Best derma rollers for smooth, glowing skin at home (2023)


olling teeny tiny needles across your face probably doesn't sound like the most enjoyable beauty treatment. But derma rolling might just be one of the most effective procedures for keeping skin supple and hydrated.

Each time you use a derma roller, you create tiny wounds across the face which triggers your body's natural wound healing response, encouraging a faster production of collagen and elastin. Incorporate derma rolling into your skincare routine and you'll likely swear by its effectiveness forevermore. Not sure where to start?

How do you use a derma roller?

Celebrity skincare guru Elizabeth Rimmer, founder of London Professional Aesthetics, shared her tips for using derma rollers correctly: "Rolling, like lots of effective anti ageing methods, isn’t the most comfortable process. Even though the needles in home devices are tiny, they will still create an unusual sensation. However, it's well worth it as with consistent usage this treatment is proven to stimulate collagen and elastin.

"Start using once a week to get used to it and you can then increase it to three or four times a week. I would suggest using it at night time rather than in the morning. The skin’s natural anti-aging activity is more active at night time and also any redness will have settled by the morning.

"To begin with, opt for needle depth of 0.1-03mm. You don't need deeper than this at home and as I mentioned, you will be surprised at how prickly the sensation is at these very shallow depths.”

What products should you use with the derma roller?

"Use the roller to increase penetration of high quality medical grade skincare such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid or growth factor. Set time aside to do this - it doesn’t take long but it might be around 10-15 minutes. If you wait until the very last thing at night, you might find you cut the process short and don’t get the full benefit as your bed is calling you!

“Make sure your face is super clean before you start - cleansing for a full minute and patting dry with clean kitchen paper. Apply your chosen skincare after needling. You may well notice some increased sensitivity especially when you are starting out so daily SPF is a must.”

How do you care for your derma roller?

“Keep your roller clean, you can usually purchase a cleansing solution with the device. Replace needles every three to six months depending on usage. You may not be able to see it, but the needles will blunt and bend over time becoming less effective. Don’t expect results straight away, it may be around six weeks before you do - but this is not a gimmick, it’s been around a long time and has good evidence to support its use."

We've rounded up all of the best derma rollers.

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FACEGYM Faceshot Electric Microneedling Device

If you haven’t heard of FACEGYM yet, then you’re definitely missing out. Don’t be fooled by its name: there are no strenuous exercises necessary here. Instead, FACEGYM works to stimulate the muscles in your face with varying massages and manoeuvres.

If you want to replicate its methods at home, you’ll love the brand’s Faceshot Electric Microneedling Device: a premium derma roller that harnesses microneedling techniques so you can achieve studio-standard results at home.

Each of its single-use ‘Microneedle’ cartridges are made from medical-grade stainless steel and they deliver the brand’s ‘Liquid Vitamins’ treatment deep into the skin with minimal invasion. Expect a smoother texture and tone as well as reduced hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

Beauty Bio GloPRO® Microneedling Regeneration Tool

Beauty Bio wasn’t exaggerating when it called this derma roller a “Regeneration” tool. One of the most popular derma rollers in the business, it makes good use of GloPRO’s patented technology to stimulate your skin’s natural healing response.

That micro-rejuvenation powers deep within the skin for a visibly firmer, smoother and younger-looking appearance: it ticks all the boxes in a matter of mere minutes. This youth-promoting tool can be used alone or alongside a range of anti-ageing skincare products and helps to increase the efficiency of them for doubly impressive results.

Ecooking Derma Roller

Ecooking’s Derma Roller is a great mid-range option if you’re looking for powerful results without spending hundreds of pounds on a new derma roller. Designed to be used on your face, neck and décolletage no matter your age or gender, this derma roller stimulates and retains the elasticity of the skin. It’s one of the most versatile options around and is hailed as something of a lifesaver of a product for many skin ailments. Struggling with acne scars, enlarged pores, pigmentation or uneven skin tone? Ecooking’s roller knows just how to tackle them all.

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Brushworks HD Micro Needle Derma Roller

New to derma rollers or want to dip your toe before investing in a luxury roller? Try Brushworks’ HD Micro Needle Derma Roller. This budget friendly roller is a great introductory product that allows you to test the waters with smaller needles.

A great choice particularly for those with enlarged pores, Brushworks’ derma roller uses 0.5mm needles to stimulate the skin to encourage a radiant appearance: perfect for those concerned with fine lines or textural irregularities. Use it just a few times with your favourite serum and you’ll be converted.

Oliviere Wilson Microneedling Face Tool

Oliviere Wilson’s Microneedling Face Tool was designed as an introduction to the derma rolling world with tiny 0.3mm needles that do the job of firming, tightening and smoothing skin without too much pain.

This gentle face tool is renowned for its ability to enhance luminosity and rejuvenate the skin and only needs to be used twice a week. By stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its 540 ultra fine titanium needles ensure your face feels beautifully soft after a few uses.

Dermapen TBPHP M1 Upgraded Electric Wireless Skin Pen

A derma roller is great for tackling your face as a whole but if you’re more concerned about specific areas then you’ll want something a little smaller. Enter: the derma pen.

Suitable for activating skin cells, promoting collagen regeneration and repairing without pulling the skin, this pen gets deep into sensitive areas of skin that may be difficult to treat with laser or with a larger roller.

While it excels on areas around the mouth and nose, it’s also designed to work on other body parts such as the face, forehead, head, neck, chin and scalp: an all rounder.

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Sarah Chapman Meso-Melt Infusion roller

Sarah Chapman’s Meso-Melt Infusion roller works a little differently to your usual derma roller. Looking a little more like a jade roller than a derma roller, it comes with three needling tips and three ampoules of the Meso-Melt Pep⁸ Stem Cell Serum.

