BOTW Side Quest List: Every Breath Of The Wild Side Quest (2023)

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Players can complete a total of 76 side quests in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and they vary in difficulty and time consumption.

BOTW Side Quest List: Every Breath Of The Wild Side Quest (1)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild offers players a large number of optional activities, including 76 side quests that can be found and completed all over Hyrule. Players will need to talk to NPCs to obtain the missions which could take them across the map to complete. Each mission will require a different set of tasks and have varying rewards, some of which are very valuable and can make Breath of the Wildeasier or more fun.

While traversing Hyrule and completing main missions, players will come across a variety of NPC characters. Speaking to all of them can be very time-consuming. Luckily, the ones that have quests to offer will be indicated by a hovering piece of dialogue that has a red exclamation point next to it. These NPCs will give Link either side quests, shrine quests, or DLC missions if players have the DLC unlocked.

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There is an abundance of quests in Breath of the Wild, including shrine quests, story missions, and side quests. Players will need to complete prerequisites or other missions for several side quests to be unlocked. Some quests will also only beavailable after completing the Divine Beasts inBreath of the Wild. From delivering materials to finding missing NPCs, players will have plenty of tasks to complete while playing through Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild Side Quests:AkkalaRegion

There are a few different side quests in the Akkala region, which is in the northeast part of Hyrule. Each of the quests will send the players to other areas inBreath of the Wild, and some will require multiple steps, like "A Parent's Love." The quests are all located in Tarrey Town and the Akkala Stable, so players won't need to go too far to start all of them. Akkala is a fairly flat region that can be easily traversed on horseback.

  • A Parent's Love:Ruli in Tarrey Town - Make a Monster Cake for Ruli's daughter by combining Tabantha wheat, goat butter, cane sugar, and monster extract.
  • A Shady Customer:Hoz in East Akkala Stable - Travel to Skull Lake and wait for Kilton to arrive at night, then take a picture of him and show it to Hoz.
  • Hobbies of the Rich:Hagie in Tarrey Town - Go to the ruins in Torin Wetland and kill the two Guardian Stalkers for Hagie, then return to him for a reward.
  • Little Sister's Big Request:Jana in South Akkala Stable - Players will need to find three bugs for Jana: a cold darner, an electric darner, and a warm darner.

Breath of the Wild Side Quests:Central Region

BOTW Side Quest List: Every Breath Of The Wild Side Quest (3)

The Central Tower is just south of Hyrule Castle, and the area can be perilous. There are Guardians scattered around in Breath of the Wild'sHyrule Field that will attack the moment they spot Link. Even with stealth gear, it can be difficult to avoid the Guardians, so players should be prepared for some tougher fights or have the ability to get away using skills like Revali's Gale.

  • A Rare Find:Trott in Outskirt Stable - Sell Trott a piece of raw gourmet meat, which can be obtained by killing a water buffalo, a snowcoat fox, or a maraudo wolf.
  • A Royal Recipe:Gotter in Riverside Stable - Goto the library in Hyrule Castle and find the monster cake and fruitcake recipes, then cook one of them and deliver it to Gotter.
  • My Hero:Aliza in Outskirt Stable - Talk to Aliza after obtaining the Master Sword.
  • The Royal Guard's Gear:Parcy in Riverside Stable - Find and offer Parcy any of the royal guard weapons located in Hyrule Castle.
  • The Royal White Stallion:Toffa in Outskirt Stable - Find and tame the white horse on Safula Hill, then register it at the stable and show it to Toffa.

Breath of the Wild Side Quests:Dueling Peaks Region

BOTW Side Quest List: Every Breath Of The Wild Side Quest (4)

Players can complete most of the side quests in the Dueling Peaks Region by going to Breath of the Wild'sKakariko Village and speaking to the various NPCs there. A few will need to be interacted with at a certain time of day or after the other quests are finished, so some of the NPCs may not have side quests available the first time players speak to them. Dueling Peaks is one of the first regions players will travel to if they're following the main story.

