  • Unable to remove old and tenacious stains that are difficult to reach

RYOBI 2300 PSI High-Performance Electric Pressure Washer Renewed

Ryobi Vs Greenworks Pressure Washer: Which Is The Ultimate Choice? (2)

This Ryobi 2,300 PSI Pressure Washer has Brushless Motor Technology to handle even the most challenging tasks. It features a robust 13 amp Electric Motor and Pressure Technology, and the pressure is appropriate for cleaning parking lots, floors, windows, and outdoor furniture, with 2,300 PSI force.

It has specifically designed, high-quality wheels with brushless induction motors that should last a very long time. A regular and extra Turbo Nozzle is also included in the set, which delivers 50% more cleaning power.

The Ryobi 2300 PSI Brushless Pressure Washer is a simple device in general. The hose connections and the controls are intuitive and straightforward to use, and there’s practically little maintenance to worry about. Even the assembling and transportation are simple.

(Video) Ryobi vs Greenworks Pressure Washer


  • 25-foot non-marring hose
  • A professional metal spray wand that can be readily replaced with various nozzles
  • Provides convenient accessory storage


  • Have a wide range of pricing ranges on the market
  • Due to the recirculating water within, it may quickly grow hot

Greenworks Pro Brushless Electric Pressure Washer GW2300

Ryobi Vs Greenworks Pressure Washer: Which Is The Ultimate Choice? (3)

The brushless motor of the GPW2300 produces 2.3 gallons per minute at 2300 PSI. These figures are pretty comparable to Ryobi’s brushless model from a purely theoretical standpoint.

Like nearly every other pressure washer on the market, this pressure washer comes with a choice of nozzle tips for pressure washing. All of the tips are provided. In addition, the GWP2300 also includes a rotating turbo nozzle.

The GPW2300 Greenworks Pro Pressure Washer isn’t designed for heavy-duty, 24/7 professional use. However, it’s a good option for homes with sporadic tasks throughout the year and doesn’t want the inconvenience, noise, or pollution.


  • Electric motors are quiet, emit no pollutants, and require considerably less maintenance than gas motors
  • Compared to brushed motors, brushless motors have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance
  • There are a lot of nozzles to choose from
  • For its class, it has a reasonable flow rate


  • Electric pressure washers lack the power of gas pressure washers

Greenworks 2000 PSI Corded Electric Pressure Washer GPW2001

Ryobi Vs Greenworks Pressure Washer: Which Is The Ultimate Choice? (4)

It has a 13-amp motor that generates up to 2000 PSI of pressure at a 1.2 GPM water flow rate, making cleaning and stain removal a breeze.

(Video) TOP 5: Best Ryobi Pressure Washer 2022

Another important aspect of this model’s attractiveness is its reach and adaptability. The device has a 25-foot high-pressure hose that allows you to customize the amount of pressure you apply to each surface. The new Greenworks 2000 PSI model also comes with a 35-foot power cord, allowing you to reach harder-to-reach locations.

The new Greenworks 2000 PSI model comes with many bundled accessories, which potential purchasers should note. When you buy this exciting new model, you’ll get a pair of specially designed soap tanks integrated right into the unit. If you require a wide variety of intensity and range, you will undoubtedly find it here. You may pick from 0, 25, or 40-degree nozzle tips to give you the most flexibility.


  • A compact, fully portable design with wheels
  • Up to 35 ft. of cable and 25 ft. of high-pressure hose
  • The motor is vented to prevent overheating


  • Not a very high water output
  • The plastic reel may damage the hose

Ryobi Vs Greenworks Pressure Washer: What is the difference?


Greenworks’ options are limited in this respect since they don’t have much in the way of extras and attachments to offer other than the basic soap applicator. It’s not a deal-breaker because universal accessories are available, but compatibility may be an issue.

In this regard, between Greenworks vs Ryobi electric pressure washer, Ryobi has Greenworks beaten. However, you may outfit your pressure washer with accessories that are guaranteed compatible and will perform well with your washer, such as power control dials, foam blasters, and surface cleaners, among other attachments.

