Jetson Bolt Electric Bike Review 2022 & Buyer’s Guide - Best Electrical Bikes (2022)

Electric bikes are the most desired vehicle because they provide so many benefits as compared to regular bikes. It’s an ideal way to discover the world if you are looking for a new perspective. Despite the abundance of bikes on the market, here I will present a bike made by the famous manufacturer JETSON. This company manufactures some of the best models of E-bike, among which Jetson Bolt Electric Bike is one of them.

Jetson Bolt Electric Bike Review 2022 & Buyer’s Guide - Best Electrical Bikes (1)

The Jetson Bolt electric bike is the perfect commuting vehicle for people who live in cities or crowded areas that are short on parking space. It can be used for almost any kind of trip, from running errands to taking local trips around town. The e-bike has a solid construction and definitely can’t be beaten when it comes to maneuverability. It also provides excellent torque for going up hills, which is something that you get from more expensive models. The Goplus electric bicycle has received multiple positive reviews from users all over the world that makes them one of theBest electric bikes under $500.

Jetson Bolt Electric Bike Review 2022

A highly versatile and affordable Electric Bike, the Jetson Bolt Electric Bike gives you the most out of your riding experience. It’s lightweight, maneuverable, and has a great design. This bike is an ideal choice for commuting or enjoying the ride. At just 34lbs, Jetson Electric Bike is small. Despite its size, it’s still capable of carrying larger riders since it has a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

Jetson Bolt Electric Bike Review 2022 & Buyer’s Guide - Best Electrical Bikes (2)

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The Jetson Bolt electric bike doesn’t skimp on the details either, with adjustable handlebars and seats for different riders. Even though it might seem a little stiff, the ride is actually pretty smooth and comfortable. The drive system is quiet and provides excellent torque for going up hills without having to work as hard.

Specificationsof Jetson Bolt Electric Bike:

Consider taking a look at the following specifications because it will intrigue you to consider this bike for your daily commute.

Jetson Bolt Electric Bike – Key Specs:

  • Weight: 34 lbs (15.4 kg)
  • Max speed: 20mph (32km/h)
  • Motor: Front motor power: 350Watts, Rear motor power: 300Watts
  • Range on a full charge: up to 70km (45 miles)
  • Charge time from 0%: 4-5 hours
  • Battery capacity: 20Ah
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs (113 kg)
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear
  • Tires: 26″ x 2.35″ semi-slick tires, reinforced with Kevlar fiber


Although it may not seem highly durable, the bike’s 250 Watt rear motor produces a surprising amount of torque. Small engines like this one allow you to reach the speed limit of 15 mph with relative ease. Despite its lack of pedals, it is possible to accelerate without any assistance. This stylish bike gives you the confidence to move around the town with style.

Distance Range

The maximum distance range is 17 miles; however, you can easily cover two-thirds of the route before the performance shows the sign of sluggishness. Nonetheless, a 12-mile range is still quite good, particularly for an e-bike of this size. When you ride within city limits, you cannot ride further.


There is no possibility of long-distance biking with Jetson Bolt’s 36V and 5.2AH battery. Using the rear wheel as a brake system means you can do power slides, as there is a signal of disc brake. Moreover, the handlebars feature a throttle, battery meter, cruise control button, on/off switch, and horn button.

Quality and Design

Aluminum alloy is the best material used in bike frames, so this electric bike is made from it. As I mentioned, this bike is lightweight and durable and can hold up to 250 pounds of weight and ages 12 and up. This frame is suitable for regular usage.


The vehicle only has one disc brake at the rear. Since the front and rear brakes are nearly sufficient to stop you, I would have preferred to have both. It is more efficient to use the front brake than the rear brake.


Taking this small e-bike for a spin is a lot of fun. Although you may initially feel a little strange without pedals, you will eventually adapt. Due to its 12-inch wheels and decent motor, you will be able to catch speed quickly and do not require any assistance.

Light-emitting diodes

With this bike, you can light up any path ahead of you with LED headlights because safety is the company’s foremost priority (looking good is a close second).

LCD display

Displaying battery life in an intuitive interface, the LCD provides a simple visual.


  • This bike is affordable thus is beneficial for the buyer’s pocket.
  • Through the Ride Jetson app, you can adjust the bike’s speed, customize the LED lighting, monitor battery life, and map your rides.
  • It has a kickstand that is similar to one found on motorcycles.
  • Riders can rest their feet comfortably on the footpegs.
  • During long rides, the rider can reduce fatigue by using the cruise control option.
  • Through puddles, the rider will stay dry on the Jetson Bolt thanks to the fenders they provide.
  • Many users comment on the bike’s handling that it works well.
  • It has a very responsive rear disc brake.
  • Cons

  • Climbing is difficult for Jetson Bolt.
  • There have been numerous reports of battery problems after the usage of a few months.
  • The heavy or tall individual may not be able to use this bike.
  • Jetson Bolt Electric Bike Review – Buyer’s Guide

    When you want to purchase something, it is crucial to know every important detail regarding that product because if you lack the information, you will regret it after the purchase. Similarly, Electric bikes have certain factors that are vital to know before making a purchase.