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  • Arrows of Burning Heat:Rola in Kakariko Village - Light the torches around the Goddess Statue in Kakariko Village.
  • By Firefly's Light:Lasli in Kakariko Village - Players must complete, "Locked Momentos," "Flown the Coop," and "Find the Fairy Fountain" to unlock this quest. Visit Lasli in her house at night, then gather sunset fireflies to release inside her home.
  • Cooking with Koko:Koko in Kakariko Village - Complete "Koko's Kitchen," then return to Koko with goat butter.
  • Flown the Coop:Cado in Kakariko Village - Find the seven missing Cuccos scattered around Kakariko Village and return them to Cado's pen.
  • Koko's Cuisine:Koko in Kakariko Village - Bring Koko raw meat to complete the third cooking quest for her.
  • Koko's Kitchen:Koko in Kakariko Village - Speak to Koko, then bring her a Swift Carrot to complete her soup.
  • Koko's Specialty:Koko in Kakariko Village - This is the last cooking quest for Koko, and all the other three need to be completed first. Bring Koko an apple and courser bee honey.
  • Misko, the Great Bandit:Domidak in Dueling Peaks Stable - Pay Domidak to get a riddle that leads to treasure. The location of the treasure is behind a waterfall that's down the river south of the Little Twin Bridge.
  • Playtime with Cottla:Cottla in Kakariko Village - While Cottla is running around during the day,Link can offer to play hide-and-seek with her for a reward.
  • The Priceless Maracas:Hetsu on the road from Dueling Peaks to Kakariko Village - Find Hestu outside of Kakariko Village, then find his maracas to the northeast in a chest guarded by Bokoblins. Return the maracas to Hestu.
  • Wild Horses:Rensa in Dueling Peaks Stable - Catch a horse and bring it back to Rensa within two minutes.

Breath of the Wild Side Quests:Eldin Region

BOTW Side Quest List: Every Breath Of The Wild Side Quest (5)

The side quests in the Eldin Region are all in or nearZelda: Breath of the Wild's Goron City. Link will be given various tasks to defeat a Talus or find and deliver items to different NPCs. One of the harder missions is "Death Mountain's Secret," because it can be difficult to decipher Dugby's clue and find which mountain the weapon is on. The bombable wall can also be difficult to spot for this side quest, but the reward is a weapon that players can find elsewhere.

  • Death Mountain's Secret:Dugby in Goron Hot Springs - Find Dugby's hidden weapon on the mountain between Gorko Lake and the Goron Hot Springs. At the top of the mountain, players will find a bombable wall.
  • Fireproof Lizard Roundup:Kima in the Southern Mine - Deliver 10 fireproof lizards to Kima for a reward.
  • The Jewel Trade:Ramella in Goron City - Bring Ramella 10 amber to complete this side quest.
  • The Road to Respect:Fugo in Goron City - Head to Darunia Lake and defeat the Igneo Talus, then return to Fugo.

Breath of the Wild Side Quests: Faron Region

BOTW Side Quest List: Every Breath Of The Wild Side Quest (6)

There are a few side quests to obtain and complete in Faron Region's Lurelin Village, a seaside town with a few issues that Link can help out with. Players will need to find ingredients, defeat enemies, and even stop a lightning storm in this region to complete all of the available side quests. most of the quests here can be completed quickly and easily.

  • A Gift of Nightshade:Wabbin in Tuft Mountain - Bring nightshade to Wabbin so he can talk to Perda.
  • Sunken Treasure:Rozel in Lurelin Village - Find the triangle on the map south of Rozel's location, then use a raft to reach the treasure and pull up the chest with Magnesis.
  • Take Back the Sea:Sebasto in Lurelin Village - Kill every enemy on Aris Beach southeast of the village, then return to Sebasto.
  • Thunder Magnet:Cima in Lakeside Stable - Use Magnesis or Revali's Gale to get the woodcutter's axe down from the top of the stable and stop the frequent lightning strikes.
  • What's for Dinner?:Kiana in Lurelin Village - Bring Kiana a hearty blue snail and goat butter to complete her meal.

Breath of the Wild Side Quests:Hateno Region

BOTW Side Quest List: Every Breath Of The Wild Side Quest (7)

The Hateno Region has some of the more time-consuming side quests, including "From the Ground Up," which requires players to help build Breath of the Wild'sTarrey Town. Other quests will require players to travel around Hyrule collecting specific items or weapons.A lot of theHateno Region's side quests can be found within the village or at the nearby Hateno Ancient Lab.

