Cantilever Gates Industrial Sliding Security Gates | TYMETAL (2022)

Super smooth operation. Browse our selection of cantilever slide gate designs.

Cantilever Gates Industrial Sliding Security Gates | TYMETAL (1)

Fortress Heavy Duty Cantilever Slide Gate

*Standard design closes single clear openings up to 30 feet wide.

Cantilever Gates Industrial Sliding Security Gates | TYMETAL (2)

Fortress Structural Cantilever Slide Gate

*Standard design closes single clear openings up to 40 feet wide.

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Cantilever Gates Industrial Sliding Security Gates | TYMETAL (3)

Fortress Box Frame Cantilever Slide Gate

*Standard design closes single clear openings up to 60 feet wide.

Cantilever Gates Industrial Sliding Security Gates | TYMETAL (4)

Fortress Ornamental options

The perfect choice for closures that need security with an attractive design and decorative finish.

If you’re an architect, facility owner, engineer, or anyone else looking for the best possible commercial sliding gate, trust that TYMETAL. has you covered. We design and manufacture the most extensive line of perimeter security gates and electric gate operator systems for the commercial/industrial and correctional markets.

With over 35 years in the industry, we’ve built a proud reputation for offering the Cantilever Slide Gate System you’re searching for. And we’re backed by the highest level of customer service.

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Read on to learn more about the cantilever slide gate systems we offer and get in touch with one of our knowledgeable representatives today for additional information on commercial cantilever slide gates.

Cantilever Slide Gate Applications

Wondering if a cantilever slide gate is the right choice for your project, application, or environment? The cantilever gate design is counter-balanced to allow the gate to smoothly slide out in a linear motion, closing an opening beyond its vertical support. It’s the perfect solution in environments where a large opening is necessary. Industrial grade cantilever slide gate systems are ideal for locations ranging from airports, military bases, railroads,public service buildings, chemical plants, border stations and more.

Advantages of choosing an automatic sliding cantilever chain link gate over a swing gate include:

  • Safer operation with less chance of the gate interfering or making contact with vehicles or objects.
  • Lower overall costs with an automated gate design that eliminates the need for additional operators.
  • Reduced maintenance and upkeep as a sliding gate path is easier to keep clean of debris and clear in the snow.

Features of TYMETAL Cantilever Gates

Our line of durable cantilever gates is designed to close single openings up to 60 feet. When doubled, it will open up to 120 feet, making it a versatile solution for a wide variety of applications. Features and benefits of our cantilever gate products include:

  • Designed and built to order – suiting your specific project needs.
  • Top track and top gate frame members are keyed to fully interlock with each other, then welded to form a one-piece composite structure.
  • Stainless steel or galvanized cable cross-bracing along the entire gate length.
  • We provide double or single-track cantilever gates depending on your project’s requirements.
  • Truck assemblies are designed for slide gate use and are tested under extreme load and weather conditions.
  • Enjoy a 5-year warranty on the W4 or S8 truck assemblies is standard.
  • Self-aligning, sealed lubricant ball-bearing wheels.
  • Supplied with gap protectors and guide roller covers to protect against entrapmen.

View Cantilever Gate Specifications

TYMETAL Has the Best Cantilever Sliding Gate for Your Business

At TYMETAL, we offer several types of cantilever gates to suit your operational needs and meet industry standards. What makes our cantilevered sliding gates the best security gate solution is our high standards for lasting performance, strength and heavy-duty use.

We offer four standard varieties of cantilevered custom slide gates including:

  • Heavy-duty cantilevered gate: Our heavy-duty cantilevered gate system is designed to provide unsurpassed rigidity and stability in a variety of operating conditions for openings to 30’. Four-wheel ball-bearing truck assemblies have been thoroughly tested and designed for use in extreme load and weather conditions.

Cantilever Gates Industrial Sliding Security Gates | TYMETAL (6)

  • Structural cantilevered gate: TYMETAL’s durable cantilevered gate design features a double-track system that can accommodate openings as large as 40’ (80 for doubles). Semi-enclosed extruded aluminum alloy tracks provide reliable operation and optimal security in heavy use situations.

