How 11 Brands Use Instagram Reels for Marketing (2023)

When Instagram Reels first launched, many users treated it like TikTok 2.0. They posted their videos on TikTok first, then reuploaded that same content to Reels. Now, Instagram is saying, "Hey, stop that."

On its creators' account, the company announced it would be on the lookout for recycled content and stop recommending it to users on the Reels tab.

I mean, they've got a point. Some videos lose their quality when they're reuploaded and become blurry, which can dissuade viewers. With this new approach, brands can provide fresh content that generates more engagement, and Instagram can improve its Reels adoption rate.

So, now that you're tasked with making Instagram Reels, get inspired by these examples below.

Instagram Reels Examples to Inspire You

1. People's Revolt

What better way to make your first Reels than by introducing your followers to your team? In this video, People's Revolt does three things right. First, they use a viral sound in their video, which can help them reach more users.

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That sound also includes a call-to-action to business owners and encourages them to engage with the post. Given that the company offers digital marketing and PR services, it's a great way to connect with their target audience.

They also keep the video simple. No fancy props or design – just the sound, the team, and the copy. It's really all you need for a good Reels video.

2. Sassy Woof

If you want another way to introduce followers to your team, take a page out of the ‘90s TV show playbook, like "Full House" and "Family Matters." That's what this brand did.

Sassy Woof introduced its staff (which included one furry boss) with the Full House theme song playing in the background – it's the pawfect approach (don't look at me, they started with the puns first).

3. Anima Iris

For your next Reels video, consider pulling the curtain back and showing your followers behind-the-scenes content. In this example, luxury purse brand Anima Iris gives followers a peek into the product shots for an upcoming campaign.

Consumers want brands to be more authentic, and content like this does can humanize your brand and help build a stronger connection with your audience.

It's also an effective strategy leading up to a launch, as it builds anticipation and excitement within your following.

4. Glamnetic

Who said you need fancy lighting and equipment for product marketing?

In this video, Glamnetic uses a simple setup to market its makeup corrector pen, the latest product launch from the brand.

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One benefit of using Instagram Reels is the music embed feature. As long as it's available in Instagram's library — which most songs are — you can use any song you want in your video. It doesn't constitute an official advertisement, so you are not restricted by copyright laws.

5. Jumz.Accessories

Yes, this is an example of the recycled content that Instagram will now make less discoverable. You can clearly see the TikTok watermark, but that aside, this is a great example of the type of content brands should be embracing.

It's product marketing but it's a little more subtle. In this video titled "How to Style Our Mini Handbags," a model styles the handbags with different outfits, showcasing the product's versatility.

It's unclear whether the video is produced by a Jumz team member or an influencer, but what we do know is that it checks off all the boxes for a good Reels video.

6. Apple

If your team doesn't have the resources or time to dedicate to brainstorm Reels content, consider outsourcing it.

In this instance, Apple commissioned creative studio Incite Design to make a how-to video using the iPhone 12. The end result is a quick tutorial of two Apple products that highlights the phone's slo-mo effect, a key product feature.

7. MissionRecruit

When in doubt, share some tips and tricks with your audience. They add value to your audience and present another opportunity to gain some credibility.

MissionRecruit executed this well with this video, which gives women three ways to dress for their next interview. As an employment recruitment firm, this type of content is in perfect alignment with the brand.

The best part? The Reels video also doubles as user-generated content (UGC), as they featured pictures from influencers.

(Video) Steal These Instagram Reels Marketing Strategies For Growth

8. Netflix

When it comes to social media, Netflix doesn't take itself too seriously.

They've succeeded in tapping into what viewers want and how they want it. Their Reels content is no different.

This hilarious skit is meant to show the point of view (POV) of a plant looking at someone crying over a show on Netflix. It's so simple but if the comments under the post are any indication, Netflix hit the nail right on the head.

Just as sounds go viral on short-form video platforms, so do special effects like this one. When the opportunity strikes, join in on the fun.

9. Skillshare

The time limit for a Reels video is 30 seconds. It's also just the right length for a teaser video to create anticipation ahead of a new launch.

To promote a new course, Skillshare posted a snippet of the course where Kelis, recording artist and chef bringing all the boys to the yard, gives a tip on mixing flavors.

It's a cooking show, so they could have just created a montage of what the course will cover. Instead, they took an interesting tidbit from the course and used that to attract viewers.

Another important detail to note here is the use of captions. Accessibility should always be top of mind when creating any content. Beyond their importance for deaf or hard-of-hearing people, non-native English speakers can also benefit from captioned videos. And let's not forget those who regularly watch videos on mute or may be watching your Reels in a loud environment.

Captions broaden your video's reach, so there's never a reason not to use it.

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10. Adobe

Creativity is a core tenet of Adobe's brand identity. So their Reels, and most of their social media content, celebrate their users' creativity.

This is another great example of user-generated content. For it to work, the UGC has to match your brand and audience.

In this video, the artist takes a trip back in time and shows how Adobe Photoshop has evolved over the years. One might look at this video and think, "What's the point?"

Well, not every piece of content you make is meant to lead to a direct sale. Sometimes, a sale isn't the goal. Sometimes, the goal is to build brand awareness, foster a community, or create stronger messaging. In this case, Adobe is already a household name, so these posts may inspire and celebrate, rather than promote.

