Richmond, VA ULTIMATE Utilities Guide 💡 | Electric, Water, Gas, Internet & More (2023)


Your move to the beautiful city of Richmond, Virginia, will take a good amount of time and effort. You’ll need to get your belongings out to your new location, and you’ll need to ensure your vehicles are there as well.

With all of the tasks on your to-do list, it’s easy to forget about setting up Richmond city utilities. From power to internet service and everything in between, you’ll need to get the right utilities in Richmond ready for your property.

It doesn’t have to be a challenge to get these Richmond utilities ready. Here’s a guide for how to get these services ready to support your property when you move to the area.

Richmond, VA ULTIMATE Utilities Guide 💡 | Electric, Water, Gas, Internet & More (1) Richmond, VA ULTIMATE Utilities Guide 💡 | Electric, Water, Gas, Internet & More (2)

Dominion Energy – Electric

Dominion Energy is the Richmond electric utility provider. Their team has been serving the Commonwealth of Virginia since 1909. The group also supports various power plants around the commonwealth.

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How to Start Services

You can start service with Dominion Energy by providing information on your new street address, your name, your email address, and your Social Security Number. It also helps to provide your meter number at your address for support, although that is not required.

The company can secure your connection for a one-time charge of $14.10. You will also require a security deposit if you are a new customer with the Richmond electric provider. The team will be ready to turn on service at your property at the time you see fit, provided you offer enough advance notice before moving.

How to Pay Your Electric Bill

You can pay your electric bill with Dominion Energy through your account on their website. You can use the AutoPay system to automatically pay your monthly bill through a checking or banking account. Credit or debit card payments are also available, although a $1.65 transaction fee applies. There’s also the choice to visit a local payment center for in-person payments since Wal-Mart and Kroger locations will accept payments.

You can also pay by mail with a check to:

Dominion Energy Virginia

PO Box 26543

Richmond, VA 23290

Average Electric Bill

The average monthly bill for electric services in Richmond is around $110 to $130. The total value will vary depending on how much power you use in the month.

Contact Information For Dominion Energy

  • Website: Dominion Energy
  • Address: 600 East Canal Street, Richmond, VA 23219
  • Phone: 1-866-366-4357

Richmond Gas Works – Gas

Richmond Gas Works is a natural gas service provider that covers the Richmond area. They provide Richmond city utilities throughout Henrico and Chesterfield Counties. The City of Richmond operates and manages Richmond Gas Works.

The natural gas provider can help you get service if your new property in the Richmond area has a gas meter. You can also request help with new natural gas systems and appliances if you want to install these services.

How to Start Services

You can request gas service by providing your location, your Social Security Number, and your billing address and phone number. You will need to start this public service about three to five days before arriving at your property. It costs $35 to start service, plus a security deposit may be necessary for some needs.

How To Pay Your Gas Bill

Richmond Gas Works makes it easy for people to pay their service bills. You can pay in person at the City of Richmond Finance Office on Broad Street, or you can use one of more than a hundred Western Union locations to pay your bill.

Other options for paying your bill include paying by phone at 1-800-272-9829, online with a credit or debit card at, or by mail with a check to:

City of Richmond

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Department of Public Utilities

PO Box 71210

Charlotte, NC 28272

Average Gas Bill

Natural gas will cost about $60 to $80 per month, with the total varying by how much you use each month. The Richmond utility billing process may also vary by the size of your meter.

Contact Information For Richmond Gas Works

  • Website: Richmond Gas Works
  • Address: 600 East Canal Street, Richmond, VA 23219
  • Phone: 1-866-366-4357

City of Richmond Water – Water

The City of Richmond Water group is one of the most essential Richmond utilities you’ll set up, as they’ll help you get the water necessary for your home. The city gathers its water from the James River, with a dam at Williams Island helping to divert water to the main source for drinking water in the city.

The City of Richmond’s current water plant can manage more than 130 million gallons of water per day. There are also more than 1,200 miles of water lines throughout the city, providing a reliable source for water you can trust.

The group also manages wastewater and sewage treatment services. These are included in your monthly water bill.

How To Pay Your Water Bill

The methods for paying this public utility are the same as the methods for paying a natural gas bill, as the City of Richmond operates the water services in the city. You can pay in person through a Western Union location, or you can pay by phone at 1-804-646-4646. A monthly automatic payment system and the E-Z Pay online payment system are also available for your convenience.

