Best 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater - (2023)

Westinghouse 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater

Best 50-Gallon Electric Water Heater Reviews (2022 Buyers Guide)

The Westinghouse is another exceptional option for those looking for a high-quality, durable, and affordable 52-gallon electric water heater.

It features a stainless steel water storage tank that reinforces the heaters durability and eliminates the need for an anode rod to protect it from rust, odor, and corrosion.

The high efficiency water heater has an innovative design that makes it lightweight but very rigid. This design also allows easy installation and handling.

Even though the Westinghouse is compact enough for its size, it can still hold enough water for a small family of up to 5 people.

The heavy-duty insulation around the tank retains the heat inside the unit longer, resulting in more savings. The stainless steel electric heating elements have a low watt density, making them more resilient to corrosion and the effects of hard water.

The Westinghouse Electric water heater is ideal for small and large homes.


How To Choose A 50

You cant just depend on a single parameter when choosing the best 50-gallon gas water heater, as many interconnected factors come into play to make or break a heater. In this segment, were breaking down the most important factors to keep in mind before finalizing your purchase decision.

Ecosmart Eco 27 Electric Tankless Water Heater

Courtesy of Walmart

  • Can adjust the temperature in 1-degree increments

  • Some reports of leaking

EcoSmart is a popular name for tankless electric water heaters and the ECO 27 is well-equipped to handle hot water needs for your home. This larger model offers flow rates between 2.7 and 6.5 GPM, depending on incoming water temperatures. To put this in perspective, its usually sufficient to operate a shower and sink fixture simultaneously, but homes in warmer regions can receive flow from multiple showers and sinks at once.

A digital control panel allows you to adjust the temperature in 1-degree increments from 80 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it possible to adjust the water temperature to your precise needs. Measuring 17 x 17 inches, this smaller unit mounts on the wall in your basement or utility closetleaving more floor space for cleaning supplies or other storage needs. Efficiency and space savings are two big reasons to choose a tankless water heater.

Price at time of publish: $629

Heating Source: Electric | Type: Tankless | Tank Size: Not applicable | Heating Power: 27 kilowatts | Flow Rate: Between 2.7 and 6.5 gallons-per-minute

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Best 50 Gallon Electric Water Heaters Review Top 5

  • A.O. Smith ENS-50 ProMax Short Electric Water Heater, 50 gal $ Skip to section
  • Bradford White BWC RE350T6-1NCWW 50GAL 240V $$ Skip to section
  • A.O. Smith ENT-50T ProMax Tall Electric Water Heater with Side-Mounted Recirculating Taps, 50 gal $$ Skip to section
  • A.O. Smith PNS-50 ProMax Short Electric Water Heater, 50 gal $$$ Skip to section
  • Rheem MR50245 Marathon Tall Electric Water Heater, 50-Gallon $$$$$ Skip to section

Eccotemp L5 15 Gpm Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heater

Best 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater - (1)

Courtesy of Walmart

  • Need to supply your own hoses or piping

Make sure that you have hot water on demand, even in the great outdoors with this portable water heater from Eccotemp. The L5 is a compact unit that is popular for camping, off-grid living, or providing warm water in the backyard and delivers a flow rate of up to 1.5 GPM.

The portable water heater connects to a 20-pound propane tank and two D batterieswhich power the electronic ignition. Youll need to supply the hoses or piping to connect the heater to your water source. Keep in mind that if youre drawing water from a non-pressurized source, like a rain barrel, lake, or tank, youll need to also purchase a 12V pump.

Price at time of publish: $180

Heating Source: Connects to a propane tank | Type: Tankless | Tank Size: Not applicable | Heating Power: Not listed | Flow Rate: 1.5 gallons per minute

The Rheem Performance Power Vent Gas Water Heater offers the most flexible placement options of a tank-style water heater. This model can be vented outside a distance of up to 100 feet, which could help you reconfigure your utility closet and reclaim some square footage in your home. However, you’ll pay more for this model with a fan-equipped exhaust system. For a budget-friendly option and a home set-up for an electric water heater, you can save a bundle with the simple but functional Rheem Performance Electric Water Heater . The 40-gallon tank model delivers 53 gallons of hot water in its first hour of use.

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A 50 Gas Gallon Water Heater

Replacing a 50-gallon gas-powered water heater can cost between $815 and $10,000 or possibly more, depending on several factors.

A 50-gallon gas-powered water heater can cost anywhere between $400 and $3,000. These water heaters also require the correct venting. A direct vent system can add $500 to $1,000 in labor costs, while a power vent is $300 to $600 costlier.

Labor costs depend on the geographical location, averaging $45 to $150 per hour. Professional plumbers can complete the setup in two to three hours, putting the installation cost at about $90 to $450. If one adds the vent installation cost, the labor expenditure can run between $600 to $1,500 for a direct vent and $900 to $2,100 for power vents.

Homeowners must also consider other potential expenses, such as permits, expansion tank, tank removal, unit relocation, fuel conversion, and materials. Permits can cost families an extra $50 to $1,500,while adding an expansion tank can increase the overall expenditure by $40 to $350.

