How Much Electricity Does A Pellet Stove Use? [A Cost Guide] (2023)

When it comes to selecting a home appliance, energy efficiency is now the main factor most people consider. It’s the starting point for reducing your monthly electricity bills as well as enhancing a clean and comfortable living environment.

For such a case, pellet stoves come in as one of the best options for heating sources available on the market. This is because these heating appliances only need electricity to run the electrical and mechanical parts.

The idea of ditching electric fireplaces for pellet stoves is often appealing to many homeowners. That’s especially for those looking to spend fewer costs to heat their homes during long cold winter months.

Ideally, pellet stoves rely on pellets as the source of fuel. But, their electrical and mechanical parts require electricity to help them run and serve their purpose. So now, how much electricity does a pellet stove use?

The easiest answer is that a typical Magnum pellet stove uses about 2.5 to 3.0 amperes of electricity. This translates to about 303 watts of power in an hour. That’s the amount of electricity needed to run the fan, stirrer, and auger motors in the pellet stove.

With such a low amount of electricity, pellet stoves are incredibly very energy-efficient home appliances to buy. They typically use less electricity than other types of electric stoves or fireplaces. However, they only use relatively more electricity upon ignition. If you intend to perform multiple start-ups, then they’ll become less energy efficient.

This guide covers everything you need to know about how much electricity a pellet stove needs to operate. Be sure to read through and learn more about these incredible electricity-efficient home heating appliances.

How many watts does a pellet stove use?

Under normal use, pellet stoves may need an average amount of electricity of at least 100 watts. However, they may use up to 500 watts when igniting the fire.

Additionally, a standard pellet stove should use about 303 to 360 watts of power to run for an hour. But a typical stove can consume 1kwh on average in a day if left to run continuously for 8 hours.

Therefore, pellet stoves don’t often use plenty of electricity as compared to many other electrical home appliances. A pellet stove tends to have similar electricity consumption as a television set.

As stated earlier, most of these units will use a lot of energy only when you’re igniting the fire. It is worth reading the specifications stated by the manufacturer to understand how much electricity your pellet stove needs to ignite and run.

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For instance, you may find most models with startup electricity consumption of 360 watts (3.0 amps). Plus, they run on 80 watts (0.7 amps) of electricity over time.

In some pellet stove models, the fan requires electricity ranging between 400 and 800 watts to start running. The fan helps in forcing the heat into your room and circulate heat all over your house, including the basements. It’s always good tolearn how pellet stoves work!

Some of the mechanical and electrical parts that use electricity to operate a pellet stove include:

Hopper auger – this helps to deliver pellets to the fire for burning.

Combustion blower – used to control the flow of air in and out of the pellet stove.

Distribution blower – forces the heat from the stove into the room.

Control unit – manages all the functions of the stove.

Besides that, you’ll find the new motor and controller designs made to use cleaner power. This demands the usage of true sine wave inverters to serve as an emergency power backup.

Despite all these, pellet stoves electricity usage is still lower than their electrical fireplace stove counterparts. The pellet stoves use roughly 130 watts to run and up to 430 watts on ignition. On the other hand, electric fireplace stoves use the least amount of electricity of 925 and a maximum of 1850 watts.

Electricity isn’t typically used to provide the heat in the stove. Otherwise, the amount of electricity consumption and costs would be quite higher. This means that pellet stoves would be less efficient in energy usage.

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Instead, pellet stoves burn pellets for fuel using real fire to provide the energy. The pellets for these stoves are usually made from recycled materials, mainly from wood by-products in the form of sawdust or chippings.

Costs for Running A Pellet Stove

When it comes to calculating thecost of running a pellet stove, you need to consider several factors.

They include:

Stove’s operating wattage

Every pellet stove comes with its operating wattage amount indicated by the manufacturer. That’s the amount of electricity the stove can comfortably run on. If the operating wattage is higher, there’s a chance that the costs will be relatively higher and vice versa.

Your supplier’s electricity rates

The electricity rates charged by your supplier also matters. If the costs are higher, you’ll end up paying quite higher operating costs for your pellet stove.

The average duration for running your stove in a day

The number of hours or days you want your pellet stove to run is also another significant determinant of the operating costs. You may expect to run your stove for much extended time during cold winters than in summers.

In such cases, you may find the costs for operating your pellet stove much lower. However, the costs may hike if you’re planning to run your stove more frequently.

So, how much will it cost you torun your best stove? The average price of electricity per kilowatt is about $0.08. So, theaverage cost for operating a pellet stovewill be .303 by 0.08, amounting to $24.42 in an hour.