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You can also pay your bill by mail at this address:

City of Richmond

Department of Public Utilities

PO Box 71210

Charlotte, NC 28272

Average Water Bill

Your Richmond water bill charges will depend on the size of your meter and how much water you use. Expect to spend about $100 per month for service.

Contact Information For City of Richmond Water

Central Virginia Waste Management Authority – Garbage/Recycling

The Department of Public Works supports the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority, a group that will collect garbage and recycling materials every week. They collect trash and junk items once a week from your location. Collections occur between Monday to Thursday, with the specific day based on where you are in the city.

How to Pay Your Garbage and Recycling Bill

You can pay your bill through the same methods you use to manage other City of Richmond-operated entities. The process for paying these Richmond city utilities includes paying in-person at a Western Union location, paying online, or by mail.

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Average Garbage and Recycling Bill

It costs $21.45 per month for each trash can you handle for Richmond trash and recycling collection needs. You can use up to four cans at your site.

You must ensure your garbage and recycling cans are removed before 7 a.m. on the day after collection. You may be assessed a $50 fine if you leave your container out beyond that time.

Contact Information for the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority

Xfinity – Cable/Internet

There are many Richmond utilities to consider for internet and cable services, including Verizon FiOS, Suddenlink, and Spectrum. Xfinity is the most popular choice you can find in the city. Be sure when reviewing these Richmond utilities that you find a choice that fits your needs and budget.

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Xfinity is the most prominent choice you will find, as it offers more coverage through many parts of the Richmond area. They are an online and television service provider operated by Comcast.

Xfinity provides multiple plans including services for up to 800 Mbps of speed. You can also access hundreds of television channels through their service.

How To Pay Your Cable and Internet Bill

You can pay your Xfinity bill through your online account. You can also call 1-800-934-6489 for assistance. Another option is to visit a local Xfinity store and use a self-serve kiosk to manage your bill from there.

Average Cable and Internet Bill

The cost of internet utilities in Richmond will be based on your plan and the number of cables channels you have. Expect your utility program to cost anywhere from $60 to $200 per month.

Contact Information For Xfinity

  • Website: Xfinity
  • Address: 918 Arthur Ashe Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23230
  • Phone: 1-800-934-6489

Prepare Your Richmond Utilities Ahead of Time

The Richmond utilities can be set up ahead of time to ensure your lights are on and you have power when you arrive. The process for getting your Richmond city utilities is easy to manage since each company can easily be scheduled.

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Are you setting up utilities in Richmond before an upcoming relocation? Get in touch with the trusted Richmond movers here at On the Fly Moving Guys for assistance! Call us today at (804) 836-4954 or fill out the Request a Quote form above for a free moving estimate!


What is the average electric bill in Richmond VA? ›

In Richmond, VA, the average monthly electric bill for residential consumers is $186/month, which is calculated by multiplying the average monthly consumption by the average electric rate: 1,350 kWh * 14 ¢/kWh.

Is TV Licence a utility bill? ›

But is TV licence a utility bill? If you're ever showing live TV (like the news) in your office space, then it's vital that you're covered by a licence. However, a TV licence isn't typically counted as a utility bill, although it does need to be paid annually if you wish to use its services.

How do I set up water utility in Richmond VA? ›

Call (804)646-4646 to request an application, then return the completed application with a voided check. DPU will set up the service with your bank at no charge to you. DPU now accepts E-Z Pay.

What is a livable salary in Virginia? ›

Living Wage Calculation for Richmond city, Virginia
0 Children2 Children
Living Wage$18.93$38.31
Poverty Wage$6.19$12.74
Minimum Wage$11.00$11.00

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Virginia? ›

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Virginia? According to, a living wage calculator based at MIT, you'll need a salary of at least $26,631 if you have no children. If you are one adult with two children, you'll need $61,780 after taxes.

Will the 400 energy grant be paid into my bank account? ›

Direct debit and standard credit customers paying either monthly or quarterly will automatically have the money credited to their account by their supplier. 'Smart' pre-payment meter users will also see the grant automatically added to their account.