Cantilever Gates Industrial Sliding Security Gates | TYMETAL (7)

(Video) Denver Cantilever Driveway Gate Installation

  • Box frame cantilevered gate: TYMETAL box cantilever gates are an excellent choice for closing enclosures up to 60’ wide (120 doubles). The box structure is most effective at resisting wind and gravity. Our box frame construction cantilever gate design features steel cabling and more aluminum support materials than any other product on the market today.

Cantilever Gates Industrial Sliding Security Gates | TYMETAL (8)

  • Fortress ornamental cantilever gate: The fortress ornamental sliding gate provides exceptional security along with an attractive finish. They feature frames and pickets fabricated out of aluminum alloy extrusions and can be manufactured with convex or concave configurations.

Cantilever Gates Industrial Sliding Security Gates | TYMETAL (9)

  • Custom Made to Order Gate Designs: TYMETAL can assist you with your site’s custom gate needs. With free specification and CAD drawing services, our team is ready to help get your perimeter security project started.

Cantilever Gates Industrial Sliding Security Gates | TYMETAL (10)

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cantilever Gates

TYMETAL has been designing, manufacturing and installing cantilever sliding gates for over 30 years. In that time we’ve also been asked hundreds of questions about our industry-leading gates. We’ve provided some of the most commonly asked questions below. If your question isn’t covered on this page feel free to call our experts or fill out our contact form so we can answer your question!

What’s the Difference Between Cantilever Gates and Sliding Gates?

Cantilever gates and sliding/roller gates are just different types of slide gates. The main difference is that cantilever gates don’t touch the ground. They are held above the ground and move along cantilever rollers that are located on the top and inside of the fence. Cantilever gates also feature a built-in counterbalance. This increases the weight and length of the gate, allows them to extend further, and makes them more suitable for larger openings. Lastly, cantilever gates have an interlocked one-piece structure that has fewer maintenance requirements than conventional roller-sliding chain link gates.

Roller/Sliding gates, on the other hand, only have wheels on the bottom track of the gate. The rolling gate itself is positioned on top of these wheels and rolls across the ground beneath them to move.

While cantilever gates require more room than swing gates or vertical lift gates, they are often a unit that’s safer, more secure, more reliable and easier to use.

Learn more about cantilever gates vs roller gates.

Can Cantilever Gates Be Motorized?

All TYMETAL chain-link gates and crash fences can be motorized for your convenience. We can match any gate system with an automatic slide gate operator that will deliver reliable performance with low maintenance requirements. We also offer a number of access control systems that simplify entry and exit, saving your security team time and effort.

(Video) AdapTrack by Ameristar Fence Products - Cantilever Gate Conversion Kit

What Are the Different Parts of a Cantilever Gate System?

Compared to swinging gates, cantilever gates take up fewer space thanks to a series of cantilever rollers on the top and inside of the gate. When installing a sliding cantilever gate system, you will want to ensure the following elements suit the gate’s purpose and are installed correctly for proper function:

  • Gate posts
  • Gate frames
  • Rollers and wheels
  • Infill materials
  • Structural materials
  • Hardware
  • Supports and trusses
  • Tracks
  • Electronics and hardware for automated systems

What Factors Should I Consider When Buying a Cantilever Gate?