  • A Gift for My Beloved:Manny in Hateno Village - Speak to Prima to find out what she likes, then bring Manny 10 restless crickets to complete the quest.
  • From the Ground Up:Hudson in Hateno Village - After Hudson travels to Lake Akkala, find him and complete various tasks for him. Players will need to bring him a total of 100 wood and find a Goron, Gerudo, Rito, Zora. Next Link will be tasked with inviting Bolson and Karson, then attend Hudson's wedding.Finishing every task will complete the quest.
  • Hylian Homeowner:Bolson in Hateno Village - Buy the abandoned house from Bolson after bringing him 30 wood.
  • Robbie's Research:Purahin Hateno Ancient Tech Lab - Use the blue flame to light the furnace in front of the lab. There are lanterns along the way that can be lit to make it easier for players to reignite their torch if it goes out.
  • Slated for Upgrades:Purah in Hateno Ancient Tech Lab - Bring Purah three ancient screws, three ancient shafts, and three ancient cores to get every Sheikah Slate upgrade.
  • Sunshroom Sensing:Symin in Hateno Ancient Tech Lab - Take a picture of the sunshroom growing outside, then return to Symin. Use the Sheikah Sensor to find three more by selecting the sunshroom from the Hyrule Compendium to complete this quest.
  • The Hero's Cache:Kass in Kitano Bay - Paraglide to the pillar east of Kass, then use Magnesis to retrieve the treasure chest.
  • The Sheep Rustlers:Koyin in Hateno Village - Defeat all the enemies at Hateno Beach, then return to Koyin.
  • The Statue's Bargain:Horned Statue in Hateno Village - Trade a heart container or stamina vessel for 100 rupees, then buy it back for 120 rupees. Players can choose which one they get back, so the statue can be used to trade stamina vessels or heart containers for each other.
  • The Weapon Connoisseur:Nebb in Hateno Village - Players will need to show Nebb a series of weapons to complete this side quest. He will ask for weapons in the same order every time. Bring Nebb a traveler's sword, a fire rod, a moblin club, a duplex bow, a windcleaver, an ancient battle axe+, a frostspear, and finally an ancient short sword.

Breath of the Wild Side Quests:Hebra Region

BOTW Side Quest List: Every Breath Of The Wild Side Quest (8)
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The Hebra Region has one side quest that can take a little bit of time to complete. Stalhorses are one of the more rare creatures inBreath of the Wild, so taking a picture of one will involve some exploration and waiting. The easiest way to find a Stalhorse is to go to the North Tabantha Snowfield and wait for one to randomly spawn in.

  • Stalhorse: Pictured!:Juannelle in Snowfield Stable - Take a picture of a Stalhorse and show it to Juannelle. Stalhorses appear randomlyat night in North Tabantha Snowfield.

Breath of the Wild Side Quests:Lanayru Region

BOTW Side Quest List: Every Breath Of The Wild Side Quest (9)

Zora's Domain is accessible from the beginning of the game, but most of the side quests there won't be available until after players complete Breath of the Wild'sDivine Beast Vah Ruta. Doing so will open up a few different quests given to players by various Zora around the domain. Most of the side quests in the area involve delivering items to NPCs.

  • A Wife Washed Away:Fronk in Zora's Domain - Find and speak to Fronk's wife, Mei, who is swimming in Lake Hylia near a group of small islands.
  • Diving is Beauty!:Gruve in Zora's Domain - Dive down the waterfall, then swim back up and speak to Gruve.
  • Frog Catching:Tumboin Zora's Domain - Bring Tumbo five hot-footed frogs.
  • Luminous Stone Gathering:Ledo in Zora's Domain - Find and deliver 10 luminous stones to Ledo. Players can continue to bring stones to Ledo after the quest is complete.
  • Lynel Safari:Laflat in Zora's Domain - Find and take a picture of a Red-Maned Lynel to show to Laflat.
  • Riverbed Reward:Izra in Wetland Stable - Use Magnesis to grab the chest out of the water near Izra, open the chest, then speak to her to complete the quest.
  • Special Delivery:Finley in Zora's Domain - Finley will throw a letter into the water, and Link needs to get it to Mercay Island without it taking too much damage. Players can attempt this quest more than once.
  • The Giant of Rails Pond:Torfeau in Zora's Domain - Defeat a Hinox for Torfeau, then return and speak to him to complete the quest.
  • Zora Stone Monuments:Jihato in Zora's Domain- Find the 10 monuments around Zora's Domain, then speak to Jihato.

Breath of the Wild Side Quests:Lake Region

BOTW Side Quest List: Every Breath Of The Wild Side Quest (10)

The Lake Region has only two side quests, and the "Hunt for the Giant Horse" quest is on the border of the Lake and Faron Regions. This quest actually leads players to find and tame Ganon's horse inBreath of the Wild. The other quest involves defeating a group of enemies on horseback, so it may be better to get the Giant Horse first to make the second side quest easier.

