How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (2022)

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (1)

Do you want to know how to hide the gas meter in front of your house in clever and even attractive ways?

Ideally, the gas company puts the gas meter in an isolated location on the side of the house where no one can see it.

Unfortunately, sometimes, the best place for it is in the front of the house if that’s where the gas line runs.

The gas meter in front of your house may not add to the curb appeal of your property.

However, you can’t simply get rid of it if you still want to enjoy the convenience of a connection to the main gas supply.

We provide the top 10 ways to hide the gas meter in front of your house.

How to Hide Gas Meter in Front of House (Top 10 Ways)

1. Plants

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (2)

Cost: Medium

Simplicity: Beginner planting and maintenance required that can be done by almost anyone

Attractiveness: High attractiveness during blooming season

Gas Meter Coverage: Possible lack of coverage, especially during fall and winter

Grow aesthetically pleasing plants around the gas meter to cover it.

Of course, you need to pick plants tall and wide enough to effectively get the job done while also adhering to regulations.

How Do I Plant Greenery Around My Gas Meter?

Step One: Learn Regulations

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (3)

The gas company and the city may have specific rules about greenery around the gas meter.

Ignoring these regulations can lead to fines or a gas leak.

You also need to ensure that the gas company can read the meter when necessary.

Call the gas company to learn the rules before you take a shovel to the dirt.

Questions you want to ask include:

  • How near the gas meter can you place plants?
  • Can you plant shrubs and trees or only small plants, like flowers?
  • Does anyone need to come out before you start planting to show you the location of the gas line?
Step Two: Choose Flora

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (4)

Now, you need to decide on the type of plant you want to grow.

Trees aren’t the best choice since their large roots can damage the gas lines and any nearby sewer lines.

If allowed, you want to plant bushes or shrubs since the larger size helps cover the gas meter.

Pick an evergreen bush with full leaves all year long if possible, such as boxwood or azalea bushes.

If you must stick to flowers, grow large, thick flowers.

Some great flower options to hide your gas meter include:

  • Lilies
  • Sunflowers
  • Hibiscus
  • Magnolia
  • Clematis
Step Three: Plant And Grow

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (5)

Now that you have picked a flower, you need to plant.

Before you get dirty, you need to locate the gas line.

Avoid digging in the same spot as the gas line and possibly damaging it.

Now, you need to nurture your flower seeds until they grow.

Shrubs come full-grown and last longer throughout the year.

You may need to come up with an alternative plan when the plants wilt away in the fall or winter.

Step Four: Keep Up With Maintenance

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (6)

You need to keep up with all landscaping maintenance, but especially around your gas meter.

Trim the plants regularly and ensure they don’t interfere with the gas meter in any way.

How Much Does It Cost To Plant Shrubs Around The Gas Meter?

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (7)

The cost varies depending on the plants you choose, the size and quantity of the plants, and if you do the work yourself or hire a landscaping company.

On average, you will want a three-gallon or five-gallon shrub.

Landscapers will charge $50 for the shrub and another $50 per hour to plant it.

The larger expense involves the tools, time, and sweat equity you put into maintenance over the years.

Alternatively, you can schedule regular landscaping maintenance for your whole yard, including the plants around the gas meter, for an average of $40–$80 a week in the spring and summer.

(Video) How to Hide Outdoor Gas Meters

2. Wood Box Cover

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (8)

Cost: Low

Simplicity: Introductory woodworking skills

Attractiveness: Low to medium

Gas Meter Coverage: High

A wood box cover refers to an attractive wooden box with no bottom that you place over the gas meter.

Most people make their box cover themselves.

How Do I Create A Box Cover To Put Around My Gas Meter?

Step One: Gather wood

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (9)

Gather the wood planks you need to create the box cover.

You can use leftover wood from a different project or buy new wood from the hardware store.

Step Two: Prep Wood

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (10)

If repurposing wood you already have, prep the wood by removing any nails in it.

You also need to cut the wood to the proper size using a table saw.

You want the box cover to properly fit over the gas meter with plenty of room around it.

Create the box a length that complements the aesthetic of your yard and home and allows for optimal functionality.

Finally, sand the edges of your lumber to keep the edges smooth.

Step Three: Create The Box

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (11)

Now, you need to make the actual box.

Form the box shape without a solid bottom.

You want to make the object easy to place over the gas meter.

At this point, you decide how close together you want the wood planks.