When choosing your cantilever gate, consider factors such as:

  • Elevations: A cantilever gate must stay on level ground for proper performance, as a sliding gate installed on an incline will slide downhill. The installer should set up the gate at least two inches above the highest elevation in your gated area.
  • Storage: The space you reserve for your cantilever gate should include room for the counterbalance or the additional length of the gate that goes past the opening length.
  • Infill type: A cantilever gate’s infill material, such as aluminum or steel, determine its suitability for protective and decorative purposes.
  • Single or double-track configuration: Cantilever gates with openings 27 feet wide or shorter can use an economical single-track configuration. Meanwhile, cantilever gates with openings wider than 27 feet generally should have a double-track setup for better stability.
  • Opening width: Your cantilever gate’s opening width will determine the type of frame it will need to work properly.
  • Gate height: While not as important as your gate’s opening width, your cantilever gate’s height will also influence your gate’s overall structure. Height affects the gate’s wind load, determining what infill materials, hardware and supports you need to use.
  • Gate weight: Most cantilever gate weights don’t exceed 2,000 pounds. When a gate does weigh more than a ton, the installer will need to consider track layouts, truss design, supports and other elements that maintain its structural integrity.

Options in Ornamental Sliding Gates

TYMETAL also offers a variety of options in ornamental cantilever gates that provide optimal security along with an attractive design and finish. Frames and pickets are fabricated from aluminum alloy extrusions with Internal, External, Flat-Top or Smashed Point styles available. Ornamental sliding gates also come in convex or concave configurations, with a choice of milled aluminum or baked-on powder coating in standard or custom colors. These additional options help bring your aesthetic vision to life.

Where Can I Find Slide Gate Drawings & Design Specs?

Tymetal offers a complete range of services before, during, and after the sale of our cantilever slide gate systems. Whether you’re in the market for structural, box frame or heavy duty sliding gates, we provide complete specs and slide gate CAD drawings. Visit our cantilever slide gate drawings and specs page to choose the solutions that are right for you.

Are Automatic Cantilever Slide Gates Available?

In addition to delivering the heaviest track and gate frame combination in the industry, Tymetal also offers fully automatic cantilever gate systems. We provide a variety of options in automatic slide gates and operator systems matched to your specific project requirements. From the TIGER Gate System with double clear openings up to 80 feet to the TYM HYD B Box Frame Gate System with double clear openings up to 120 feet, we offer a broad range of automatic slide gate designs. Visit our gate operator systems page for more information on the full selection available for a cantilever gate system.

Which is Better: an Aluminum Cantilever Gate or a Steel Cantilever Gate?

Steel is corrosive and aluminum is not. Even galvanized steel can rust in some areas. Aluminum, however, is protected by a thin layer of its natural corrosion properties, aluminum oxide. The aluminum oxide is a natural, rust-resistant shield. Aluminum gates also benefit from an enclosed truck and trolley that provides protection from debris, dirt, and any other elements. Aluminum gate hardware is a better long-term investment than steel.

Why Choose Tymetal for a Heavy Duty Cantilever Gate System?

We’re a recognized industry pioneer in producing custom-fabricated cantilever slide gates and matched access control systems. When you purchase commercial-grade sliding gates from us, you gain the support of a dedicated partner with the experience to deliver a system designed to meet the specific requirements of today’s most demanding customers.

When it comes to closing openings, trust TYMETAL. Contact us today for more information about ourcantilevergate systemsor give us a call at 888-978-4283 to receive guidance on which gate works best for your needs.


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Page Updated on 26/01/2022


What is a cantilever sliding gate? ›

Instead of sliding along a track, a cantilever gate is supported by rollers that are tucked behind the fencing and remains suspended when opening and closing. Both traditional sliding and cantilever gates can be constructed using a variety of materials, including iron, steel, aluminum, wood, and composite.

How long can a cantilever gate be? ›

Our line of durable cantilever gates is designed to close single openings up to 60 feet. When doubled, it will open up to 120 feet, making it a versatile solution for a wide variety of applications.

Are cantilever gates reliable? ›

If fitted properly, cantilever gates are an incredibly safe option. Not only are they durable and heavy - meaning they can't be lifted and are harder to damage - but they also don't have a clear opening point, which can help to put off would-be burglars.

How do you measure a cantilever gate? ›

Measure from inside to inside of the latch posts to the first gate / roller post. This would be the gate post closest to the opening. Then, measure from outside to outside of gate / roller gate posts.