  • Hunt for the Giant Horse:Straia in the Mounted Archery Camp - Find and catch the giant black horse with orange hair that's located in the Taobab Grassland area. Register the horse, then bring it back to Straia.
  • The Horseback Hoodlums:Perosa in Highland Stable - Take out the group of Bokoblins on horseback, then return to Perosa.

Breath of the Wild Side Quests:Ridgeland Region

The only side quest in the Ridgeland Region is "A Gift for the Great Fairy." This quest is located on the Ridgeland side of the Tabantha Bridge at the stable there. Players will need to find the nearby Great Fairy, but the quest can be completed before or after activating thisBreath of Wild Great Fairy Fountain. If the fountain is already activated, just take Toren's offering, visit the fairy, and return to him.

  • A Gift for the Great Fairy:Toren in Tabantha Bridge Stable - Accept Toren's rupees to offer to the Great Fairy, then return to him after the fountain is activated. The Great Fairy is located in Piper Ridge west of the Tabantha Bridge Stable.

Breath of the Wild Side Quests:Tabantha Region

BOTW Side Quest List: Every Breath Of The Wild Side Quest (12)

Rito Village is full of quick, simple side quests where players either need to find something, or someone, nearby, or deliver materials to NPCs. If players keep a well-stocked inventory, it can be very easy to quickly complete all of the side quests in the Tabantha Region. The hardest side quest in this area will be finding and defeating the Frost Talus, a fairly powerful enemy inBreath of the Wild.However, players with decent gear should be able to takeout the Frost Talus without too much trouble.

  • Curry for What Ails You:Lester in Rito Stable - Find or buy Goron Spice, then bring it to Lester so he can complete his meal.
  • Face the Frost Talus:Gesane in Rito Village - Defeat the Frost Talus in the Hebra Mountains area, then return to Gesane for a reward.
  • Find Kheel:Amali in Rito Village - Paraglide to Warbler's Nest to find Kheel, then return to Amali and speak to her for a reward.
  • The Apple of My Eye:Juney in Rito Village - Bring Juney a baked apple to complete the side quest.
  • The Spark of Romance:Jogo in Rito Village - Give Jogo a piece of flint in order to finish the quest.

Breath of the Wild Side Quests:Wasteland Region

BOTW Side Quest List: Every Breath Of The Wild Side Quest (13)

Players will need a set of Gerudo armor in order to complete most of the quests in the Wasteland. Without the Gerudo clothing set, Link will not be permitted to enter Gerudo Town, whereplayers can find most of the Wasteland Region side questNPCs inBreath of the Wild. The Gerudoset can be obtained for free as part of the main story mission, "Forbidden City Entry."

  • An Ice Guy:Guy in Kara Kara Bazaar - Bring Guy a cooling elixir.
  • Good-Sized Horse:Zyle in Gerudo Canyon - Either sell Ayle a horse or catch one for him to complete the side quest.
  • Medicinal Molduga:Malena in Gerudo Town - Kill one of the four Molduga in the Gerudo region, then bring the guts to Malena so she can save her husband.
  • Missing in Action:Sesami in Gerudo Canyon Stable - Sesami's four friends can be found and saved on the wooden walkways in the Koukot Plateau canyon.
  • Rushroom Rush!:Pirou in Gerudo Canyon Stable - Deliver 55 rushrooms to Pirou to complete the quest.
  • The Eighth Heroine:Bozai in Gerudo Town - Find and photograph the statue of the Eighth Heroine in the Gerudo Highlands, then return to Bozai.
  • The Forgotten Sword:Bozai in Gerudo Town - After completing "The Eighth Heroine," Bozai will ask Link to find the statue's missing sword. The sword can be found at the top of the Gerudo Summit. Take a picture of the sword and return to Bozai.
  • The Mystery Polluter:Dalia in Gerudo Town - After completing "The Thunder Helm," speak to Daliaon the northwest corner. Follow the pollution trail to Calyban, then bring her 10 wildberries. Return to Dalia to complete the quest.
  • The Search for Barta:Leena in Gerudo Town - Complete "The Thunder Helm," then speak to Leena. Barta can be found beneath the skill of the Gerudo Great Skeleton in Gerudo Desert. Give her a hearty durian, then return to Leena.
  • The Secret Club's Secret:Greta in Gerudo Town - Eavesdrop outside of the Noble Canteen to obtain the password and access the armor shop.
  • The Thunder Helm:Riju in Gerudo Town - Complete the Divine Beast Vah Naboris to unlock this quest, then finish all of the other side quests in Gerudo and return to Riju.
  • Tools of the Trade:Isha in Gerudo Town - Bring Isha 10 flint to complete this side quest.