How much is the government giving towards energy bills? ›

£400 off your energy bills

The payment does not need to be repaid. You won't be asked for your bank details and you don't need to apply for the scheme, as electricity suppliers will apply the reduction automatically to bills from October 2022.

Who will get 200 energy rebate? ›

All domestic electricity customers will get £200 off their energy bills from October, with 80% of households receiving a £150 Council Tax rebate from April.

Who is entitled to a free television Licence? ›

You could get a free TV Licence. Free TV Licences are only available if you're 75 or over and you, or your partner living at the same address, are receiving Pension Credit. If you're 75 or over and you, or your partner living at the same address, are receiving Pension Credit, please sign in to apply for a free licence.

What can be used as address proof? ›

For proof of Address

Income Tax PAN card Income Tax Assessment Order Photo Credit Card Credit card statement (not older than last three months) Smart card issued by CSD, Defense/Paramilitary Telephone Bill of fixed line (not older than last three months).

How does the government know if you have a TV Licence? ›

There are a number of ways we can find out. At the heart of our operation is the TV Licensing database of approximately 31 million home and business addresses, telling us which of these have TV Licences. All of our visiting officers have access to this database and will check whether or not you have a licence.

How can I get help paying my water bill in Virginia? ›

Application assistance is available by contacting Promise directly at 888-373-9908 between the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

How do I apply for WaterSure? ›

You can apply for WaterSure by filling out a form from your water company. You will need to supply evidence that you qualify, such as a copy of your awards notice for a benefit.

What is a good hourly wage in VA? ›

$1,744 is the 90th percentile. Wages above this are outliers. $13.83 is the 25th percentile. Wages below this are outliers.
What are Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Hourly Rate Jobs in Virginia.
Annual Salary$54,537
Monthly Pay$4,544
Weekly Pay$1,048
Hourly Wage$26.22
9 more columns

What is a good starting salary in Virginia? ›

As of Nov 16, 2022, the average annual pay for an Entry Level in Virginia is $34,496 a year.

What is Virginia's minimum wage 2023? ›

The new minimum wage in Virginia increases to $12 on Jan. 1, 2023. Unlike other states, Virginia does not exempt tipped workers from the state mandated minimum wage.

What is the cheapest area to live in Virginia? ›

The 25 cheapest places to live in Virginia
RankCity1-BR Average Rent
21 more rows
10 Jun 2021

What's the cheapest state to live in? ›

As of August 2022, Mississippi is the least expensive state to live in, according to The Magnolia State has a cost of living index of 83.3.

What is the cheapest state to live in 2022? ›


Coming in as the cheapest state to live in in the United States is Mississippi with a cost of living index score of 83.3. It also has the lowest average housing costs in the nation at 33.7% below the national average. The median single family home costs around $140,818.

Who gets the 326 payment first? ›

To get the first Cost of Living Payment of £326, you must have been entitled, or later found to be entitled, for any day in the period 26 April 2022 to 25 May 2022 to: a payment of tax credits. an annual award of at least £26 of tax credits.

Does every household get 400 energy rebate? ›

From October 2022 to March 2023, most homes in England, Scotland and Wales will get a £400 non-repayable discount on their electricity bills. This is known as the Energy Bills Support Scheme, and it will be delivered in six monthly instalments.

Will pensioners get the 650 payment? ›

Lower-income pensioners who claim pension credit, will receive the money in addition to the £650 support for those on benefits.

Who is eligible for the 400 energy payment? ›

Currently all households with a domestic electricity connection will be automatically eligible for the £400. The money will be automatically discounted from their electricity bill monthly.

Who will get the 150 disability payment? ›

This £150 disability payment is on top of the £1,200 most low income benefit claimants will also receive and alongside wider support targeted at disabled people, including help with transport and prescription costs. Most of these payments have now been made.

Who is entitled to free electricity? ›

Applicants between 66 and 70 years old can qualify for the Free Electricity Allowance if they either satisfy a means test or receive one of the following: State Pension. Widow's, Widower's or Surviving Civil Partner's Pension. Deserted Wife's Benefit.

When can I get warm home discount 2022 2023? ›

You could get £150 off your electricity bill for winter 2022 to 2023 under the Warm Home Discount Scheme. The money is not paid to you - it's a one-off discount on your electricity bill, between October 2022 and March 2023.