You can make them close together to increase how well it camouflages the gas meter, or you may prefer the look of the planks a little further apart (which will also make it easier for the gas company to read the meter).

Step Four: Paint

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (12)

Now, you need to paint the box cover.

Start with a waterproof primer since the object will come into contact with the elements (i.e., rain).

A waterproof primer will prevent mold growth and prolong the life expectancy of the object.

Next, you need to finish the wooden box cover with an attractive color that either matches your home or your yard.

Alternatively, you can paint it a bright color to add an unexpected design aspect to your front yard.

Step Five: Place Box Over The Gas Meter

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (13)

When fully dry, place the box cover over your gas meter.

Since this object isn’t installed into the ground, it can succumb to damage during high winds and hail.

For lightweight box covers, you may choose to put them in the garage during extreme weather.

Step Six: Add Finishing Touches

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (14)

Your box cover can make a great ledge for you to place a flowerpot or your favorite watering can.

This added detail can make the box cover appear more functional than a cover for the ugly meter box.

3. Paint

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (15)

Cost: Low cost

Simplicity: Introductory painting skills

Attractiveness: Low attractiveness

Gas Meter Coverage: Low coverage

Gas companies know that many homeowners don’t like the look of the gas meter, so they usually allow you to paint it.

Paint doesn’t cost much, and you don’t have to worry about making a mess since you will be painting outside.

Of course, you may need to complete some touch-ups every couple of years.

(Video) How to Hide Outdoor Eye Sores--No Digging Required!

Many people choose to paint the gas meter a color similar to that of their house.

In some cases, it can make more sense to paint it green or brown to match its surroundings.

For the creative family, you can turn your gas meter into an art piece by painting designs or using bright colors.

Who said you can’t paint ladybugs or clouds on the gas meter?

In this case, don’t hide the meter.

Instead, make it a talking point when people visit your home.

Any Special Considerations When Painting A Gas Meter?

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (16)

You can’t cover the dials to the point that they become unreadable.

This means not painting the meter glass or the index.

Since you are working outside, you also want to find a time to complete the task when the temperature doesn’t negatively impact the paint.

Finally, if you notice rust and corrosion, resolve the issue at the core.

A fresh coat of paint can cover the appearance of the corrosion, but it can’t stop the process from damaging the lines over time.

4. Fence

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (17)

Cost: Low (if building your own) to high (professionally installing a new fence)

Simplicity: Introductory woodworking skills (if building your own)

Attractiveness: Medium

Gas Meter Coverage: High

You have two options when using a fence to hide your gas meter:

  • Use front yard fence
  • Build a quick gas meter fence cover

Using Front Yard Fence

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (18)

Strategically place your fence to hide the gas meter as well as protect your family if the design calls for it.

However, this may not work in your yard if the gas meter isn’t located somewhere you want to run a fence.

You also need to be careful about placing a sturdy fence around the gas meter.

In most cases, you need at least nine feet of space between the fence and gas meter.

Building Gas Meter Fence Cover

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (19)

Instead of using your front yard fence to hide your gas meter, you may choose to place a mini fence solely around the gas meter.

For this method, you will create an above-ground fence out of wood (similar to the box cover but a fence instead of a box).

Consider putting a small welcome sign on the fence to add to the hominess of the design.

5. Trellis

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (20)

Cost: Medium to high cost

Simplicity: Advanced woodworking/metal skills (if building your own) and intermediate gardening skills

Attractiveness: High attractiveness

Gas Meter Coverage: Medium coverage

A trellis refers to a structure of interlocking framework usually made of wood, steel, or bamboo, and it usually comes in the shape of a fence, a solitary vertical structure, or an arch.

Oftentimes, homeowners use it in the yard as a foundation for climbing plants to grow.

Since a trellis has a more detailed design, it will cost more than a simple box cover.

You can make your own or buy one at the local hardware store.

What Plants Can I Plant On My Trellis?

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (21)

Since most trellises have empty spaces by design, you should take advantage of the ability to grow attractive plants on them to fill them out.

Common bines and vines to grow on a trellis include:

  • Honeysuckle
  • Morning Glory
  • Roses
  • Trumpet Creeper

Even if the trellis doesn’t hide the gas meter completely, the beautiful addition to your yard will surely cancel out the appearance of the meter box.

However, do your best to deliberately place the trellis in a way that allows it to hide the gas meter as thoroughly as possible.

