5 Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners Reviews of 2021 (2023)

X-ACTO 1670LMR Check price


Virtually Silent

X-ACTO 1670LMR will prove to be a perfect office or classroom appliance. Thanks to the multiple pencil guide with 6 sharpening holes, the model is adjustable for 6 different pencil sizes.

But that's not the only thing that makes this accessory great for schools and other types of establishments and institutions. There's also the company's very own flyaway helical cutter system that efficiently sharpens the pencil's writing point. It doesn't oversharpen, so you'll always have nice rounded tips, perfectly functional and convenient.

Speaking of convenience, the sharpener comes equipped with an extra-large integrated receptacle. It catches the shavings so that it would easier to clean the appliance out afterward. On top of that, the SafeStart® feature will make sure that the unit won't start with the receptacle being removed from it.

The heavy-duty electric motor of this electric pencil sharpener is perfect for classroom use or for any other busy environment that could benefit from a reliable and consistent source of power. The tough outer case of the model will allow the model to withstand those environments and the quiet operation of the motor will limit disturbance.

All in all, X-ACTO 1670LMR could very well be the best electrical pencil sharpener out there for teachers, professional designers, and different types of hobbyists. It is definitely one of the better options for classroom use. The model's precision, durability, and versatility make 1670LMR a product to beat.

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OfficePro OPPSZ12 Check price

OfficePro OPPSZ12

Ergonomically Sound

The thing that we like most about this sharpener is probably its design. Well, that and the construction, but all in due time. There isn't that much that differentiates one pencil sharpener from the other but the model's vertical design definitely takes a slightly different approach.

We like it for how practical it is. You can just put your pencil in there without bending or twisting your wrist. It may not sound like much but it is these simple things that make enough of a difference in the long run.

As for construction, it is mostly the appliance's premium stainless steel helical blade that separates it from the cheaper sharpeners. As you'd imagine, it is a whole lot more durable compared to a standard blade. It will give you a uniform fine point every time you put a pencil in it.

Speaking of which, the model works equally fine with colored pencils, lead pencils, golf pencils, and drafting pencils.

OfficePro OPPSZ12 works off 4 AA batteries. So, despite the name, the cordless design makes this battery-operated pencil sharpener particularly great for those artists on the go who would like to always have access to a colored pencil sharpener. That said, its ergonomic features, including the non-slip feet, are enough of a reason to put this portable unit in the "convenient for home and office use" category.

In short, OfficePro OPPSZ12 will attract the customers with its practical vertical design. Meanwhile, the robust construction and the auto-stop feature will be able to seal the deal and convince anyone that this device is a smart investment and a great addition to your office supply collection.

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OfficePro OPPSZ12

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Artist Choice Helical Blade Check price

Artist Choice Helical Blade

Artists Will Appreciate It

The model from Artist Choice is pretty much everything you want your pencil sharpener to be. The name's not a coincidence either.

Considering its 5.1 x 3.1 x 2.4 inches of overall dimensions and the really low weight of 8 ounces, this small, compact, and lightweight unit isn't just some sort of a desktop stationery but a proper portable sharpener that will always be able to fit in your backpack. Naturally, that makes the appliance a nice choice for traveling artists. But despite the modest size, the model has enough in it power and performance-wise to go head-to-head with most of those massive, stationary sharpeners.

The high-quality stainless steel helical blade will be able to give you years of faithful service life. The large removable shaving reservoir with the see-through design is convenient for a couple of reasons.

First, you won't have to clean it as often. The fact that all of the scrapes and shavings will be caught in will simplify the said cleaning process. And the see-through design will serve as a pretty good indicator so that you'll know when to empty the tray.

The only thing that kept the sharpener from scoring higher on our list is the somewhat loud electrical motor. It isn't that much louder than your average motor but it makes enough noise to make the model a bit less suitable for classroom use.

Other than that, the compact size and the measly weight of this appliance from Artist Choice definitely make the model an attractive option for artists on the go. You can take it with you anywhere you go and, with it, you'll always have a set of sharp pencils ready to be exploited for art.

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Artist Choice Helical Blade

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TripWorthy Battery Operated Check price

TripWorthy Battery Operated

Keep it Clean and Safe

Again with the telling name, the sharpening device from TripWorthy is definitely not a bad item to bring with you on a trip. It is compact, lightweight, and practical. But we would like to mostly focus on the latter.

There are a few things that make it practical. First things first, there is the fact that the model automatically sharpens not just the colored pencils but also the No. 2s. Just put the pencil in and it will start sharpening right away.

Having said that, it is also one of the safer sharpeners. If any of its outer parts are missing, the model won't start sharpening. There's also the auto-stop feature that, as you'd imagine, will automatically stop the unit once the pencil is sufficiently sharpened, protecting both the pencil points and your hands. These two features make the unit equally great for kids, driven students, aspiring artists, teachers, and office workers.

The sharpener looks sleek but don't let the look fool you into thinking that it doesn't have the performance to back it up. With its surprisingly powerful motor, the device creates a sharp yet durable point in a matter of seconds, so it won't waste a whole lot of your time.

All things considered, this electric pencil sharpener from TripWorthy has enough for a wide range of different customers. The safety features make it a great product for kids or for people who work with them. The sleek design with the see-through tray will appeal to neat freaks and some of the more aesthetically-minded individuals.

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OfficeGoods V-7 Check price

OfficeGoods V-7

More Creative Opportunities

Most people like their pencils uniformly sharp but artists and certain types of professionals often have different requirements and, without further ado, OfficeGoods V-7 is here to meet them.