Suppose your stove ran for 24 hours; the costs would be about $58 every day (24 hours by 2.42 cents). If it runs for 12 hours a day, the electrical cost will amount to about 29 cents.

In real life, you may barely operate your stove for the whole day or even 30 days. Therefore, the actual number of hours for using the stove will depend on your choice. This influences the average cost of electricity needed to run the stove.

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Cost per British Thermal Units (BTU)

But, how much is the fuel cost for running a pellet stove? A pellet stove uses wood for fuel which costs about $250 per ton.

With an energy efficiency rate of about 85%, a pellet stove fuel costs up to $18 per million BTU. If the energy efficiency rate drops to 75%, the fuel cost increases to over $20 per million BTU.

How Many Pellets Can Burn In An Hour?

The number of pellets that can burn per hour depending on your stove’s efficiency and the settings. If you’re planning to run the stove constantly, you’ll need to feed the pellets continuously.

This means that you’ll use more fuel in an hour. However, a thermostat could help regulate the firing, resulting in a reduced number of pellets used.

On average,pellet consumption in a daymay range between 1.5 to 3.0 lbs. of pellets or even more per hour. For instance, if you use two pellets every hour and you keep your stove running for 24 hours a day, the day’s pellet consumption will amount to 48 lbs.

Pellets are often offered for sale in 40 lb. bags, each costing around $6. This translates the costs to around $7.2 in fuel.

Are Pellet Stoves Energy-Efficient?

Pellet stoves are incredibly energy-efficient heating appliances you can find in modern homes. They provide sufficient heat from each piece of pellet used. Plus, the overall electricity used while operating is also low.

You should not confuse your stove’s energy efficiency with theheating efficiency rating. In other words, a pellet stove that is 87% energy efficient can deliver heat from the fuel with very little wastage in the form of emissions or ash.

Moreover, a pellet stove with an energy efficiency rating of A+ tends to be exceptionally energy efficient.

Are Pellet Stoves Cost-Effective?

Pellet stoves are incredibly cost-effective due to the following reasons:

Affordable to run

An average homeowner can spend about $600 on heating a home during the winter months. To reduce these costs, you can regulate your main thermostat to spend about $25 to $35 every month.

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Therefore, you’ll find it very cost-saving to run a pellet stove.

Reduces your heating bill

Pellet stoves require fewer wood pellets to produce sufficient heating energy for your whole home. Besides, these units rely on electricity to power their mechanical and electrical parts but not for the production of heating. This ultimately reduces your heating bills without compromising comfort.


Pellet stoves often outshine fireplace and wood stoves both in terms of cost and energy efficiency. The pellet fuel is also cheaper, burns without emissions, and demands less attention to operating than other heating methods.

Can You Operate a Pellet Stove Without Electricity?

There are times with electricity outages due to mostly winter months where storms, winds, or snow are adverse. This often affects the supply of heat in your home required to keep you comfortable during cold winters.

But, what will you do in such a case? Well, you should get yourself a backup battery and inverter. An emergency battery can serve as a power source for running your pellet stove in case of a power outage. You’ll need to have a 12-volt battery and an inverter to change the 12 volts direct current to 120 volts AC.

When you’re looking for a battery for your pellet stove, ensure you go for one that has sufficient capacity. This will help your unit to run for a significant period and keep your home comfortable.


Do pellet stoves use a lot of electricity?

No. pellet stoves use electric energy from as low as 100W per hour under normal usage to as high as 500W when firing up. Besides that, it can use about 1kwh of energy in a day when used for 8 hours nonstop.

For these reasons, pellet stoves don’t use a lot of electricity to run like most electrical home appliances. However, they tend to use a relatively higher amount of electricity during ignition.

How much does it cost to run a pellet stove per month?

While it costs you between $1040 and $3090 to buy a pellet stove, the cost of running it per month is only about $35 to $45. Other than that, maintenance costs are lower as it only takes annually.

In terms of electricity, you can expect to spend about nine dollars every month. That’s because a pellet stove requires electricity to run its thermostat and fans.

How much power does a pellet stove use?

Basing on electricity usage by the Magnum Pellet Stove, the average amount of electricity needed by a pellet stove ranges from 2.5 amps to 3.0 amps. In terms of wattage usage per hour, the value is approximately about 303 watts.

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Are pellet stoves expensive to run?

The answer is no. Running a pellet stove isn’t expensive as the unit depends on wood pellet for the fuel source. The average cost of a wood pellet is about $250 per ton. Since less electricity is needed to run the stove’s controls, fans, and fuel feeder, the typical electric bill per month is around $9.