6. Rock Features

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (22)

Cost: Medium cost

(Video) It's EASY to Find Studs WITHOUT A STUD FINDER!!!!!

Simplicity: Introductory gardening

Attractiveness: Medium to high attractiveness

Gas Meter Coverage: Medium coverage

Place rocks of various shapes and sizes in the area, placing especially large rocks around the meter box itself.

Using multiple large rocks larger than the meter and placing them all around it, you can hide the box and enhance the appearance.

Put the rocks in an attractive formation that looks purposeful.

How Do I Prep The Area?

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (23)

Before you put down your landscaping rocks, you need to prep the area.

First, you need to remove weeds and any plants growing in the area.

Next, you place a lining over the space to prevent organic growth.

How Do I Incorporate The Rock Feature Into The Overall Landscaping Of My Home?

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (24)

If your gas meter is next to your home, consider using rock features as a border around your entire home.

If your meter finds itself near the sidewalk, create symmetrical rock features on both sides of your driveway to maintain a balanced appearance.

How Much Do Rock Features Cost?

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (25)

The cost of your rock feature depends on the size and types of rocks used.

See the following to learn the average cost of different landscaping rocks:

  • Boulders: $100–$350 per ton
  • Lava rock: $80–$240 per ton
  • River rocks: $45–$130 per ton
  • White Pebbles: $650–$1,300 per ton

7. Water Features

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (26)

Cost: Medium to high cost

Simplicity: Professional installation required for many features

Attractiveness: High attractiveness

Gas Meter Coverage: Medium coverage

Installing a water feature near the gas meter may not cover it completely.

Even so, it can certainly distract visually, taking focus away from the meter box and onto something more enchanting.

Can I Install A Water Feature Near My Gas Meter?

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (27)

You want to place the water feature far enough away from the gas meter to prevent the possibility of confusing water from the water feature with a leak from the gas line.

If you find water in the gas line, it can mean that pipes contain too much rust and corrosion, allowing the water into it.

This happens since water weighs more than gas and will insert itself anywhere it can.

If this happens, you need to replace the pipes.

You don’t want to think you have a water leak when you don’t.

Furthermore, some water features get overly complicated.

Avoid installing something that requires too much plumbing or construction as it may not work in the area due to the gas lines.

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Front Yard Water Features?

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (28)

Some of the most common water features for the front yard are:

  • Fountains
  • Birdbaths
  • Rain Curtain

The water feature should cover the gas meter from as many angles as possible, so you want something large.

A birdbath with a skinny stand may not provide the coverage you need.

However, a large birdbath with a thick base can work well.

Consider getting multiple bird baths to cover the gas meter from different angles.

Bonus Cool Idea: Fire Fountain

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (29)

Fire fountains can make use of the nearby gas meter by using it to create the awe-inspiring addition of a fire fountain that creates a flame on top of water.

No one will notice the gas meter when looking at this innovative conversation piece.

8. Gas Meter Covers

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (30)

Cost: Low to medium cost

Simplicity: Easy enough for anyone to install

(Video) Gas Meter Box Housing Made From Upcycled Cupboard

Attractiveness: Low to medium attractiveness

Gas Meter Coverage: High coverage

Homeowners across the country who enjoy the power of a gas water heater and a gas stove share your frustration of trying to cover up an ugly gas meter.

Many companies and individual sellers created a solution to the problem by manufacturing gas meter covers for sale.

Gas meter covers provide a simple way to place something over the gas meter using something attractive that can actually enhance the appearance of your yard.

Most options don’t cost too much, either.

What Type Of Gas Meter Covers Are Available?

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (31)

You can find a number of different types of gas meter covers.

The main difference is the image they portray.

For example, gas meter covers can look like a rock, an angry rock, a tree stump, or glow in the dark garden pebbles.

Some gas meter covers look similar to the wood box covers we mentioned earlier.

You can find gas meter covers at your local hardware store or online.

9. Metal Privacy Screen

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (32)

Cost: Medium cost

Simplicity: Easy installation

Attractiveness: Medium

Gas Meter Coverage: Medium to high

Buy a metal privacy screen and put it in front of the gas meter.

Most screens don’t require any installation and simply pop open on the ground where you want them.

Many of them come in attractive colors and designs.

However, you want to incorporate the metal screen into your design as seamlessly as possible.

It can point out the fact that you want to hide something if not part of a cohesive look.

Why Metal?

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (33)

Metal makes a good option for your privacy screen since metal can withstand water and fire.