Removing the old tank can also set a family back by $100 to $500. Relocating the tank involves a few modifications to the existing layout. Wall framing, water line rerouting, drywall installation, electrical extension, and gas line addition can add another $2,100 to $6,900 to the cost.

Initial Cost Vs Savings

A 50-gallon electric water heater can be viewed as an investment. If you need a new water heater, its best to spend the money wisely in view of how this will affect you in the years to come.

High-end electric water heaters have high-efficiency levels and higher life expectancies, making the initial cost worth it over time. However, people who plan to sell their house soon may not want to invest in something high-end. Just like an investment, your goals and time horizon will play into the decision.

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Q: Is A 50 Gallon Tank Is Right For You

A 50 Gallon tank is sufficient for a small family of 4 members. On average, for every person on a daily basis, 10 gallons are used for a single person. However, nowadays, tankless water heaters are becoming more popular and new let you run out of water when needed.

They are a bit expensive than the conventional water heaters but it is better to spend some bucks than to be whinny.

Ao Smith Voltex Hybrid Heat Pump Electric Heater 87/10

Best 50 Gallon Electric Water Heaters : 2020 Buyers Guide | HVAC Training 101

The A.O Smith Voltex Hybrid Electric Heat Pump water heater is one of the most advanced water heaters on the market. A hybrid water heater, also known as a heat pump water heater, generates heat by drawing outside air into the appliances evaporator coil. This evaporator coil contains refrigerant, which allows it to absorb heat from the surrounding air.

The Voltex series, like the Rheem Marathon, is a series of hybrid water heaters by A.O. Smith that uses both electric technology and a heat pump incorporated into the tanks top section. The heat pump technology is employed as the primary source of high-efficiency water heating, with a backup set of two electric heating elements used for rapid hot water recovery.

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Best 50 Gallon Electric Water Heaters Reviews

We bet you most of you love hot showers. We do too! Nothing feels better than turning on a faucet and feeling the hot water pour out on you.

Thats all thanks to water heaters. And since youre here, were going to assume that youre either searching for a replacement or are looking for heaters with larger tanks.

If you have a large family, then its a good idea to look into the best 50 gallon electric water heaters.

Whether its for bathroom, kitchen, or laundry purposes, such a heater allows you to quickly access multiple hot water sources with ease.

But which one is most worth your money? Leave that to us. Find our reviews and buying guide below!

The 7 Best Electric Water Heaters For Your Home Reviewed And Ranked

Your energy bills can be significantly impacted by the type of water heating system you have installed in your home. The Department of Energy estimates that homeowners spend an average of $400$600 annually on water heating alone, or14%18% of their utility bill. It is therefore important to invest in a water heating system that will provide adequate hot water for your home without breaking the bank.

Electric water heaters are the most efficient water heating systems available on the market. They are safer than gas water heaters because they eliminate the risks and issues involved with heating water through combustion. Another advantage of electric water heaters over gas water heaters is that they do not require a gas line to operate. While gas line connections are widespread in the United States, they are not ubiquitous. However, pretty much every American home is connected to the electricity grid.

To help you make the right choice for your home, Ive compiled a well-researched list of the seven best electric water heaters on sale today.

Here are my results.

  • Best Electric Hot Water Heater
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    Rheem Performance Plus 50 Gallon Electric Tank Water Heater

    Courtesy of Home Depot

    • Lower element is made of stainless steel for durability

    • May need to replace the copper elements over time

    The Rheem Performance Plus series offers a combination of features and benefits that homeowners will appreciate in an electric water heater. The 50-gallon tank offers plenty of capacity for households of 3 to 5 people and delivers 62 gallons of hot water in the first hour. Like most other electric water heaters, this model features a dual-element design. Both elements are 5,500 watts, but the hardworking lower element is made of stainless steel for increased durability and resistance to corrosion. The upper element is made of copper.

    Rheems Performance Plus water heaters also include an LED monitor, which makes it much easier to set your target water temperature and monitor element functions. The manufacturers limited warranty extends for 9 years on parts, and the in-home labor warranty is valid for 2 years.

    Price at time of publish: $689

    Heating Source: Electric | Type: Tank | Tank Size: 50 gallons | Heating Power: 5,500 watts | Flow Rate: Not applicable

    Our #1 Rated Pick: Bosch Thermotechnology 50

    Best 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater - (2)

    Made by the trusted Bosch name, this electric water heater offers an efficient and simple hot water solution for your home. Dual heating elements allow for efficient heating, and the two magnesium anode rods work to prevent tank corrosion. For further protection and reduction of heat loss, the tank also includes foam insulation and a glass lining.

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    Westinghouse Wer052c2x055n06 Electric Water Heater

    Highlighted Features

    The last electric water heater we have selected for your consideration today is from one of the most renowned American manufacturers of electronic machinery: Westinghouse. With well over a century of experience, these guys know what theyre doing.

    This water heater differs from our other picks in that its tank capacity is 52 gallons instead of 50. Performance-wise, you can expect a decent output: this heater runs at 5500 watts, which is higher than most others. However, the 0.94 EF rating definitely makes up for it, we would say!