Gas/electric options

The whole Greenworks pressure washer series is electric. Because they concentrate on a single sort of power technology, this implies maximum mobility and efficiency.

Ryobi offers a diverse selection of power washers, including electric and gas-powered versions, as well as sub-varieties for commercial-grade machines.


Being all-electric has its drawbacks. Greenworks’ most powerful pressure washer can deliver 2,700 PSI of pressure at 1.2 GPM. While insufficient for a business enterprise, it is more than adequate for personal usage. Check out our comprehensive guide on the finest commercial pressure washers for more information.

Ryobi takes the lead with a 3,600-PSI model with bad-boy Honda chops pushing all that water out in terms of sheer power. Their most potent electric version, on the other hand, is limited to 2,300 PSI.

Check out this video for more comparisons:


When it comes to pressure washers, we can’t pick a winner between Ryobi Vs Greenworks pressure washers. Ryobi can produce outstanding outcomes when one component is considered, but green efforts may produce sound output.

This is why there is no clear victor among these pressure washer manufacturers. They do, however, have their particular characteristics. Therefore, you may make a list of the characteristics you desire in a pressure washer before purchasing one. Then you may select a pressure washer based on your requirements.

(Video) Best Pressure Washer (ELECTRIC)? Ryobi vs Karcher, Stanley, Sun Joe, WEN, CAT & WORX

  • Sun Joe Vs Ryobi Pressure Washer

(Video) Greenworks 2300psi 2.3gpm Electric Pressure Washer Review - Best Electric Pressure Washer?

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Which pressure washer is strongest? ›

With a monster 3000 PSI and 2.0 GPM (1.1 GPM @ 3000 PSI certified by PWMA), the Greenworks 5110502VT is the most powerful electric pressure washer.

What is a good pressure washer psi for home use? ›

1,000 - 1,900 PSI: This PSI is on the low end, and is considered a residential unit. This type of pressure washer is good for the average homeowners to handle most household and automotive cleaning jobs, and is usually a hand carry electric model.

What kind of pressure washer do professionals use? ›

One of the best pressure washers for commercial use is the Vortexx Professional 4000. The Professional 4000 has a powerful GX390 Honda Engine, with an RR Series AR Pump. This Professional Pressure Washer can produce a stout 4000 PSI at 4 gallons per minute and comes with Vortexx COOLFLO™ technology.

How much PSI do I need to clean my driveway? ›

What PSI pressure washer do I need to clean concrete? To clean concrete effectively, use a power washer with a pressure rating of at least 3000 psi and a flow rate of at least 4 gallons per minute (gpm).

What is the best pressure washer for concrete? ›

Best for Concrete: DEWALT 4400 PSI at 4.0 GPM Gas Pressure Washer Powered by Honda. For washing concrete and other surfaces that require serious power, you need a model like the DEWALT 4400 PSI Gas Pressure Washer. This tough piece of machinery is designed for professionals.

What is the difference between a power washer and a pressure washer? ›

The main difference is that power washing uses highly pressurized steam to do the cleaning while pressure washing just uses unheated tap water, without the help of a heating element.

Is 1500 PSI good for a pressure washer? ›

Light Duty 1500-1900 PSI

These feature PSI ranging from 1500 to 1900 and would be enough to get rid of dirt and mild stains. This is the safest pressure washer PSI rating for all surfaces, but it isn't ideal for getting rid of tough stains.

What size pressure washer do I need for a 2 story house? ›

What Pressure Washer Should You Use To Clean A Home? If you need to clean a two-story house, you'll need a heavy-duty or extra heavy-duty pressure washer. This will give you a water pressure of 2,800 PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch) or higher and three to four GPM (gallons per minute) of water.

What's more important in a pressure washer PSI or GPM? ›

GPM is usually more important to contractors than PSI. Since most contractors use cleaning chemicals to do all of the cleaning, their job becomes one primarily of rinsing the dirt away.