How much power does it take to run a pellet stove? ›

Pellet stoves can use on average just over 100W of energy during normal use but up to 500W during ignition of a fire. A pellet stove can use on average 1kWh of energy per day if used for 8 straight hours.

How much does a pellet stove use? ›

HomeAdvisor estimates that a pellet stove will use about 600 watts at startup, and about 14,400 watts every 24 hours.

Is a pellet stove economical? ›

Most homeowners who use a pellet appliance as a main source of heat use two to three tons of pellet fuel per year. Pellet fuel appliances are almost always less expensive to operate than electric resistance heating, oil, and propane-fueled appliances.

What is the most efficient way to run a pellet stove? ›

It is best to run the appliance on the lower heat settings like 2 or 3 rather than up at 4 or 5. The higher heat settings result in lower efficiency and the appliance cycling from high to pilot fire too often.

Do pellet burners use a lot of electricity? ›

The consumptions are between the 60 and the 200 W. Logically, the higher the power, the higher the consumption. The consumption of a pellet stove is much lower than that of common household appliances.

Does a pellet stove save on electricity? ›

"We put in a pellet stove."

The stove can save 50 percent or more on home heating costs.

How long will a 40 lb bag of wood pellets burn? ›

Q: How long does one bag of pellets last? A: According to the Pellet Fuels Institute, a 40-lb bag of pellet fuel can provide up to 24 hours of solid heat. A winter's supply of wood pellets is about 100-150 bags—depending on climatic and lifestyle variations.

How much does it cost to run a pellet stove all day? ›

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Pellet Stove? It can cost up to $150 per month to run a pellet stove for 24 hours a day, but the average cost to run a pellet stove is typically $50 dollars per month when factoring in the cost of the pellets, electricity, maintenance and upkeep.

How many hours will a 20lb bag of wood pellets last? ›

How long do wood pellets burn for? Most pellet grills will burn between one to three pounds of pellets per hour, depending on the set temperature and the grill's make and model. That means a 20-pound bag of pellets should last you anywhere from six to 20-hours, give or take.

How much does it cost to run a pellet stove per hour? ›

Electricity is measured in kilowatts (kw) and a kilowatt is 1,000 watts and usually costs between six and tens cents per hour.

How much does it cost to run a pellet stove in the winter? ›

Cost of Heating a Home with a Pellet Stove

For most homes, the average monthly cost of pellets will range from $25 to $35 per month when using the stove. The stove will also need some electricity, but this will only run about $9 per month, on average.

Can you run a pellet stove all day? ›

Once you have filled the hopper and turned on the stove, the pellets are automatically fed into a flame that burns constantly until you turn it off. It's safe enough to leave a pellet stove burning while you're out and it will continue to burn unattended as long as there are pellets to burn.

Should I turn my pellet stove off at night? ›

American Energy Systems pellet stoves and fireplaces are designed to provide safe, consistent heat with minimal work. That means that you can start your stove and safely leave it unattended overnight, while you run for groceries, or meet friends for dinner.

What are the disadvantages of a pellet stove? ›

  • It's expensive to maintain compared to firewood and needs more upkeep than a fireplace.
  • The fan makes low, mechanical noise.
  • Aren't as visually appealing as watching a fire in a fireplace.
  • It needs a backup system like batteries or electricity to run in case of a power outage.
31 Oct 2019

What happens to a pellet stove when the power goes out? ›

In the event of a power outage your pellet stove will shut down and the fire within will continue to burn until it goes out on its own. Keep the appliance doors closed during this time so that any remaining smoke will remain in the stove and not inundate your home.

Is it cheaper to heat with wood or pellets? ›

Wood (Good)

Wood burning stoves are generally priced similar to their pellet and gas counterparts. In terms of fuel cost, unless you have a free source of wood, you'll have to pay for wood, although wood is typically cheaper than gas.

Which is cheaper to run gas or pellet stove? ›

If you are looking for the more economical type of stove to run, a pellet stove is going to easily win. The pellets are relatively cheap and even with the electrical cost of running the blowers, a pellet stove is going to provide heat at a much lower cost than you could expect from a gas stove.

Are pellet fires cheap to run? ›

A Pellet Fire lifetime cost is lower than other options due to its controlled heat reducing the need for replacement or major repairs and its lower installation cost. Other than chopping firewood or a heat pump on warmer days a Pellet Fire has one of the lowest running cost sources of heat.