    On that note, the first-hour rating of this water heater is definitely also worth applauding: within the first hour of operating at a full tank, you can expect to use 71 gallons of hot water.

    One of the things we like best about this machine is its sturdy construction: built from laser-welded 316L stainless steel, this thing does a pretty good job of handling corrosion threats.

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    Hvaclifehack And Homeclimateexperts Merging Story

    As the owners of HomeClimateExperts and HVAClifehack, we are thrilled to share that our two websites have officially merged to create a comprehensive resource for homeowners and professionals alike.

    We know that managing the climate in your home and maintaining your HVAC system can be a daunting task, which is why we have worked hard to bring together the best information and resources from both of our websites.

    The owners of HomeClimateExperts and HVAClifehack first met at a home and garden trade show in Las Vegas. Both were well-known experts in the field of home climate and HVAC systems, and they quickly struck up a conversation about their respective websites.

    As they talked, they realized that their websites had a lot in common. Both were dedicated to providing valuable information and resources to homeowners and professionals alike, and they both had a strong following in the industry.

    It wasnt long before the idea of merging their websites came up. They both saw the potential for creating a comprehensive resource that would be even more valuable to their users.

    The process of merging the two sites was not without its challenges, but we are proud of the end result. Our teams worked closely together to carefully plan and execute the merge, ensuring that the new website would be user-friendly and easy to navigate.

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    How Long Should A 50

    A good 50-gallon gas-powered water heater should last about eight to twelve years, while electric versions can last up to two decades. However, it would be wise to understand that several factors impact a water heaters longevity.

    One such factor is the waters chemical properties. A water heaters lifespan is short if the water contains sediments, limescale-forming substances, and corrosive agents. That is why many experts recommend installing a water softener and other water treatment systems to protect water heaters and improve their lifespan.

    The good news is many water heater companies design their products to resist sediment and limescale buildup. For example, many hot water tanks have a glass or porcelain lining and anode rods. These components minimize the impact of limescale and sediment, but they are useless against other water contaminants.

    Hot water consumption can also impact a water heaters lifespan. The more frequently the water heater cycles through its recovery process, the faster the heating mechanisms degradation is. Hot water volume dispensed at a time also matters.

    It is impossible to measure a water heaters longevity accurately. However, one can look at its warranty period. Water heaters with extended warranties last longer than products with short guarantees.

    Westinghouse High Efficiency Review

    Best 50 Gallon Water Heater Reviews 2022

    Westinghouse High Efficiency with the 50 gallons capacity is one of the most durable and strongest electric water heaters that comes with the following features, technical data, and many positive user reviews:

    • Stainless steel water storage tank that is durable and eliminates the need for the anode rod and all the issues associated with this sacrificial element corrosion, hydrogen sulfide gas, development of bacteria, and rotten egg odor even the scale buildup.
    • Heavy-duty insulation retains the heat inside the unit longer, resulting in more savings.
    • Lightweight design allows easy handling.
    • A good tank capacity of a little over 50 gallons provides enough hot water for a family of 4-5 and supplies one to two bath homes.
    • Electric heating elements are made of high-grade stainless steel with low watt density, making it more durable and resistant to hard water effects and corrosion.
    • The water connections are located at the top of the unit for easy installation.
    • The model provides long hot water draws first-hour delivery is around 84 GPH – the highest on this list. It is better to buy a 50-gal unit with a high first hour delivery, such as this high-efficiency Westinghouse water heater, than the larger but less efficient model, as more water will be delivered.
    • Saves time and money.
    • Limited lifetime warranty ensures many years of water heating with high performance.

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    Stiebel Eltron Accelera E Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater

    Heat pump hybrid water heaters from German company Stiebel Eltrons Accelera series are not cheap. Theres little to justify their $2,400 asking price for the 220 E and $2,600 for the 330 E models.

    These Energy Star-certified units include a rollbond wrap-around condenser that prevents refrigerant from contaminating the water. The self-cleaning evaporator coating protects against corrosion and also allows quick water drainage for increased air flow. The cold water outlet is designed to prevent incoming cold water from cooling the hot water in the tank during a draw. Both units come with a 10-year warranty.

    Both the Accelera 220 E and the Accelera 300 E include an intuitive, user-friendly menu system that is accessible through a digital control panel. Additional performance data, such as the available volume of hot water, is also shown on the screen.

    Compared with the Voltex model reviewed earlier, this Stiebel Eltron Accelera E hybrid heat pump water heater does not provide enough features to justify its price.

    Buying A Water Heater: Efficiency Ratings

    Efficiency standards for gas and electric water heaters are different, but both use the Uniform Energy Factor ratings system, where higher scoring units produce more hot water while using less energy.

    To earn an Energy Star certification, for example, electric water heaters with tanks up to 55 gallons must have a UEF greater than 2. In contrast, gas water heaters with tanks up to 55 gallons only need a UEF above 0.64 or 0.68, depending on how they use water during the day. Qualifications for tanks over 55 gallons are even higher. Choosing a water heater near or above the Energy Star standards will save money on your utilities, though the most efficient units usually command the highest prices.

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