Marissa Electricidad (2023)

Marissa Electricidad is a character in The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl. She is Max's love interest and Mr. Electricidad's daughter.


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Marissa is a young girl with curly blonde hair and tan skin. She has a pair of black, oval-shaped glasses. At the beginning of the movie, her hair is pulled back into a braid. She wears a pink patterned shirt under a purple long sleeved shirt that is finally covered by a white, hooded sweater. She wears denim jeans with a pink belt, and white trainers.

At the end of the movie, she only has on her pink shirt. Her hair is down as well and she seems to have a woven friendship bracelet on her wrist.


Marissa seems to be a shy and average girl. She's too nervous to tell her dad that she's too cold in her current seat in the classroom. She is imaginative enough to make her own characters after hearing about SharkBoy and LavaGirl for the first time.

When Max told her that she could defeat Mr. Electric with the Crystal Heart, she only hesitated for a moment before going ahead to face him in battle. She didn't falter at all when using her newfound ice powers against him.


Not much of her past is talked about. Her father, Mr. Electricidad, is a teacher at her school and is very protective of his daughter. She is shown to have a mutual crush on Max and believed his stories about SharkBoy and LavaGirl from the beginning. She even created her own superheroes, Ice Girl who gets her powers from a Crystal Heart, and Dream Boy.

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One day in class, her allergies bother her so her father tells her to stay inside during recess. She is also very cold from the air vent above her, so Max offers to switch seats with her, but Marissa refuses as her father won't like it. Sure enough, Mr. Electricidad dissuades Max from befriending Marissa. When Mr. Electric attacks the school, Max gives her the real Crystal Heart that he retrieved from Planet Drool so she can save everyone. She uses the power of the crystal to defeat Mr. Electric and make it snow.

Powers and abilities

Marissa only has any abilities through a magical necklace called the Crystal Heart, that Max brought to her from Planet Drool. Without it, she's powerless. The Crystal Heart gives her various ice abilities, and the alleged ability to freeze time.


Mr. Electricidad

Mr. Electricidad is Marissa's protective father. While he cares for her, he seems to be a bit overbearing and protective. He even gets angry at Max for talking to her (assuming that he's flirting) as she's in his class. She doesn't seem to have any harsh feelings towards him.


Marissa is shown to have a mutual crush on Max. She believed in his stories from the beginning and encouraged them under her father's criticism. She had faith in him when he implied that she could defeat Mr. Electric.

Mr. Electric

Marissa defeated Mr. Electric by freezing and then destroying him with the Crystal Heart. She didn't seem bothered when she saw that Mr. Electric was representative of her father.


Marissa Electricidad (1)

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Marissa Electricidad.

Marissa Electricidad (2)

Marissa Electricidad.

Marissa Electricidad (3)

Marissa in Max's old seat.

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Marissa Electricidad (4)

Max putting the Crystal Heart on Marissa.

Marissa Electricidad (5)

Marissa before using the Crystal Heart.

Marissa Electricidad (6)

Marissa freezing Mr. Electric.

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Marissa Electricidad (7)

Marissa freezing Mr. Electric.

Marissa Electricidad (8)

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Marissa playing in the snow she made with other students.



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