How does a sliding gate work? ›

It is most often a single leaf, with wheels beneath its base that runs on a track across the driveway entrance. Sliding gates are moved by a motor to which a protruding toothed cog is attached. This meshes with a rack mounted on the inside of the gate, opening or closing the gate as the motor rotates the cog.

How does a cantilever electric gate work? ›

What is a cantilever gate and how does it work? Cantilever gates work by being suspended across from the counterbalance to the gate opening , with no rollers running along the ground to provide friction or to become obstructed.

How much does a cantilever gate weigh? ›

Most of the time, cantilever sliding gates will weigh less than 2,000 pounds. However, the weight can surpass that number if you opt for a heavy solid infill material or gates with openings over 30 feet in length. To accommodate for this, you should consider using double track gates to maintain structural integrity.

How do you set up a cantilever gate post? ›

How to Install Cantilever Gates | Chain link Fence - YouTube

What is a rolling gate called? ›

A rolling gate is a type of slide gate. The most popular slide gate is a cantilever gate. Cantilever gates use rollers that are attached to support posts with no rollers or wheels touching the ground.

Which gate is better sliding or swing? ›

If you don't want to worry about gate maintenance, then a swing gate is probably the best option. It has very low maintenance compared to a sliding gate, which needs tracks to be constantly cleared, with even the smallest debris causing jamming issues along the track.

Is sliding gate better than swing gate? ›

The benefits of sliding gates

If your property is on a slope, sliding gates may last longer than swing gates. That is because swing gates have to bear their own load on a slope every time they open, and also in windy conditions – potentially wearing them out faster.

Are sliding gates cheaper than swing gates? ›

Thanks to their more straightforward construction, swing gates generally cost less than sliding gates, though this largely depends on the size, style, and material of the gate in question.

How do you measure a sliding gate? ›

When measuring for a swing gate and sliding gate, measure from inside post to inside post and the height you require the gate to be. The deductions for Swing Gates = We take of 100mm off the opening size to allow for the Nylon Bush Hinges, which gives 80mm on the swing side and 20mm on the closing side.

How is gate size measured? ›

How to measure for your gate by Affordable Fence and Gates Inc.

How can calculate gate weight? ›

GW = W * H * G

Variables: GW is the Gate Weight (lbs) W is the gate width (ft) H is the gate height (ft)

How do you make a cantilever sliding gate? ›

DIY cantilever sliding gate with pedestrian door, galvanized steel ...

How do you build a sliding gate? ›

How to build a wooden sliding gate - YouTube

How much does a sliding gate weigh? ›

A: Steel gates generally weigh approximately 25 lbs per linear foot. Therefore a 10′ steel gate panel would weigh approximately 250lbs. Aluminum gates generally weigh approximately 8.3 lbs/ft. Therefore a 10′ aluminum gate panel would weigh approximately 83lbs.

How do you adjust a rolling gate? ›

Cantilever Gate Roller Adjustments - YouTube

How tight should a gate chain be? ›

You can tell when it needs tensioning by how much the chain sags. 2″ of sag is normal in a 12′-16′ gate and more in longer gates. There should always be a little slack in the chain. A chain that is too tight (looks like a straight line) will wear the idler wheel and the sprocket inside the operator.

What is a roller gate used for? ›

Roller gates are typically used for Gravity/Emergency closure and where waterways are too large to efficiently use slide gates. The rollers (wheels) are mounted on shafts fixed laterally to the leaf on vertical girders have double functions: reduce the friction forces and transfer the water load to the embedded parts.

How do you build a rolling fence gate? ›

Rolling Fence Gate DIY - Backyard Upgrades #6 - YouTube

What are the advantages of a sliding gate? ›

The advantages of sliding gates

Sliding gates are very reliable and have long trouble free lifespans. Due to the fact that sliding gates usually run on tracks, or they can be installed with cantilever systems, they are also better suited for rough ground and it doesn't matter if you have a sloping driveway either.