How do I claim my 400 energy payment? ›

You do not have to do anything to get this money as the discount will be automatically applied. The £400 rebate, administered by energy suppliers, will be paid to consumers over six months in the following instalments: October - £66.

How do I get a 650 one off payment? ›

You may get a payment of £650 paid in 2 lump sums of £326 and £324 if you get payments of any of the following:
  1. Universal Credit.
  2. income-based Jobseeker's Allowance ( JSA )
  3. income-related Employment and Support Allowance ( ESA )
  4. Income Support.
  5. Pension Credit.
  6. Child Tax Credit.
  7. Working Tax Credit.

How can I watch TV legally without paying for my license? ›

Watching online

You don't need a TV Licence if you never watch live on any channel, TV service or streaming service, or use BBC iPlayer*. This applies to any device, including a TV, computer, laptop, phone, tablet, games console or digital box.

How do I claim my free TV Licence? ›

How do I claim my TV licence discount?
  1. If you're 75 or over and you receive Pension Credit. You need to apply for a free TV licence – they're not given out automatically. ...
  2. If you're blind or you have a serious sight impairment. Contact TV Licensing. ...
  3. If you live in a care home or sheltered housing.
20 Sept 2022

What happens if you watch without a TV Licence? ›

If you don't pay you could face a £1,000 fine

TV Licensing has enforcement officers that carry out checks. Fee dodgers can face prosecution plus a fine of up to £1,000 (up to £2,000 if you live in Guernsey) if they're found to be watching 'live TV' or BBC iPlayer without a licence.

What is the best proof of address? ›

A utility bill, credit card statement, lease agreement or mortgage statement will all work to prove residency. If you've gone paperless, print a billing statement from your online account.

What is the best form of proof of address? ›

Current utility bill (such as a gas, electricity or telephone or mobile phone bill) Current car or home insurance policy that shows your address. Document issued by a government department that shows your address.

How do they prove you are watching live TV? ›

They work by detecting the electromagnetic signature that your television gives off. They are so accurate that they can tell you where in the house the TV is, and they can indeed see the channel you are watching.

Who is exempt from TV Licence fee? ›

People who are aged 75 or over and receive Pension Credit. People who are blind (severely sight impaired). People who live in qualifying residential care and are disabled or over 60 and retired. For businesses that provide units of overnight accommodation, for example, hotels and mobile units.

Can you be prosecuted for not having a TV Licence? ›

In some cases, where there is a refusal to pay the fine and where all other enforcement methods have been tried, a person can be sent to jail.

Can you get done for not paying water? ›

As a last resort, the company can take you to court to get a county court judgment to recover the money you owe. You may then get a notice of enforcement from a firm of bailiffs telling you they are going to come round. If they come, they could take goods to sell to pay the money you owe.

How can I get help paying my bills in Virginia? ›

If you need help paying your utility bills, contact one of these organizations.
  1. Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) - fuel and weatherization assistance.
  2. Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development - weatherization assistance program.

What is water help discount? ›

WaterHelp. If your household is on a low income, you may be able to get a 50% discount on your bills. Find out if you qualify for WaterHelp.

What are the 4 main steps to water treatment? ›

Public water systems often use a series of water treatment steps that include coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection.

What are the 4 steps to clean your water? ›

4 Methods to Purify Your Water
  1. 1 – Boiling. Boiling water is the cheapest and safest method of water purification. ...
  2. 2 – Filtration. Filtration is one of the effective ways of purifying water and when using the right multimedia filters it's effective in ridding water of the compounds. ...
  3. 3 – Distillation. ...
  4. 4 – Chlorination.

What are the 7 steps for water treatment? ›


These include: (1) Collection ; (2) Screening and Straining ; (3) Chemical Addition ; (4) Coagulation and Flocculation ; (5) Sedimentation and Clarification ; (6) Filtration ; (7) Disinfection ; (8) Storage ; (9) and finally Distribution.

What free stuff can I get on benefits? ›

30 additional DWP benefits and freebies:
  • Reduced council tax bills.
  • Capped water bills.
  • Half price bus.
  • Discounted rail fares.
  • Free or discounted gym membership.
  • Help with new job costs.
  • Warm Home Discount Scheme of £140 off fuel bills.
  • £25 in Cold Weather Payments.
7 Sept 2022

How much is WaterSure capping? ›

If you do qualify, WaterSure will cap your annual bill at £374 (2016/2017) so you won't have to pay more than that, no matter how much water you have to use. This figure is made up of £198 for your water and £176 for your wastewater services.