11. HubSpot

I love a numbered list. I know exactly what I'm getting and there's no surprise.

And from a marketer's standpoint, this type of content is easily repurposed. Let's say you had a listicle with this information. Well, now you can use that same information to create a 30-second Reels video.

You can also use this format to direct traffic to your blog post by introducing a few items from the list and inviting your followers to read the full list on your website.

There are so many ways to play with Instagram Reels. Try some sounds and effects and see what resonates with your audience. Once you get in a groove, you'll see how easy it is to make short and effective video content.

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Originally published Mar 9, 2021 7:00:00 AM, updated March 25 2021


How effective is Instagram reels in marketing? ›

Digital marketing platform company, Later also experienced a 500%+ increase in their engagement rate since embedding Reels into their Instagram strategy. Short, engaging videos are now the centerpiece of social media.

How do brands use Instagram reels? ›

As well as being shared with followers via your Feed, any Instagram user can see Instagram Reels via the Explore tab (provided your account is set to public). That means it offers massive potential as a brand awareness tool, allowing you to reach people who don't follow — and may never even have heard of — your brand.

Why brands should use Instagram reels? ›

Reels provides brands with the opportunity to reach new audiences that previously seemed like a long shot. Not only are reels currently favored by the Instagram algorithm, but they also have an entire dedicated section to them in the app. Similar to Tik Tok, users can scroll through a feed of trending Reels.

How do Instagram Reels grow your business? ›

Show people too, as everyone relates more to people than products. Shoot in vertical, high resolution, and (if your brand guidelines allow it) get creative with text, filters, and camera effects. The Reels algorithm will give you a nice boost, too, if you use these features.

Why and how should one use IG Reels to promote brand his business? ›

7 tips on how to promote your business with Instagram Reels
  1. Talk about your business and your team. ...
  2. Share educational content that features your product. ...
  3. Let people know about your promotions. ...
  4. Run Instagram Reels Ads. ...
  5. Repost Stories as Reels. ...
  6. Post customers' reviews and testimonials. ...
  7. Tag products in Reels.
19 Oct 2021

Are Reels good for Instagram growth? ›

Instagram redesigned its home screen to put Reels front and center, so high Reels view counts should come as no surprise. In that sense, Reels have become a key frontier for organic reach on the app. The more people you reach with your Reels, the higher your chances that follower count and engagement rate will grow.

Why do brands use Instagram for marketing? ›

Instagram is an effective tool for advertisers to boost brand awareness and increase engagement with customers. It is not only a platform to showcase your brand story, but also a channel through which you can interact with your followers and build customer loyalty.

Why Instagram Reels are better than posts? ›

Reels are extremely flexible in how they can be shared among audiences, making them much more versatile than feed posts. Users can easily share Reels with friends via Stories, and discover Reels on the Explore page, as the Instagram algorithm continues to favor this content format over others.

What companies use Instagram Reels? ›

With Instagram's latest algorithm prioritizing original content, Reels should be a go-to content format for brands.
12 Instagram Reels Examples (+ Tips for Brands Using Reels)
  • Athleta. ...
  • Drunk Elephant. ...
  • Fourth Ray Beauty. ...
  • Goodr. ...
  • Jot. ...
  • Sephora. ...
  • Penguin Books. ...
  • Sakara Life.
2 Jun 2022

What are the benefits of an Instagram Reels going viral? ›

You can grow your account quickly by using them, although to do so, your content should be original and engaging. It's also been said that Instagram has made changes to its algorithm to give greater visibility to accounts that are using Reels, so that's another reason to give this feature a try.

Do Reels improve engagement? ›

Reels are an effective way to reach an audience outside of your current followers. 50% of Instagram users find reels through the explore page. You can have videos featured on the explore page to reach a whole new audience. According to recent statistics, reels get 22% more engagement than traditional videos.

What makes Instagram Reels get more views? ›

Want to go viral on Instagram Reels? Hop onto those trending sounds. When lots of users interact with a particular sound, the Instagram algorithm takes note and adds more of the same videos to their feed. This boosts your chances of gaining more views and potentially a couple of new followers.

What kind of Reels are popular? ›

10 Instagram Reels Ideas You Can Post Today
  • Introduce Yourself & Your Team. ...
  • Share Snippets From Your Day. ...
  • Give a Behind-the-Scenes Look Into Your Work. ...
  • Show a Before & After. ...
  • Teach People How to Do Something. ...
  • Offer Tips Your Audience Can Utilize. ...
  • Give a Sneak Peek Into Something You're Creating.
10 Apr 2021

What percentage of Instagram users use Reels? ›

There are no demographics specifically for Instagram Reels. However, there is data for Instagram's audience. Here it is: The majority of Instagram's audience (31.5%) is from the 25 to 34 years age group.
In-Depth Instagram Reels Statistics.
Age GroupShare of Users
55-64 years3.6%
Over 65 years2.1%
5 more rows
21 Oct 2022

What should I know about Instagram Reels? ›

Instagram Reels are short-form, vertical videos that can be up to 60 seconds long. Instagram users can record and edit together video and photo clips set to music and share them to their Feed, Stories, and the Reels explore page. The popular video feature is available in the United States and 50 other countries.


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