Do pellet stoves raise insurance rates? ›

Your premiums will likely increase if you have a wood-burning or pellet stove, but the increase is usually insignificant. You might see higher costs from wood stoves than from pellet types because wood-burning stoves cause far more residential fires.

Can you run a pellet stove 24 hours a day? ›

Many models of pellet stove allow for 24 hours continuous burning each and every day as long as the hopper has a sufficient supply of pellets. Many pellet stoves also allow users to input certain times of day in which to generate heat.

Can you heat a whole house with a pellet stove? ›

Pellet stoves need ductwork and proper air movement to heat an entire house. Often, a new wood pellet stove can connect to a house's existing pipes and ducts. Larger houses may need additional heat sources or a second wood stove, but average-sized houses can heat an entire home with one wood stove.

How many bags of pellets should I go through a day? ›

Q: How can I predict how many bags of pellets I'll need? A: When burned in a Harman pellet stove, one bag of pellets can provide up to a full day of steady heat. On average, a winter's supply of pellets is 100 to 150 bags (2-3 tons), depending on your climate, home size, and lifestyle variations.

How much is a 40 lb bag of pellets for a pellet stove? ›

Wood pellet prices range between $5 and $9 for a 40-pound bag, or an average of $7 per bag. A single bag lasts about 24 hours with constant burning in a pellet stove. If you're buying in bulk, the cost of wood pellets is roughly $250 per ton.

What is the longest burning wood pellet? ›

Using only the best quality hardwood sawdust assures the highest consistent BTU output, resulting in PurHeat pellets being the hottest burning, longest lasting and cleanest burning hardwood pellet on the market today.

How many hours do you get out of a bag of pellets? ›

One pound of wood pellets will produce approximately 8,000 BTUs of heat. So, if you are burning pellets on the “low” setting, say 1 ½ lb./hour (or 12,000 BTU), a bag will last about 26 hours. (40 lbs. divided by 1.5 lbs./hour = 26.67 hours.)

Does burning pellets save money? ›

Consumers heating living areas directly with a pellet stove can achieve a 20-40% gain in energy efficiency*. Savings may vary by household, but is estimated here at 20%. Because of this efficiency gain, a homeowner may actually require 80% of the fuel they would have required for central heating.

Is there a shelf life on wood pellets? ›

If you heat all or part of your home with pellets, purchasing and stocking up on fuel is a periodic ritual. Protecting your investment by storing them properly is important. In fact, with proper storage, pellet fuel can have an indefinite shelf life.

How many pounds of pellets do I need for winter? ›

The average homeowner will need 2 to 3 tons of wood pellets to heat their home annually, according to the Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI). This means 100 to 150 bags of pellets or 2 to 3 pallets of pellets each year. You'll find many benefits to heating your home, business or commercial site with wood pellets.

How do you keep wood pellets fresh? ›

To store pellets properly, always keep your pellets indoors in a dry, airtight container. If you live in a humid climate, you should also keep any bag of pellets, new or opened, out of the garage.

Are pellet stoves a lot of maintenance? ›

Pellet stoves are very efficient heaters, but they require more maintenance than typical furnaces and woodstoves. Avoid performance and safety issues with your pellet stove by following these five tips. When you use the best pellets, your heating costs may increase slightly compared to using lower-grade fuel.

Are pellet stoves more efficient than electric heat? ›

Burning wood pellets can replace your electric furnace, and provides as much heat as you want or can afford. And while it's less efficient than an electric furnace, it's as or more efficient than other common heat sources like oil, natural gas, propane and coal. That was simple.

How much does a pellet stove burn in a day? ›

A range of factors can influence how many pellets a pellet stove will go through and this can include whether the stove is operating at low or high heat output settings. Based on the average pellet stoves using a 40lb bag of pellets every 24 hours, a pellet stove will typically burn through 1.67lbs of pellets per hour.

How often do pellet stoves need to be filled? ›

How often should I refill my stove? A 10 Kg bag of pellets will typically last between 1 and 3 days depending on whether your stove is running all day or just for few hours per evening. Unlike log stoves, you certainly don't have to get up and down during the course of an evening to refuel your stove.

What is the life expectancy of a pellet stove? ›

In fact, much of your pellet stove's life expectancy will depend on how often you use it and how regularly you perform key pellet stove maintenance. Pellet stoves generally can last ten years, but with good maintenance, they could even last up to 15 or even 20 years.

Can you sleep with pellet stove on? ›

This also means your pellet heating appliance will continue to heat your home at a continuous rate regardless of whether you're home, at work, or sleeping. With the exception of glass doors, most pellet stoves remain cool to the touch, so they don't produce a burn hazard.