Breath of the Wild Side Quests:Woodland Region

BOTW Side Quest List: Every Breath Of The Wild Side Quest (14)

Most of the side quests in the Woodland Region are obtained within the Korok Forest. To reach this area, players will need to find their way through the lost woods. A torch can be used to find the right path by following the direction that the fire blows. Once inside the Korok Forest in Breath of the Wild, unlock the shrine there to easily fast travel and complete the side quests.

(Video) Zelda BotW - In-game Shrine & Side Quest list

  • A Freezing Rod:Kula inKorok Forest - Obtain an ice rod from an Ice Wizzrobe, then show it to Kula.
  • A Gift from the Monks:Monk in the Forgotten Temple - Complete all 120 shrines, then travel to the Forgotten Temple to receive a special armor set.
  • Balloon Flight:Shamae in Woodland Stable - Attach two Octo Balloons, which are dropped by Octoroks, to a barrel for Shamae.
  • Legendary Rabbit Trial:Peeks inKorok Forest - Find and photograph a Blupee, then show the picture to Peeks. Blupees can be found near Great Fairy Fountains.
  • Leviathan Bones:Akrah in Serenne Stable - Take pictures of the three Leviathan skulls located in Eldin, Hebra, and Gerudo, then show the pictures to Akrah.
  • Riddles of Hyrule:Walton in Korok Forest - Solve all of Walton's riddles to complete the quest. Players will need to bring him an apple, a fortified pumpkin, a sunshroom, a voltfin trout, and a Lynel hoof.
  • The Korok Trials:Chio in Korok Forest - Complete the three Korok Trials in any order, then speak to Chio again for the reward.

It will take a fair amount of time for players tofinish every side quest, because some require the Divine Beasts to be completed, and one will require players to beat every shrine challenge. This means that players can only beat all the side quests if they complete nearly everything else inBreath of the Wild. The rewards for most of the side quests are easily found elsewhere, but completing all 76 will give players the satisfaction of getting 100% completion inThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available for Nintendo Switch.


Do you get anything for completing all side quests in Botw? ›

There is no overall completion percentage for other activities in the game - but you'll also be able to track how many Main Quests, Side Quests, and Shrine Quests you have completed out of the total amount in your Adventure Log. NOTE: It is important to know that there is NO REWARD for a 100% completion rate.

How many breaths of the wild side quests are there? ›

Welcome to IGN's guide to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Side Quests. Unlike previous Zelda games, Breath of the Wild spans a massive open world, and there are 76 Side Quests hiding in all corners of Hyrule - and can be tracked in Link's Adventure Log.

What is the hardest side quest in Botw? ›

The Trial of the Labyrinth is one of the most difficult shrine quests in the game simply due to its powerful enemies and maze structure. In the far north-east corner of Hyrule lies Lomei Labyrinth Island, which players can reach by paragliding from the cliffs of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.

How long does it take to get to 100% on Botw? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is about 50 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 189 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Is Zelda bigger than Skyrim? ›

When all is said and done, Breath of the Wild's world is 1.66 times larger than Skyrim's, an impressive feat when you consider that most thought Skyrim was absurdly huge at the time of it's release, and that no other game would ever come close to achieving that kind of size and scale.

What is the reward for getting all 900 Korok seeds? ›

If all 900 Seeds are returned to Hestu, he will reward Link with a "gift of friendship."

How many endings does breath of the wild have? ›

In line with that, the game has two endings; one being the "true ending" that unlocks an additional cutscene. The player earns the cutscene if they free all four Divine Beasts and collects all of Link's memories. The true ending isn't about fighting the final boss.

How do you get the secret ending in breath of the wild? ›

To get the true ending, players must simply find all of Link's forgotten memories from the time before Ganon's rise to power, which are scattered across Hyrule in certain locations. Players are left to find each of these locations for themselves, with their only hints being a series of photos on their Sheikah Slate.

What happens when you complete all shrine quests? ›

There are 120 shrines in the game and after completing them all you'll unlock Green Tunic of the Wild.


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