Are sliding gates good? ›

Benefits of Sliding Gates

It also allows vehicles and pedestrians to access the property safely and easily. Sliding gates are ideal in situations where the access point is particularly wide. Because they run along a floor track rather than swinging freely, they don't sag under their own weight.

What is the best type of gate? ›

Arguably the most popular style of gate, swing gates are renowned for being low-maintenance. As swing gates don't require concrete work or a steel beam, the gate will have to be relatively light as it will need to be supported by hinges as opposed to a track and roller.

Is sliding gate more expensive than swing gate? ›

The Cost of Sliding Gates

Generally, when compared to swing gates, you'll need to pay more to own and install a sliding gate. Even if the gates are made of the same quality, materials, and size, they generally cost more.

How much does it cost to install a sliding gate? ›

Sliding gates cost $1,050 to $5,200 to install, depending on their size, material, and if you're installing a single or double gate. And installation fees can cost up to $80 per hour.

Can electric gates be forced open? ›

There are different types of gate openers, so each electric gate may have a different process on how to manually open. Thankfully, each type of automatic gate has some type of manual release lever, key, or handle. Remove the cover. Some covers on sliding gates have screws that will need to be removed.

How wide can a swing gate be? ›

Single swing gates have a practical limited width of about 16'. Gates wider than 16' do exist and gate operators are available to handle 20' wide gates. Bi-parting swing gates are considered the most elegant entryways. Bi-parting gates can be much larger; up to 32'.

Can electric gates open outwards? ›

If a gate open outwards there is the law to take into account. The Highways Act 1980 governs that gates cannot open outwards onto a public pavement or highway.

How wide is a driveway gate? ›

Most driveway gates are 10' or 12' wide, however some are larger. Larger driveway gates are often installed because a vehicle will not or cannot pull in straight; vehicles will be turning as they drive through the gate opening. This is especially important for vehicles pulling trailers and boats.

How wide should a sliding gate be? ›

1. How wide should the gate be? Most standard driveway gates are between 12 and 24 feet wide. That said, driveway gates for residential properties typically range between nine and 12 feet but can also be larger or smaller, depending on your property size.

What is the standard gate size? ›

Look at Your Driveway Size

The common driveway gate sizes are 10, 12, 14 and 16 feet. Driveway usually measures between 9 and 24 feet wide, with most towards the smaller end of that scale. The driveway gate should be a little wider than your driveway entrance. Use a tape measure, and measure your driveway.

What do I need for a sliding gate? ›

How to install a sliding gate - YouTube

How do you fit a gate? ›

How to fit a garden gate - YouTube

Which way should a gate open? ›

Your gate should always swing inward. Why? You want the gate to move towards private space, not out to the public.

What size gate posts do I need? ›

Post size: as a rule of thumb for free-standing wooden posts, use 4″ × 4″ (100mm x 100mm) lumber post for narrow gates for 4 to 6 feet wide and up to 4 feet (1200mm) high, use 5″ × 5″ (125mm x 125mm) posts for wide gates for 10 feet wide and 6 ft (1800mm) high and use at least 6″ × 6″ (150mm x 150mm) posts for 12 ft to ...

How do you make a cantilever sliding gate? ›

DIY cantilever sliding gate with pedestrian door, galvanized steel ...

How much does a cantilever gate weigh? ›

Most of the time, cantilever sliding gates will weigh less than 2,000 pounds. However, the weight can surpass that number if you opt for a heavy solid infill material or gates with openings over 30 feet in length. To accommodate for this, you should consider using double track gates to maintain structural integrity.

What is a rolling gate called? ›

A rolling gate is a type of slide gate. The most popular slide gate is a cantilever gate. Cantilever gates use rollers that are attached to support posts with no rollers or wheels touching the ground.

What is slide gate valve? ›

Slide gate valves are linear motion valves in which a flat plate slides into the flow stream to provide a shut-off of material or air. The gate can close or open the slide plate on a moving column of material at all times. The slide plate of the gate is not, in most applications, open or exposed to people.


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