How long will a car battery run a pellet stove? ›

With an average current draw of 1.5A, you can expect your pellet stove battery backup to operate for to 8 hours with a 120 Amp Hour battery, and up to 24 hours with a 360 A-hr expanded battery bank.

Can you get carbon monoxide poisoning from a wood pellet stove? ›

If you use a woodstove, pellet stove, hydronic heater, boiler, or fireplace, the devices must be properly installed, vented, and serviced regularly to avoid potentially hazardous situations. A chemical reaction that produces carbon monoxide (CO) gas can occur when wood pellets are stored.

What temperature should a pellet stove be set at? ›

The operating temperature at maximum power, depending on the model, ranges from 80 ºC to 150 ºC at the hydro pellet stoves and pellet boiler, and from 170 ºC – 220 ºC at air pellet stoves.

Can you leave pellets in a pellet stove over the summer? ›

Do NOT leave any wood pellets inside your stove – burned or unburned. Wood pellets are made of kiln-dried, fine wood fibers which will absorb any moisture. If you have moisture inside your stove, the leftover pellets will absorb it and can cause rust to form through the summer…which can lead to costly damage later.

What is better than a pellet stove? ›

A wood stove is traditional and often more expensive than a pellet stove. But they have many benefits, including the ability to use less fuel and be more efficient. And if you live in an area that gets cold winters, a wood stove may be your best option.

Do pellet stoves make house smell? ›

And depending on what size hopper your stove has, it may need to be loaded only once a day. Because the fire is contained in a heat box inside the unit, there is a minimum of smoke, which lessens the smell in your home and prevents the outside of the unit from heating up.

Can a solar panel run a pellet stove? ›

Although pellet stoves are wood-burning heating appliances, they do require electricity to operate. And using solar energy as your power source is not only energy efficient, it can reduce energy costs too.

How long will a 12 volt battery run a pellet stove? ›

With an average current draw of 1.5A, you can expect your pellet stove battery backup to operate for to 8 hours with a 120 Amp Hour battery, and up to 24 hours with a 360 A-hr expanded battery bank.

How do I power my pellet stove in a power outage? ›


The most reliable way to continue using your pellet stove during a power outage is to equip the stove with a battery backup system. When your AC power goes out, the battery backup begins operating automatically to power your stove without interruption.

Can you run a pellet stove off a generator? ›

If you just want the generator to feed the pellet stove, simply connect it directly. The simplest method to connect the whole house is known as 'back-feeding'. Just plug the generator supply into an outlet socket on your ring main. Make sure to switch off the utility supply at the fuse box first.

How much does it cost to run a pellet stove for 24 hours? ›

It can cost up to $150 per month to run a pellet stove for 24 hours a day, but the average cost to run a pellet stove is typically $50 dollars per month when factoring in the cost of the pellets, electricity, maintenance and upkeep.

How much does it cost to run a pellet stove a month? ›

Cost of Heating a Home with a Pellet Stove

For most homes, the average monthly cost of pellets will range from $25 to $35 per month when using the stove. The stove will also need some electricity, but this will only run about $9 per month, on average.

How much does it cost to run a pellet stove a day? ›

Average Monthly Cost to Run a Pellet Stove (3 – 4 Hours per Day)
Cost of wood pellets$25 – $35
Cost of electricity$10 – $15
Total monthly cost$35 – $50

Will a pellet stove heat the whole house? ›

Pellet stoves need ductwork and proper air movement to heat an entire house. Often, a new wood pellet stove can connect to a house's existing pipes and ducts. Larger houses may need additional heat sources or a second wood stove, but average-sized houses can heat an entire home with one wood stove.

How long will an inverter run a pellet stove? ›

These units will power your stove during an outage: Tripp Lite APS700HF. This is the most cost-effective inverter/charger approved by Harman. At 700 watts, it can run the stove for up to eight hours.

Can a pellet stove run on solar power? ›

Although pellet stoves are wood-burning heating appliances, they do require electricity to operate. And using solar energy as your power source is not only energy efficient, it can reduce energy costs too. The cost to install solar was approximately $3 per watt in 2018.

Is there a pellet stove that doesn't require electricity? ›

US Stove Wiseway pellet stove takes away the need for electricity by utilizing a natural gravity feed system that eliminates all mechanical parts, meaning less maintenance and fewer breakdowns. This patented revolutionary design is the only epa-certified and UL-listed nonelectric pellet stove on the market today.


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