It also adds some variety and texture to your overall landscaping that can increase how interesting your front yard looks.

Pro Tip: Consider buying a couple of the same metal privacy screens to place strategically around the front yard to increase connection and aesthetic continuity.

10. Switch To Electric

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (34)

Cost: High

Simplicity: Professional electrical wiring upgrade

Attractiveness: NA

Gas Meter Coverage: High

You don’t necessarily need to use gas to heat your home or power your stove.

While gas heats 48% of homes in America, you have other options.

In the United States, 37% of homes use electricity, and 14% of homes use alternative fuel sources.

Homeowners will find gas prices more volatile yet cheaper than electricity prices.

Also, it can cost a significant amount of money to make the change from gas to electricity, especially if your home currently uses gas to power appliances.

However, electricity runs more efficiently, making up for the extra cost compared to gas.

Plus, you can get rid of the ugly gas meter on your property once and for all.

It’s no wonder that while gas remains the most popular option, gas home numbers are declining while more and more people opt for electricity.

How Can I Switch To Electricity?

How To Hide Gas Meter In Front Of House (Top 10 Ways) (35)

To make the switch to electricity, you need to buy the appropriate appliances, such as an electric stove, electric clothes dryer, electric water heater, and electric heat pump.

You may need to hire a professional electrician to upgrade the wiring in your home to ensure that you can safely run all of the electrical appliances in your home.

At the very least, get a consultation to avoid dangerous electrical fires or electrocution.

(Video) How to Paint Rusted Natural Gas Pipes


What do I put around my gas meter? ›

  • Cover the Gas Meter. Install a gas meter cover, advises American Gas Products Inc.. ...
  • Add a Trellis. Put a trellis about 4 feet in front of the gas meter. ...
  • Use Tall Plants. Install plants in front of the gas meter, leaving about 4 feet between the plants and the meter.

Does a gas meter need to be at the front of a house? ›

Where should a gas meter be placed? Ideally, a meter would be installed on an external wall, no further than 2 meters from the corner of the building on either side of the front door or a sealed window.

How do I landscape my gas meter? ›

  1. Leave at least 2' clearance on the sides of your gas meter and 3' of clearance in the front.
  2. Do not place items on or near meter.
  3. Cut back overgrowth to maintain clearances.
  4. Do not plant large shrubs or trees near or in front of the meter.
  5. Consider access to meters when planning construction or landscape projects.

Where should my gas meter be located? ›

Meter should be located in the front or within 10 feet of the front corner of the home. If you have a septic system, it must be clearly marked prior to the installation of a new service line.

How can I protect my outside gas meter? ›

How to protect your gas meters and keep them safe
  1. Keep your natural gas meter clear of excessive snow and ice. Make sure your meter is visible at all times and accessible for maintenance and emergency responders. ...
  2. Keep your eaves and gutters clear. ...
  3. Keep air supply ducts and vents clear.
23 Jan 2016

Can you put a cupboard around gas meter? ›

Yes you can put it inside a cupboard as long as you have access to Meter.

Can I put a fence around my gas meter? ›

Your gas meter should not be enclosed inside the fence. Keeping your meter clear is vital to ensure that it does not get damaged, your gas service is not interrupted, and to prevent a malfunction. An installation like the one you're proposing, though, could potentially be done in a meter box.

Can I build around gas meter? ›

Yes, there are clearance requirements. You want to check with local gas distributor. Or maybe also a risk that erecting any construction so close to the meter will require excavation that needs to be clear of any buried gas lines.

Can you build a porch over a gas meter? ›

For the same reason, a deck should not be built over a meter in a cold climate (though some utilities may allow you to build a small shed roof over the meter to protect it from freezing snowmelt and falling snow and ice). Ventilation. Finally, a gas meter should never be installed in an enclosure without ventilation.

How do I hide my outdoor meter box? ›

But there are ways to hide them safely by making some clever adjustments in your landscape.
  1. Cover Up a Transformer Box with Grasses. ...
  2. Plant Evergreen Shrubs to Hide an Electrical Box. ...
  3. Make a Screen Using a Decorative Fence. ...
  4. Cover Your Utility Box with a Fake Boulder.
28 Jun 2021

Can I put a gate in front of my gas meter? ›

(c) A gate is not a preferred option and requires approval on an exception basis. If a gate is proposed in front of the alcove, it must have at least 50% open area. Meter sets installed in breezeways must be located so that gas cannot migrate into building openings.