What PSI Do I need to wash vinyl siding? ›

Vinyl siding can withstand a powerful gas pressure washer (2,500-3,000 psi). Aluminum, stucco or soft-grain wood homes will do better with a less powerful washer (about 1,200-1,500 psi).

Which pressure washer has the best warranty? ›

Editor's pick: Simpson Clean Machine 61083 Gas Pressure Washer. Simpson has been making pressure washers for over 50 years. They're known as trustworthy, durable, and offer a solid two-year warranty.

How much PSI should a pressure washer have for washing a car? ›

In fact, the best PSI for car wash that can effectively and safely clean a car is around 1200 to 1900 PSI. The max PSI for car wash you can use should be only 1900 PSI. So to be safe, use a pressure washer with a PSI around the range of 1200 to 1900 PSI. Around that PSI range will suffice for thoroughly washing a car.

Are electric pressure washers any good? ›

Electrical pressure washers have the benefit of lower upfront costs and few additional maintenance needs. Electric pressure washers cost less on average, are easier to start and weigh less than gas models. They are also quieter than gas models, due to the lower psi.

How many gpm pressure washer do I need? ›

How much power do I need?
Light Duty larger jobs1,800 - 2,200 PSI2.0
Medium Duty2,300 - 2,500 PSI2.2 - 2.3
Commercial Medium Duty2,600 - 3,100 PSI2.5
Commercial Heavy Duty3,200 - 4,000 PSI3.0 - 4.0
1 more row

How long should a power washer last? ›

In general, most well know pressure washer companies guaranty their machine for at least 500 hours. Most persons use it for around 50 hours each year. That means that a well-maintained pressure washer should last at least 10 years.

How long can you run a pressure washer? ›

You should not run a pressure washer (except professional equipment) for more than five minutes. While the duration may vary from model to model, it should be between 3 and 5 minutes. Leaving your pressure washer running for more than five minutes can result in overheating.

What do you spray on concrete before pressure washing? ›

Applying a degreaser will loosen stains in the concrete, allowing you to pressure wash them away. Some pressure washers have an attachment tool for applying degreaser. Otherwise, scrub the degreaser into the concrete with a stiff-bristled brush or push broom.

Do I need soap to pressure wash my driveway? ›

How to Properly Pressure Wash a Concrete Driveway - YouTube

Can you damage concrete by power washing? ›

The quick answer is yes, power washing can degrade a concrete surface. You can notice visible damage from water pressure at the level at which even light-duty power washers can operate. Therefore, if you aren't careful, you can cause irreversible damage to your driveway or patio.

What PSI is needed to clean pavers? ›

With Which Pressure Should I Pressure Wash Pavers

The recommended PSI for the pressure washer is approximately 1000 to 1500. PSI stands for 'pound-force per square inch', and is the measure used to assess the washer's water pressure strength.

How much PSI do I need to clean my deck? ›

For cleaning a wooden deck, you'll be best served by using the lowest pressure setting that's still effective. For soft woods like cedar or pine, this is usually about 500 to 600 psi. For harder woods, it can go up to 1200 to 1500 psi. Choose the right tip to use as well.

Is 1700 PSI good for a pressure washer? ›

How Much PSI is Enough? Light-duty pressure washers in the 1,300 to 1,700 PSI range are great for cleaning patio furniture, lawn equipment, stairs, and vehicles such as automobiles and small SUV's.

Can you use vinegar in a pressure washer? ›

Vinegar is one of the best things to use with your pressure washer. Using vinegar with your pressure washer can be a great way to clean and treat the surfaces that you are cleaning.

What is the best time of year to pressure wash your house? ›

In general, houses should be power washed at least once a year any time between March and November. As it gets later in a calendar year, you'll want to make sure your home is taken care of before the freezing temperatures and winter weather arrive.

Is it good to power wash your roof? ›

Don't try to pressure wash a roof like you would a fence or a sidewalk as doing so could cause damage to surface tiles or shingles— while also creating moisture damage.