Can I get a discount on my water bill universal credit? ›

If you get Universal Credit

The amount of the deduction depends on what you're paying off. Your Universal Credit will be deducted: 5% for gas, electricity and water. at least 5% but not more than £108.35 per month for fines.

How much is average electric bill in Virginia? ›

Electric bills in Virginia

In Virginia, the average monthly electric bill for residential consumers is $178/month, which is calculated by multiplying the average monthly consumption by the average electric rate: 1,354 kWh * 13 ¢/kWh.

How much do utilities cost in Richmond VA? ›

How much are Richmond city utilities? The average energy bill is $170.00. The average Richmond water bill is about $100 which includes trash collection. According to Numbeo, the typical monthly cost for a family of four living in Richmond, VA is $3,173 without rent.

How much is the average utility bill in Virginia? ›

Utility Costs in Virginia
UtilityAverage Virginia Bill
Cable & Internet$119

How much does Dominion Energy Charge per kWh in Virginia? ›

Winter Pricing for Weekdays, Weekends & Holidays
Weekday PricingPrice per kWh
On Peak ($$$)$0.203694
Off Peak ($$)$0.125514
Super Off Peak ($)$0.121782

What uses the most electricity in a home? ›

Top five energy consuming home appliances
  • Wet appliances. Washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryers account for 14% of a typical energy bill, taking the top spot in our list. ...
  • Cold appliances. ...
  • Consumer electronics. ...
  • Lighting. ...
  • Cooking.
14 Jan 2022

How much electricity does a 2000 square foot house use? ›

Home Professionals lay this out clearly stating that “the average 2,000 sq. ft. U.S. home uses around 1,000 kWh of energy per month or about 32 kWh per day.” But again, it's not so clear cut. The U.S. Energy Information Administration notes that the average homeowner used about 914 kWh per month in energy.

What state has the highest electric bill? ›

The November 2022 Report uses the U.S. Energy Information Administration's data from August to show that Utah residents paid the lowest electricity bills in the country on average. On the other side, Hawaii residents paid the highest electricity bills of any state.

What is the average water bill? ›

How much does the average water bill cost? The average American water bill is $45.44 per month. And Americans use an average of 82 gallons of water a day at home. The best way to see how much water you're using is to look at the breakdown of charges on your water bill.

What is a good salary Richmond VA? ›

City Of Richmond, Virginia pays an average salary of $335,091 and salaries range from a low of $294,330 to a high of $379,966. Individual salaries will, of course, vary depending on the job, department, location, as well as the individual skills and education of each employee.

Why is rent so high in Virginia? ›

Virginia Apartment Management Association CEO Patrick McCloud cites low vacancy, inflation, low supply and rental assistance programs.

What is the average cost of utility bills per month? ›

The average monthly cost for gas, electricity, and water is around £160. You can help cut heating costs by turning down your heating when you are not home and wearing more clothes to stay warm instead of running.

Why is the cost of living so high? ›

Labor shortages and surging consumer demand have only exacerbated this problem. With many items in short supply and the cost of shipping going up, prices are increasing. You may have noticed a hefty increase in the cost of a vehicle, food, or fuel over the last few months.

What time of day is it cheapest to use electricity? ›

Under Time-of-Use pricing, your energy rate will vary based on when you use electricity. Using electricity before 4 p.m. or after 9 p.m., when power on the grid is the cleanest and cheapest, can help reduce your energy bill and cut fossil fuel emissions across the state.

How much does 100 watts cost a month? ›

What Uses Watts in Your Home
Appliance/EquipmentAvg. UsageCost/Month
75-Watt Bulb (75 W) Equivalent compact fluorescent4 hours/day 4 hours/day$.90 $.25
100-Watt Bulb (100 W) Equivalent compact fluorescent4 hours/day 4 hours/day$1.20 $.33
Electric Fence Chargerdaily$.20
39 more rows

What are the cheapest hours to use electricity? ›

This rate plan offers lower prices during periods of the day when energy costs are lower—before 5 p.m. and after 8 p.m. on weekdays and during all hours on weekends and most holidays.


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