Is it expensive to move a gas meter? ›

It is important to note that the total you will pay to move your gas meter can be split into two amounts: the materials and the labour. The cost to move a gas meter ranges from £400 - £1,000 for materials and £250 - £350 per day. The average cost to move a gas meter is, therefore, £700 + £300 per day.

Can my gas meter be moved outside? ›

You can't move the meter yourself - it's illegal.

Can a gas meter be inside a property? ›

Your gas and electricity meters can be located internally inside your home, or externally in secure boxes that sit against the wall of your house. The main cause for needing to relocate your utility meter would be if you were building an extension on your house.

Can you cover your meter? ›

In fact, outdoor shutter screens are a great way to cover your electric meter and hide the eye sore from visitors, neighbors, etc. You can find aesthetically pleasing shutter screens in many home improvement stores, or you can craft your own by using repurposed vinyl or new vinyl and a wood frame.

How can I hide the gas lines on the outside of my house? ›

Paint the Pipe

If the pipe is near mulch or a flower bed, paint it brown or the color of the mulch you use. If there's nothing near the pipe, paint it the same color as your house. To ensure the paint properly adheres, use a spray paint that's designed for the pipe's specific material.

Can Neighbours steal gas? ›

Energy theft not only costs you money, but it can also be extremely dangerous. Tampering with gas meters increases the risk of gas leaks and explosions. Criminals who think they can get away with stealing gas are putting people's lives at risk. Gas theft is a crime and needs to be reported as soon as it's spotted.

Do gas meters need ventilation? ›

The requirements are presented in a publication by the Institution of Gas Engineers GM/1 Gas Meter Installations for Pressures Not Exceeding 100 bar. Natural ventilation is required, with non-adjustable ventilators to the outside at both high and low levels.

Can a gas meter be boxed in? ›

You can purchase a built in gas meter box at any reputable builders merchants or online.

Who can legally move a gas meter? ›

No, moving gas meters is a difficult process, so it's not something you can do yourself. It's illegal for anyone but a qualified, licensed professional – such as a Gas Safe engineer – to change the meter's position.

Is it better to have gas meter inside or outside? ›

Where should my gas meter be located? There are regulations around the installation of your new meter which must be adhered to. But in general terms, the ideal location for a gas meter is on an external wall that's no more than 2 meters from the corner of the property on either side of a door or sealed window.

Can a deck cover a gas meter? ›

Building over a natural gas meter is illegal – and dangerous. By law, residential and commercial builders MUST NOT build any structure, including a deck or patio, on top of, or around, an outside natural gas meter and underground service line (see illustration below).

Is it OK to smell gas outside by the meter? ›

The meter outside you houses a regulator on it which helps control the flow of gas into your home or business. There are times it will normally bleed-off or "burp" small amounts of gas to keep the pressure from building too high in your home. This is normal. So if you are near a meter you might smell it.

Can I build a shed around my gas meter? ›

Keep it uncovered – Don't build structures around or over the meter and piping, such as a shed or deck. Protect from vehicles – Additional protection is required for meters in vehicle-accessible areas to prevent it from it accidentally being bumped.

Can I build a garage over my gas meter? ›

No, you must not build over or attempt to move/alter the gas pipes or meter without seeking advice from us.

Can you bypass a meter? ›

A Bypass Redirects Power

If a utility worker needs to remove a meter to inspect it or replace it with a new meter when the power needs to stay on in the structure, they can apply or activate the bypass, which allows the house or building to remain energized while the power has been rerouted away from the meter.

How do you hide utility? ›

The best way to hide utilities in your yard is to build outdoor utility covers such as a wooden cover for rain barrels or a shed for garbage cans. To disguise other utilities, plant tall ornamental grasses that take it out of the spotlight and brighten up your yard's space simultaneously.

Can a meter box be blocked? ›

Meter Blocked? – It does occur that a meter is blocked by a municipality's credit control. This means that the municipality prevents your meter from making a prepaid purchase until the block is lifted. To have this lifted the client needs to sort this out with the municipality.

Can you put plants in front of gas meter? ›

If you plant near your gas or electric meter, leave enough space for your meter readers to have easy access. Avoid planting trees or large shrubs in front of meters. Don't use metal ladders or metal pruning tools when doing outdoor work near power lines.