The difference between this model and most other sharpeners out there lies with the 3 sharpness settings. Using these settings, you'll be able to make your pencil's writing point as sharp as you want.

Your average office worker won't benefit much from this ability but the same cannot be said about the aforementioned artists, professional designers, and a few other types of people of certain occupations.

When it comes to sketching, there you'll always get a different result out of some of the blunter pencils compared to the sharpest ones, so having that versatility can make a lot of difference.

Another thing that separates V-7 from most electric pencil sharpeners is the choice of power sources. You can use the AC adapter to plug it directly into a wall outlet. You can take it with you and use 4 AA batteries to power the unit. Or you can choose the USB cord and have your laptop as the source of power for your sharpener.

The only real downside to this model is the waste cover that can be a bit difficult to remove. But that's really just us splitting hairs here.

To sum it up, despite the unassuming look, OfficeGoods V-7 is one of the most flexible electric pencil sharpeners on the market. With this appliance, you will have much more creative freedom and opportunities to explore. From drafting blueprints to simply drawing, the model has you covered on every front.

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OfficeGoods V-7


What type of pencil sharpener is best? ›

The best electric pencil sharpeners
  • Powerme Electric Pencil Sharpener. ...
  • OfficeGoods Electric Pencil Sharpener. ...
  • X-ACTO SchoolPro Electric Pencil Sharpener. ...
  • Bostitch Personal Electric Pencil Sharpener (EPS4-BLUE) ...
  • Staedtler Metal Double Hole Sharpener with Tub. ...
  • Prismacolor Premier Pencil Sharpener.
Jun 14, 2022

Do electric pencil sharpeners get dull? ›

The most common problem with electric pencil sharpeners is clogs from wood and lead shavings. In addition, the electric cord can fail, the blade can become dull, and the motor can malfunction. Preventive maintenance (cleaning and lubricating) can dramatically extend the life of an electric pencil sharpener.

Does Hobby Lobby have electric pencil sharpeners? ›

Stay sharp and ready to write or sketch with Electric & Manual Pencil Sharpener. Complete with a locking cover and replacement cutter, this sharpener allows you to use it with battery-powered operation or manually.

Can electric pencil sharpeners be sharpened? ›

Electric Pencil Sharpeners are Life Changing! DIY Tips! - YouTube

Who is the fastest pencil sharpener in the world 2021? ›

Tanner Ant, or his online alias SmallAnt, is the world's fastest pencil sharpener. The Twitch Streamer, YouTuber and speedrunner have been sharing his attempts to achieve his goal since January 2020. He now holds the world record of sharpening 10 pencils to stubs at an impressive 2 minutes and 11 seconds.

What is the big hole in a pencil sharpener for? ›

It features three holes: one for sharpening coloured pencils, one for regular-sized graphite pencils and one for jumbo pencils.

Why do pencil sharpeners break the lead? ›

1. Why Do Pencil Leads Break so Easily? There are four main reasons that cause the pencil lead to break easily which are it has been dropped, excessive writing pressure, blunt pencil sharpener, or they are cheap pencils.

How do you sharpen graphite pencils? ›

Basic Drawing Technique - How To Sharpen A Drawing Pencil - YouTube

Are electric sharpeners any good? ›

Electric knife sharpeners are user-friendly and speedy, generally offering multiple sharpening options for a variety of blades. The downside is they tend to be more expensive, they require a power source, they are often bulky, and offer less control.

How long does an electric pencil sharpener last? ›

Q: How long does an electric pencil sharpener last? High-quality steel cutters in durable electric pencil sharpeners can deliver 3,000 to 4,000 sharpenings before they need to be replaced.

How do you get crayon out of an electric pencil sharpener? ›

You should be able to extract it by either just pulling it out with your fingers, turning it upside down and shaking, or using the knife or screwdriver to gently pry it out. If the object doesn't come right out you can try slipping the knife up from the underside to push it out. Be careful and don't force it.

What is the world record for sharpening pencils? ›

The longest length of pencil sharpened in one minute is 19 cm, achieved by Usman Ayub (Pakistan), in Lahore, Paksitan, on 15 April 2018. Usman was the previous holder of this record from an attempt in September 2017.

Do people still use pencil sharpeners? ›

Today some artists still do, but for most of us, there is a world of manual, battery-operated, and electric pencil sharpening options, from tiny handheld versions that you can fit in your bag to desktop and wall-mounted models for your home office.

What is the longest pencil in the world? ›

The longest pencil measures 1091.99 m (3582 ft and 7.73 in) and was achieved by BIC (France) in Samer, France, on 10 October 2017. The pencil was made out of a graphite centre and recycled polystyrene, which makes it bendable.

Are all pencil sharpeners the same? ›

Leaving aside for the moment sandpaper, sharpening blocks and knives, which are used to sharpen charcoals, graphite sticks and the like, there are two main types of pencil sharpener: Blade Sharpeners and Helical Sharpeners.

Why do pencils break when sharpening? ›

The fact is, no matter how carefully you sharpen the pencils, the lead inside the colored pencils can still break. If they are dropped on hard surfaces or banged around, the lead inside the pencil may weaken and break when it is sharpened. So take good care of your colored pencils - don't drop them!

Do people still use pencil sharpeners? ›

Today some artists still do, but for most of us, there is a world of manual, battery-operated, and electric pencil sharpening options, from tiny handheld versions that you can fit in your bag to desktop and wall-mounted models for your home office.

Do colored pencils need a special sharpener? ›

Colored pencil cores are much softer than graphite cores because they tend to be wax or oil-based. Therefore, they require a sharpener with an especially sharp blade and a gentle sharpening motion to minimize the risk of damage.


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