    An electric bike’s power source is one of the most significant factors for its manufacture. The bike’s range and performance are typically compromised. If you have a more powerful motor, you will have more torque for hauling cargo or climbing hills, and you will keep up with the traffic. Additionally, this will turn out to be the fastest burnout of your battery, thereby reducing your riding range.

    Electric bikes display specific specs indicating how far they can travel. For example, the pedal-assist distance is usually between 20-100 miles. There is a lot of factors that will determine how far you can ride. You will find some points below that can help you make an informed decision of your choice.

    Factors to consider when choosing the electric bike

    Make sure you spend some time researching electric bikes before purchasing one. You can choose one based on the features that are important to you. As a starting point for choosing an electric bike, we will discuss a few key factors.


    Generally, the battery needs to be charged fully after three to five hours. The charging time will be longer for batteries with larger capacities. If you intend to commute by electric bike, you may want to bring your charger. It is possible to equip some electric bikes with two batteries simultaneously based on the model.

    The longer your ride will be, the more battery power will be available. You will also have a backup battery in case the first one dies. An integrated battery will free up space in the frame for a bike bag or bottle cage. It is easier to recharge and replace external batteries, though.

    Pedal aid levels

    An e-bike typically offers three to four levels of assist. The Eco setting will save energy, whereas the boost/turbo setting will provide more torque and speed.


    It is essential for the rider to have brakes in case the rider has to stop. If you want to invest in brakes, Shimano and SRAM are the best to go. Their wet braking is ideal for commuters. I felt much more comfortable when descending at high speeds thanks to the disc brakes, so I recommend them without reservation. For dry weather use only, however, you should go with rim brakes.


    Having large wheels makes cycling safer because wider wheels roll more smoothly and efficiently, making the ride more enjoyable. There are usually three types of wheels on bicycles; 29 inches, 27.5 inches, and 26 inches. It is also difficult to find cheap mountain bikes or fat bikes with wide tires in addition to 26-inch bikes.

    Bicycles with small wheels and compact frames are portable. Their lightweight and portability make them easy to transport. The ride will be a lot less smooth, and they will have a tough time climbing hills.

    Frame Material

    Electric bikes frames usually consist of aluminum. Besides being lightweight and affordable, the material is also sturdy. In contrast to more expensive carbon fiber, it is the second most popular choice. Comparatively, alum bikes are heavier than carbon fiber bikes.

    Some bikes also appear as steel frame bikes. Steel frames are heavier than aluminum frames. Steel frames provide a softer ride than aluminum frames because they are more flexible.


    Cargo electric bikes usually have racks. The racks are often capable of holding heavy loads. Electric bike racks are available in many styles and capacities, so you must choose the one according to your need.


    If you know you will not ride at night, you can choose not to attach lights to your bike. In areas with heavy traffic and at night, a motorbike with a headlight will be more appropriate. Lights are connected to the bikes by an electrical connection, and sometimes different batteries operate, but the same battery is better for comfort. Lights are not mandatory on bikes, but you can add them at any time.

    Jetson Bolt Electric Bike Review – FAQS

    How fast does Jetson Bolt Electric Bike go?

    The Jetson Bolt has a top speed of 25mph (40km/h). In order to ride safely on most city streets, we recommend setting the max speed to 18mph (30km/h) via the Bluetooth remote or through your phone’s Bluetooth connection.

    How far can Jetson Bolt Electric Bike go on a charge?

    Under normal usage, with the pedal-assist set to level 3 or 4, you should be able to get 45 miles (72km) of range on a full charge which takes about 2 hours from empty.

    Is the Jetson Bolt good as an electric bike?

    The Jetson Bolt is great as an electric bike! The quality of the components is consistent with its price tag.

    How long does an electric bike function?

    It is hard to tell beforehand how much it will work since, in the majority of cases, it depends on the battery, as an electric bike is used regularly, its battery efficiency decreases over time, usually after three to five years. Moreover, it also depends on the maintenance of the bike.

    Can E-bike go up steep hills?

    There is no doubt that E-bikes can handle steep hills just fine.

    Which battery is used in E-bikes?

    The battery in an electric bike consists of lithium-ion, which is lightweight and lasts for more than 1000 cycles before it needs to be replaced.

    Final Words – Wrapping It Up

    The Jetson Bolt Electric bike is available with folding handlebars. The bike is very portable, weighing only 34 pounds. No matter wherever you go, you can take it anywhere, using public transportation or an elevator. It is a fantastic little zippy bike. It is not only one of the best e-bikes available but also one of the most affordable.

    Through this article, I tried to deliver as much knowledge as possible for the readers to make the right choice according to their needs. Feel free to ask any questions regarding your purchase. It will be a pleasure to assist the readers the best I can.

    Thank You!

    Jetson Bolt Electric Bike <a href="" title="Review" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer nofollow">Review</a> – FAQS

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