How close can you dig next to a gas line? ›

You should start digging at least 24 inches from the USA markings to avoid contact with the underground facility. Replace the soil—Carefully cover and pack the soil to ensure the underground facility is covered and no longer exposed.

How do I keep my front yard looking good? ›

Routine Tasks That Keep Your Yard Looking Fantastic
  1. Make Sure the Grass Gets One Inch of Water Per Week – ...
  2. Mow Less by Using Mulch – ...
  3. Prune Trees Promptly – ...
  4. Start a Compost Pile – ...
  5. Be Proactive About Weeds – ...
  6. Protect Your Patio Furniture – ...
  7. Do a Major Cleaning at the Beginning of Every Season – ...
  8. Train Your Dog Properly –
26 Sept 2012

How do I hide my neighbors messy in my yard? ›

Although fences and brick walls can do the trick, adding an extra divider, screen or plant barrier can block your neighbor's two-story view for good. To create your secret retreat, freestanding privacy screens, wood slat partitions and partially enclosed pergolas are effective (and nice to look at).

Can you hand dig around utility lines? ›

Dig with care

Whenever you hand dig near buried utility lines, take care to prevent damage: Use a rounded or blunt-edged shovel. Sharp tools like pickaxes, mattocks, pry bars or pointed spades may gouge or puncture lines. Begin digging off to the side of the marked utility line.

Is it cheaper to have a pay as you go gas meter? ›

A pay as your go meter is not as good value as having a credit meter, but some people find it helps them plan their spending and avoid surprise bills. Consumers who use a prepayment meter miss out on the best fixed rate tariffs, so it is often more expensive.

Do I have to pay to have my gas meter removed? ›

Getting your gas meter removed

If you don't need gas at your property, and aren't looking to use it in the future, we can arrange to remove your gas meter free of charge. Just so you know, if you later need a gas meter reinstalled, you'll need to pay a charge.

Who pays for a new gas meter? ›

Who pays for gas meter replacement? The cost of replacing a meter may be free, but this depends on your energy supplier. There could be a small admin charge but there is no reason why you would be charged for a required piece of equipment.

Can my electrician move my meter? ›

Whatever the reason, only your current supplier can move your meter. If you want another provider to move your meter, you'll have to switch your electricity supply ahead of this.

How much does it cost to move a mains gas pipe? ›

This can cost between £400 – £600. Gas connections – Rerouting gas pipes isn't cheap and if you're moving to a room without a gas pipe (such as a garage), this will add to the expense. This can cost between £45 – £85 per metre.

How much does it cost to have a gas meter installed? ›

To install a gas connection, fit a gas meter and cover the cost of a traffic management system, you can expect to pay around £1,500.

What runs on gas in a house? ›

Cooking with cooktops, ovens, ranges, stoves, and grills. Cooling our homes with air conditioning. Drying our laundry with clothes dryers. Enjoying hot showers and sanitizing our dishes and laundry with water heaters.

Why would a house have 2 gas meters? ›

As we have covered, there are benefits of having two gas meters in your home if you have multiple boilers. The main one is to split up the bills and energy usage. Reasons to get an extra meter installed would be as follows: Multiple occupancies.

Should I wrap my gas meter? ›

Never box in or wrap your meter with insulation, blankets or plastic—gas meters require open air around them!

How much clearance is required around a gas meter? ›

(a) Gas meter locations must be 78 inches high and allow for a minimum clear and level working space of 3 feet in front of the meter; width depends on meter size and the number of meters.

What color tape do you use for gas? ›

The correct type of Teflon tape for gas fittings has a yellow color and is identified in the packaging as manufactured specifically for gas pipes and connecting gas lines. This type of tape is known as gas-rated Teflon tape. It is designed to accommodate all gas lines, including natural gas, propane and butane.

Do gas lines run through walls? ›

Three- or six-foot long and accessible: The flexible connectors can't go through walls, floors or ceilings, nor can they be concealed. The flexible connector length usually is limited to 3 feet except for gas ranges and clothes dryers. For these appliances, 6 feet generally is allowed.

What is the normal depth of a gas line? ›

Gas piping installed underground shall be a minimum of 12” in depth, 18” where external damage could occur.

Can I build a porch over my gas meter? ›

For the same reason, a deck should not be built over a meter in a cold climate (though some utilities may allow you to build a small shed roof over the meter to protect it from freezing snowmelt and falling snow and ice). Ventilation. Finally, a gas meter should never be installed in an enclosure without ventilation.


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