The result? A healthy and glowing complexion that feels silky soft more than ever before. It’s a great choice for beginners as, once the needles have fully dissolved, the treatment is complete: there’s no stress of overuse here.

Dr. Russo Red LED Pulsating Dermaroller

What's more impressive than a standalone derma roller? A derma roller that incorporates light into its magic. Dr. Russo's Red LED Pulsating Derma roller is a brilliant example of the latter, fusing together an at-home micro-needling device that stimulates skin’s circulation while simultaneously promoting skin density through its red light.

This sleek device features 540 super-fine needles that gently prick your skin as the device glides and rolls over your skin. Red light therapy is reported to reduce wrinkles, scars, redness and acne making this derma roller doubly beneficial.

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Spotlight Oral Care Smile Rejuvenation System

If you've been concerned over wrinkles or lines especially around your mouth, you'll probably find a derma roller like Spotlight's Oral Care Smile Rejuvenation System most helpful.

Designed specifically for this part of the face, this small but handy roller helps to smooth frown lines, jowls, furrows and sagging cheeks while making your lips appear a little plumper at the same time.

Offering quite literally the full package, it includes a serum and a lip mask to enhance the plumping effect as well as a promise to have noticeable results in four weeks.

Nurysh DEEP + UNIQ Anti Aging & Skin Renewal Derma Pen Kit

Nurysh's DEEP + UNIQ Anti Aging & Skin Renewal Derma Pen Kit explains that you'll see results within 30 days of using its kit regularly and brings together everything you need in one handy package.

Taking a two in one approach, it combines micro pins to safely condition the uppermost layer of the skin and then digs in deep with its serum: a powerful combination of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. Its 24k gold plated, titanium steel derma pin length is approved by dermatologists and, at only 0.25mm per needle, is a great introductory length for first timers.


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Even if you didn’t consider facial fitness part of your weekly routine, prepare to switch things up a little with the arrival of a derma roller in your life. And who better to encourage the process than FACEGYM? The brand’s Faceshot Electric Microneedling Device is our top pick for seriously smooth skin.


Does derma roller brighten skin? ›

While dermaroller is not well studied as a specific treatment for hyperpigmentation, evidence does point to its efficacy for this purpose. It causes it causes cell regeneration which is understood to effectively lighten dark spots in all skin types.

Which type of derma roller is best for face? ›

Here are the nine best derma rollers for your skin.
  • Best Overall: ORA Face Microneedle Dermal Roller System.
  • Best for Acne Scars: Sdara Skincare Microneedle Dermaroller.
  • Best for Hair Growth: Alphaluxy Titanium Micro Needle Derma Roller.
  • Best for Brightening: ORA Gold Deluxe Microneedle Dermal Roller System.
31 Mar 2020

Does derma rolling smooth skin? ›

According to dermatologists, derma rolling is an effective way of achieving glowing and smooth facial skin. The skin treatment involves the use of a derma roller, a handheld rolling device featuring multiple rows of tiny, sharp needles.

Which brand is best for derma roller? ›

  • BeautyBio GloPro Microneedling Regneration Tool.
  • Jenny Patinkin Rose On Rose Dermaroller.
  • Ora Face Microneedle Dermal Roller.
  • JJ Ellie Dermaroller Microneedling Kit.
  • Linduray Skincare Dermaroller Cosmetic Microneedling Kit.
  • Sdara Skincare Dermaroller.
  • Lolysenta Dermaroller.
30 Mar 2021

Can I use derma roller without serum? ›

It's recommended that you use a serum (or some similar "priming" product) with a derma-roller. It acts as a buffer between the needles and your skin, and even increases the absorption.

Can I use derma roller everyday? ›

How Often Should You Derma Roll? According to Dr. Zeichner, derma rollers can initially be used every few days. "If your skin can tolerate the treatment without any issues, advance to every other day, then eventually every day," he explains.

Can I use moisturizer after Dermarolling? ›

Specialist serums and oils designed for derma rolling can be applied at this point to improve the results. So if you cant use a water based moisturiser after a microneedling treatment then can you moisturise after dermarolling? Yes using the correct oils or serums to aid the collagen stimulation.

Does derma roller have side effects? ›

Excluding areas around the eyes, I glided the derma roller on my face for around 2-3 minutes. I experienced some redness on my face right after the process which was normal. I applied a hyaluronic serum, followed by a moisturiser before dozing off.

Can I use 1.5 mm derma roller at home? ›

Although you can buy longer needles for at-home use, it's best to stick to a derma roller with a needle length of less than 0.5 millimeters. Any needle above this length runs a higher risk of damaging skin and is best left to a pro.

Is 0.25 mm derma roller effective? ›

The 0.25mm dermaroller penetrates slightly deeper than the 0.20mm and advances any microneedling practice. This dermaroller is designed to be your go-to for gentle micro-needling that improves serum penetration, scar diminishing, cell turnover stimulation, lip plumping, and skin resurfacing and rejuvenation.

What should I look for when buying a derma roller? ›

You should choose your roller based on your needs and severity of your skin condition. The 0.20 to 0.3mm sizes cannot stimulate collagen production, and is mainly used for daily usage to enhance topical product absorption. 0.5 to 1.0mm sizes are used for moderate-deep scarring, wrinkles, and more.

What is the best size derma roller for hair growth? ›

Which dermaroller size is best for hair growth? An older study found that a dermaroller with 1.5 mm needles effectively promoted hair growth in combination with triamcinolone acetonide . However, most dermarollers available online have 0.25-0.5 mm needles.


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