Is 3000 PSI too much for a car? ›

Using 3000 PSI and a nozzle of 0 degrees or 15 degrees is too much for the body of your car, and there is a high chance that you will damage the paint.

How much PSI do I need to clean my fence? ›

How much psi do I need to clean my fence? You need at least 1800 PSI to effectively clean a wood fence. Can you pressure wash a wooden fence? Yes, you can pressure wash wooden fences but should use a lower PSI to not damage the wood.

Is 2000 psi pressure washer strong enough? ›

Light-duty pressure washers are rated at 2,000 PSI or less and are suitable for cleaning automobiles, motorcycles, boats, bicycles and all-purpose cleaning. Medium-duty pressure washers produce 2,000 to 3,000 PSI and can be used to remove grease and grim from concrete, sidewalks, decks and siding.

How long does it take to pressure wash a 2 story house? ›

It can take 30 minutes to 3 hours or more to pressure wash a house, depending, of course, on how large the house is.

Do I need a pump between my tank and pressure washer? ›

In general, you only need an additional pump between a tank and a pressure washer if the current pressure is insufficient. Most budget-friendly pressure washers need around 20PSI, but most will still work fine with somewhat lower pressure.

Does higher GPM mean more pressure? ›

GPM stands for gallons per minute. It refers to the flow rate or the volume of water that moves through the pressure washer's nozzle every minute. Think of GPM as rinsing power. The higher a pressure washer's GPM, the quicker you can wash a surface clean.

Is PSI or gallons per minute better? ›

Generally, contractors or professional cleaners will find that they prefer a higher GPM machine over PSI since they use cleaning solutions to loosen grime instead of relying fully on PSI, their job primarily becomes one of rinsing the dirt away. The higher the GPM the faster it will be to clean large surfaces.

Is higher PSI better for pressure washer? ›

It's simply a measure of how much force the water hits with and helps you understand its ability to remove stuck-on debris. As you might guess, the higher the PSI, the more power the water has, so bigger is better in many cases. However, too much pressure can be a bad thing.

What do professionals clean vinyl siding with? ›

What types of cleaners should I use?
Vinyl siding cleanersGeneral cleaners (e.g., Simple Green®, Nice & Easy®, Armor All®, etc.) can be used to clean dirt, bird droppings, and spider webs. Stain-specific cleaners are listed below. Rinse all cleaners with water before they dry.
DAP (oil-based caulk) cleanersFantastik®
10 more rows

What do you spray on siding before pressure washing? ›

How to Clean Vinyl Siding | Ask This Old House - YouTube

What kind of soap do you use in a power washer? ›

What is this? If you are cleaning a surface, and you ran out of pressure washer detergent. Or you want to clean a tough stain and do not have a special pressure washer detergent. A good solution is to use Dawn dish soap in your pressure or power washer since it is readily available.

What is the warranty on a Ryobi pressure washer from Home Depot? ›

1 year limited warranty - RYOBI - Pressure Washers - Outdoor Power Equipment - The Home Depot.

Is 3200 PSI good for a pressure washer? ›

Reliable on all the toughest jobs, pressure washers with 3,200 to 4,200 PSI offer enough power to strip away paint and remove the toughest stains. They work well on solid surfaces, especially stone and brick.

What is the PSI for house siding? ›

Gas will give you more power, but you really only need 1300 to 1600 PSI for most exterior cleaning needs, including vinyl siding. Gas pressure washers usually range from 2000 – 4000 PSI and cost more than electric.

Can you use car wash soap in a pressure washer? ›

Can you put car wash soap in a pressure washer? Unfortunately, most regular car shampoos will not work in a pressure washer. Regular car shampoos are meant to be applied by hand and should not be used with a pressure washer.

What is the strongest electric pressure washer? ›

Greenworks Pro 3000 PSI Brushless Pressure Washer

With 3000 PSI and 2.0 GPM (1.1 GPM @ 3000 PSI) and PWMA certification to back it up, the Greenworks 5110502VT is the most powerful electric pressure washer we've seen and it earns our pick as the best electric pressure washer of the year.

What is a good PSI pressure washer for home use? ›

Best Pressure Washer for Home Use

In general, the more power, the better. However, most homeowners won't typically need much more than 2000 PSI and 1.2 GPM to effectively get the job done while avoiding professional-level prices. For occasional use, we recommend an electric pressure washer with a brushless motor.

How much PSI do I need to clean my driveway? ›

What PSI pressure washer do I need to clean concrete? To clean concrete effectively, use a power washer with a pressure rating of at least 3000 psi and a flow rate of at least 4 gallons per minute (gpm).

Is Titan better than Karcher? ›

Key parts of the Titan and noticeably better quality (and more useful) than the Kärcher and Nilfisk, including a transparent filter for the water supply which makes it easy to spot blockages and a build up of crud which will slow the flow.

What bar is a good pressure washer? ›

Pressure washers with a maximum of 120 bars are those at the mid-level and are best used for cleaning things such as fencing, patios and dirty cars. If you want to embark on some really heavy-duty cleaning, go for a pressure washer with over 120 bars.

Are Karcher pressure washers any good? ›

Conclusion. Karcher makes the best premium-brand pressure washing equipment, hands down. There's a model on this list to suit any need for a pressure washer around the home.

Is 100 bar pressure washer enough for car? ›

Best for: Cleaning domestic garden decking, cars and 4x4s. Expect a medium-powered motor mid-range water pressure (100 to 130-bar) and medium flow rates. Most units are a bit heavy, have wheels and on-board storage for accessories. Some may even have hose reels for comfort.

Who makes the Titan pressure washer? ›

About this product. The Nilfisk Titan 120 Pressure Washer has a rated pressure of 85 Bar, an aluminum pump that gives it an even longer life, and an air cooled universal motor. It has a 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

Are pressure washers good for cars? ›

Can You Pressure-Wash Your Car? No. Plenty of people use a pressure washer to clean their car, but it can do more harm than good. Using a pressure washer can damage or nick the paint, which could lead to rust.

How does the Titan pressure washer work? ›

Karcher VS Titan: Pressure Washers Reviewed | The Gadget Show

Is 3000 psi too much for a car? ›

Using 3000 PSI and a nozzle of 0 degrees or 15 degrees is too much for the body of your car, and there is a high chance that you will damage the paint.

How many bar do you need for pressure washer? ›

If it's driveway cleaning then 150-200 Bar at 14-15 LPM would suit. If it's professional or industrial pressure washing work then anything up to 276 Bar.

Are electric pressure washers any good? ›

Electrical pressure washers have the benefit of lower upfront costs and few additional maintenance needs. Electric pressure washers cost less on average, are easier to start and weigh less than gas models. They are also quieter than gas models, due to the lower psi.

Is Karcher made in China? ›

Since 2004, Kärcher has been manufacturing in China in its own factory. In the past year, a new, 27,000 square metre production facility was put into operation in Changshu.

Who is Karcher owned by? ›

When he died on 17 September 1959 at the age of 58, his wife Irene took over the management of the company and steered its fortunes for three decades. Today their children Johannes Kärcher and Susanne Zimmermann von Siefart are in charge of the family-owned company in its second generation.

Who makes Karcher? ›

Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG is a German family-owned company that operates worldwide and is known for its high-pressure cleaners, floor care equipment, parts cleaning systems, wash water treatment, military decontamination equipment and window vacuum cleaners.

Can you adjust PSI on pressure washer? ›

Some gas pressure washers have a pressure regulator on the pump. You simply turn the dial to increase or decrease the pressure. Others have a regulator on the spray wand, similar to the Vario wand on our electric power washer. You can also change out the nozzle tips which alter the impact pressure when spraying.

What is a 3000 bar pressure washer used for? ›

Medium-duty pressure washers produce 2,000 to 3,000 PSI and can be used to remove grease and grim from concrete, sidewalks, decks and siding. Heavy-duty pressure washers produce 3,000 PSI or more, and can be used to clean large areas quickly, remove stubborn stains or patches of rust, or to strip paint.


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